A Doctor’s Tale, Part I
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Here is the first part of a two part story I wrote about a young Dr. McCoy shortly after the death of his father, and before the break up of his marriage based upon the episode idea, Joanna by D.C. Fontana.

Mirror Vulcan, Mirror Not
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In the Mirror, Mirror universe, Saavik becomes a player in Spock’s plans to overthrow the Empire.

12/03/05  Tags: , ,

A lifeless planet around a star about to go nova is covered with mysterious structures that may have been made by sentient life long ago. And one strange energy signature…

Planet Hyde
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Number One suspects her old Academy nemesis is allowing Federation governments to illegally dump their criminals on a notoriously vicious planet.

The Objective
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This is a classic Star Trek tale that pits Kirk against his own crew in a battle for his very survival.

Miracle Worker
07/01/00  Tags:

Chief Engineer Scott, trapped in a damaged shuttlecraft in a decaying orbit around a black hole, is stymied by a simple, metal screw.

The Logic of Vulcan Emotion
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Chekov gets a special assignment, as Kirk tries to keep the Federation together, in this often humorous story.

09/22/04  Tags: , ,

Spock and Leila after Omicron Ceti, on the way to Starbase 27.

Could This Day Get Any Better
09/22/04  Tags: , ,

Kirk wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. What could go wrong?

The Long Way Home
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Stranded on an alien planet, Spock and a female officer from his past fight to survive, while Captain Kirk races to uncover a plot that threatens interstellar war. Will he be able to avert the crisis and get back to the planet in time to save them?

Three to Beam Up
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A missing scene from “the Empath”, after the Vyanns disappear with Gem, but before we next see Kirk, Spock and McCoy on the bridge.

The Mysterious Disease
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Once more Spock is ill (poor guy, someone should do something for him!). Doctor McCoy has to find out what it is. Captain Kirk has to worry.

Chasing the Intruder
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A short story about Spock teaching at Starfleet Academy, a cat and a computer bug.

Boyish Games
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A very young Spock is lost in a Vulcan desert, along with his Human cousin. Both the boys will learn something from the adventure.

Amok Time, The Day After
08/13/00  Tags:

Dr McCoy learns to his own expense that it is dangerous to pick up and bring home unknown things.

T’Ria and the Rain Man, Part 2
08/13/00  Tags: ,

A new arrival to the Enterprise discovers that she and Spock have a lot in common.

T’Ria and the Rain Man, Part I
08/13/00  Tags: ,

A new arrival to the Enterprise discovers that she and Spock have a lot in common.

Mudd’s Escape
04/17/06  Tags:

Mudd’s “testimony” to a Starfleet investigator on how he escaped from Mudd’s Planet of androids.

A Second Home
02/05/12  Tags:

  STAR TREK A Second Home   by Cory Pelc   For my wife—and her acceptance of my quirks.    CHAPTER 1 Leonard McCoy was tired. Tired of dealing with the constant threats to the well-being of the crew, and tired of filling out the endless death certificates. The last such “adventure” had claimed a […]

Star Trek: We Traverse Afar
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Star Trek We Traverse Afar By Dirk Wickenden I wish to apologise if any of this appears blasphemous to believers, it is not intended as such, as I am Christian myself but just to present a literal Star Trek nativity story. It might bring people to God, who before have avoided the subject or not […]

Star Trek TOS: The Tended Garden

Author’s Note – Fascinated by the strange goings on in the BBC’s CBeebies TV programme In The Night Garden (having a young son means one watches such kids’ programmes!),  I suddenly was struck by inspiration and penned the following story as a crossover between Kirk-era Trek and In The Night Garden – I believe this […]

The Dosadi Suite

[contact-form to=’jburhans@griffon-ltd.com’ subject=’The Dosadi Suite’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form] unt) FOREWORD For those of you not terribly familiar with the Star Trek universe (all rights owned by Paramoallow me to provide a brief background. “The United Federation of Planets (abbreviated as UFP and commonly referred to as the […]

“You Make Yourself Another”

“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” – William Shakespeare The little girl’s laughter was like the sound of a springtime brook, gurgling and chuckling over sun-dappled rocks. Her spun-gold hair twinkled in the floating lights as they thrummed back through the air into their charging cradles to shut down and be packed away […]

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Forward Here Posted is the first TWO Chapters of a 25 Chapter Book. I wrote this 20 years ago, for fun, while trapped in the subway to and from work every day. Thought it might be intriguing to put it out there. I am just editing as I go along so the other chapters will […]

Star Trek: Agenda

An attack on a Federation outpost with illegal weapons places the entire Federation on alert status. It is up to the former commander of the outpost, a young Federation officer, to team up with Captain Kirk and select members of the Enterprise crew on a covert mission into the Neutral Zone to discover those responsible for the attack, and prevent a devastating war.

The Pax Void Incident
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  The Pax Void Incident By Amy Bisson   Captain James T. Kirk leaned forward in his chair, studying the viewscreen intently. He could see the pirate ship straight ahead, seeming to get smaller. “Increase speed to warp 8.1,” he ordered. “Warp 8.1, aye,” acknowledged Sulu. “He is approaching the Pax Void. He will enter […]

Prisoners Of Time
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Prisoners Of Time by David Downey   Captain’s log, stardate 6011.5.  The Enterprise has been sent to Tau Delta, a previously unexplored system, to investigate the disappearance of scout ship USS Crockett.  We are beginning our search at Tau Delta II, which has an atmosphere that is curiously resistant to our sensors. “Achieved standard orbit,” […]

“The Doomsday Machine” Redux Part 5
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LATER IN THE EPISODE “Mr. Spock,” Palmer said, “We’ve managed to pierce the interference locally.” “Can you raise Star Fleet?” Spock asked. “No, sir,” she replied. “But I’ve got ship to ship back. Picking up Captain Kirk.” “On audio, Lt.” Kirk’s worried, frustrated voice came over the speaker. “Kirk to Enterprise….Enterprise, come in…” Spock moved to […]

“The Doomsday Machine” Redux Part *1 New Material*
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********************************Foreword********************************** This is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a good portion of my life. “The Doomsday Machine” was the very first “Star Trek TOS” episode I ever saw 50 years ago. I was 8 years old. Being a “spaceship groupie” it’s always been my favorite episode; something I was proud to have in common […]

Maiden Voyage

PROLOGUE Captain Ther’kev had little time to react. His ship was drained of seventy-five percent of its power. Weapons were offline and the strange six shuttles that appeared out of nowhere following the drain had commandeered six of his finest tactical officers. He never saw it coming. Ther’kev stood face-to-face with the large alien ship […]

High School Trek
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A malfunction transports Kirk and Spock to a high school of the 1970s.