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To the Moon and Back
01/19/05  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Bella

I will give a lot of credit to savage garden and their song to the moon and back. If you have ever heard it you know it explains tom and B’Elanna very well. The story takes place about year after Tom and B’Elanna get together. Tom wants to know about B’Elanna’s past she explains.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
07/13/04  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Terry Neaville

Set during the fifth season, Voyager answers a distress call and finds itself knee deep in kids. A novella that includes the entire crew, with special emphasis on Paris/Torres. Could probably be a PG-13, since there’s nothing worse on it than you’ll see on the evening news, but I rated it R due to adult situations and language.

07/13/04  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Bellana

Tom is seriously wounded and left in a coma in sick bay. B’Elanna has contracted a fatal alien disease. To keep in touch with Tom, B’Elanna writes letters to him, and a new crew member.

Captain’s Little Secret
07/21/01  Tags: , , , ,
Category: Voyager  By: BLMHJM

A short story where Janeway has a little secret.

The Paris Journals: Futures Past, Futures Present, vol. XI
02/03/00  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Carly Hunter

This story is a part of The Paris Journals storyline. The character of Nat Lawson first received mention in the story Thicker Than Blood.

The Love of a Good Woman
02/03/00  Tags:
Category: Voyager  By: Carly Hunter

A slightly sentimental look at Paris’ childhood and his relationship with Sandrine.

01/27/00  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Peg Robinson

As Kathryn Janeway tries to adjust to the changes on Voyager created by the presence of the story telling circle, she also tries to deal with her own beliefs about the nature of command… and to help Tom Paris through a rough spot in his own life.

Don’t Take the Girl
01/27/00  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Lauren Taylor

B’Elanna is injured in an engineering accident, with a very slim chance of survival.

Rebecca’s Revenge
01/20/00  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: PJ

In addition to an unusual engagement party, Tom and a crewmate are captured during an away mission. Problem: Tom feels just about as safe with the aliens as his crewmate. Question: Did Tom leave behind a son in the Alpha Quadrant?

01/20/00  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: PJ

What happens when the Doctor can’t be activated and B’Elanna is not able to repair him?