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Beyond The Whitherstream
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: David S. Moore

Federation refugees from the Dominion War migrated to the center of the galaxy to avoid hostilities. After travelling for more than 100 years they settled in a region which they believed to be unoccupied. But only later did they discover that many ancient races and civilizations had long called that region home. Now, more than 10,000 light years from the Federation, they must find their way in a complex and very foreign realm.

Star Trek Raza, episode 13 Season Finale; Trojan Horse
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Mark Choquette

Star Trek Raza Season 1 finale, Episode 13 Trojan Horse   Faye Monroe’s quarters 64143.33 (7:37 am)   As usual, Faye awakens at her normal time at seven am and multiple times hits the snooze button on her alarm. As with every morning, she is now in full blown panic mode thinking that she is […]

Star Trek: The Greatest Generation
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Michael Stone

I have just provided the prologue to my story. If there is enough interest I will consider publishing the entire 300 page story! In the meantime, here is the synopsis of the entire novel:

Star Trek: The Greatest Generation

An 18-chapter science fiction novel by Dr. Michael Stone, written in 2018. In Times New Roman text, font size 12 and single-spaced, the entire novel is 301 pages in length. The chapters are as follows:

Prologue: Feb. 12, 3090, 10:52PM.
Chapter 1: June 1, 3100, 9:38AM – “6 months before launch”
Chapter 2: Aug. 16, 3100, 6:56PM – “4.5 months before launch”
Chapter 3: Oct. 1, 3100, 8:57AM – “3 months before launch”
Chapter 4: Dec. 1, 3100, 8:46PM – “1 month before launch”
Chapter 5: Jan. 1, 3101, 9:59AM – “Launch”
Chapter 6: Jan. 8, 3101, 10:52AM – “Test Week”
Chapter 7: Jan. 8, 3101, 11:59AM – “Deep Space Trek”
Chapter 8: Jan. 8, 3101, 4:39PM – “Borg Encounter”
Chapter 9: Jan. 8, 3101, 5:27PM – “Admiral William Riker”
Chapter 10: Jan. 10, 3101, 8:10AM – “Picard Trek”
Chapter 11: Jan. 10, 3101, 1:09PM – “Where, Oh Where, Has Data Gone?”
Chapter 12: Jan. 11, 3101, 8:05AM – “Battle Plan”
Chapter 13: Jan. 12, 3101, 10:53AM – “Offense”
Chapter 14: Jan. 12, 3101, 11:03PM – “A New Play”
Chapter 15: Jan. 13, 3101, 8:36AM – “A Star’s Fury”
Chapter 16: Jan. 13, 3101, 10:01AM – “Reactor Breach!”
Chapter 17: Jan. 13, 3101, 10:42AM – “Desperate Times…”
Chapter 18: June 7, 3101, 7:29AM – “The Promise”
Epilogue: Oct. 11. 3235, 7:41AM – “The Class”

The Prologue introduces Mahmoud Assad, a 31st-century scientist, who is the unknown leader of “The Allah Brothers Brigade,” a terrorist organization wanted throughout the Federation for numerous heinous acts. He is in the progress of sabotaging a warp conduit tube in the hope that it will destroy a future Galaxy Class Starship.

Chapter 1 occurs ten years later and introduces Captain Michelle Boras, a fully telepathic Betazed, speaking with the Admiral of Starfleet Academy, Admiral Tesser. She is imploring the Admiral to talk Starfleet into naming her new Intergalactic Starship “Enterprise-S”. The Admiral is trying to talk Michelle out of this idea because he says the Enterprise name is cursed.

Chapter 2 introduces a few members of Captain Boras’s bridge crew. The most important member described in the beginning is Commander B’Tor, her loyal Vulcan Science Officer. The others members are Dr. Maria Sanchez, her physician; Commander Paul Peters, Chief Engineer; and Lieutenant Soran Croser, an incredibly gifted Suliban helmsman. Also brought to life because of the wonderous technology of the time is an illegally obtained M-Gram copy of the famous 24th-century Starship Captain, Captain Picard. Michelle briefs these people in her home about a problem she has encountered with her Picard M-Gram, and B’Tor hurriedly rushes off to find out the answer to her problem.

