Shopping, a la Ferengi
03/01/96  Tags:

Metadine has a run in with a Ferengi shop owner and learns a valuable lesson.

A Fall From Grace
08/16/98  Tags: ,

In an Alternate Timeline, The Klingons overthrow the Humans, enslave the human race. Eric Dawson joins a Rebellion against the Klingons.

Space Station Mir
03/01/96  Tags:

When someone travels back through time, and destroyes the Space Station Mir, and thus also destroying a legend, the Atlantis is sent back in time to repair the damage.

Star Trek: Civil Conflict
07/13/04  Tags:

This marks the new adventures of the USS Crusade and her unique crew of unlikely Starfleet Officers trying to uphold all that the Federation stands for in a time of Civil war, where the Federation is under a Military Dictatorship by Starfleet Commander, Admiril Bill Partmon, who abandones all the Federation’s laws and guidelines to seek out new life and rule it under an iron fist. The only hope for protection is the other half of Starfleet who opposes this new Dictatorship.

This is the maiden voyage of the USS Crusade, in this first entallment, the crew must choose between following orders given by the Federation, or disobeying their orders in order to save a prewarp culture from ultimate destruction.

Encounter at Farfetch
08/16/98  Tags:

A parody of the first Next Generation episode Encounter at Farpoint.

Whine of the Worrior
08/16/98  Tags:

A parody of the fourth season Deep Space Nine premier episode The Way of the Warrior.

Not Quite Right
08/16/98  Tags:

Timeship Atlantis Logs – a new series set in the Star Trek universe. After reading this pilot story carefully (both this part and the conclusion), I encourage you to contribute your own Atlantis stories to this series. It is an experiment in fan writer cleverness, so anything goes. It will be interesting to see what direction you and others take this ship and crew.

Timeship Atlantis Logs: My Name is Mudd
08/16/98  Tags:

Timeship Atlantis Logs #4: Commodore Andreyevich must save Harry Mudd from an untimely death, while making sure that one of his own bridge officers ceases to exist.

Timeship Atlantis Logs: The Other Shoe
11/27/97  Tags:

Timeship Atlantis Logs #3: The Atlantis is sent out to try an discover what exactly happened to the USS Voyager.

Not Quite Right, Conclusion
06/25/97  Tags:

Timeship Atlantis Logs – a new series set in the Star Trek universe. See above for summary.

Halloween: The Night he Came to Voyager
08/16/98  Tags: ,

Having never had the chance to baby-sit Captain Janeway decides to go to the Holodeck to find a baby-sitting program to use. But when she goes into the Holodeck, she doesn’t know she’s about to meet the Boogieman.

Halloween: The Night he Came to Voyager, Version 2
08/16/98  Tags: ,

Slight editing with a different ending than the original.

Halloween 2: The Nightmare isn’t deactivated
09/12/97  Tags: ,

A sequel of sorts that follows the story line of the movie Halloween 2.

Star Trek: Genesis of Command, Chapter 2
12/22/04  Tags:

Chapter 2 of a new on going story with a new take on Trek.

Star Trek: Genesis of Command, Chapter 3
12/22/04  Tags:

Chapter 3 of a new on going story with a new take on Trek.

Star Trek: Genesis of Command, Chapter 4
12/22/04  Tags:

Chapter 4 of a new on going story with a new take on Trek.

Star Trek: Genesis of Command, Intro and Table of Contents
12/22/04  Tags:

The Intro and Table of Contents for the Genesis of Command series.

Star Trek: Genesis of Command, Book I: The Mighty, Mighty Marek
08/22/04  Tags:

Chapter 1 of a new on going story with a new take on Trek.

Star Trek: Joint Forces
07/18/04  Tags:

This is the “pilot” episode for my new Star Trek series, which takes place ten years after the return of Voyager to Earth. It surrounds two new ships, that are part of an experimental program…and are dubbed as “Partner-Class” starships; they can join together to form one massive attack cruiser. But the maiden voyage is thrown to pieces as the crew, and their Captains, are framed by a crime they never committed. Now, to prove their innocence, they must leave Federation space, and embark on an exciting adventure to find their ultimate freedom! (Think “The Fugitive” meets “Star Trek”) Enjoy!

Redemption – Volume 1: Sacrifices
12/01/04  Tags: ,

The year is 2035. Earth is on the brink of a climatic battle with a terrifying enemy from an unknown galaxy.

The United States’ military, undermanned and outgunned after nearly twenty years of war with it foes, prepares for the worse. The enemy has entered Earth’s solar system, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake while pushing relentlessly toward yet another conquest. Even if every nation puts aside their differences and join forces, Earth would have no chance.

Only one man has the power and ability to claim victory. A hero from the past, cryogenically frozen for a crime he did not commit, will return to a new world…a world in need of a miracle.

Star Trek: Title of Liberty, Part III
02/27/05  Tags:

Part III, see Part I for summary.

Star Trek: Title of Liberty, Part II
01/19/05  Tags:

Part II, see Part I for summary.

Star Trek: Title of Liberty, Part I
12/22/04  Tags:

Set in the weeks just after Nemesis, A law enforcement fleet that has just been assigned to a sector where Orion pirates had almost absolute control. This is the last in a series of actions taken to re-establish the law in the sector. However, due to its closeness to the Cardassian border, the crew of the Pike fleet find themselves going beyond law enforcement, for the good of the Federation – not just Sector 554.

Star Trek Helix: Axis Power, Part 2
07/12/04  Tags: ,


Starfleet and TEAM HELIX have failed in stopping the AXIS EXPERIMENT.
Now, within the new reality where the Borg reign supreme, Kyle K’Nar and
the crew of the U.S.S. Atlantis are the only hope in restoring the
universe. As Kyle and the Human Resistance prepare to engage AXIS in a
final assault, Commodore Dimitri Andreyevich and is crew try to piece
together a way to restore reality. But now a ‘third’ unknown player has
entered the war, presumably with no allegiance to either side.

Can the Timeship Atlantis find a way to enlist their help, or will they
have plans of their own for this alternate universe?

Star Trek Helix: Axis Power, Part 3
07/12/04  Tags: ,

The Human Resistence… Crushed! The Starship Helix… Destroyed! Team Helix… All, but done… In the alternate reality, the Human Resistence’s final assault on the Borg is a success… but at a grave cost. Now, with both side crippled, the fate of the universe rests in the hands of Commodore Dimitri Andreyevich and crew of the U.S.S. Atlantis. But to accomplish the mission, Dimitri has to Forge an uneasy alliance with Team Helix’s Kyle K’Nar, and the Sinister Borg Queen. There last hope is to figure out a way to restore the timeline. But AXIS has other plans for our heroes…

Star Trek Helix: Axis Power, Part I
01/27/00  Tags: ,

(A Starship Helix – Timeship Atlantis Crossover!) It’s the end of the universe as we know it! Alex Garrett has been assimilated, the Helix and Starfleet are powerless, and the Borg stand on the threshold of destorying history! Now it’s up to Commodore Dimitri Andreyevich and the crew of the Timeship Atlantis to stop the second coming of AXIS!

Star Trek Helix: Phantoms, Part I
05/03/98  Tags:

The Helix team is given an assigment to investigate an incident in Klingon space. But a routine investigation turns into what could be the start of an intergalactic war.

Star Trek Helix: Phantoms, Part II
05/03/98  Tags:

The Klingons have discovered The Federation and the Romulans may be joining forces against them. But everything isn’t the way it seems. Now it’s up to Alex and Team Helix to uncover the mysterious aliens who could be planning the destruction of the Alpha Quadrant. But it will take more the Helix to stop them, and by the end of the mission, not everyone will survive…

Star Trek Helix: The Crossing, Part II
11/27/97  Tags:

The conclusion of the two-part intro story. It’s three days later and the crew goes on their first mission for Admiral Porter and The Program! But deception runs rampant throught the unit and everyone’s hidden agenda starts to surface. Will Team: Helix fall apart before it starts?

