A Wish to Dream On, Part Three
08/15/98  Tags: ,

Now home and away from their lonely life in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway and Chakotay have to deal with lost factors in their struggles that weren’t their before.

A Wish to Dream On, Part Two
08/15/98  Tags: ,

As Janeway and Chakotay develop their relationship, Seven has some difficulties adjusting to the crew. And they might actually have found a way home…

A Wish to Dream On, Part One
01/24/98  Tags: ,

Janeway has to go through many struggles, both mental and physical, to get the man she loves, and to let the other go.

Rhythm Collective
02/28/98  Tags: ,

Sequel of sorts to A Borg Day’s Night.

One of the Collective
11/27/97  Tags:

V’dians attack Voyager and it is up to the Borg, 7 of 9, to defend the ship.

Drinking Game
11/27/97  Tags: ,

A sequel to One of the Collective. B’Elanna and 7 of 9 have a few drinks and discuss men.

A Borg Day’s Night
11/27/97  Tags: ,

7 of 9 explores some personal options with Harry. Sequel to Drinking Game.

The Alcis Nebula: Dear Diary
06/10/97  Tags:

Voyager finds a lifeless alien space station and fleet in a nebula. A diary B’Elanna found may hold the answers to what happened to the fleet. Something unexpected happens…

Just a Girl, Part I
01/27/00  Tags:

B’Elanna has a a rollercoaster ride with her Klingon and Human halves after she is stood up by Tom.

07/11/04  Tags: ,

The crew of Voyager discover that sometimes they have to stop depending on technology and let nature help them. The ship’s environmental systems break down and she begins to overheat. Environmental officer Evans, who has spent nearly all her life in space and hates planets, is detailed to take a shuttle with Chakotay and find the material they need to make repairs. They are caught up in a storm and crash. Meanwhile, Voyager has to land on the surface in order to survive until the repairs can be made.

To the Moon and Back
01/19/05  Tags: ,

I will give a lot of credit to savage garden and their song to the moon and back. If you have ever heard it you know it explains tom and B’Elanna very well. The story takes place about year after Tom and B’Elanna get together. Tom wants to know about B’Elanna’s past she explains.

07/13/04  Tags: ,

Tom is seriously wounded and left in a coma in sick bay. B’Elanna has contracted a fatal alien disease. To keep in touch with Tom, B’Elanna writes letters to him, and a new crew member.

Amanda’s Voyage
07/13/04  Tags: , , , , ,

Amanda grows up, and helps lead Voyager home, but not before taking a voyage of her own. Sequel to “Letters.”

Captain’s Little Secret
07/21/01  Tags: , , , ,

A short story where Janeway has a little secret.

Sea Changes
09/14/97  Tags: ,

Tom Paris is abducted and tortured while on an away mission. After he is rescued, Paris must come to terms with what happened and take responsibility for his own actions. He learns a lesson in responsibility and friendship. This is a character study involving several characters from the show.

08/16/97  Tags: ,

Tom Paris returns to duty after putting his experiences on Trylan V behind him, or has he? A new problem threatens to bring Tom’s universe crashing down on him and the rest of the crew. This story is set a few weeks after the events in my last story, during the fourth season. Both stories are set after The Gift, but before Day of Honor.

Tender Goodbyes
07/13/04  Tags: ,

Kathryn’s last fleeting thoughts are those that she has pushed away for years. A very short, somewhat sweet, have-your-hanky-in-hand relationshipper fanfic.

07/13/04  Tags: ,

Kathryn rationalizes not having a relationship with Chakotay by listing off…..her hairstyles?!!!! The kind of wackiness that only happens at 2 am.

Dark Surroundings
02/14/99  Tags: ,

Answer to the P/T Collective Loony Archivist’s challenge–"why is Tom so claustrophobic?" Well, here’s my guess–kinda comes from personal experience

Yours Forever, Kate
11/27/97  Tags: ,

Sweet, tender love letters from Janeway to her beloved…

My Heart and Soul, Chakotay
11/27/97  Tags: ,

Companion piece to Yours Forever, Kate.

07/24/97  Tags: ,

What if the Krenim attack from Before and After really happened as Kes remembered it? Set a week after the attack, an insight on Tom’s thoughts. His point-of-view.

Meat or Poison?
07/02/00  Tags: ,

Janeway tells in her own words what really happened on the planet Dwanong.

Timeship Atlantis Logs: My Name is Mudd
08/16/98  Tags:

Timeship Atlantis Logs #4: Commodore Andreyevich must save Harry Mudd from an untimely death, while making sure that one of his own bridge officers ceases to exist.

Timeship Atlantis Logs: The Other Shoe
11/27/97  Tags:

Timeship Atlantis Logs #3: The Atlantis is sent out to try an discover what exactly happened to the USS Voyager.

Going Home: Welcoming Party
01/20/00  Tags: ,

Voyager returns home and has some little adventures.

Hear Baby Cry
01/20/00  Tags: ,

B’Elanna Paris is pregnant and has a BIG decision to make. The rest of the crew gives her advice on what to do. Will she take it?

01/20/00  Tags: ,

B’Elanna and Tom watch the sunrise on the holodeck.

01/20/00  Tags:


One Voice
11/27/97  Tags:


Going Home: Rescue
09/12/97  Tags: ,

Voyager gets a strange signal which could be their only hope to get home.

Going Home: Voyager Home
09/12/97  Tags: ,

Voyager faces life, death, and Romulans.

Past Perfect
02/28/99  Tags: ,

A mysterious planet appears out of nowhere, as the crew investigates they find something that makes them question all history in the universe.

The Second Mistake
02/28/99  Tags:

Paris joins the Maquis as a pilot and ventures out on his first mission with disastrous results.

Deeper Investigations
02/28/99  Tags: ,

A two part story based on the episode "Investigations." In part one B’Elanna confronts Paris about him leaving Voyager. In part two she tries to deal with the fact that Paris left and that she never said goodbye.

The Price of Freedom
02/28/99  Tags: ,

After Tuvok finds a way back to the Alpha Quadrant Paris has a choice to make. Should he return with the ship to the life he left behind or, stay behind in the Delta Quadrant.

The Price of Freedom: Hold On My Heart
02/28/99  Tags: ,

After Paris makes his decision, Janeway visits B’Elanna with a special message from him.

The Price of Freedom: Priorities
02/28/99  Tags: ,

After finally arriving in the Alpha Quadrant and docking at Deep Space Nine B’Elanna Insists that they return to the Gamma Quadrant, but why?

The Price of Freedom: Shades
02/28/99  Tags: ,

Realizing that Voyager will probably not return to the Gamma Quadrant to search for Paris, Torres convinces Neelix to let her borrow his ship. But just as she is getting ready to leave she receives shocking news.

