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</ IKON-SISKO’S PASSION Return to Soukara: For the crew of this ill-fated starship, the U.S.S. Saratoga, hope has given way to dread and dismay. During the battle that will become known as Wolf 359, the Borg, a single minded domineering collective of cybernetic beings, are devastating all of the ships systems. The ship’s crew was […]

Star Trek: Pyramid 42
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Skagra 42

Chapter 1 9 of 12, quaternary communicator of unimatrix 64 processed the information coming from all over pyramid 42, cube 16, cube 84, and sphere 72.  He and the other borg assigned to processing the data decided the attack pattern.  Pyramid 42 flew behind the engines of the Tre’gok, the Klingon ship they were trying to […]

I Am Hugh
04/25/16  Tags: , , ,
Category: The Next Generation  By: Jesse Booth

The tale of Hugh Borg between the episodes “I, Borg” and “Descent Part 1&2” in Star Trek The Next Generation. Hugh, having been severed from the Borg Collective, attempts to discover his own individuality and help his fellow Borg acclimate as well, until Lore appears and takes advantage.

Collective Reflections

  “Captain Picard.” “Seven of Nine.” Picard looked her up and down and could not help but be impressed by her fine form. Her bio held that she was twenty-nine, but he could swear she looked physically younger. What aged her was the no-nonsense look in her eye. “Or do you prefer Annika now you’re […]

Resistance is futile
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Category: Miscellaneous  By: Robert Moons

Resistance is futile It’s approximately fourteen years after the Battle of Wolf 359. Stardate 57498.8. The location is the Delta Quadrant, near a desolate sector on the outer rim. A Borg Cube detects a space anomaly on their long-range scans, and heads toward it at warp 9.9. The energy spike had been very high, so […]

Star Trek: A New Threat
10/13/12  Tags: , , ,
Category: Miscellaneous  By: Michael Burness

Part One – Final Fight   The year is in the latter half of 2293 and James T Kirk is stood in his ceremonial Starfleet uniform looking out of one of the many observation decks located on Starbase 215. The man is in a sombre mood as he thinks back to many memories of the […]

Star Trek TNG: Universal Schisms Part 2- Losses
09/21/12  Tags: , , , ,
Category: The Next Generation  By: J.A Cope

With his ship, the USS Lexington, destroyed, and members of his crew captured by the Borg, Captain Mark Smith becomes part of the Enterprise-D crew. Together, Captain Smith and Captain Picard hatch a desperate plan to deceive the Borg and marshal Starfleet… with disastrous consequences for the Enterprise and the Federation

Star Trek TNG: Universal Schisms Part 1 – Sacrifice
09/16/12  Tags: , , , ,
Category: The Next Generation  By: J.A Cope

A Borg invasion around Stardate 77372.14 leads to the birth of a new crew of legends, commanding the newest Federation Flagship, the USS Lexington. Captain Mark Alexander Smith leads his crew in covert recon of a large Borg vessel headed for Earth. When the Borg discover and destroy his ship, Captain Smith awakes 40 years previously on the USS Enterprise (D), where an new Borg invasion is also happening. Captain Smith must work with Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to avert a temporal disaster,
NOTE: This is part 1(hopefully of about 4 or 5)
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A young terran boy must deal with the difficulty of entering Star Fleet.

Back with A Vengeance

Back With a Vengeance Admiral Cyrus Lyctan was on his porch on Zirconic Prime.  He was a tall, thin Betazoid, and had served many years in Starfleet.  He had accomplished many things in his time; reunited the Federation and the Klingon Empire, helped the Zirconians to become an independent species, assembled his own personal fleet, […]