Star Trek Helix: The Crossing, Part I
05/27/97  Tags:

This is the introduction adventure. Existing within a timeline where The Borg have conquered the Federation, Alex and crew are all that’s left of the Alpha Quadrant’s resistance. When a last ditch escape ends up catapulting them four years into the past and unknowingling altering the timeline (into the current trek timeline). It’s basically a set up for the rest of the series.

03/20/05  Tags:

Letter B of The Alphabet Stories.

03/20/05  Tags:

Letter C of The Alphabet Stories.

03/20/05  Tags:

Letter D of The Alphabet Stories.

03/20/05  Tags:

Letter E of The Alphabet Stories.

03/20/05  Tags:

Letter F of The Alphabet Stories.

01/19/05  Tags:

The start of a new series called The Alphabet Stories. Each story is written with a subsequent letter of the alphabet.

Timeship Atlantis Writer’s Guide
09/13/97  Tags:

A very usefull writer’s guide for the Timeship Atlantis series started by Walter Chmara. The guide was updated 2/12/98 by Walter Chmara.

Khan’s Second Chance
09/13/97  Tags: ,

The Atlantis is called back to service to fix a detected change in the timeline. Somehow, Khan destroyed the Enterprise in the U.S.S. Reliant and then wreaked havoc across the Federation.

Time Out of Joint
11/27/97  Tags: ,

What exactly happened to the Enterprise-C and the alternate universe Tasha Yar.

Star Trek: Timelines, Synopsis
08/14/00  Tags: ,

A brief introduction to what the new series is going to be about. The series is being cowritten with Paul D. White

Star Trek: Timelines, Pilot Episode: Akira
08/14/00  Tags: ,

The first episode of a new series. The pilot introduces the crew and the ship. See the Synopsis for further details. The series is being cowritten with Paul D. White

The Most Logical Choice
08/14/00  Tags:

A love vs logic story. A young woman is going to face koon-ut-kal-if-fee. She has to decide if she will accept her bondmate or allow her lover to challenge him.

The Pedersen Incident
12/30/97  Tags:

This is a parody of the Star Trek original characters based on an extremely bad pun which was the working title. If you can figure out what the pun was you will realise why it got itself binned as a title. As usual, a small but important part of the cosmos is saved for democracy (and profit) by the Captain and Crew of the USS…. Well, read it and find out.

Star Trek: Federation Marine Corps, Assault at Argelius
07/13/04  Tags:

Federation forces need to destroy a Jem H’Dar facility in the Argelius Sector. Marines go in and take it out. Takes place during the Dominion War. It’s part one of a continuing storyline…

Star Trek: Athena—The Secret Fleet
07/11/04  Tags:

Captain Garret (no relation to Ent-C captain) is about to experience the greatest joy a starfleet captain would earn—to command his first ship.
Expecting at least a frigate or destroyer, the most common vessels used for first time captains, what Garret got was something he didn’t bargain for—a mysterious new ship, a sentient ship with an attitude and a gorgeous hologram.

Christmas in Space : The Previous Generation
12/30/97  Tags:

Based on A Visit From St. Nicholas, by Clement C. Moore.

02/28/98  Tags:

Parody of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

11/27/97  Tags: , ,

With the help of Q and his little buddy, Nathan Bridger meets Jean-Luc Picard and Kristin Westphalen hangs out in the sixteenth century with Beverly Crusher. With all the principles in place, Q gives them a romp they’ll never forget. Please excuse the mushy ending.<G&gt But Destiny awaits in ‘SOULMATES.’

Starfleet Intelligence: The Missions of the USS Doyle, Chapter 2
05/03/98  Tags:

Chapter two of a continuing story set shortly after the battle at Wolf 359. The story features a new crew and is well worth the read.

Starfleet Intelligence: The Missions of the USS Doyle, Chapter 3
05/03/98  Tags:

Chapter three of a continuing story set shortly after the battle at Wolf 359. The story features a new crew and is well worth the read.

Starfleet Intelligence: The Missions of the USS Doyle, Chapter 4
05/03/98  Tags:

Chapter four of a continuing story set shortly after the battle at Wolf 359. The story features a new crew and is well worth the read.

Starfleet Intelligence: The Missions of the USS Doyle, Chapter 1
09/12/97  Tags:

Chapter one of a continuing story set shortly after the battle at Wolf 359. The story features a new crew and is well worth the read.

I regretfully inform you…
11/27/05  Tags: , , , ,

“A Captain awakes to find everything he knew different.”
Capt. Hunt is knocked unconcious during the final battle of the dominion war and falls into a coma. He wakes up on DS9 and using the holosuite finds out what happened to his crew.

Future Repeats Itself
01/27/00  Tags: ,

The first mission of the USS Melbourne-A.

Into Oblivion (Destruction of the Breen)
05/18/14  Tags:

  III   Into Oblivion   Ernest Maestas!/profile.php?id=1590279180           We do not know you, Words have never been spoken between our peoples We do not know what drives you We do not know what you fear You attack us without provocation We do not understand So be it You […]

Star Trek Oblivion: Dark Hand of the Federation
03/04/08  Tags:

Cardassia is in ruins after the Dominion War. With the Federation emerging as the dominant power in the quadrant, Section 31 moves to further the Federation’s position by seeking the incorporation of the Cardassian Empire into the Federation while simultaneously fusing with the Klingon Empire. Cast List: Lord Groth (Klingon), Admiral Griss (Romulan), General Stevenson (Federation), General Cain (Section 31), Garak, General Haram (Romulan), Gul Reese (Cardassian), Jem’Hydar 1st

Star Trek: Hippopheralcus 02 – Meeting the natives
07/10/11  Tags: , ,

Star Trek: Hippopharalcus Meeting the Natives The peculiar double circular airlock doors slid open.  The Hippopheralcus was docked at upper pylon 3 and Capatain Ilbrux, Commander Slitherin and Lieutenant Dorfl had been invited on board station.  Well, Colonel Kira had invited Alana, but Rhemus had insisted on sending Salazar and Dorfl along.  Though Alana was […]

Star Trek: Hippopheralcus 01 – Down the rabbit hole.
07/10/11  Tags: , ,

Disclaimer: We don’t own Star Trek – but we do own the Hippopheralcus and her crew. you wouldn’t want them, anyway. Notes: So Hubby and I finally got Meagra to join the Star Trek world – and then we end up doing this to it. Sorry, our bad. Oh, and Salazar Slitherin was her invention […]

USS Oregon: Finding a Ring
05/25/12  Tags:

After discovering a major smuggling ring in the Isolated Region, Captain Jackson and his crew are tasked with hunting it down. But things are more dangerous than they first appear…

USS Oregon: Reassignment
10/23/11  Tags:

Josh and the Oregon are reassigned to the other side of the Federation.

USS Oregon: Inquiry
07/15/11  Tags:

Captain Jackson must face the music after his violent trip across the Neutral Zone. Meanwhile Saehir looks to start a new life.

USS Oregon: Pilot
07/13/11  Tags:

The first adventure of Captain Joshua Jackson after he takes command of his Prometheus-class ship the USS Oregon six months after Shinzon’s death.