The Price of Freedom: Remember Me This Way
02/28/99  Tags: ,

As Harry and B’Elanna try to deal with their grief, Paris begins to realize he made a terrible mistake. But just when all hope is lost for Paris, a face from the past appears offering to help.

Cerulean Skies, Golden Sand
09/13/97  Tags: ,

Paris and Torres, along with the rest of the crew, enjoy a much needed shore leave.

Through The Eyes of an Observer
09/13/97  Tags:


Please Believe In Me
09/13/97  Tags:


Looking Behind the Mask
09/13/97  Tags:


If I Had The Words
09/13/97  Tags:


09/13/97  Tags:


Can’t You See?
09/13/97  Tags:


09/13/97  Tags:


07/24/97  Tags: ,

Paris is mortaly wounded while protecting the captain and while in sickbay Torres stays by his side.

Table Talk
07/24/97  Tags: , ,

Paris, Torres, and Kim have a conversation over dinner when Torres says something to Paris with hilarious results.

A Crystal Rose
07/24/97  Tags:


Take My Hand
07/24/97  Tags:


The Price of Freedom: ????
05/27/97  Tags: ,

Paris continues his attempt to make it to Deep Space Nine but he is convinced that that might not be the wisest destination.

The Price of Freedom: untitled
05/27/97  Tags: ,

On Deep Space Nine the former crew of the Voyager is being reassigned, but Harry and B’Elanna still hold out hope for Tom. Mean while, on Earth, Paris arrives and runs into some old friends.

The Sweetness of Home
05/27/97  Tags: ,

Paris and Torres start a family on the ship.

Sick Days
05/27/97  Tags:

Paris comes down with a severe case of the chicken pox.

Open Book
05/27/97  Tags:

Trying to deal with his break-up between himself and one of the Delaney sisters, Paris ends up talking to Megan Delaney, the one he broke-up with, who then points him in the direction of Torres.

Heat Wave
02/28/98  Tags:

Voyager is traveling through a new system and accidentally stumble onto a ship being attacked by a much larger starship. The smaller ship warns Voyager off and before Voyager can help the ship is destroyed. However there are survivors and through a number of events Voyager becomes embroiled in a civil war one which emphasizes the differences between Voyager’s Starfleet and Maquis crew members. One that both emphasizes and celebrates the differences.

The search of the Albatross
09/23/04  Tags: ,

Audrey Gan and Young are sent by Admiral Roberts are sent to retrieve the Voyager crew back from the Delta quadrant. With the help of a new kind of propulsion they are sent on there way. But all dose not happen to go as planned.

The Paris Journals: Futures Past, Futures Present, vol. XI
02/03/00  Tags: ,

This story is a part of The Paris Journals storyline. The character of Nat Lawson first received mention in the story Thicker Than Blood.

02/03/00  Tags: ,

(Marks the first appearance of Lt. Hannah Jemison) Hannah Jemison, an ensign in Voyager’s science department, deliberately circumvents Chakotay and appeals directly to Captain Janeway for the position of science officer. But even after getting the post, her antipathy towards the first officer remains obvious

As Starfleet Officers
02/03/00  Tags: ,

After observing Chakotay’s curious behavior, Gerron decides to play matchmaker between the first officer and his own superior, Hannah Jemison.

02/03/00  Tags: ,

While returning from a trade mission, Chakotay and Jemison are captured by the Kazon Nistrum.

02/03/00  Tags: ,

There is always a price to be paid to those whom you agree to serve, and Hannah Jemison discovers just how dear that price can be when the ship finds itself in need of her special talents.

The Tie That Binds
02/03/00  Tags: ,

In his service to Voyager Chakotay Thought he had found peace within himself, especially when Hannah stepped into his life. But when his pride pushes her away and into the arms of Paris, Chakotay must endeavor to find that peace again

The Love of a Good Woman
02/03/00  Tags:

A slightly sentimental look at Paris’ childhood and his relationship with Sandrine.

Chakotay’s Song
02/03/00  Tags:


0600 Hours
02/03/00  Tags:


Holodeck Prayer
02/03/00  Tags:


Wolf Song
02/03/00  Tags:


Wolf Song II
02/03/00  Tags:


Wolf Song III
02/03/00  Tags:


02/28/98  Tags:

Voyager responds to a distress call and finds that a blind musician/singer is the lone survivor of a Kazon attack. Orphaned, she joins Voyager as a member of the crew.

02/28/98  Tags:

As Harry and Mylaa prepare to exchange vows, Paris makes a vow of his own.

Flight of the Nightingale
02/28/98  Tags:

Years have passed since Voyager’s return from the Delta quadrant, and once again, the ship returns to earth, allowing Paris time to visit Mylaa. But a few surprises await him.

A Matter of Security
02/28/98  Tags: ,

(marks the first appearance of Caitlin Matthews) Tuvok’s ponn farr approaches, and a temporary chief of security must be named. Caitlin Matthews, a Maquis member of the security team, is suggested. However, her continued conflict with Paris may prevent her from obtaining this post.

Another Chance
02/28/98  Tags: ,

With reserves at a critical low, Janeway sends an away team, led by Caitlin Matthews, to a spacedock in hopes of lining up supplies through free-lance traders. But two near catastrophes on the mission drive a wedge between Paris and Matthews.

02/28/98  Tags: , ,

Caitlin Matthews wakes up in a 20th century only to discover she isn’t who she thinks she is and neither is anyone else.

02/28/98  Tags: , , ,

Shore leave brings both relationships to the next level.

Two Ships
02/28/98  Tags: , ,

Many years ago, before Caldik Prime, Paris met Caitlin Matthews.

The Paris Journals: Disintegration, vol. I
02/28/98  Tags: ,

With his and Caitlin’s relationship in shambles, Paris turns to Harry for help. But before anything can be done, Paris is pulled into a vortex and finds himself in a very different Alpha quadrant than the one he left

The Paris Journals: Breaking Down and Breaking Even, vol. II
02/28/98  Tags: ,

After breaking up with Caitlin, Paris turns to the bottle and could lose conn as a result.

The Paris Journals: Incubation, vol. III
02/28/98  Tags: ,

When aliens impregnate Caitlin and three other women, Paris agrees to become a surrogate father to her child. But little does he realize what this may entail.

The Paris Journals: Impediments, vol. IV
02/28/98  Tags: ,

Paris is kidnapped and brutally tortured while on an away mission, leaving him physically and emotionally scarred.

The Paris Journals: Casualties, vol. V
02/28/98  Tags: ,

Even though therapy has allowed him to return to duty, psychological scars still prevent Paris from enjoying a normal life.

The Paris Journals: Amelioration, vol. VI
02/28/98  Tags: ,

As Paris continues to struggle with internal demons, a shuttle accident traps him, Caitlin, Chakotay, and Harry on an M-class moon inhabited by a pre-industrial society.

The Paris Journals: Proposal, vol. VII
02/28/98  Tags: ,

Tom had been considering asking Caitlin to marry him, but he never thought he would do it under these circumstances.