In Chapter 3, Michelle gets acquainted with her new Inter-Galaxy class starship through a personal tour by her good friend Sub-Commander Stevens. He is one of her favorite earthlings, and she owes a great deal of gratitude to him for helping her through a very difficult time in her life. He has a wonderful sense of humor and, in the time he has with her on the tour, plays many practical jokes on her. The chapter also is filled with much information about all of the new technology that Enterprise-S is equipped with, including some amazing weapons and shielding.

Chapter 4 spends a great deal of time introducing a very special earthling: Michelle’s lover, Captain Richard Toelle, the future Captain of Deep Space Station 555. It also spends some time describing Michelle’s love of earth music, especially the music of Mozart. Music was one of the few “escapes” for Michelle when she was growing up, since it provided some of her only relief from her developing telepathic capabilities. The reader discovers that Michelle is a very accomplished violinist. As the chapter progresses, Michelle can’t seem to shake off a feeling of dread that is starting to rise in her mind.

Chapter 5 is the day of the christening and deployment of Enterprise-S, seen through the eyes of Commander Peters, the Chief Engineer. It also introduces a few more members of the bridge crew, namely Lieutenant Commander Korg, the Klingon Tactical Officer and Chief of Security, and Lieutenant Commander Kuriko Miyagawa, the Chief Communications and Linguistics Officer. A great deal of the chapter is spent on Commander Peters’ growing personal relationship with Miyagawa.

In Chapter 6 the Enterprise-S has completed a week of tests and is now getting ready to test its new Transdimensional Drive Engines. These engines make it possible for a starship to travel at leaps of 10,000 light years at a time, almost instantaneously. Just before the test is to commence, Michelle receives an urgent message from Starfleet informing her that DS555 is under some kind of attack. After reviewing the video that she received from DS555, she discovers that the attackers are the Borg.

Chapter 7 finds the Enterprise-S successfully completing a Trans-Dimensional jump and arriving at the wreckage that was once DS555. It is at that point that Michelle confirms the death of her lover, Captain Richard Toelle. The decision is made to confront the Borg cube themselves.

Chapter 8 is where the Enterprise-S finally confront the Borg. At first, the encounter is successful since the ship is able to repel the laser weapon that the Borg had used to destroy DS555. However, the Borg quickly adapt their weapon to emit a sound pulse that nearly destroys the ship. Michelle is confused by this aggressive behavior of the Borg, since they always try to assimilate any race they come across, not destroy them. Michelle tries to ask her M-Gram copy of Picard to explain why the Borg had changed their behavior, but she is only reminded by him that he is just the actual memories of Picard; he doesn’t have the Borg nano-technology that was in the original Picard. It is at that moment that B’Tor tells her of his findings about her Picard M-Gram. She gets very upset with this disclosure, showing B’Tor some history that had been misrepresented by the Federation, and now realizes that she and B’Tor must quickly head to the Federation M-Gram library to confront her ten-generation great-grandfather Admiral William Riker.

Chapter 9 reveals some new, eye-opening history about Picard’s “death.” Admiral Riker explains that he, along with numerous other individuals, “staged” Picard’s death and actually brought him to the Planet BaKu, where he was still alive! Michelle realizes that she must go there and try to convince Picard to join them in their fight with the Borg.

Chapter 10 finds the Enterprise just outside of a sensor grid, developed by Captain LaForge centuries earlier, that protected the BaKu planet from anyone going to it. After much debate, they figure out a way to send Michelle to the planet via a new technology that Enterprise-S had called side-band transport. She encounters Picard and is able to convince him to join her crew on the mission to stop the Borg.

Chapter 11 is a long chapter in which the Enterprise is confronting the Borg cube again. The Borg immediately discover that Picard is on the Enterprise-S and call out his Borg-given name, leaving Picard unconscious, before continuing on their way. Michelle sends Picard to sickbay and chases after the cube. Enterprise-S accidently gets struck by the Borg vibration weapon, and a huge gash opens on the bridge, nearly sucking Kuriko and Paul out into space. After that close call, Paul ends up proposing to Kuriko, realizing that living without her would be a lonely proposition.