PROLOGUE           “Throughout the history of Mankind, the challenge of travelling to and seeing new places and encountering new races both human and non-human has always been…and always will be there to be met.             “Since the dawn of the Era of Space Travel that challenge has ever […]

vulcan shuttle adventures book 1
08/02/11  Tags:

Spock was officially  sent to serve upon the shuttle Copernicus 2 with his crew engineer Scotty , doctor McCoy[who has said time and time again that he is to old for his job] Mr. Chekov at helm of the shuttle along side Mr. Spock and lastly  lieutenant Ohura as communicator to hail other vessels now that you know the charcters […]

Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. pt 1

STAR TREK: SCHRÖDINGER   Wolf in sheep’s clothing – Part 1   Captain’s Log: Stardate 86405.4 I find myself about to take my first starship command with a sense of trepidation and unease. The unsettled feeling in my gut at times makes me wish I had the suppressed emotions of my Vulcan cousins. Being, once […]

The Teachings of Surak
04/28/12  Tags: , ,

The Teachings of Surak Translated from the original Vulcan by Gregory Hoover The understanding of many great things has been revealed to us through logic. Concerning these things, Surak should always be remembered. For it is necessary, not only for Vulcans, but even for outsiders, to be competent, both in speaking and in writing, so […]

USS Bolivar Story 5: Eyes Wide Open
01/31/14  Tags:

USS Bolivar Story 5: Eyes Wide Open “If nature is against us, we shall fight nature…” -Simon Bolivar 1783-1830AD 2386: Mabas Star System: Third Planet “Welcome my friend. It’s been a long time”, Gordon Bogdanović says to Commander Alexander Martin while removing the combadge from his chest, “Captain, it is good to see you again […]

USS Bolivar Story 4: Legal Tender
09/16/13  Tags:

2366: Archer Hall Dormitory, Starfleet Academy Cadet Alexander Martin lies awake during the early morning hours following a terrible day. The chilly November morning has only added to the empty, hopeless feeling Martin has felt since he heard the news. A young cadet, Cynthia Wilson, has gone missing in a shuttle accident over the Pacific […]

USS Bolivar Story 3: The Summer of Love
09/07/13  Tags:

USS Bolivar Story 3: The Summer of Love   Starfleet Academy Recreation Facility, San Francisco, Earth 2366 “Are you coming to the party tonight, Alex?”  Says Gordon Bogdanović hitting a racquetball toward the wall. “Probably not” replies Martin returning the ball with a quick swing, “I have to study.”   “Study for what? Finals are […]

USS Bolivar Story 2: Bad Influence
09/04/13  Tags:

“Story 2: Bad Influence”   A warm and sunny Nebraska afternoon has found its way upon the porch of an old farm house, where a young man sits and watches the world go by. His face is caressed by a dry country breeze as he rocks back and forth on a porch swing and stares […]

USS Bolivar Story 1: The Decision
06/30/12  Tags:

Awoken from a dream in the middle of the night, First Officer Alexander Martin is thrown into an emergency situation on-board the USS Bolivar. In order to save the ship, he is faced with the ultimate command decision.

Shadow Beneath The Sun
07/23/12  Tags:

Shadow beneath the Sun After the defeat of the Iconian Empire* in 2440, the last of Iconia’s Milky Way allies followed them home to Andromeda Galaxy. There, they formed a terrorist group named Shadow beneath the Sun. Here is the story of four individuals wanting to escape their masters once and for all. August 17, […]

Son of Jetrel

Son of Jetrel Talaxian Colony Rinax II, April 17 2459, Alpha Quadrant The comm system in Neelix’s office booted up. “Ambassador Neelix, we’re being hailed by Starfleet. It’s the U.S.S. Counterpoint. Should I route it through to you?” Neelix was a Talaxian whom Admiral Janeway, or at the time, Captain Kathryn Janeway, met in the […]

Back with A Vengeance

Back With a Vengeance Admiral Cyrus Lyctan was on his porch on Zirconic Prime.  He was a tall, thin Betazoid, and had served many years in Starfleet.  He had accomplished many things in his time; reunited the Federation and the Klingon Empire, helped the Zirconians to become an independent species, assembled his own personal fleet, […]

What would Kirk do and other insights into leading in the business world

 As I sit here on a plane parked at a gate at  DFW international airport, my plane is delayed because the captain cannot get the lock on the cockpit to work. I am not sure of the exact reasoning that this has delayed the flight. My assumption is after sept 11, the functionality of the […]

Chute To The Heart
08/05/12  Tags: , ,

Author’s Note: This is a standalone fan fiction I wrote after watching the episode “The Chute”. Harry and Tom share a romantic moment together and, because of this, Harry leaves forever changed.   Counselor Deanna Troi looked up from the folded hands in her lap, already showing signs of human aging, with a soft sigh. […]

Star Trek: Enceladus – Prologue
09/01/12  Tags:

This is a work in progress story that I started some time ago. I admit to not reading much fan-fiction, so please point out any glaring inaccuracies. Having said that the focus of this story will be the questionable decisions people have to make for the good of their beliefs. As such the federation may […]

Dorado Chasm – USS McNair Foray #1

Chapter One Passengers from Paradise Forward screens revealed the green jewel of Marcala only moments after the McNair dropped out of warp, as the ship soared in toward orbit. On the bridge the command crew regarded the planet together in momentary silence. “Standard hailing frequency,” requested Captain Seay. “Already on line, Captain,” replied Lieutenant Leach. […]

Invisible City – USS McNair Foray 2
08/28/12  Tags:

Chapter One A Victory in the Shuttle Bay The noise from the main shuttle bay, two decks below, had grown so loud that Captain Jerry Ward could hear it plainly on the bridge of the McNair. It reached his ear only as a low murmur like distant thunder, but he marvelled that it was audible […]

Automatic Planet – USS McNair Foray 3

Chapter One Daufuskie Arrival “What do you make of it, Commander?” Jerry Ward asked curiously. Commander Wood, the the USS McNair‘s Vulcan science officer, turned from his console. He looked down at Ward sitting in the Captain’s chair. “It’s that same old business,” he advised, “a disturbance trail off to starboard, coming from their engines, […]

Star Trek-Invasions- Part 3- Battle of Legacy
11/16/12  Tags:

While Starfleet battles it out in a desperate confrontation with the Klingon fleet, Captain Nicholas Mason, Commander Aleya Mason and the entire crew of the USS Legacy are fighting a desperate battle of their own as hoards of Klingon warriors board the ship. With no power and an overwhelming force of enemies on the attack, the chances of survival are slim at best. Can the Masons dive into the dark forest of defeat and emerge in the light of victory?

Star Trek – Invasions Part 2- One Year On
11/12/12  Tags:

The aftermath of the Dominion War had left the Alpha Quadrant picking up the pieces. The major powers had drifted to rebuilt their communities in their own ways and everything looked peaceful until the Klingon Empire was subject to a great political shakeup at the hands of the vengeful, deceitful Duras. Now the Quadrant is once more thrown into the turmoil of war with 1 conflicted Starfleet Captain standing in the way of total anarchy at the hands of the Klingon Empire

Star Trek- Invasions Part 1/5- Hostilities
10/09/12  Tags:

Captain Nicholas “Nick” Mason is battling his demons from his traumatic rise to command during the Dominion War. His assignment to the USS Legacy to continue to explore space has given him time to remember his time in a Dominion detention camp and the disaster of his first command. Now he is faced with the very real prospect of another war from an unexpected source and he doesn’t know if he can handle it. It falls to him, his wife and first officer, Commander Aleya Mason and his crew to investigate and put a stop to all hostilities

Star Trek: A New Threat
10/13/12  Tags: , , ,

Part One – Final Fight   The year is in the latter half of 2293 and James T Kirk is stood in his ceremonial Starfleet uniform looking out of one of the many observation decks located on Starbase 215. The man is in a sombre mood as he thinks back to many memories of the […]

Star Trek: Revelation S1 : E1 Times Destiny Part One
10/18/12  Tags: ,

STAR TREK – REVELATION   Episode 001 – Times Destiny (Part One)   The static, electric child-like voice spoke to him; where it came from was unknown, no one else heard it, only he did, “You must correct the time line.” “The lady who dies twice will save thousands more.” “The traitor will become your […]

Resistance is futile
01/21/13  Tags: , ,

Resistance is futile It’s approximately fourteen years after the Battle of Wolf 359. Stardate 57498.8. The location is the Delta Quadrant, near a desolate sector on the outer rim. A Borg Cube detects a space anomaly on their long-range scans, and heads toward it at warp 9.9. The energy spike had been very high, so […]

“Star Trek: Mandela” Book 1: The Arke Effect

“STAR TREK: MANDELA” THE ARKE EFFECT Story by Jason K.S. Hauck Based on “Star Trek” by Gene Roddenberry Star Trek © Paramount-Viacom “Star Trek: Mandela” is based upon “Star Trek” created by Gene Roddenberry and is in no way affiliated with CBS Corporation, Paramount Pictures Corporation, or Viacom. “Star Trek”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, […]

History Lesson
04/04/13  Tags: , , ,

A retired Jean-Luc Picard visits Starfleet Academy on a mission for an old friend. What he finds is a troubled young man, an amazing holographic entity, and an arrogant instructor in need of a history lesson.