The Paris Journals: Choices, vol. VIII
02/28/98  Tags: ,

Trouble with the gel packs sends Tom tumbling to the shuttlebay floor, and B’Elanna tumbling into the arms of another man. As a result, Paris loses his memory, and B’Elanna almost loses Harry for good.

The Paris Journals: Madeleine, vol. IX
02/28/98  Tags: ,

Tom and Caitlin look forward to the birth of their first child, but an attack on the ship brings their excitement to an abrupt end.

The Paris Journals: Thicker Than Blood, vol. X
06/10/97  Tags: ,

Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant.

For the Love of Q
09/13/97  Tags: , ,

Q drops in on a sullen Janeway and decides it\’s time to repay his debt to her. He transports the entire crew to medieval France, and turns Janeway into Joan of Arc.

Talking Stick
02/28/98  Tags:

Chakotay and Tuvok develop a tentative friendship, set against the backdrop of a storytelling group which has grown up spontaneously on Voyager. Told in the first person from Chakotay’s POV.

A Cherished Alienation
02/28/98  Tags:

When Janeway finally decides to attend the storytelling circle, she finds more surprises than she bargained for. Meanwhile Chakotay, in an effort to ‘complete’ the circle, decides to address the division between the fleet and maquis by telling his personal story of how he came to join the maquis. He’s hoping to build some bridges, but will he just end up with a pile of rubble?

Walking Across Egypt
02/28/98  Tags: ,

Chakotay and Tuvok are are sent on an away mission to survey a planet nicknamed Egypt.

02/28/98  Tags: ,

Chakotay faces two dilemmas, one on the spiritual plane, one on the personal. After being wounded in a fall, he is drawn up into the sky world, where the Thunderpeople seek to persuade him to take up the gift of mashkiki (medicine) and become Voyager’s shaman. Meanwhile in the middle world, he must decide what to do about his feelings for Janeway. One way or the other, his role and place on Voyager is changing.

The Rose and the Yew Tree
09/13/97  Tags: ,

This last story in the Talking Stick/Circle series takes Janeway, Chakotay, and the crew of Voyager into the heart of a genocidal war. Will they survive? If they do, will the relationships they have formed survive? And what will be the cost paid? The darkest of the series, this episode deals with questions of war, violence, intolerance, and helplessness. Probably not for the faint of heart, or those who find themselves unable to watch the international news reports. Otherwise, get out your hankies, and buckle up for a rough ride to the Waren-Pyre

Out of the Past
09/13/97  Tags: ,

Voyager rescues a shuttle from an unstable wormhole, only to discover it carries an surprising guest–an old flame of Janeway’s. Jealousy arises from an unexpected quarter, setting up a chain of events that results in a peculiar pairing.

T’Kuht Rising
09/13/97  Tags:

A sequel of sorts to Out of the Past. As his daughter celebrates her second birthday, Sokar is haunted by doubts and demons from his own childhood. Does he begin instructing her in Vulcan emotional control, or does he grant her the freedom he so coveted as a child himself? Told in first person, from Sokar’s point of view.

Forever Maquis: The Present
09/13/97  Tags: , ,

(Marks the first appearance of Erica Johnson) The Maquis crew of Voyager begin to think more and more about the past.

Forever Maquis: 70,000 lightyears
09/13/97  Tags:

Some of the Maquis begin to wonder what happened to the Maquis that ended up on USS Voyager.

Forever Maquis: Here and Now
09/13/97  Tags: , , ,

The odd sensation that you aren’t the only one thinking something begins to spread.

Forever Maquis: Journey
09/13/97  Tags:

The Maquis leave the Badlands on one final mission.

Forever Maquis: Strange Happenings
05/27/97  Tags: , , , ,

The Maquis end up in the Delta Quadrant and in a strange twist the Voyager picks them up.

Forever Maquis: Expanations
05/27/97  Tags: , , , ,

B’Elanna figures out how the Maquis got to the Delta Quadrant, and in turn finds a possible way home.

Without Love, Parts I – VI
05/27/97  Tags: ,

Tom and B’Elanna end up in an argument and things escilate through a series of incidents. Kes and Harry begin to realize a few things on their own.

05/27/97  Tags: ,


Private Pain I: Tom’s Thanks
05/27/97  Tags: ,


Pinch Me
05/27/97  Tags: ,


Please Don’t Leave Me
05/27/97  Tags: ,


I Can See
05/27/97  Tags: ,


Kathryn’s Voyage
07/24/97  Tags:

Voyager discovers an energy storm and a mysterious Federation Dilithium signature trace. But what they actually find is an Enterprise-D crewmember from out of the past.

Wedding Bells
02/14/99  Tags: , , ,

Weddings, surprises, garters, and bouquets.

What’s in the Box Paris, Part one of a series
01/25/98  Tags: ,

Paris gives B’Elanna a gift to inform her of her impending condition.

Please Don’t Go
01/25/98  Tags: ,

Takes place in an Alternate Universe, assuming the B’Elanna didn’t leave Engineering during the episode Day of Honor when Tom tried to get her to leave

One Day
07/02/00  Tags:

A brief look at a day in the life of B’Elanna Torres.

Unknown Child
07/24/97  Tags: ,

While exploring the vast Delta Quadrant the USS Voyager picked up a distress call and proceeds to investigate.

Distant Memories
07/24/97  Tags: ,

After being attacked by the Kazon the Voyager docks at a near by planet for repairs. But things don’t go quite a smoothly as planed.

Lies Our Fathers Told Us
01/20/00  Tags:

The contents of a mysterious file provide Janeway with food for thought.

Personal Effects
01/20/00  Tags:

Following Voyager’s return, Janeway travels to her mother’s house in Indiana to collect her things and thoughts.

Should Have Stood in Bed
01/20/00  Tags:

After an away mission goes awry, Janeway contemplates the wisdom of an old Terran adage.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
07/13/04  Tags: ,

Set during the fifth season, Voyager answers a distress call and finds itself knee deep in kids. A novella that includes the entire crew, with special emphasis on Paris/Torres. Could probably be a PG-13, since there’s nothing worse on it than you’ll see on the evening news, but I rated it R due to adult situations and language.

Proper Order
02/14/99  Tags: ,

Chakotay discovers the real reason Kathryn has been avoiding getting closer.

Destiny’s Curse
11/27/97  Tags: ,

The crew celibrates Janeway’s Birthday in the Holodeck with a few surprises.

11/27/97  Tags: ,

Goodbyes deals with the issues of children in a marriage, and Chakotay’s honest mistake that cost the happiness of the couple.

11/27/97  Tags: ,

After Janeway and Chakotay break up, Tuvok comes along to save her life. They even have children.