Michelle then heads down to sickbay to make certain Picard is okay. While speaking with him, she discovers that not only is a “queen” Borg on board the cube, but it is the one and only true Borg Queen. This queen also happens to be telepathic. Through their brief encounter, Picard not only discovers that the Borg’s “prime directive” has changed from assimilation to annihilation, but he also picks up another encrypted message from a hidden Borg friend of his: Hugh!
In a conversation with Michelle and Paul, Picard informs both of them that he knows of someone who could help stop the Borg completely: Data. Michelle and Paul try to tell him that Professor B-4, Data’s brother, has everything that is Data, but scientists for over 700 years had been trying to release Data from within B-4’s positronic matrix to no avail. Picard informs them that he knows how to do this, so Michelle and Picard take the Federation’s Transporter network to Boston to talk B-4 into joining their mission. The chapter ends with Picard successfully bringing Data back to life!

Chapter 12 begins with a happy reunion for Picard and Data, and then a plan of action starts to take form. Picard needs Data to be a part of the mission because of a program that Data and Commander LaForge had created called the Borg command structure algorithm: a program designed to give the Borg a mathematical equation of some kind that had no final answer to it. This would cause a cascade effect on the Borg taking in ever increasing resources to answer it, thus, eventually bringing the Borg to a complete standstill.

Unfortunately Data tells all of them that this program would never work because when it was designed, they were not aware of the Queen. She would put a stop to it. But he informs them that he had been working on this program for many centuries now, and if he were able to feed it directly to this queen, the one and true queen of the Borg collective, it would definitely work.
After a while, Michelle, B’Tor, Picard and Data go to visit Hugh in the Unimatrix Zero landscape. Hugh gives them a data crystal that has all of the schematics and background history of the Borg, enough to fill dozens of volumes in a Borg Encyclopedia. His only request is that Michelle take him and his female companion Elora with them if they succeed.

After much discussion and numerous arguments, a plan of action starts to take place. It is discovered that there is a small room located in the Borg cube called the Queen’s Chamber. In it there is a computer keyboard with direct access to the Queen. Picard, with his Borg nano-implants still in his body makes him the only person capable of typing Data’s entire program into the Queen’s mind. Picard and Data would be sent into the Queen’s chamber to start the plan in action. Some new technology is also incorporated into their battle plan, thanks to some very timely information that Data’s brother, Professor B-4, had discovered in his studies.

Chapter 13 has numerous attempts and close calls at getting Picard and Data on to the Borg cube, but they finally succeed. In the process of doing all of this, Michelle decides that she and B’Tor, due to their telepathic abilities, should try to hook their minds onto the queen’s mind. It is a dangerous and risky plan, but she is convinced that she can cause the queen to change her behavior ever so slightly to Enterprise’s advantage. In the process of doing this, Michelle puts Paul in charge, erasing his mind and the entire bridge crew’s minds of her and B’Tor’s presence. This is against all Starfleet regulations, but, as she puts it, “desperate times call for desperate measures”.

The chapter also starts breaking the narative up into several different characters’ perspectives, including the queen’s view of the situations.

After numerous cat-and-mouse moments with the Borg cube, Chapter 14 has Paul coming up with the unique idea of reversing the shield harmonics of Enterprise’s shields. By doing that, he hopes to turn the Borg’s vibration weapon against them. It almost works, but he misjudges the Borg’s capabilities of repairing their damaged cube. When all seems lost, the head of the science department of the Enterprise-S, Dr. David Stone, suggests that they create a small artificial star. He and his team of scientists have developed a way to do this for short periods of time. The creation of an artificial star and its subsequent collapse would create a gamma ray burst that would wipe out all of the dilithium crystals on board the Borg cube, thus rendering it unable to continue on its voyage toward Earth.

Chapter 15 tells the story of the making of an artificial star. Dr. Stone’s idea works!

The Denouement brings us back to what the Prologue of the book had introduced the reader to: sabotage!