Star Trek:Nautilus, Book 001. Synopsis and Origins
05/08/13  Tags:

Star Trek: Nautilus tells the story of the crew of the USS Nautilus, a specialized team that can provide not only cover and escort for the fleet but also undercover duties, missions and anti terrorist activities. These adventures take place in the 25th century, beginning in 2418. The crew, mostly genetically enhanced humans, travel the galaxy protecting the final frontier. This first episode is about the concept.

The Unexpected Teilhaber – Book One
05/17/13  Tags: , , , ,

Star Trek fan fiction, a male Human and a female Caitian are forced to work together. The story starts with them at the academy, and continues into their first adventure on a starship as engineering officers. They must face many hardships as their lives are forcefully intertwined.
Book one of a new serialized science fiction novel.
Version 1305040100

The Daedalus Ring or How Geordi La Forge and Harriet Tubman Fell in Love

Lt. La Forge – Personal Log 2365   Harriet When we first met you were bleeding from a gunshot, clutching a tree as men unleashed their dogs into the forest. The barking shook the bushes. You gripped my uniform, balled it in your fists, pulled me close and asked without saying a word – Are […]

No Good Deed…

No Good Deed… by Sean O’Keefe 2013© Life aboard the Enterprise is never dull. The Captain was well aware of that fact. It seemed no matter how mundane or routine a day appeared, something came out of left field. Always. “Explain yourself, Captain! Why did you violate the Prime Directive?!” Strong words, yet the commander of the U.S.S. […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Twelve

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER TWELVE – To Boldly Go Pat is unable to control her tears as she boards her ship bound for Q’onos. The crew-members discreetly keep their distance as she heads straight to her guest quarters and closes the door. She sends her thoughts to her husband, “Please stay safe, my […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Eleven

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER ELEVEN – Hither, Yon and Another Family Mystery Pat and Sam have snuck onto a runabout which takes them to a friend’s ship that has been in standard orbit with other ships. They beam from the runabout onto the friend’s ship where they find that their luggage has already […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Ten

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER TEN – You Are Cordially Invited to the Bonding Pat sees the room change from San Francisco to the transporter room aboard the Enterprise. The Captain greets them with a smile as she asks him, “Permission to come aboard?” “Permission granted and welcome back!”, the Captain replies, “It’s good […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Nine

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER NINE – San Francisco and Wedding Plans Pat is surprised at how much has changed, around San Francisco during the intervening years. “It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been here! I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to locate any of my old haunts!”, she comments to […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Eight

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER EIGHT – Homeward Bound Sam looks about the transporter room. “It would appear to be so. I have heard much about the different incarnations of the U.S.S. Enterprise!” Pat looks back at her Great-Grandfather, who is scowling. “What?” “Would you mind stepping off so that WE can get off?! […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Seven

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER SEVEN – The Needs of the Many… One member of the Vulcan authorities comes out to meet them. As he approaches, Patricia is suddenly stunned by his good looks. He is strikingly handsome with a physique that just won’t quit. She firmly reminds herself not to permit her thoughts […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Six

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER SIX – Spock! When Patricia arrives back in her own quarters at her assigned post, and unpacks, she notices that her message light is blinking. “Computer, play messages.” She lays down on the bed while watching and listening to the messages play back. An image of Doctor Leonard McCoy […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Five

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER FIVE – Celebrations at DS9 Patricia steps through the airlock of Deep Space Nine and looks about the Promenade. The place is bustling with activity in preparation for celebrating the anniversary of the Defeat of the Dominion. She is surprised to see Bajorans and Cardassians working side-by-side on various […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Four

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER FOUR – Through the Ranks It felt like it was only yesterday that Patricia had been admitted to Star Fleet Medical Academy and began her studies as a cadet. She couldn’t believe how fast the years had flown by! In spite of all the set-backs and hardships, she had […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter Three

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER THREE – Academy Challenges After obtaining her high school diploma, Patricia wanted to begin her Academy studies immediately. Doctor McCoy insisted that she put on the brakes and allow some breathing room between completing high school and preparing to enter medical school. “Child!”, he fussed at her while they […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy-Chapter Two

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER TWO – Fasten Your Seat Belts! It wasn’t always smooth sailing as the years passed. Oh, there were the usual bumps, bruises, scraped knees and elbows of a regular childhood that Gramps could heal with a kiss. But before McCoy could blink, the child became a sullen teenager. He […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: A Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy and Family-Chapter One

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER ONE – The Lost One It had been awhile since Doctor Leonard Horatio McCoy had become semi-retired. His age had caught up with him to the point that he was no longer able to keep up with the younger crew members in Star Fleet. His attempt at a desk […]

Star Trek: Genesis (Part 1)

Six months into its first five year mission, the USS Enterprise is sent to investigate a newly discovered planet that appears to an exact duplicate of Earth. Starfleet wants to know who created this planet, and more importantly, HOW. But the Federation isn’t the only major power interested in the secrets of the Doppelganger planet, and soon Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are locked in the deadliest kind of space race.

Star Trek: Genesis (Part 2)

Six months into its first five year mission, the USS Enterprise is sent to investigate a newly discovered planet that appears to an exact duplicate of Earth. Starfleet wants to know who created this planet, and more importantly, HOW. But the Federation isn’t the only major power interested in the secrets of the Doppelganger planet, and soon Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are locked in the deadliest kind of space race.

Star Trek: Genesis (Part 3)

Six months into its first five year mission, the USS Enterprise is sent to investigate a newly discovered planet that appears to an exact duplicate of Earth. Starfleet wants to know who created this planet, and more importantly, HOW. But the Federation isn’t the only major power interested in the secrets of the Doppelganger planet, and soon Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are locked in the deadliest kind of space race.

Star Trek Colony
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A new beginning, and what I had hoped Voyager would be. Just a first chapter and an introduction of characters. If there is any interest I will continue. This is starfleet’s plan to insure the survival of the Human species in a galaxy in turmoil.

Star Trek Online: U.S.S. Andoria “Violated Boundaries”
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Chapter 1 4… 3… 2… 1… [Regeneration Cycle Complete] confirmed her internal systems. Dyhata’s eyes snapped open.  As she lay tangled up in her sheets, she began to check her vital systems, via the monitor attached to her head and positioned about 2.5 centimeters in front of her iris-absent left eye. All systems, cybernetic and […]

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– Text Size + Story Notes: This blends the old series episode, with the Next Generation Movie, “First Contact.” Author’s Chapter Notes: There are no chapters TWILIGHT BY SCOTT R. MORALES Ambassador Spock entered the Vulcan-hot environment of his quarters and allowed himself the luxury of sitting in the overstuffed chair near the window overlooking […]

Star Trek: Monet – “Maiden Voyage”
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The USS Monet gets more than she bargained for on her maiden voyage. Originally written in 2000

Nova Trek 15
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B11.1- Janet Kirk- Times Past and Present

Nova Trek 14
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NT Book 11- On the Homefront

Nova Trek 13
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B10.1- Ventures

Nova Trek 12
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B10- An Empire to Build

Nova Trek 11
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B9- Last Voyage of the Sundown

Nova Trek 10
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B8.1- Timespot

Nova Trek 9
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B8- Special Report

Nova Trek 8
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B7.1 Nova Trek- Treasures

Nova Trek 7
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B7 A Tale of Two Captains- Part 3

Nova Trek 6
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B6 A Tale of Two Captains- Part 2