The New Crew Members From The Past
02/28/99  Tags: ,

What happens when Q goes into the past and starts to chat with teens ? Well, he picks three that he likes and sends out some e-mail. And he likes them so much that he sends them into Voyager Universe!

09/14/97  Tags: ,

A teenager beating up Chakotay? Anything\’s possible in this strange story…

Amantium Irae
09/14/97  Tags: ,

The actual J/C part. Enough said.

09/14/97  Tags: ,

Angst. Plus adds Harry and B\’Elanna to the mix…

Puppy Love
09/14/97  Tags: ,

Strictly cute. Dogs involved.

Parti Pris
09/14/97  Tags: ,

Paris & Clare bond, J/C go off to explore a segregated planet. Satire.

Arcades Ambo
09/14/97  Tags: ,

A runabout disappears? Whod\’a thunk it?

Progeny of the Past – Alternate Universe Novella
09/14/97  Tags:

Few have read it, but everyone who has approves of the folly. Features a 20th century girl zapped into the future by – – what else? – – her modem overloading!

Cap\’n Kate
09/14/97  Tags:

Never underestimate the creative powers of a dare. A romp on the holodeck that isn\’t risqué. Pirates abound!

The Fire Burns
09/14/97  Tags: ,

A Cold Fire Continuum.

Days of Future’s Past
09/14/97  Tags:

Chakotay enters a *gasp* alternate universe where he’s married with a duaghter. Cliche now but still cute.

09/14/97  Tags: ,

Kes picks up some jealous vibes off of B\’Elanna.

The Sword of Janeway
09/14/97  Tags:

Another dare-story, this one about the sword in Janeway\’s bedroom.

And I Love You So
01/20/00  Tags: ,

A pregnancy prompts Tom to propose to B’Elanna. Alternate ending th the episode The Killing Game

01/20/00  Tags: ,

Tom is abducted and forced to become part of a corrupt government’s plan to control is populace. Takes place approximately five years after Voyager’s entry into the Delta Quadrant and assumes that P&T have been engaged for a few months.

Rebecca’s Revenge
01/20/00  Tags: ,

In addition to an unusual engagement party, Tom and a crewmate are captured during an away mission. Problem: Tom feels just about as safe with the aliens as his crewmate. Question: Did Tom leave behind a son in the Alpha Quadrant?

01/20/00  Tags: ,

What happens when the Doctor can’t be activated and B’Elanna is not able to repair him?

Supressed Love
07/24/97  Tags: ,


Double Dealing, Part 2: Witch Hunt
01/20/00  Tags: , ,

Voyager’s crew is torn apart by an unexpected inquisition.

Double Dealing, The conclusion: No place like home
01/20/00  Tags: , ,

It’s a reunion between old friends, and an old enemy, as the Voyager crew resorts to desperate measures to secure their freedom.

Double Dealing, Part I: Sisperia
02/28/98  Tags: , ,

Relationships start to suffer when an old acquaintance offers the crew a deal they can’t refuse.

01/27/00  Tags: ,

Chakotay POV on Kathryn’s death.

01/27/00  Tags: ,

As Kathryn Janeway tries to adjust to the changes on Voyager created by the presence of the story telling circle, she also tries to deal with her own beliefs about the nature of command… and to help Tom Paris through a rough spot in his own life.

The Red Queen’s Repose
01/27/00  Tags:

Kathryn Janeway struggles with the question of the Maquis, and the balance of her command team, while also coming to terms with her own difficulties in accepting her exile in the Delta Quadrant.

Raisins and Almonds
01/27/00  Tags:

With Kes in a coma, Kathryn Janeway has to deal with an alien culture to gain medical assistance for her. In the process, she and Chakotay continue to work out the intricacies of their professional and social relationship, and Kathryn works on her adjustment to the changes forced on her by the Delta Quadrant.

01/27/00  Tags: ,

Chakotay faces two dilemmas, one on the spiritual plane, one on the personal. After being wounded in a fall, he is drawn up into the sky world, where the Thunderpeople seek to persuade him to take up the gift of mashkiki (medicine) and become Voyager’s shaman. Meanwhile in the middle world, he must decide what to do about his feelings for Janeway. One way or the other, his role and place on Voyager is changing.

The Rose and the Yew Tree
09/13/97  Tags: ,

This last story in the Talking Stick/Circle series takes Janeway, Chakotay, and the crew of Voyager into the heart of a genocidal war. Will they survive? If they do, will the relationships they have formed survive? And what will be the cost paid? The darkest of the series, this episode deals with questions of war, violence, intolerance, and helplessness. Probably not for the faint of heart, or those who find themselves unable to watch the international news reports. Otherwise, get out your hankies, and buckle up for a rough ride to the Waren-Pyre.

The Captain’s Counselor
09/13/97  Tags: ,

After a wormhole that could possibly provide a shortcut home collapses, Janeway, in an attempt to keep herself separated from those she commands, asks Chakotay to help raise the spirits of the crew.

09/13/97  Tags: ,

About 4 years after the Voyager’s arrival in the Delta Quadrant. Voyager is damaged and Janeway takes the ship to Plyt Nath to request help with repairs. Since the people don’t deal with unattached women in leadership roles, Chakotay makes initial contact. Janeway poses as his mate in order to take part in the negotiations

09/13/97  Tags: ,

About 6 years after Doubts. The ship stops at an uninhabited planet to gather provisions. When Janeway and Chakotay take a afternoon of shore leave, they’re abducted by an unknown force and put into a deep cave system without a way out.

Uncertain Future
09/13/97  Tags: ,

A look at Janeway’s reaction to Chakotay’s Angry Warrior tale during the Resolutions episode.

07/24/97  Tags: ,

This story takes place after Scorpion 2. (Yes I know, I haven’t seen it yet. Bear with that little oversight.)

The Dark Times Cycle, Episode 1 – ‘Nightfall’
07/11/04  Tags: ,

While researching a new short-cut home, the crew of the Voyager uncover a hidden warning in Seven of Nine’s Borg circuitry. This warning is horrifically accurate and the crew is plunged into a battle against an ancient evil known only as ‘The Destroyers.’ First episode of eight. Continuity Note: This is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE story. The Dark Times Cycle takes place INSTEAD of the ‘Unimatrix Zero’ story at the end of season 6/beginning of season 7.

