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Q de Gras (Chapter 12: Right On, Q! and Epilogue)

In Chapter 12, Q (and in John de Lancie’s character) learns that he’s not so tough, after all. U learns to be contentment, and Bo and U express their farewells.

Q de Gras (Chapter 11: Cue the Liar! Cue the Misanthrope!)

In Chapter 11 we finally meet the Caliphlox on their own homeworld. U is transformed into an ambassador for the Caliphlox and helps Bo to finalize his subroutine for the Universal Translator.

Q de Gras (Chapter 10: It’s a Bee-U-tiful Life!)

In Chapter 10, we see the culmination of the effects on young Jeremy McKee of the “Vibronics Technique” or “Vibroniques,” as it has become known.

Q de Gras (Chapter 8: U Phonics)

In chapter 8, Jer, beginning to show signs of his illness but still strong, crosses a big item off his bucket list: He gives a magical performance in Ten-Forward. The show is broadcast all over the ship. In addition to Jer’s magic, Bo and members of the Enterprise crew perform several musical numbers culminating with a parody tribute from the crew for U.

Q de Gras (Chapter 7: U Reka)

Picard has felt uneasy, so he and Riker talk about it. Meanwhile, U, Geordi, the Chief and others work on trying to communicate with the sentient species infecting Jeremy’s body. They are finally successful with U’s help, so Picard, his staff together with Dr. Pulaski, U, Geordi and his staff meet in the Lounge to discuss the how’s and when’s of implementing the procedure which they call the “Vibrations Technique” or “Vibroniques,” for short.

Q de Gras (Chapter 2: Back on Trek)

In Chapter 2, Picard and the Crew of the Enterprise debate the idea of inviting this new Q entity aboard. Additionally, we learn that there is one more person aboard the Enterprise who is infected with the same sentient illness that killed 12 members of the crew only weeks before.

Q de Gras (Prologue and Chapter 1: “Suspended on a Mission”)

A member of the Q Continuum discovers nobility and humility
and puts those qualities to work for the crew of the Enterprise.

“Not all the Q are alike. Some are almost respectable.”
–Guinan, “Q Who”

While the crew of the Enterprise D recovers from a mission in which a sentient protozoan life-form from planet Telokotis Minor killed twelve members, the Enterprise is contacted by a member of the notorious Q Continuum, a member who is unknown to them until then. The Continuum has this Q incarcerated, and he retains his Q powers only so long as he remains in their custody. (This Q eventually changes his name to U to avoid confusion.) But if he can convince someone from outside the Continuum that he is unjustly imprisoned and can persuade that person to formally recommend a reprieve, that person will have the power, under the Q system of jurisprudence, to make U free with his powers intact. He asks Captain Picard to take the time to get to know him. If Picard decides the punishment is unjust and grants U a pardon, U will regain his freedom with his powers and with no threat of reprisal from the Continuum against Picard. Despite warnings from his nemesis, Q (made so infamously popular by John de Lancie), Picard accedes to U’s request. Picard brings U aboard the Enterprise, rendering U powerless for the time being, but he remains helpful.

While en route to their new assignment—a month-long journey—U helps the Enterprise crew learn to communicate with the Calliphlox, a new Federation ally. The Calliphlox have a form of communication so unique that it necessitates the creation of a subroutine for the universal translator (UT). U also befriends a young man—Jeremy McKee—whose parents were two of the 12 crew members killed on the previous mission. U learns that Jeremy has the same illness that claimed his parents’ lives. Unless he can help the Enterprise crew to succeed where they had recently failed—in curing this illness— young Jeremy is certain to be the thirteenth victim.

Data’s Journey
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A summary and the first two chapters of my book are included below.  The third chapter on contains NSFW content. You can download the entire book or read it on AO3 A free pdf adult fanfiction book about Data from Star Trek the Next Generation.  I wrote it because I recently saw the character […]

A Star Trek 50+ Years Celebration, Part 1: The Search for James T. Kirk

This is a script-like short story initially intended as a 2-part anniversary TV Special. My aim is to offer an enticing and entertaining story with every main and significant recurring character/actor in the franchise having at least one line of dialogue. In part one, I’d say I’ve achieved about 90% of that goal already. I think it would be important to remind the studios that time might essentially be running out here for the older cast members. Fans know it, everybody knows it. Those guys and gals are as popular nowadays as they ever were and this could be a great (possibly) last tribute to as many cast members as possible that fans would appreciate. Especially if we manage to kind of “un-kill” Kirk in some way without transgressing canon and timeline of events established in the Generations movie. Last time we had Nichols in a Star Trek production was The Undiscovered Country in 1991. Last time we had Shatner and Koenig in a Star Trek production, was for Generations in 1994. Last time we had Takei in a Star Trek production was Voyager ”Flashback” in 1996. That was long ago. Too long.

Hope you enjoy this story.

Data goes to Destination Star Trek

Data goes to Destination Star Trek   The Enterprise was ordered back to Earth for a routine refit and maintenance check. Data was to go down to Earth by shuttlecraft as the transporters were been tested. Data was to pick up some new crew members joining the Enterprise. As Data was leaving, he notified the […]