The Early Days of Fan Fiction on

I was contacted by Mark Hill over at a few weeks back about a fan fiction story he was writing. He asked about the early days of fan fiction and what was going on back in 1995 when the site started. Back then, I was a college student at the University of Pittsburgh. The site was being run from my university computer account then. I covered how the site started and what has happened since then.

Mark also contacted Peg Robinson about her involvement in fan fiction back in the mid 90’s. Several of her stories are located here on the site. I corresponded with her quite a bit back then. It was good to get her point of view being that I hadn’t heard from her in years.

You can read the full story here: The Forgotten Early History of Fanfiction

I tried to locate a copy of the site from ’95. the closest I have found is this version from 8/23/2000. The site was also mentioned in the December ’97 and December ’98 issues of Yahoo Internet Life magazine. If anyone has those issues and can find the reference, send me an email:




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