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Data’s Journey
12/26/20  Tags: , ,
Category: Star Trek, The Next Generation  By: k_nz

A summary and the first two chapters of my book are included below.  The third chapter on contains NSFW content. You can download the entire book at or read it on AO3 A free pdf adult fanfiction book about Data from Star Trek the Next Generation.  I wrote it because I recently saw […]

A Star Trek 50+ Years Celebration, Part 1: The Search for James T. Kirk

This is a script-like short story initially intended as a 2-part anniversary TV Special. My aim is to offer an enticing and entertaining story with every main and significant recurring character/actor in the franchise having at least one line of dialogue. In part one, I’d say I’ve achieved about 90% of that goal already. I think it would be important to remind the studios that time might essentially be running out here for the older cast members. Fans know it, everybody knows it. Those guys and gals are as popular nowadays as they ever were and this could be a great (possibly) last tribute to as many cast members as possible that fans would appreciate. Especially if we manage to kind of “un-kill” Kirk in some way without transgressing canon and timeline of events established in the Generations movie. Last time we had Nichols in a Star Trek production was The Undiscovered Country in 1991. Last time we had Shatner and Koenig in a Star Trek production, was for Generations in 1994. Last time we had Takei in a Star Trek production was Voyager ”Flashback” in 1996. That was long ago. Too long.

Hope you enjoy this story.

Data goes to Destination Star Trek

Data goes to Destination Star Trek   The Enterprise was ordered back to Earth for a routine refit and maintenance check. Data was to go down to Earth by shuttlecraft as the transporters were been tested. Data was to pick up some new crew members joining the Enterprise. As Data was leaving, he notified the […]

“Star Trek: Mandela” Book 1: The Arke Effect

“STAR TREK: MANDELA” THE ARKE EFFECT Story by Jason K.S. Hauck Based on “Star Trek” by Gene Roddenberry Star Trek © Paramount-Viacom “Star Trek: Mandela” is based upon “Star Trek” created by Gene Roddenberry and is in no way affiliated with CBS Corporation, Paramount Pictures Corporation, or Viacom. “Star Trek”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, […]


A young terran boy must deal with the difficulty of entering Star Fleet.

Star Trek : The Five Enterprises
09/12/97  Tags: , ,
Category: Crossover  By: Kenneth A. Lowenberg

When a malevolent being invades the Q continuum, Q summons the Enterprise-D to help save the continuum. What he gets is every Enterprise that ever existed.