Return to me my Sweet, Part 1
09/04/01  Tags:

What would have happened had Voyager not made it back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Love is a Good Thing
09/12/97  Tags: ,

The relationships on Voyager are a turbulent bunch. Who will take a tumble this time? (Seventh in the Series)

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Unglued at the Corners
07/24/97  Tags: ,

As one problem is solved, Janeway and Chakotay find themselves arguing over other matters. (fifth in series)

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Plomeek Soup For the Soul
07/24/97  Tags: ,

Janeway and Chakotay’s fight is resolved, and Chakotay pops the question. (Sixth in the Series)

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights
06/25/97  Tags: ,

Chakotay visits the soon to be divorced Janeway, and invites her to do a little traveling. (first in series)

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Paragon’s Path
06/25/97  Tags: ,

After their vacation ends, Janeway and Chakotay visit the new Voyager, and receive a tempting offer. (second in series)

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Strength of Adornment
06/25/97  Tags: ,

After some deliberations, Janeway and Chakotay take command of the Voyager-C.(third in series)

Alpha Quad Days, Delta Quad Nights: Sanguine Affliction
06/25/97  Tags: ,

Janeway and Chakotay’s first mission on the Voyager-C is full of troubles. (fourth in series)

06/25/97  Tags: ,

A spacial anomaly sends Chakotay back to Medieval Earth, where he must rescue Captain Janeway from an insane duke.

06/25/97  Tags: ,

An alternate ending to The Q and the Grey. Q meddles with Chakotay’s genes and causes lots of trouble.

11/27/97  Tags: , ,

How much is that Vulcan in the window? The one with the wagging tail?

One + One = Three
07/24/97  Tags: ,

Kim and Torres become romanticly involved with unexpected results.

08/16/98  Tags: ,

Voyager renders assistance to an alien vessel that leads to a romantic interlude for Janeway. But all is not quite as romantic it seems to be.

Hidden Talents
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Chakotay discovers his captain is indeed a woman of many talents.

12/30/97  Tags: , , , , , , , ,

A story written with Cindy Brewer, where Q decides to induct three couples on Voyager into the his parenting circle. Here the creedo is–Lessons are often learned at the expense of the innocent.

Poker Face
01/27/00  Tags:

Tuvok and Ensign Mize teach each other a few new tricks…

Love Games
01/27/00  Tags:

Strange gifts keep popping up aboard Voyager — all for the Captain… maybe!

Flying Without a Safety Net
01/27/00  Tags: ,

Chakotay consoles Janeway after she receives a Dear John letter from Mark. (epilogue to the episode Hunters)

Crystal Blue Persuasion
01/27/00  Tags:

An away team finds some mysterious stones, and asks Janeway for her expertise. In the course of her examination, she finds herself taking a trip into her inner self.

Even Starfleet Captains Get the Blues
08/16/98  Tags:

Janeway suffers a Karma Crash.

Monsters in the Replicator
05/03/98  Tags: , , ,

Several of Voyager’s stalwarts play along in a new twist to an age-old game, and a good time is had by all. (Harry ends up with two women, and even stays alive!)

One is the Loneliest Number
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Janeway’s fear of intimacy is revealed a Chakotay gently peels away the concealing layers of self-control and guilt.

Parting Gifts
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Kes’ departure from Voyager brings bittersweet farewells all around; but she leaves special gifts with Janeway and Chakotay.

Getting the Ending Right
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Janeway is presented with three scenarios regarding the love of her life. Will the final ending re-create events in history, or create history of its own?

Sex, Sighs and Holotapes
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Seven little lessons for Janeway and Chakotay, via a 20th century subspace temporal anamoly…

Hidden Agenda
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Chakotay finds a way to liven up those boring staff meetings!

The Leola Plant: A User’s Guide
12/30/97  Tags:

Voyager’s crew sums up the many uses of the versatile leola plant…

Mind Games
12/30/97  Tags:

A post Scorpion, Part I, pre Scorpion, Part II story, in which Janeway realizes that… resistance is futile. Twisted and terrifying!

12/30/97  Tags: ,

A tale in which sweat, bathtubs and disobeying orders play prominent roles…

Dinner with Seven
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Seven of Nine discovers that mealtime is for more than the assimilation of food.

That Was a River
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Prequel/sequel to Dinner with Seven — all the missing Janeway/Chakotay parts!

12/30/97  Tags: ,

A flight of fancy into the fantasy of past and future — and Janeway and Chakotay, of course!

Twilight in Tuscany
12/30/97  Tags: ,

Epilogue to the episode Scientific Method. Tuvok joins Janeway in Tuscany for that promised shared glass of wine — and more!

Fruitful Persuasion
12/30/97  Tags: ,

What happens when Janeway and Chakotay run into each other in search of a midnight snack?

Don’t Take the Girl
01/27/00  Tags: ,

B’Elanna is injured in an engineering accident, with a very slim chance of survival.

Trying to Get Over You
06/10/97  Tags: ,

Sequel to Don’t Take the Girl. See Wishing He Was Here by Erin Alpert for the next part of the story.

If I Had Only Known
06/10/97  Tags: ,

Part five in the Don’t Take the Girl series. The next part of the story, by Erin alpert is Ghost Eyes.

Love Around Every Corner
06/10/97  Tags: ,

A wedding brings more than one couple together.

Love Spell
06/10/97  Tags: ,

After dating for a few months, tragedy strikes for B’Elanna Torres.

Love Spell: Part Two
06/10/97  Tags: ,

Tom has a few things to say to B’Elanna, but can’t work up the nerve.

New Horizons
06/10/97  Tags: ,

Three weeks after the episode Blood Fever B’Elanna gets some very unexpected news.

Untold Resolutions
07/10/97  Tags: , ,

Part one is the beginning. Part two is 20 years later. Romantic slash.

07/10/97  Tags: ,

How the Resolutions episode should have ended.

Siren’s Song
07/10/97  Tags: ,

Chakotays’s observations of Janeway on the bridge.

07/10/97  Tags: ,

"There was an angry warrior…&quot We find out what happened to Janeway and Chakotay decades later.

First Child
07/10/97  Tags: ,

Pretty much explained by the title. Rated 7 hankies.

The Favor
07/10/97  Tags: ,

Wildman asks Janeway and Chakotay to be the godparents to her child and this forces them to examine their own views on having children.

Enigmatic Smile
07/10/97  Tags:

What Chakaotay is thinking behind the calm exterior.

Power Struggle
07/10/97  Tags:

Janeway’s response to Enigmatic Smile.

I am Chakotay’s Saliva
07/10/97  Tags:

Pure romantic smut. Just what the title says.

More Than Love
07/10/97  Tags: ,

Short short about m/m love and romance.

07/10/97  Tags: , , ,

Tom, Janeway and B’Elanna Paris read their parents logs.

07/10/97  Tags: ,

Part one of a new C/P series Story of Chakotay and Tom’s relationship told in flashback. Old-fashioned romance of two strong men who find unexpected love with one another.

07/10/97  Tags: ,

A very tiny Coda vingette that takes place in the cave when Janeway watches Chakotay attempt to save her life.

07/10/97  Tags: ,

A Coda follow-up. A look at J/C’s relationship four years after Coda.

07/10/97  Tags: ,

A look at what has happened 12 years after Voyager was returned to the Alpha Quadrant.

07/10/97  Tags: ,

It’s time for Kathryn and Chakotay to come to some real resolution about their relationship.