Nova Trek 5
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B5 A Tale of Two Captains- Part 1

Nova Trek 4
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B4- Nova Trek-Another Step Toward War

Nova Trek 3
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Nova Trek 2
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B2- Nova Trek-Guardian’s Child

Nova Trek
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B1-Nova Trek- Gains and Losses

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #69 – Winter Wonderland Celebrations

Summary: In the early 25th century, Captain’s Seifer, Menchez and Aeris visit an imitation Winter Wonderland created by Qu. Author’s notes: This was written in December 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #69, the last Literary Challenge. It was based on the game’s Winter Wonderland event that happens every year. […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Unofficial Literary Challenge #5 – Lazarus
08/11/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the early 25th century, when the U.S.S. Crucial loses its Chief Engineer, the Kobali offer to revive him as one of theirs. Author’s notes: This was written in November 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Unofficial Literary Challenge #5. Unofficial Literary Challenge #5, Prompt #1: During the fight against the Vaadwaur in […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Unofficial Literary Challenge #4 – Second Life
07/11/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the late 28th century, Harley Menrow begins to feel as if he doesn’t belong. After an alternate life of crime, he discovers he and his team have been misplaced and he works to change his ways. Author’s notes: This entry was written in October 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #68 – STO Halloween, Part III

Summary: Part 3 of 3. In the early 25th century, the Captains of the I.K.S. B’Cnah and the U.S.S. Phoenix-X are forced to work together against an undead plague infecting both crews. Author’s notes: This was written in October 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #68. It generally takes place […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #68 – STO Halloween, Part II

Summary: Part 2 of 3. In the early 25th century, the Captains of the I.K.S. B’Cnah and the U.S.S. Phoenix-X are forced to work together against an undead plague infecting both crews. Author’s notes: This was written in October 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #68. It generally takes place […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #68 – STO Halloween, Part I

Summary: Part 1 of 3. In the early 25th century, the Captain’s of the I.K.S. B’Cnah and the U.S.S. Phoenix-X are forced to work together against an undead plague infecting both crews. Author’s notes: This was written in October 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #68. It generally takes place […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #67 – There’s Always Some Strings Attached
04/23/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the early 25th century, Captain Menchez of the I.K.S. B’Cnah is targeted for assassination by rogue Section 31 agent Rave, but when Qu prevents his death, Menchez is given more new lives than he could ever want. Author’s notes: This was written in September 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #67 – The Delta We Left Behind
03/31/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the early 25th century, while in the Delta Quadrant, the I.K.S. B’Cnah is overrun with salamander-type offspring from the Warp 10-caused mutated forms of Lieutenant Tom Paris and Captain Kathryn Janeway of several decades earlier. Author’s notes: This was written in August 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #66 – The Xindi Paradox

Summary: From the early 25th century, the I.K.S. B’Cnah is sent back to the year 2033 where they must stop Sayjan, a Na’kuhl time traveler from altering Xindi history. Author’s notes: This was written in August 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #66. It was my first attempt at breaking […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #65 – Movie Night
02/21/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the early 25th century, a film director boards the U.S.S. Phoenix-X intending to create a visionary masterpiece with the crew. Author’s notes: This was written in July 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #65.​ Literary Challenge #65, Prompt #2: You and your ship have been selected by the […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #65 – Myths and Lore
02/12/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the early 25th century, Captain Seifer attempts to track down android-parts, which were stolen from Facility 4028 by Augments. Author’s notes: This was written in June 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #65. Data references have been changed to fit Star Trek: Picard. Literary Challenge #65, Prompt #1: […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #64 – Gender Swap
02/07/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the early 25th century, Seifer and Kayl are accidentally transported to a universe where everyone is the opposite gender. Author’s notes: This was written in June 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online forums Literary Challenge #64. In the same year, the Kelvin-timeline IDW comic “Parallel Lives” was released and featured the […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #64 – The New Frontier
01/29/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the early 25th century, after installing a new scanning system at Deep Space 9, the U.S.S. Phoenix-X triggers a phenomenon that sends it into an alternate universe. Author’s notes: This was written in May 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #64. Literary Challenge #64, Prompt #1: Your Captain […]

Star Trek: Phoenix-X – STO Literary Challenge #63 – Nightmare Anomaly
01/20/22  Tags: ,

Summary: In the early 25th century, on an exploration mission into unknown space, the U.S.S. Phoenix-X stumbles upon and gets caught in an uncatalogued, unusual anomaly. Author’s notes: This is my first entry, written in April 2014 as part of the Star Trek Online Forums Literary Challenge #63. Literary Challenge #63 Prompt: On an exploration mission into […]

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Post-Mortem   For Greg P., who taught me set my mind free from the past that haunted me. The past may be hell, but the future is to be explored. And you just might find heaven. Besides, we just gotta go where no man has gone before. Thank you, Riley     Welcome to the […]

A Death In The Family
12/07/15  Tags:

A DEATH IN THE FAMILY The Breen ships decloaked in Earth orbit. Defensive platforms over the Western Hemisphere suffered massive power drains right as the ships appeared. The first salvos were on their way to the surface before Starfleet Command even knew the Breen were there. Emergency shields protected many of the intended targets. Many, […]

Ghost Ship
12/25/15  Tags:

Ghost Ship by Michael Bennett The slender, fair-skinned woman forced herself to take regular breaths as she stood silently by her cabin door. She pulled back her shoulder length, black hair and pressed her ear against the bulkhead trim of the doorway. She remembered that the more solid the material, the better sound would travel […]

01/13/16  Tags:

this one started as a dare… STAR TREK: TRANSCENDANT Prologue Captain W’Lard S’tark stood at attention and waited for Admiral Karsh to notice him. The Admiral was staring off into space in the slightly glazed way a person had when he was interfacing. He also had a subtle gray cast to his normally blue skin. […]

Star Trek: Pyramid 42
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Chapter 1 9 of 12, quaternary communicator of unimatrix 64 processed the information coming from all over pyramid 42, cube 16, cube 84, and sphere 72.  He and the other borg assigned to processing the data decided the attack pattern.  Pyramid 42 flew behind the engines of the Tre’gok, the Klingon ship they were trying to […]

Quicksand, Epilogue

As the crew of the USS Heisenberg celebrates following its brush with danger, the first officer receives a reminder that his problems are far from solved.

Quicksand, Part IV

When graviton ellipse threatens a merchant freighter, the crew of the USS Heisenberg must pull together to save civilian lives–and their own.

Quicksand, Part III

A prisoner of the USS Heisenberg reveals her intentions for its first officer. Under pressure and suspicion, he must make a choice between his career as a Starfleet officer and the principles he is sworn to uphold.

Quicksand, Part II

A distress beacon leads the crew of the USS Heisenberg to bring a Ferengi merchant aboard whose motives are more complicated than they first appear. The sudden appearance of a hazardous spatial anomaly threatens the safety of the ship.

Quicksand, Part I

The USS Heisenberg has a new Betazoid chief of security. Its first officer is not eager to share his mind with thought police. And the skeletons in his closet are starting to stir to life.


The first officer of the USS Heisenberg has a secret. The ship’s new Betazoid chief of security is intent on uncovering it. And a mysterious guest arriving in the middle of a dangerous mission puts a match to the fuse. A tale of divided loyalty set in the early twenty-fifth century (Star Trek Online era). Approx. 17K words.

