The Bold Front
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set after the end of the Dominion War featuring the return of Captain benjamin Sisko and Bajor’s entry into the Federation.

Remember Her Smile
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This takes place about 10 minutes after the end of the Tears of the Prophest episode. Julian and an unexpected visitor mourn over the loss of Jadzia. WARNING!: level 4 hanky warning.

Do Ghosts Lie?
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Gul Dukat is tried by the Bajorans for war crimes committed while he was Prefect of Terok Nor.

Time Bomb
08/16/98  Tags: , ,

Kira and O’Brien are ferrying Ro Laren and a Vulcan ambassador to the Enterprise in an Odarian junkpile, when an accident forces them to look for an answer to a deadly situation.

On the Mississippi
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a couple weeks after Worf’s marriage to Jadzia, he and Nog are assigned to test an experimental new runabout and, while they are learning some of the interesting (and seemingly dangerous) quirks of the new ship, they learn a little about each other and become better friends through adversity.

Thicker Than Water
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This story takes place shortly after the episode By Inferno’s Light.

The Diary of Jake Sisko
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Jake crash lands on a barren frozen world. When the Defiant arrives with a rescue party they find Jake and a diary of what happened.

The Execution of Kira Nerys
08/16/98  Tags: ,

A what if story that takes place during the Dominion occupation of the station. What might have happened if one of the resistance cell members had been captured.

Hypocratic Oath
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A contradiction to the third season episode Explorers in which Bashir encounters the one person that graduated ahead of him in medical school.

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Takes place in the time between the episodes “Shadows and Symbols” and “Afterimage”, shortly after Ezri first comes on board. She has enough trouble adjusting to DS9 when she finds herself on Martok’s ship the Rotaren. There she finds even troubles when the ship re-unites her with some old friends. All this and a demon out to conquer the universe too. What is a young Trill to do?

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Deep Space Nine is in a state of panic, for Captain Sisko is away and the Federation lies on the brink of war. When Worf, Dax and Bashir take a runabout to rescue a starship they get more than they bargained for. Now only the blazing infernos of a star will save them, with a relentless enemy hunting them at every turn. Meanwhile on the station, Quark is going to meet his match, and it is someone who he has known for years. This story also features apperances by characters from other Star Trek shows.

09/13/97  Tags: ,

When Bashir and Dax return from the Gammma quadrant, a transporter accident threatens the total loss of the symbiont’s memories forever.

Red Alert
06/25/97  Tags: ,

Bashir and Dax put a peace treaty with the Klingons right. But along the way, Bashir is injured. Will Dax tell him how she feels before it’s too late?

Ones Self
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A speculation of the conversation between the old and young Odo in the episode Children of Time.

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A sequel to Orfeo and Eye of the Storm. Eleven years after his abrupt, late-night departure, Salene reappears in Jake’s life. He finds a twenty-nine-year-old Jake whose writing career is beginning to blossom even while his private life is falling apart.

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When Bajor hosts an interstellar music festival, to which a very unusual star singer is invited, Jake must face questions about friendship, manhood and culture, as well as freedoms of belief.

Eye of the Storm
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A sequel to Orfeo and the DS9 episode Nor the Battle to the Strong. A month after his experiences on Ajilon Prime, Jake is still haunted by flashbacks and nightmares. His father suggests he get away from the station, take a vacation to see his grandfather on Earth. To Jake’s surprise, Salene–concerned by his letters–travels to meet him there. Both arrive in New Orleans just ahead of a hurricane. Jake discovers there are many kinds of courage, and many kinds ‘storms’.

Brush Away the Skeletons
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As a young man Garak is forced into the Obsidian Order by his father. Through a series of events, he is molded into the man we know today.

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This Star Trek: Deep Space Nine story is about the battle between an evil being that thinks its God and the rest of the universe. Our heroes fight a brave struggle, but as it becomes evident that this being can control feelings it becomes a fight against themselves and their inner emotions. While Bashir is caught in a different universe and struggles to get back, O’Brien’s love and faithfulness to Keiko is put to the test…

Somber is the Night
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For once in my Life
01/19/05  Tags: , , ,

Data asks Vic Fontain to teach him how to sing for an upcoming birthday party. Note: Story oiginally written in French.

The Ones With a Vision
07/21/01  Tags: , ,

Follow up to the episode Crossover.

A Debt of Honor, Part 1
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In the mirror universe, the rebels get an unexpected ally. Overlaps “Shattered Mirror”.

A Debt of Honor, Part 2
07/09/04  Tags:

See part 1.

Deep Space Nine
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Angel’s Legacy
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What was going through Dukat’s mind in the period between Ziyal being shot, up to when he gave Sisko his baseball back? Based on the seventh season episode “Sacrifice of the Angels.”

Prophet Margins
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This story takes place sometime in Season 5. Julian Bashir and Garak have their customary lunches together and discuss the Bajoran Prophets. Culture clashes inevitably ensue.

No Longer In Pain
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No Longer In Pain Summary One of the away team is in pain and This is my first ever FanFic Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters. But I own the Betazoid Sera     It is dark, you can’t see in front of you, it was not loud just dark, “I can’t see her! can […]

The Admiral

Prologue   The Alpha Quadrant   Station Log, Commander Benjamin Sisko, Stardate 46393.8: I am settling into command of Deep Space 9, the former Cardassian mining station, now a Federation outpost located in the Denorios Belt of the Bajoran system.   I have decided to take another visit through the nearby wormhole that provides a […]


</ IKON-SISKO’S PASSION Return to Soukara: For the crew of this ill-fated starship, the U.S.S. Saratoga, hope has given way to dread and dismay. During the battle that will become known as Wolf 359, the Borg, a single minded domineering collective of cybernetic beings, are devastating all of the ships systems. The ship’s crew was […]

Kanar and Roses: A DS9 Love Story (Chapter 1)
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An alternate DS9 storyline featuring Damar, a civilian human female doctor, and their budding romance.

Notions – Chapter 1: Silences

The opportunity One Charaban offered me remained an anchor in my mind well into the next day, grounding me and guiding me silently through my coursework.  Stronger than that was the recollection of the handshake, the eye contact, the sudden and overwhelming intimacy of the moment which nearly drained the very words from my throat. […]

Star Trek Anthology: The Tall Ferengi
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On star base DS9 after a long shift Chief O’Brian was sitting on the last of the bar stools at Quark’s bars as he dedicated to get something to eat before heading home he saw that Worf ad Dax was sitting at a table not too far away and a few patrons were at the […]

Hell on Warp Drive
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Star-date 2386 Miles O’Brien departed from his Starfleet Academy office and headed towards Academy Transporter Room 1. His years in Starfleet had opened the door to a career on Earth to better facilitate family life. The stability of work here had given his children many opportunities he couldn’t have given them in transient life on […]

The Unknown Traveler…..Part 1

Captain, Benjamin Sisko, Gazed out the window of his quarters at the passing infinity of stars, After a long conversation with cardassian traders,About a lost shipment, Suddenly,His com badge chirps,” Major Kira to sisko,”,”Proceed,” He sighs, “You may wanna come take a look at this,Captain.” “What is it?” He asked..” It’s …Just something you should […]