Stories by: Celestia
Remember Her Smile
07/13/04  Tags: ,   Category: Deep Space Nine

This takes place about 10 minutes after the end of the Tears of the Prophest episode. Julian and an unexpected visitor mourn over the loss of Jadzia. WARNING!: level 4 hanky warning.

Tender Goodbyes
07/13/04  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Kathryn’s last fleeting thoughts are those that she has pushed away for years. A very short, somewhat sweet, have-your-hanky-in-hand relationshipper fanfic.

07/13/04  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Kathryn rationalizes not having a relationship with Chakotay by listing off…..her hairstyles?!!!! The kind of wackiness that only happens at 2 am.

Ode to Spot…..or Maybe Not
07/12/04  Tags: ,   Category: The Next Generation

a very strange tale (tail?:) told from the point of view of Data’s cat, Spot!