Phantom Academy Summary
07/30/16  Tags:

Captain Ruttidge, Commander Ma’ara, and Liutenant Ocktal were amazing Starfleet students at the tops of their respective classes. Now, however, they are lackluster Starfleet officers on the verge of dishonorable discharge. As a last ditch effort to make use of their knowledge, Admiral Binns assigns the three to a new post: Starfleet Remediation Program. Can […]

Phantom Academy Part I
07/27/16  Tags: , , , ,

“Why are we here?” Captain Johnathan Ruttidge asked with his arms crossed. He was thankful to be back on Earth after his crew went full mutiny and left him stranded in the Beta quadrant. But, he was abhorred at being forced to sit in the waiting room of the Dean’s office at Starfleet Academy. He […]

USS Constellation
08/10/16  Tags:

Zorana Dahe’el felt the slight shudder as the shuttlecraft’s landing struts touched down in the shuttle bay of the Intrepid-class star-ship, the USS Constellation. With a skeleton crew of recent Starfleet graduates, under the command of Captain Natalie Philips, the Constellation would fly to the space station Deep Space 12, where it would rendezvous with […]

Exile and Exhilaration
08/18/16  Tags:

Y’lad By Yosef Gernstein A young Vulcan woman ambled on to a transport in an entanglement of captivating thought. She reviewed in her mind the decision that she had made that led her to this exile from her own planet and resignation from Starfleet, despite how logical and necessary the decision was. You see, this […]

Flash narratives
05/12/17  Tags:

Past: I was born into this strange world that isn’t worth much. I was born in Montgomery, Alabama. It wasn’t long into my life when I had to face travesty and despair. The death of my grandmother, then the death of my father and finally the death of my other grandmother….This all happening in a […]

Star Trek (TOS): The Armageddon Factor
05/15/17  Tags:

“Captain’s Log Stardate: 0515201.7: The Enterprise has picked up a distress call from a Federation ship in orbit around The Planet Hurala VII in the Castrovalva System. Mr. Spock has returned home to Vulcan at his Father’s request so I have asked Ensign Chekov to take his place at the science station. Meanwhile: a new transfer Lt. Nathan Jakob Lukacs […]

For the Love of Gul Dukat
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Gul Dukat and Glynn Damar are embroiled in civil war against the Fifth Order, during the Bajoran Occupation, but when two Terran females arrive in Teton Nor, it’s either Federation spies or help from a higher source – Q plays a dangerous game in the Alpha Quadrant, and everyone must play or die.

Star Trek – Farragut : The Dogs Of War
07/10/17  Tags: ,

Star Trek – Farragut The Dogs Of War written by Christopher Dalton Based on Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and Starship Farragut created by John Broughton Copyright(C)2016 by CBS/Paramount Pictures Corporation All Rights Reserved   This story is merely for fun and not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. This story is merely […]

FREE Graphic Novel, “Star Trek vs. Star Wars – A New Hope”
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Star Trek vs. Star Wars – A New Hope (Cover & Title Page) People Magazine Article (Jan 12, 1976) Greetings, Attached is the front cover and title page of a 200-page manuscript that I’ve written and illustrated called, “Star Trek vs. Star Wars – A New Hope.”  I’m offering it as a free download at […]

Ferengi 2.0 (first draft, comments welcome)
08/09/17  Tags: , ,

The Ferengi never lived up to their potential in any series and are often seen as a joke. With a few changes they could truly show a different worldview that could compete with the human (Federation) view. I will present my ideas in the form of a story. The setting is a bar, like Quark’s […]

The Battle of Klach D’Kel Brakt
08/14/17  Tags:

The Battle of Klach D’kel Brakt By Azurian Starfyre Illuminated by the moon of Praxis, a lone Klingon space station orbits high above the night skies of Qo’nos. Starships in various states of construction occupy berths as small one-man tugs transport hull plating to awaiting technicians on top of a battle-worn battlecruiser, replacing damaged components […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 13 Season Finale; Trojan Horse
07/27/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1 finale, Episode 13 Trojan Horse   Faye Monroe’s quarters 64143.33 (7:37 am)   As usual, Faye awakens at her normal time at seven am and multiple times hits the snooze button on her alarm. As with every morning, she is now in full blown panic mode thinking that she is […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 12; A death in the family
07/08/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 12 A death in the family   Captain’s log stardate 64045.30   The Raza has been assigned to the border of the Gorn Hegemony for the past month now. In that time, Klingon and Gorn skirmishes have increased ten-fold. In my opinion, war is not a matter of if… […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 11; The House of Sung
07/04/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 11 The House of Sung   Captain’s log stardate 63920.03   Due to the recent Klingon invasion of the Gorn colony on Gila IV, the Raza has been ordered to the border of the Gorn Hegemony. It seems Starfleet is bracing for a full-scale war between the Klingons and […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 10; Pon Farr
07/01/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 10 Pon Farr   Captain’s log stardate 63829.02   We have recently arrived at Barradas III at the request of Starfleet Intelligence. It seems that the smuggler ship named the Argo has been seen in this system recently and Starfleet is eager to get their hands on her and […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 9; The Obsidian Order
06/17/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 9 The Obsidian Order   Captain’s log stardate 63728.12   For the past few weeks, the Raza has been assigned to be part of a convoy running supplies to Ivor Prime. Ivor Prime is an F Class planet and home to a Federation colony that is doing quite well. […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 8; The Claxton
06/09/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 8 The Claxton.   Commander Mitchell’s personal log stardate 63617.24.   It’s been a month since… well, let’s just say it’s been a long time since A’Ryn and I had sex and frankly I am getting a little tired of trying to figure out how I can get her […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 7; Witch Hunt
05/28/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 7 Witch Hunt.   Starbase 718, Captain’s personal log.   After escorting the Terran starship Piranha, as my crew aptly christened her; back to Starbase 718 we have been ordered to stand down and await the arrival of a JAG officer along with Fleet Admiral Braun. It’s been a […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 6; Shattered Mirror
05/19/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 6 Shattered Mirror. The Stargazer Lounge (23:58pm). It’s late in the day and the lounge is starting to thin out. Less than a dozen patrons are scattered across the bar sitting in darkened corners trying to put their tough work week behind them. Sergeant Young can be seen sitting […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 5; Inner Demons
05/07/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza   Season 1, Episode 5 Inner Demons   Onboard the Federation Starship Raza                                       Lt. Commander Liira Personal Log Stardate 63453.25        For the past few months I have been counseling Lieutenant Bates after his incident in the Stargazer Lounge. I have to be honest; Mr. Bates is anything […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 4, Uprising
01/15/18  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza Season 1, Episode 4 Uprising.   Onboard the Federation Starship Raza   Commander James Mitchell Personal Log Stardate 63400.51   Starfleet Command has ordered the Raza to visit this lovely penal colony on Elba II to try and quell an inmate uprising. I for one don’t know what the hell they are […]

Star Trek Raza episode 3, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
12/31/17  Tags: ,

Star Trek Raza   Season 1, Episode 3 Wolf in sheep’s clothing.   Onboard the Federation runabout U.S.S. Iliad   Lieutenant Jeremy Cho Personal Log Stardate 63322.448   Captain Decker has graciously granted me permission to accompany Doctor Dorn on a four day medical conference to Denobula.  I cannot say that the conference was very […]

Star Trek Raza episode 2 Asylum part 2.
09/10/17  Tags: ,

The bridge aboard the Raza   Chaos erupts on the bridge as every crew member begins to race around in a panicked state. The chatter on the bridge is deafening and the captain can barely think to himself. He can sense his new crew starting to crack under the pressure. They have barely been together […]

Star Trek Raza, episode 1, Asylum
09/06/17  Tags: ,

Utopia Planitia Shipyards   Captains Log Stardate 63204.858   I have recently arrived at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards to meet with Admiral Braun after a tense three year mission guarding the Bajoran wormhole from the Dominion. I have been given the command of the newest Diligent class starship called the Raza. After the return of […]

Star Trek Titans Frontier

Edited by Sean O’Keefe Based in 2409, Commander Natasha Riker is promoted to Captain and ordered to track down a federation distress call in the Gamma Quadrant from the USS Maryland, a ship believed to have been destroyed prior to the Dominion War. The story begins when Admiral William Riker takes his daughter to the […]

Star Trek: The Greatest Generation
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I have just provided the prologue to my story. If there is enough interest I will consider publishing the entire 300 page story! In the meantime, here is the synopsis of the entire novel:

