Stories by: Ernest Maestas
Into Oblivion (Destruction of the Breen)
05/18/14  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

  III   Into Oblivion   Ernest Maestas!/profile.php?id=1590279180           We do not know you, Words have never been spoken between our peoples We do not know what drives you We do not know what you fear You attack us without provocation We do not understand So be it You […]

Star Trek Oblivion: Dark Hand of the Federation
03/04/08  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

Cardassia is in ruins after the Dominion War. With the Federation emerging as the dominant power in the quadrant, Section 31 moves to further the Federation’s position by seeking the incorporation of the Cardassian Empire into the Federation while simultaneously fusing with the Klingon Empire. Cast List: Lord Groth (Klingon), Admiral Griss (Romulan), General Stevenson (Federation), General Cain (Section 31), Garak, General Haram (Romulan), Gul Reese (Cardassian), Jem’Hydar 1st