User Registrations are Back Online

The problem with user registration is now fixed. Things are acting a little strange while we work to make some additional changes. If you’re posting a new story you should see a new option to broadcast your story to our new site: Fan Fiction Nexus. That site should be ready to launch later in the week. More details are to come as we get closer to launch.

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Registration Issues

We’re working on some issues with user registrations. If you’re having a problem send an email to We’ll be sure to resolve y our issues ASAP.

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Server Upgrades lead to an Outage

In preparation of making some changes later this week the server the site is hosted on was updated. That included upgrading to PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6. Unfortunately, it was discovered after the fact that some of the code on the front page was too old. That lead to some downtime this afternoon as the code was updated. The problem is now fixed.

There are some larger changes coming later in the week. We’ll keep everyone posted as things are closer to ready.

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User Registration Changes

If you are registering a new account to post stories on the site you now need to confirm your email address before continuing. This was an unfortunate requirement due to the number of fake user accounts that have been registered in the last week. Using a captcha was also an option. But that would have been the greater of two evils. Hopefully this solves our problem.

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User Maintenance

Having spent the last few days removing fake user accounts we decided to take a closer look at the accounts in the database. There were a large number of user accounts that did not have any stories associated with them. The decision was made to remove these accounts from the site. We apologize if your account was one of the ones deleted.  Removing these users will allow us to block spam/fake users more efficiently.

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Fake User Accounts

Several fake user accounts have appeared on the site over the past few days. The sole purpose of these accounts were to SPAM the site with links. They all seemed to originate from the same IP address. That address is now blocked. If you see anything strange please report it. You can email the support staff directly a oruse the Feedback tab on the left of every page. We’ll be sure yo get back to you ASAP!

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SPAM Will Get You Blocked

I usually check the site everyday to see if anyone/thing made it through the spam filter. This week, one post made it through. I did not find it till today. All should be good now.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to visit the site. Here is to our 17th year on the web!

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Spammers ruin it for everyone!

I stopped paying attention for a day and Google came around to declare the site as spam! Many of you have probably seen the warning. I can assure you that the site never hosted any malware, badware or spam. After some investigation I traced the problem to approx. 5,000 tags that were not associated with posts. Those had to have been left over from the spam posts that I cleaned up in December.

I have no idea why Google decided to look at those now and declare them bad. Any way… I’ve cleaned the problem up and things should be back to normal within a few hours.

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Sorry for the downtime this morning. I forgot to renew the domain name and it expired. The problem is now solved and the site is back in business.

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I’ve learned a lesson. Don’t forget about existing sites while working on new ones. Turns out, the site was polluted with SPAM while I wasn’t watching. I’ve solved that problem by deleting the offending users and all of the posted content. Other features have also been implemented to prevent spam from being posted.

If anyone sees any SPAM posts that I may have missed please email or post a message to the feedback link on the left side of the site.


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