New River
06/26/97  Tags: ,

This takes place after the episode Resolutions. "You said you wanted to explore the river…&quot Janeway and Chakotay explore themselves and their relationship in a very special holodeck program. Parts 1-4 are PG. Part 5 is R or NC-17.

Ordinary Day
06/26/97  Tags: ,

A look at Kathryn and Chakotay on and off duty during the course of an ordinary day. This is VoyWriter’s view of how TPTB could integrate a relationship into the show.

War Crimes
06/26/97  Tags: ,

Chakotay is charged with war crimes after Suder’s personal logs implicate him in torture of the Cardassians during his Maquis days. This is a Maquis story told to Janeway by Chakotay from the brig where she has confined him. (post Basics, Part II).

Truth and Dare
06/26/97  Tags: ,

Short follow up to War Crimes. Chakotay tries to deal with what happened when he and Suder were captured by the Cardassians.

06/26/97  Tags: ,

Continuation of Basics, Part II beginning with him pulling the sheet over Seska’s body. Tells the story of how he and Seska ended up as lovers (as told to Janeway).

06/26/97  Tags: ,

This tells the story of how Janeway and Chakotay ended up agreeing to merge their crews and serve together.

Four Bawdy Little Tales
06/26/97  Tags: , , ,

Four amusing dirty ditties about Tom and B’Elanna’s efforts to bring the Captain and Commander together.

Dilemmas: Part 2, The Betrothal
09/11/97  Tags: ,

With all of the female crew members gone B’elanna is left to figure things out for herself.

Dilemmas: Part 1, The Attack
07/24/97  Tags: ,

Voyager is attacked by an unknown race that begins to transport the female crew members off of the ship.

Suddenly Human
09/14/97  Tags: ,

This takes place towards the beginning of season two. The doctor and Kes get taken away by a mysterious race to their ship where they meet a surprising vistor. Meanwhile, Voyager is trying to work together with a race which says it was taken by the Caketaker as well.

10/28/11  Tags:


All you need is love Chapter 1
12/27/11  Tags: , , , ,

  Chapter 1  Science class was so boring. There was no point in it, I didn’t give a flying shit about cells and how they worked. Mural tapped me on my shoulder from her seat next to me. I leaned in closer so she could whisper in my ear. “Hey Lexi, isn’t he cute?” she […]

All you need is love
12/27/11  Tags:

Prologue “Kathryn for heaven sake!”  Chakotay said pacing in front of Kathryn’s chair. “I don’t want to live a lie, I can’t.” “We’re not,” she answered looking down at the pink bundle she held in her arms. “She is your daughter Chakotay, I just know it.” “Then do a blood test,” Chakotay pleaded with his […]

To Those We Leave Behind (#1 – The Janeway Logs)
08/05/12  Tags: , , , , ,

    Author’s Note: This is the first in a series called The Janeway Logs where I write from Captain Janeway’s perspective of events that happened in between various episodes. I always thought that some episodes and characters had effects that lasted throughout the series, even if it was never mentioned again in the episodes. I […]

11/24/12  Tags: , ,

Ro Laren joins the Maquis and gets her first assigment with B’Elanna Torres.

Alien Heart

Stardate: 53801.7 (after ‘Good Shepherd’)
Tal Celes gets assigned on a project with Vorik and falls in love with him. No graphic details, just people struggling with their own expectations of (logical) behavior 😉 Be prepared for lots of humor.
Minor appearances of the EMH, B’Elanna Torres, William Telfer and Neelix.
Genre: romantic comedy
Rating: M or PG13 (I’m not sure)
I’m happy about reviews (even critical ones!)

Star Trek : 26th Year
04/20/13  Tags: ,

Children of the U.S.S. Voyager’s Crew, 26 years after the ship’s return to Earth   Commander Naomi Wildman (31): Captaincy being considered by Starfleet. Married to Icheb, with one child, Sabrina Wildman.   Miral Paris (26):  Daughter of Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres. Starfleet ensign. Also considered a prophet, by a small sect of Klingons […]

The Path of Most Resistance
09/10/14  Tags: , ,

  Captain’s Personal Log, U.S.S. Billings, Stardate 48305.3. As I draw near to my retirement I find my choice of successor aboard ship to be a simple matter. Kate Janeway has been an excellent XO and Starfleet would be mad to pass her up to command the old girl. However, I’ve just received a communique […]

And So The War Begins
04/29/14  Tags:

Chapter 1- Preschool (Round 1) “She’s out of Control, Miral,” my father told my mother, they didn’t know I was listening from around the corner. “Half an inch more and the cartilage would lodged itself in his brain! You know I love our daughter but you’re setting a bad example for her, she learned this violent […]

Voyager but by default…
01/21/16  Tags:

I’m new to the process of fan fiction – don’t know anything about it! I wrote two episodes of Voyager while the show was still on, and actually submitted one, got a lovely rejection letter with a Voyager image on it. I have it proudly framed. I was thinking about those stories the other day.  […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapters Eleven & Twelve (Finale)

Chapter Eleven Seven of Nine hummed to herself while she did her routine diagnostics in the astrometrics lab. Everything was working fine of course, as it usually did, but she would not let pride in her work get in the way of her work. Just as she was wrapping, the noise associated with the detection […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Ten
07/04/18  Tags: , ,

“A party?” Brian Sofin asked. “Well, yes,” Neelix said. “I’ve been shirking my duties lately as morale officer, and things may seem normal, but I think you know as well as I do, Brian, that morale hasn’t recovered any in the past two months.” “Can you blame them?” “Of course not,” Neelix said. “But I […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Nine

“Good morning, Mister Carey,” Chakotay said as he passed the engineer in the corridor. “You seem happier than usual today, sir,” Carey said, stopping and turning around to catch up and match Chakotay’s pace. “Is it that obvious?” Chakotay asked. “Well, I hear you have reasons of your own to be in a good mood.” […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Eight
06/23/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Eight Samantha Wildman saw Jaffen walking down the hall as she headed towards the bridge for her shift, and jogged up to walk beside him. “Oh hi, Ensign Wildman,” Jaffen said. “Please,” Samantha said, “you can call me Sam.” “I’ve only been here two weeks,” Jaffen said. “I don’t really feel comfortable enough to […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Seven
06/16/18  Tags: , ,

As beautiful as the sunrises on Quarra were, Kathy Janeway had little time to enjoy today’s as she tried to find a supervisor. She needed this job, and being late on her first day was not a good way to make a first impression. She knew this planet had a bit of a labor shortage […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Six
06/09/18  Tags: , ,

