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Star Trek- Icarus

Star Trek: Icarus -1- The distraught young woman clad in a drab grey jumpsuit stepped out of the tiny automated shuttlecraft, hair in disarray from the penant-fluttering breeze, an old and durably utilitarian khaki duffel bag slung over her shoulder, and stopped and stared; she was wholly unprepared for the chaos of San Francisco’s South […]

Star Trek- Enigma
04/12/13  Tags:   Category: The Next Generation

Chapter 1 Cast: Geordi La Forge Jean-Luc Picard Beverly Crusher Worf Data Will Riker Deanna Troi Though serene and full of stars, an indistinct blemish passed through the region of space like a shadow of fear. In its wake, following at a cautious distance, were three Romulan warships. ‘Sir, we are nearing the Federation’s border,’ […]