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USS Oregon: Finding a Ring
05/25/12  Tags:
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Jonathan Gardner

After discovering a major smuggling ring in the Isolated Region, Captain Jackson and his crew are tasked with hunting it down. But things are more dangerous than they first appear…

USS Oregon: Reassignment
10/23/11  Tags:
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Jonathan Gardner

Josh and the Oregon are reassigned to the other side of the Federation.


PROLOGUE           “Throughout the history of Mankind, the challenge of travelling to and seeing new places and encountering new races both human and non-human has always been…and always will be there to be met.             “Since the dawn of the Era of Space Travel that challenge has ever […]

USS Oregon: Inquiry
07/15/11  Tags:
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Jonathan Gardner

Captain Jackson must face the music after his violent trip across the Neutral Zone. Meanwhile Saehir looks to start a new life.

USS Oregon: Pilot
07/13/11  Tags:
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Jonathan Gardner

The first adventure of Captain Joshua Jackson after he takes command of his Prometheus-class ship the USS Oregon six months after Shinzon’s death.

Star Trek: Hippopheralcus 02 – Meeting the natives

Star Trek: Hippopharalcus Meeting the Natives The peculiar double circular airlock doors slid open.  The Hippopheralcus was docked at upper pylon 3 and Capatain Ilbrux, Commander Slitherin and Lieutenant Dorfl had been invited on board station.  Well, Colonel Kira had invited Alana, but Rhemus had insisted on sending Salazar and Dorfl along.  Though Alana was […]

Star Trek: Hippopheralcus 01 – Down the rabbit hole.

Disclaimer: We don’t own Star Trek – but we do own the Hippopheralcus and her crew. you wouldn’t want them, anyway. Notes: So Hubby and I finally got Meagra to join the Star Trek world – and then we end up doing this to it. Sorry, our bad. Oh, and Salazar Slitherin was her invention […]

Star Trek Oblivion: Dark Hand of the Federation
03/04/08  Tags:
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Ernest Maestas

Cardassia is in ruins after the Dominion War. With the Federation emerging as the dominant power in the quadrant, Section 31 moves to further the Federation’s position by seeking the incorporation of the Cardassian Empire into the Federation while simultaneously fusing with the Klingon Empire. Cast List: Lord Groth (Klingon), Admiral Griss (Romulan), General Stevenson (Federation), General Cain (Section 31), Garak, General Haram (Romulan), Gul Reese (Cardassian), Jem’Hydar 1st

Origins, Chapter 15
11/27/05  Tags: ,
Category: Crossover  By: Apollo Racer

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