The ship shuddered a second time as Captain Janeway left her ready room and entered the bridge, the red alert lights already on, and the stars in the viewscreen shifting to indicate that Tom Paris had already started evasive maneuvers. “Report,” Janeway said as she moved towards her seat. “A ship just de-cloaked off our […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Five
06/01/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Five Seven of Nine was taking her time doing some routine maintenance to her alcove while at the same time listening to Naomi and Icheb while they worked on an educational jigsaw puzzle. “The point of the puzzle is to learn something about genetics,” Icheb said. “I’ve just been looking for pieces that look […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Four
05/27/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Four Seven of Nine woke up in her and Samantha’s quarters and wondered why the room was so dark. She had set her alarm for the proper time, and Samantha had an earlier shift than her today. She noticed flickering lights and looked over to see the dinner table set up for an elaborate […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Three
05/20/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Three The Doctor excitedly scanned the small piece of comet that had been beamed into a canister in the rear compartment of the Delta Flyer. While not his primary field of expertise, he was grateful for the opportunity to go on an away mission, especially since it had been a month since he’d gotten […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Chapter Two
05/13/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Two Almost as soon as it became clear that the Class-4 cube, while not destroyed as they had hoped, was not pursuing them, Tom Paris got to work on building a second Delta Flyer. As is usually the case, the second Starfleet/Borg hybrid shuttle was finished considerably faster than the prototype. In Tom’s opinion, […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 4 of 4: Hotter Than Hell: Prologue and Chapter One
04/30/18  Tags: , ,

Prologue A solitary Borg drone floats in space. The last surviving drone of a destroyed cube. The last cube destroyed in a war that the Collective forgot even happened, that everyone forgot happened. Through its still functioning visual receptor it sees the dead ship, the one that destroyed its cube before being crippled itself, possibly […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 3 of 4: Sweeter Than Heaven: Chapters Ten & Eleven
04/18/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Ten “I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it,” Samantha Wildman said to Seven of Nine. “I’m just saying that maybe you should try talking to her yourself before going to the Captain.” Seven of Nine raised an eyebrow. “The Captain asked me to oversee this year’s annual performance reviews. I do not see why […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 3 of 4: Sweeter Than Heaven: Chapter Nine
03/27/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Nine Everything was set up. The first ever Voyager Science Fair was ready to begin. Naomi and the four Borg children had their experiments ready to go, and Seven of Nine felt pride in all of them. The twins, whose species had finally been identified as Wysanti, worked together on theirs while Naomi, Mezoti, […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 3 of 4: Sweeter Than Heaven: Chapter Seven
02/25/18  Tags: , ,

[Note: Whoops, I did not mean to post Chapter 8 before Chapter 7. I’d hope that would be obvious, but one can never be too careful] Chapter Seven Samantha Wildman was tired, but smiling. For the third night in a row, Naomi had slept through the night without waking up in terror. The worst of […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 3 of 4: Sweeter Than Heaven: Chapter Eight
02/25/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Eight The silence was getting to be too much for Chakotay, but he couldn’t blame anyone other than himself. It had been his idea after all to choose three crew members who’d had no time in Delta Flyer for this away mission after all. It just never occurred to him that none of the […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 3 of 4: Sweeter Than Heaven: Chapters Five and Six
02/04/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Five Seven of Nine stepped out of her alcove, fully recharged, and was greeted upon opening her eyes by the smiling face of her wife. “Morning, Sam,” she said. “Morning, Annie,” Samantha said. “Feeling better today?” “Much,” Seven said. “An extra day of regeneration was, as the Doctor said, exactly what I needed.” “And […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 3 of 4: Sweeter Than Heaven: Chapter Four
01/14/18  Tags: , ,

Chapter Four Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay sat across from each other in the Captain’s quarters over lunch, like they did most days, but today’s lunch was quieter than usual. “It’s been over a week, Kathryn,” Chakotay said, finally breaking the awkward silence. “If either the Vaadwaur or the Turei were going to come after […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 3 of 4: Sweeter Than Heaven: Chapters Two & Three
12/31/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Two Although she’d been at several weddings in her life, Captain Janeway had never officiated over one before. She knew the routine fairly well, having heard the standard speech given by Captains before. She’d even heard Tom Paris’s father give the speech once, but now it was her time to do this, and she […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 3 of 4: Sweeter Than Heaven: Chapter One
12/12/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter One “Kathryn!” Chakotay yelled as a fissure opened up behind Captain Janeway’s head. The captain dived forward, allowing him to blast the alien coming through with his phaser. Janeway rolled to her left and got up to her knees, and began hitting buttons on the console by her chair. “Give me tactical control!” she […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Chapter Eleven
11/21/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Eleven “Stay the course!” Captain Rudolph Ransom shouted over the sounds of alarm klaxons and exploding consoles on the bridge of the Nova-class starship Equinox. “Shields are down to 29%, they’re breaking through,” Ransom’s first officer, Lieutenant Maxwell Burke said as another explosion rocked the bridge. “Let them,” Ransom said. “Sir?” Burke said, looking […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten Lieutenant junior grade Harry Kim had been put in charge of the night shift on Voyager before, but he always took a certain amount of joy in getting to sit in the captain’s chair. The joy couldn’t entirely overpower the boredom though, which began to set in at hour four of the eight-hour […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Chapter Nine
10/13/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Nine “Are you sure?” Samantha Wildman said to Seven of Nine, the latter sitting across from her in the mostly empty mess hall. The only other sentients there were Neelix preparing some snacks for the night shift, and Harry Kim sitting at the far end of the room drinking coffee while working on his […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Chapter Eight
10/05/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Eight “You’ve been working on this thing for nearly a month Annie,” Samantha Wildman said as she gently massaged Seven’s neck. “Are you ever going to tell me what it is?” Seven leaned back into Sam. “I suppose I have enough of a working hypothesis now,” she said. “Remember what I said about a […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Chapter Seven
09/25/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Seven “I thought we were trying to disable it,” Commander Chakotay said, as the debris from an exploded Borg probe ship filled the viewscreen. Seven of Nine checked her scanners, wondering what she had done wrong. She had been skeptical of the plan to try and capture the Borg ship, the smallest design the […]

A Fire of Devotion Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Chapter Six
09/16/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Six “Computer, freeze program,” Tom Paris said. The villainous Doctor Chaotica and his minion Lanzak froze in place. “Oh what the hell, Tom?” Samantha Wildman said, wearing a low cut white dress while being tied to a chair. “What is the reason for this interruption?” Seven of Nine, wearing the uniform of Captain Proton, […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Chapters Four & Five
09/09/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Four: After a month of not being allowed to take the Delta Flyer out for a spin, the now Ensign Tom Paris had been happy when he finally got the chance again, going on a mission with Tuvok and Samantha Wildman. A few days in however, he suddenly found himself missing the safety of […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Chapters Two & Three
08/28/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Two “Hey Seven,” B’Elanna Torres said. “May I ask why you invited me to your quarters?” Seven said, hands behind her back and standing at attention. “At ease Seven, this isn’t a formal meeting. I actually had an idea last night. Care to sit down?” Seven looked at the chair B’Elanna motioned to, then […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 2 of 4: Louder Than Bells: Prologue & Chapter One
08/18/17  Tags: , ,