Star Trek: The Greatest Generation

An 18-chapter science fiction novel by Dr. Michael Stone, written in 2018. In Times New Roman text, font size 12 and single-spaced, the entire novel is 301 pages in length. The chapters are as follows:

Prologue: Feb. 12, 3090, 10:52PM.
Chapter 1: June 1, 3100, 9:38AM – “6 months before launch”
Chapter 2: Aug. 16, 3100, 6:56PM – “4.5 months before launch”
Chapter 3: Oct. 1, 3100, 8:57AM – “3 months before launch”
Chapter 4: Dec. 1, 3100, 8:46PM – “1 month before launch”
Chapter 5: Jan. 1, 3101, 9:59AM – “Launch”
Chapter 6: Jan. 8, 3101, 10:52AM – “Test Week”
Chapter 7: Jan. 8, 3101, 11:59AM – “Deep Space Trek”
Chapter 8: Jan. 8, 3101, 4:39PM – “Borg Encounter”
Chapter 9: Jan. 8, 3101, 5:27PM – “Admiral William Riker”
Chapter 10: Jan. 10, 3101, 8:10AM – “Picard Trek”
Chapter 11: Jan. 10, 3101, 1:09PM – “Where, Oh Where, Has Data Gone?”
Chapter 12: Jan. 11, 3101, 8:05AM – “Battle Plan”
Chapter 13: Jan. 12, 3101, 10:53AM – “Offense”
Chapter 14: Jan. 12, 3101, 11:03PM – “A New Play”
Chapter 15: Jan. 13, 3101, 8:36AM – “A Star’s Fury”
Chapter 16: Jan. 13, 3101, 10:01AM – “Reactor Breach!”
Chapter 17: Jan. 13, 3101, 10:42AM – “Desperate Times…”
Chapter 18: June 7, 3101, 7:29AM – “The Promise”
Epilogue: Oct. 11. 3235, 7:41AM – “The Class”

The Prologue introduces Mahmoud Assad, a 31st-century scientist, who is the unknown leader of “The Allah Brothers Brigade,” a terrorist organization wanted throughout the Federation for numerous heinous acts. He is in the progress of sabotaging a warp conduit tube in the hope that it will destroy a future Galaxy Class Starship.

Chapter 1 occurs ten years later and introduces Captain Michelle Boras, a fully telepathic Betazed, speaking with the Admiral of Starfleet Academy, Admiral Tesser. She is imploring the Admiral to talk Starfleet into naming her new Intergalactic Starship “Enterprise-S”. The Admiral is trying to talk Michelle out of this idea because he says the Enterprise name is cursed.

Chapter 2 introduces a few members of Captain Boras’s bridge crew. The most important member described in the beginning is Commander B’Tor, her loyal Vulcan Science Officer. The others members are Dr. Maria Sanchez, her physician; Commander Paul Peters, Chief Engineer; and Lieutenant Soran Croser, an incredibly gifted Suliban helmsman. Also brought to life because of the wonderous technology of the time is an illegally obtained M-Gram copy of the famous 24th-century Starship Captain, Captain Picard. Michelle briefs these people in her home about a problem she has encountered with her Picard M-Gram, and B’Tor hurriedly rushes off to find out the answer to her problem.

In Chapter 3, Michelle gets acquainted with her new Inter-Galaxy class starship through a personal tour by her good friend Sub-Commander Stevens. He is one of her favorite earthlings, and she owes a great deal of gratitude to him for helping her through a very difficult time in her life. He has a wonderful sense of humor and, in the time he has with her on the tour, plays many practical jokes on her. The chapter also is filled with much information about all of the new technology that Enterprise-S is equipped with, including some amazing weapons and shielding.

Chapter 4 spends a great deal of time introducing a very special earthling: Michelle’s lover, Captain Richard Toelle, the future Captain of Deep Space Station 555. It also spends some time describing Michelle’s love of earth music, especially the music of Mozart. Music was one of the few “escapes” for Michelle when she was growing up, since it provided some of her only relief from her developing telepathic capabilities. The reader discovers that Michelle is a very accomplished violinist. As the chapter progresses, Michelle can’t seem to shake off a feeling of dread that is starting to rise in her mind.

Chapter 5 is the day of the christening and deployment of Enterprise-S, seen through the eyes of Commander Peters, the Chief Engineer. It also introduces a few more members of the bridge crew, namely Lieutenant Commander Korg, the Klingon Tactical Officer and Chief of Security, and Lieutenant Commander Kuriko Miyagawa, the Chief Communications and Linguistics Officer. A great deal of the chapter is spent on Commander Peters’ growing personal relationship with Miyagawa.

In Chapter 6 the Enterprise-S has completed a week of tests and is now getting ready to test its new Transdimensional Drive Engines. These engines make it possible for a starship to travel at leaps of 10,000 light years at a time, almost instantaneously. Just before the test is to commence, Michelle receives an urgent message from Starfleet informing her that DS555 is under some kind of attack. After reviewing the video that she received from DS555, she discovers that the attackers are the Borg.

Chapter 7 finds the Enterprise-S successfully completing a Trans-Dimensional jump and arriving at the wreckage that was once DS555. It is at that point that Michelle confirms the death of her lover, Captain Richard Toelle. The decision is made to confront the Borg cube themselves.

Chapter 8 is where the Enterprise-S finally confront the Borg. At first, the encounter is successful since the ship is able to repel the laser weapon that the Borg had used to destroy DS555. However, the Borg quickly adapt their weapon to emit a sound pulse that nearly destroys the ship. Michelle is confused by this aggressive behavior of the Borg, since they always try to assimilate any race they come across, not destroy them. Michelle tries to ask her M-Gram copy of Picard to explain why the Borg had changed their behavior, but she is only reminded by him that he is just the actual memories of Picard; he doesn’t have the Borg nano-technology that was in the original Picard. It is at that moment that B’Tor tells her of his findings about her Picard M-Gram. She gets very upset with this disclosure, showing B’Tor some history that had been misrepresented by the Federation, and now realizes that she and B’Tor must quickly head to the Federation M-Gram library to confront her ten-generation great-grandfather Admiral William Riker.

Chapter 9 reveals some new, eye-opening history about Picard’s “death.” Admiral Riker explains that he, along with numerous other individuals, “staged” Picard’s death and actually brought him to the Planet BaKu, where he was still alive! Michelle realizes that she must go there and try to convince Picard to join them in their fight with the Borg.

Chapter 10 finds the Enterprise just outside of a sensor grid, developed by Captain LaForge centuries earlier, that protected the BaKu planet from anyone going to it. After much debate, they figure out a way to send Michelle to the planet via a new technology that Enterprise-S had called side-band transport. She encounters Picard and is able to convince him to join her crew on the mission to stop the Borg.

Chapter 11 is a long chapter in which the Enterprise is confronting the Borg cube again. The Borg immediately discover that Picard is on the Enterprise-S and call out his Borg-given name, leaving Picard unconscious, before continuing on their way. Michelle sends Picard to sickbay and chases after the cube. Enterprise-S accidently gets struck by the Borg vibration weapon, and a huge gash opens on the bridge, nearly sucking Kuriko and Paul out into space. After that close call, Paul ends up proposing to Kuriko, realizing that living without her would be a lonely proposition.

Michelle then heads down to sickbay to make certain Picard is okay. While speaking with him, she discovers that not only is a “queen” Borg on board the cube, but it is the one and only true Borg Queen. This queen also happens to be telepathic. Through their brief encounter, Picard not only discovers that the Borg’s “prime directive” has changed from assimilation to annihilation, but he also picks up another encrypted message from a hidden Borg friend of his: Hugh!
In a conversation with Michelle and Paul, Picard informs both of them that he knows of someone who could help stop the Borg completely: Data. Michelle and Paul try to tell him that Professor B-4, Data’s brother, has everything that is Data, but scientists for over 700 years had been trying to release Data from within B-4’s positronic matrix to no avail. Picard informs them that he knows how to do this, so Michelle and Picard take the Federation’s Transporter network to Boston to talk B-4 into joining their mission. The chapter ends with Picard successfully bringing Data back to life!

