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Captain’s Prerogative
11/29/12  Tags: , , , ,
Category: The Next Generation  By: Marla Anders

author’s note: This novel takes place after the TNG movie “Generations” with the exception of the following prologue introducing a new character, which takes place during Captain Kirk’s time. Prologue Somewhere deep inside the need stirred again, rousing him to awareness, compelling him to try once more.  The force of his mind dove into the […]

All you need is love Chapter 1
12/27/11  Tags: , , , ,
Category: Voyager  By: Lexi W

  Chapter 1  Science class was so boring. There was no point in it, I didn’t give a flying shit about cells and how they worked. Mural tapped me on my shoulder from her seat next to me. I leaned in closer so she could whisper in my ear. “Hey Lexi, isn’t he cute?” she […]

Star Trek and the Birthday Party
04/20/05  Tags: , , ,
Category: Crossover  By: Brandon Dilbeck

Captain Picard is invited to his birthday party, but he is surprised what happens at the surprise party.

Amanda’s Voyage
07/13/04  Tags: , , , , ,
Category: Voyager  By: Bellana

Amanda grows up, and helps lead Voyager home, but not before taking a voyage of her own. Sequel to “Letters.”

I, Q.
07/12/04  Tags: , , , , , , ,
Category: The Next Generation  By: Jim T. Henriksen

Q gives Barclay an offer he can’t refuse.

07/08/04  Tags: , ,
Category: The Next Generation  By: Evelyn Canarvon

Wesley starts at Starfleet Academy, and forms a mini romance with another cadet. Their relationship sets off a chain of events and eventually our favorite immortal comes to intervene.

The New Crew Members From The Past
02/28/99  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Cassie O'Ryan

What happens when Q goes into the past and starts to chat with teens ? Well, he picks three that he likes and sends out some e-mail. And he likes them so much that he sends them into Voyager Universe!

12/30/97  Tags: , , , , , , , ,
Category: Voyager  By: Shalee Stewart

A story written with Cindy Brewer, where Q decides to induct three couples on Voyager into the his parenting circle. Here the creedo is–Lessons are often learned at the expense of the innocent.

11/27/97  Tags: , ,
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Shalee Stewart

With the help of Q and his little buddy, Nathan Bridger meets Jean-Luc Picard and Kristin Westphalen hangs out in the sixteenth century with Beverly Crusher. With all the principles in place, Q gives them a romp they’ll never forget. Please excuse the mushy ending.<G&gt But Destiny awaits in ‘SOULMATES.’

Thank Q
11/26/97  Tags: , ,
Category: The Next Generation  By: Walter Chmara

This story is set between the first two seasons, and concerns Q bringing Tasha back to life, among other things.