Prologue Seven of Nine watched from the corner of the mess hall as the Voyager crew was throwing yet another party. It had only been about five months since the joint party thrown for her and Harry Kim, and since then there are had been several birthdays, a Bajoran religious ceremony, and now a celebration […]

A Fire of Devotion Part 1 of 4: Louder Than Sirens: Chapters Nine & Ten
08/11/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Nine Seven of Nine walked back and forth in her cargo bay, talking to herself quietly as she read from the PADD in her hand. “Measureless liar, thou hast made my heart too great for what contains it,” she said. “Measureless, liar. No, no, don’t pause, put an emphasis on the word liar. Yes, […]

A Fire of Devotion Part 1 of 4: Louder Than Sirens: Chapters Seven & Eight
07/31/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Seven Seven of Nine awoke from her regeneration cycle to find herself alone. It took a moment’s reorientation to remember that Samantha had gone to bed early last night because she had a bridge shift this morning. Seven remembered that she had a scheduled maintenance inspection of the aft sensor array, and that Ensign […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 1 of 4: Louder Than Sirens: Chapter Six
07/14/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Six Two weeks later… “So, that made, what, our third encounter with the Hirogen in the past month?” Neelix said as he set down a tray of various snack foods on the mess hall table where Tom Paris, B’Elanna Torres, Joe Carey, Vorik, and Chell were seated. “That is correct,” Vorik said. “At least […]

A Fire of Devotion Part 1 of 4: Louder Than Sirens: Chapters Four & Five
07/06/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Four “I think it’s safe to say that the new astrometrics lab is huge success,” Harry Kim said, holding up a glass as he spoke. “A whole week without any bugs or problems whatsoever.” “If I were inclined to superstition,” Seven of Nine said, “I would say you are tempting fate with that remark. […]

A Fire of Devotion Part 1 of 4: Louder Than Sirens: Chapters Two and Three
06/30/17  Tags: , ,

Chapter Two “While I did familiarize myself with the ship’s logs after I was brought aboard,” Seven of Nine said, “I doubt that I could ever truly understand such an event without experiencing it myself.” “Probably not,” Samantha said, looking intently at her glass of wine. Seven wondered if perhaps the ensign had had too […]

A Fire of Devotion: Part 1 of 4: Louder Than Sirens: Prologue & Chapter One
06/29/17  Tags: , ,

Prologue Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, was afraid, though she would never admit it. With so much of her Borg implants already gone, and the Federation starship Voyager’s emergency medical hologram promising to remove more, and with the singular voice of the many drones of the collective gone from her she was […]


Harry’s speculative gaze flicked between the scattering of poker chips on the table and the cards cupped protectively in his hands. Tom’s foot tapped with playful impatience on the Flyer’s floor as he casually leaned back in his chair to dial an adjustment to the autopilot one handed while his gaze remained squarely on his […]


“Ghuy’cha!” B’Elanna snarled as the flicker of life she’d been coaxing from the plasma coolant systems with an engineer’s equivalent of open-heart surgery sputtered and died. Her hand balled into a fist at the end of her heavy arm, thrusting out. “Try a kick next time.” Tom advised from behind her as she brought her […]

Star Trek Odyssey – Isle of the Sun Chapter 10

CHAPTER 10 “Captain, please! Do something!” Owen shouted. Janeway looked back from the co-pilot seat and studied her bereft pretty officer. With all six seats in the shuttle occupied, Owen was left standing in the aisle, hands braced on the backs of Crewman Thorold’s and Ensign Vorik’s chairs. “We’re doing everything we can, Chief,” she […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – Isle of the Sun Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 “Good news, Commander!” said Hux. The holographic avatar of the station apparated half a meter away from Chakotay’s face, startling him out of his fretful reverie. “Your crew have returned for you!” “They’re here now?” said Chakotay. “They’ve just arrived through the Travel Network, and hardly a moment to spare. I have to […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – Isle of the Sun Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 Chakotay sampled a dab of protein paste and grimaced. It resembled old, plain oatmeal, congealed and devoid of flavor. Chakotay took a moment to gird himself, then he picked up the tube of paste and squeezed its contents directly into his mouth. “Ugh, ack.” He grabbed the water bladder he’d been provided with […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – Isle of the Sun Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 “I say we fly Voyager in there and ram a few photon torpedoes up their aft ventral porthole! See how they like that!” Lieutenant Torres raged. The senior staff was gathered in the conference room, minus Chakotay, who was still being held captive on the space station. They hadn’t been sitting at the […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – Isle of the Sun Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6 “Zut! That test was absolute merde!” said Lucy. She was still enjoying her newfound grasp of twentieth-century French. She’d studied Vulcan and Tellar languages in the Academy just to meet the core requirements, but she never really had a good head for languages. And besides, the universal translator was simply too convenient of […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – The Isle of the Sun Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 “Here we go again,” said Tom. He was seated on Chakotay’s left, in the pilot seat of the shuttlecraft. Tuvok, Torres, and Kim filled out the rest of the party. Ahead of the shuttle, the violet eye of the wormhole loomed large. Chakotay found that the experience of having passed through the aperture […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – The Isle of the Sun Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4 Lucy tromped her way along a narrow path through an overgrown field, an irrepressible skip in her step and a giddy smile glued on her face. She had to step high and hold her voluminous skirts up with both hands to keep their fringes out of the wet grass and mud, but if […]

Star Trek: Odyssey – The Isle of the Sun, Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 “She’s stable,” said the Doctor. “That’s the good news.” “All right,” said Chakotay, “What’s the bad?” They stood in the Doctor’s office in sickbay, looking out the window at Ensign Kang where she lay on a sickbay bed, still unconscious. Kes was sitting at her bedside watching the biomonitor. “It appears the ensign […]

Star Trek Odyssey – Foraging the Isle of the Sun, Chapters 1 & 2

Ensign Kang has been a technician on Voyager for three years, tasked with maintaining the ship’s finicky bioneural gel packs. She didn’t join Starfleet and study biochemistry just to work on glorified microchips all her life, but such is fate. When Voyager encounters a wormhole in the depths of the Nekrit Expanse, though, she’ll finally have […]

In the Face of Logic
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Chapter 1: The Introduction   Doctor Pek was sitting quietly in his quarters, attempting to meditate and reflect on the previous week’s events. They found a cryostasis pod floating in space and decided to retrieve it. They found that a Human woman occupied it, but initial queries were ineffective. They did, however, end up getting […]

Sigma Squad

“Security to Sickbay,” sounded over the com. Ensign Savage dropped the dumbbell he had been curling and followed the squad to the turbolift. Once they arrived at Sickbay Lieutenant Ramirez took point. She was a fierce Latina and liked to use her rank to pull stuff like that, even if it wasn’t good tactics. This […]