Stories by: DC Wilson
ST: Beta – Part 3
10/23/11  Tags:   Category: Crossover

PART 3 Banks stood at the landing pad of dash 11’s main defensive platform. Its walls looked like an industrial kitchen, solid brushed stainless steel matte walls that shot up forty feet into the air, at the top of the tower sat the deadly planetary defensive weapons. The phaser banks weren’t capable of striking him […]

ST: Beta Part 2
10/23/11  Tags:   Category: Crossover

PART 2 His name is Captain Aldus Banks and he is stuck in a tropical paradise with a glass Y’thulain grub wine in hand. From the exterior planet 903884-11 looked like any class-M planet capable of supporting life. Its endlessly fractured map comprised of rolling green hills surround vista’s that grew lush vegetation. Rivers from […]

ST: Beta Part 1
09/30/11  Tags: ,   Category: Crossover

Part 1 Dabo-Tables. They are a phenomenon in the Galaxy. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a mining facility in a gaseous giant, floating in zero-g on a heavy space orbital or in deep space on some remote Y Class planet, somebody, somehow knows where the nearest table is. And would be happy to point […]