Chapter 12 begins with a happy reunion for Picard and Data, and then a plan of action starts to take form. Picard needs Data to be a part of the mission because of a program that Data and Commander LaForge had created called the Borg command structure algorithm: a program designed to give the Borg a mathematical equation of some kind that had no final answer to it. This would cause a cascade effect on the Borg taking in ever increasing resources to answer it, thus, eventually bringing the Borg to a complete standstill.

Unfortunately Data tells all of them that this program would never work because when it was designed, they were not aware of the Queen. She would put a stop to it. But he informs them that he had been working on this program for many centuries now, and if he were able to feed it directly to this queen, the one and true queen of the Borg collective, it would definitely work.
After a while, Michelle, B’Tor, Picard and Data go to visit Hugh in the Unimatrix Zero landscape. Hugh gives them a data crystal that has all of the schematics and background history of the Borg, enough to fill dozens of volumes in a Borg Encyclopedia. His only request is that Michelle take him and his female companion Elora with them if they succeed.

After much discussion and numerous arguments, a plan of action starts to take place. It is discovered that there is a small room located in the Borg cube called the Queen’s Chamber. In it there is a computer keyboard with direct access to the Queen. Picard, with his Borg nano-implants still in his body makes him the only person capable of typing Data’s entire program into the Queen’s mind. Picard and Data would be sent into the Queen’s chamber to start the plan in action. Some new technology is also incorporated into their battle plan, thanks to some very timely information that Data’s brother, Professor B-4, had discovered in his studies.

Chapter 13 has numerous attempts and close calls at getting Picard and Data on to the Borg cube, but they finally succeed. In the process of doing all of this, Michelle decides that she and B’Tor, due to their telepathic abilities, should try to hook their minds onto the queen’s mind. It is a dangerous and risky plan, but she is convinced that she can cause the queen to change her behavior ever so slightly to Enterprise’s advantage. In the process of doing this, Michelle puts Paul in charge, erasing his mind and the entire bridge crew’s minds of her and B’Tor’s presence. This is against all Starfleet regulations, but, as she puts it, “desperate times call for desperate measures”.

The chapter also starts breaking the narative up into several different characters’ perspectives, including the queen’s view of the situations.

After numerous cat-and-mouse moments with the Borg cube, Chapter 14 has Paul coming up with the unique idea of reversing the shield harmonics of Enterprise’s shields. By doing that, he hopes to turn the Borg’s vibration weapon against them. It almost works, but he misjudges the Borg’s capabilities of repairing their damaged cube. When all seems lost, the head of the science department of the Enterprise-S, Dr. David Stone, suggests that they create a small artificial star. He and his team of scientists have developed a way to do this for short periods of time. The creation of an artificial star and its subsequent collapse would create a gamma ray burst that would wipe out all of the dilithium crystals on board the Borg cube, thus rendering it unable to continue on its voyage toward Earth.

Chapter 15 tells the story of the making of an artificial star. Dr. Stone’s idea works!

The Denouement brings us back to what the Prologue of the book had introduced the reader to: sabotage!

Although the artificial star idea worked, Chapter 16 reveals that a nasty side effect to wiping out all of the dilithium crystals on the Borg cube was also added to the plot: a warp core breach! Paul is forced to do a rushed-up version of rescuing not only Picard and Data but also Hugh and his female companion from the doomed Borg cube. Time is definitely not on their side.

Meanwhile, Picard is placed in the precarious situation of not having enough time to input all of the data necessary to stop the Borg queen. All of his effort seems wasted to him since the queen could easily transfer her entire being to another one of her clones. However, Picard comes up with an ingenious way to provide himself with the additional time to complete his task.

After entering in the final bit of data, he presses the “Enter” key to feed the huge amount of information directly into the queen’s mind. He succeeds, but not after the queen detects his presence and the presence of Michelle and B’Tor’s minds as well. She sends a huge shock wave at her tormentors!

Chapter 17 sees the near-total destruction of Enterprise-S averted thanks to Hugh being in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, during that same period of time, Picard dies of his injuries. It almost breaks Michelle completely. However, from the tragedy of Picard’s death, Dr. Sanchez is able to save all of the living Picard’s memories on a M-Gram memory crystal that she gives to Michelle. The “new” Picard M-Gram shows Michelle some information that makes the entire mission seem worth it in the end.

Chapter 18 takes place some six months later, describing the numerous events that had transpired since the mission. All of this is remembered by Michelle while she is sitting outside of the M-Gram Library on Vulcan Secundus. She is there to fulfil her promise to the M-Gram Admiral Riker, her ten-generation great-grandfather.

When she finally enters the M-Gram Library and meets Riker, she is pleasantly surprised to also meet her ten-generation great grandmother, Deanna Troi! She discovers some amazing facts about her great-grandparents and ends up leaving the library with a newfound love and admiration for both of them.

The Epilogue takes place almost 140 years later, with an elderly Captain Boras visiting a third grade elementary school class to see her granddaughter speaking about her new biographical novel about Admiral William Riker. The students are eager to hear from her granddaughter, but the tables are turned on Michelle when she finds herself the attention of the entire class.

Beyond The Whitherstream
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Federation refugees from the Dominion War migrated to the center of the galaxy to avoid hostilities. After travelling for more than 100 years they settled in a region which they believed to be unoccupied. But only later did they discover that many ancient races and civilizations had long called that region home. Now, more than 10,000 light years from the Federation, they must find their way in a complex and very foreign realm.

Starship Voyager – The Alien Adventures — 9 Return of the Hunters

The story of this book is based on science fiction concepts created by Gene Roddenberry, Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jery Tailor, Bryan Fuller, Brannon Braga, Nick Sagan, Ken Biller, Michael Okuda, Rick Sternberg, and many others. Copyright for all humanoid characters and Star Trek technology is owned by Paramount Pictures / CBS. 9. Return of […]

Starship Voyager – The Alien Adventures — CONTENT and PROLOGUE

Infinite vast of cold darkness
set with sparkling stars that warm up their orbiting island worlds.

These are the adventures of a starship Voyager
that flies under different stellar constellations
through the realms of strange civilizations.

On her odyssey trip across half the Galaxy,
Voyager is boldly exploring unknown regions
and admitting alien comrades to her crew,
while heading for a destination they believe is their home.

Q de Gras Introduction, Table of Contents & Bonus Features

This part of Q de Gras is nothing more than the introduction, the table of contents (sans page numbers) and some interesting notes.

Q de Gras (Chapter 4: Jer an’ Me)

While we learn more about Jeremy–he prefers “Jer,” he is an artist and a skilled magician–we also see U and Bo becoming friends. We learn that U is more strongly tied to his Q powers and his prison than he had known, and we see Jer and Bo meet during one of Worf’s Mok’ Bara classes.

The Convoy A Star Trek Adventure
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The Convoy A Star Trek Adventure   The Convoy A Star Trek Adventure

The Vulcan, Episode 3: ‘T Minus Negative’
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The Vulcan – E3: ‘T Minus Negative’ The Vulcan is flying back into the Neutral Zone. A pale blue point of light, distinct from the white light of background stars, from a distant satellite, slowly grows in size and brightness as the ship gets closer. “Captain’s Log, star date: Three seven eight five point seven. […]

The Vulcan, Episode 2: ‘The Needs of the Few.’
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Episode 2: ‘The Needs of the Few.’ S’Talla is getting her log up to date while the Vulcan is leaving her dock at Halla Station and maneuvering into departure position for a new heading. “Captain’s Log, stardate: Three seven seven nine point six. We have spent twenty-two standard days in the Neutral Zone at the […]

The Vulcan – Episode 1: The Needs of the Many
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My intent in writing The Vulcan is to take the Star Trek fans further outside of the Federation and into the 23rd century world that exists beyond the influence of Star Fleet. It is my intent to explore more philosophical questions of personal and social ethics using the Calculating Logic of the Vulcan perspective in […]