The Stronghold
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While visiting a new planet, Archer and T’Pol are roped into helping the local government negotiate with rebels intent on destroying this stable society. But it’s Hoshi who holds the key to the solution.

Alternate Paths
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An alternate T’Pol makes different choices. Spoilers for Seasons 1-3 through E2.

Tripping Up And Down
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To everything turn, turn, turn…

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Thanks for choosing to read. Any comments please send to as i cant seem to view them on this site strangely. I will appreciate any comments. A dark room, this will make my job easier thought the shadowed assailant. The heavy metal door slid awkwardly shut behind him, making much scrapping and jarring, but even […]

The Secret
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“Captain”, T’Pol’s voice echoed out of the intercom system. “Go ahead”, replied Captain Jonathan Archer. “Captain, I have something on long range sensors that you might want to see”, stated T’Pol in her even monotone voice. “On my way”, said Archer.  He closed the intercom connection and turned to his Chief Engineer.  “Trip, continue with […]

A Game of Planets

Set shortly after the events of the classic TOS episode “Space Seed,” Spock attempts to assess Caqptain Kirk’s decision to exile Khan Noonien Singh and his followers to Ceti Alpha V. Struggling with the logic of allowing Enterprise historian Marla McGivers to join Khan, Spock examines previous case studies on the Genetic Supermen of Earth, focussing on Captain Jonathan Archer’s conflict 108 years earlier with Dr. Arik Soong and his genetic augments, as well as Archer’s classified showdown with Endion Praius, a supreme genetic narcissist and superman from the 20th Century who established a secret, and very deadly, society on Cordonnia IV. As Spock investigates the story and horror of the original Enterprise NX-01 crew’s encounter with the genetic madman, he comes to a final revelation about Captain Kirk’s fateful decision – a decision Spock only comes to truly understand 20 years later, when his own death and resurrection comes as a result of Khan’s ultimate vengeance.

The Calling, Part 1

Genoa Forelni led a small group of people off Earth in the midst of World War 3, looking for a new world to call home. A century later Captain Archer and the crew of the Enterprise have found the descendants of that exodus near the Klingon border. Their new world, Etalya, is a world of many mysteries. But before Archer can begin to explore them, the Klingons pull off a daring raid, sparking a war that threatens to engulf the entire quadrant.