Although the artificial star idea worked, Chapter 16 reveals that a nasty side effect to wiping out all of the dilithium crystals on the Borg cube was also added to the plot: a warp core breach! Paul is forced to do a rushed-up version of rescuing not only Picard and Data but also Hugh and his female companion from the doomed Borg cube. Time is definitely not on their side.

Meanwhile, Picard is placed in the precarious situation of not having enough time to input all of the data necessary to stop the Borg queen. All of his effort seems wasted to him since the queen could easily transfer her entire being to another one of her clones. However, Picard comes up with an ingenious way to provide himself with the additional time to complete his task.

After entering in the final bit of data, he presses the “Enter” key to feed the huge amount of information directly into the queen’s mind. He succeeds, but not after the queen detects his presence and the presence of Michelle and B’Tor’s minds as well. She sends a huge shock wave at her tormentors!

Chapter 17 sees the near-total destruction of Enterprise-S averted thanks to Hugh being in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, during that same period of time, Picard dies of his injuries. It almost breaks Michelle completely. However, from the tragedy of Picard’s death, Dr. Sanchez is able to save all of the living Picard’s memories on a M-Gram memory crystal that she gives to Michelle. The “new” Picard M-Gram shows Michelle some information that makes the entire mission seem worth it in the end.

Chapter 18 takes place some six months later, describing the numerous events that had transpired since the mission. All of this is remembered by Michelle while she is sitting outside of the M-Gram Library on Vulcan Secundus. She is there to fulfil her promise to the M-Gram Admiral Riker, her ten-generation great-grandfather.

When she finally enters the M-Gram Library and meets Riker, she is pleasantly surprised to also meet her ten-generation great grandmother, Deanna Troi! She discovers some amazing facts about her great-grandparents and ends up leaving the library with a newfound love and admiration for both of them.

The Epilogue takes place almost 140 years later, with an elderly Captain Boras visiting a third grade elementary school class to see her granddaughter speaking about her new biographical novel about Admiral William Riker. The students are eager to hear from her granddaughter, but the tables are turned on Michelle when she finds herself the attention of the entire class.

Star Trek Raza, episode 12; A death in the family
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Mark Choquette

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 12 A death in the family   Captain’s log stardate 64045.30   The Raza has been assigned to the border of the Gorn Hegemony for the past month now. In that time, Klingon and Gorn skirmishes have increased ten-fold. In my opinion, war is not a matter of if… […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 11; The House of Sung
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Mark Choquette

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 11 The House of Sung   Captain’s log stardate 63920.03   Due to the recent Klingon invasion of the Gorn colony on Gila IV, the Raza has been ordered to the border of the Gorn Hegemony. It seems Starfleet is bracing for a full-scale war between the Klingons and […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 10; Pon Farr
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Mark Choquette

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 10 Pon Farr   Captain’s log stardate 63829.02   We have recently arrived at Barradas III at the request of Starfleet Intelligence. It seems that the smuggler ship named the Argo has been seen in this system recently and Starfleet is eager to get their hands on her and […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 9; The Obsidian Order
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Mark Choquette

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 9 The Obsidian Order   Captain’s log stardate 63728.12   For the past few weeks, the Raza has been assigned to be part of a convoy running supplies to Ivor Prime. Ivor Prime is an F Class planet and home to a Federation colony that is doing quite well. […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 8; The Claxton
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Mark Choquette

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 8 The Claxton.   Commander Mitchell’s personal log stardate 63617.24.   It’s been a month since… well, let’s just say it’s been a long time since A’Ryn and I had sex and frankly I am getting a little tired of trying to figure out how I can get her […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 7; Witch Hunt
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Mark Choquette

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 7 Witch Hunt.   Starbase 718, Captain’s personal log.   After escorting the Terran starship Piranha, as my crew aptly christened her; back to Starbase 718 we have been ordered to stand down and await the arrival of a JAG officer along with Fleet Admiral Braun. It’s been a […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 6; Shattered Mirror
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Mark Choquette

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 6 Shattered Mirror. The Stargazer Lounge (23:58pm). It’s late in the day and the lounge is starting to thin out. Less than a dozen patrons are scattered across the bar sitting in darkened corners trying to put their tough work week behind them. Sergeant Young can be seen sitting […]