A Wish to Dream On, Part Three

Author’s Note: Well, here we are again, enduring the life struggles of our
favorite Starfleet couple (at least one of them.). This one will probably bring
some controversy to all you fans out there, mostly because of one single person
(I won’t tell now.. I want you to read this ? ) I fit in some other characters for
those of you who like more than one ST show.. And there is a little thing in
here for P/T people too.
One more thing. The song toward the end fits in, but it works better with the
full song (I don’t know if you’ve ever heard it, but Whitney does a wonderful

Dedicated to: Kate and Robert (again) for their brilliance in acting capabilties,
all my friends, Lauresta, Dana, and Allison, for their continuous help and
support, and last of all, to my sis, Ame, for putting up with every one of my
writer’s blocks and frustrations.

A Wish To Dream On (Part Three)
by Lisa

Kathryn Janeway heard the voice, then for a brief time lost her whole
memory. A black void filled her inside and out, and a strange floating sensation
came. She saw hundreds of stars flying by her, like she was alone amongst
them, going to an unknown place.
Then, in another instant, her memory came back. Her head throbbed, and
she felt herself thrown against a hard surface. She felt like she was in a cage and
clawed, trying desperately to get out of the void.
Then she felt nothing…

A hand was placed on Janeway’s shoulder, nudging her. A voice called her
name, but she couldn’t call back. Her eyes were like rocks, refusing to lift, but
she forced them open.
Chakotay was kneeling beside her, trying desperately to wake her. Janeway
moaned at him, wanting to go back into a peaceful slumber.
“Kathryn, wake up!” Chakotay called.
Janeway rubbed her eyes. She remembered a strange alien saying she could
help them go home. There was an eerie light, and then…
Janeway sat up with a start. Ignoring her aching head, she called, “Report!
I want to know exactly where we are and where the Nu’Tok ship is.”
“Sensors are off-line, but we can have them fixed in a few minutes,”
B’Elanna Torres said from her engineering console.
“Captain,” Tuvok called, unnerved by their episode, “the Nu’Tok are hailing
Janeway stood once more and moved a loose strand of hair out of her eyes.
“On screen.”
The Nu’Tok woman once again filled the forward view screen. “I do hope
that your journey was not too rough. We have to perfect the device in that
“Lady Nu’Tok,” Janeway cut her off. “We very much appreciate your help.
But our sensors are off-line and we would like to know where we are.”
“First, you may call me Leemna. About where you are, try turning your ship
The view screen changed, the transmission ended. Janeway sighed at the ship
now on the screen, then faced Tom Paris. “Turn us about, Mr. Paris.”
The ship slowly turned, changing the screen slightly with each adjustment
made by the conn officer. After a few moments, a small blue planet filled the
screen. As the bridge crew saw the station orbiting and a yellow planet with
large rings coming out from behind the bright yellow star, their eyes opened
wide with amazement, and their jaws dropped.
A beep came, barely heard by anyone on the bridge, signaling a voice
message. “Kathryn Janeway and the crew of Voyager—— Welcome home.”
B’Elanna looked at her panel, awakened by the message. “Captain, we have
At his board, Harry Kim called up the screens to see the open space outside
the ship. “The Nu’Tok have left,” he barely managed to whisper.
*We’re home.* Janeway could not believe it. After three years, they had
met someone who could turn their 70 year journey into a seven second trip. *Is
this possible? Am I dreaming?*
Tuvok, unsettled by feeling surprise at the sudden change in location, began
to concentrate on the panels before him. “Captain,” he said, breaking the
trance on everyone on the bridge, “there is a ship approaching. It is Federation,
and its weapons are charged.”
“Hail them,” Janeway managed.
A human face appeared on the screen. He had on a gray and black uniform,
with the usual red of a captain underneath. He was in the middle of the bridge,
on a raised platform, with the other officers just beneath him. His bald head
showed bright, though there was little light.
“This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise. Identify
Janeway stared in both awe and amazement at the almost legendary captain.
After finally collecting herself, she spoke. “My name is Kathryn Janeway of the
Federation starship Voyager.”
She watched as her peer’s face turned the same shade of pink hers had. A
woman got up in the background and moved to her captain, whispering
something. Chakotay did the same at almost the exact same time.
“That’s the captain who was once Borg?” he whispered, in the same awe as
Janeway. She nodded, then lifted her head as the other captain began to speak
“We all thought you and your ship to be lost,” Picard said, sounding
somewhat confused. “What happened to you?”
Janeway smiled. “That could take a long time to explain, Captain. Let’s just
say we’re glad to be back.”
Picard nodded, also smiling. “Perhaps you can explain after we have your
ship docked. It looks like you’ve been through a lot, seeing your ship.”
Janeway’s smile brightened. They talked a few moments more, then ended
the transmission. Janeway turned to look at her crew. Neelix, worried about the
strange transport, had appeared on the bridge, Seven beside him. They both
looked puzzled, and Seven carried a unique look of anger. *Probably for
Picard,* Janeway thought. *He was a Borg once, and escaped the collective.*
“Janeway to all hands,” she began. “This has been a long journey for all of
us. I’m sure I speak for all of you when I say I’m glad to be back. I wanted you
all to know that I’ve been proud of all the hard work you’ve put through to help
us get here. I hope that you all can take a rest from being on this ship. I know it
has been a home to all of us for so long, and no one knows if we will be able to
all come back. But I wish you happiness, and I will miss you all. Welcome
A clap started from somewhere in the room, and grew until the entire ship
seemed to be clapping. Most of the applause was directed at Janeway. `You got
us home,’ it seemed to call. Janeway collapsed into her seat, trying to take all
of this in. The applause continued. They were home.

* * * *

Kathryn Janeway sat back in her chair. Her tea was still warm in her cup, but
sat untouched on her desk. Heavy thoughts were on her mind, like what to do
now that the crew was safely home.
*Mark’s going to be very happy. I shouldn’t contact him yet, just so he’ll be
*What about Chakotay?*
At the thought, Janeway became even more depressed. All that she’d built in
a relationship with her first officer might fall apart now. And once again the
problem was Mark.
The chime sounded, and Janeway called “Come,” but in a half-hearted voice.
In walked Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres, holding hands. “Captain, we
thought you should be the first to know,” Paris said excitedly. “B’Elanna and
I. Well, we’re engaged.”
Janeway smiled, though she was sad that things couldn’t work out for her as
well. “Who broke the question. That is, if I may be so bold as to ask?”
B’Elanna spoke first. “He asked, but I had to pry it out of him.” She put an
arm around Tom’s waist, and he returned the gesture, though his face was red
with embarrassment. “We were hoping to get married here on Voyager, but
that would make it months away. So we’ve decided to have the ceremony on
Earth, possibly on one of the shorelines of California.” Tom raised his eyebrows
at the last part, but made no comment.
Janeway noticed, but ignored it. “I’m very happy for both of you,” she said,
standing to shake Tom’s hand and hug B’Elanna.
The happy couple started out, but B’Elanna turned back just before leaving.
“Can I talk to you alone for a minute, Captain?” she asked, and urgent tone in
her voice. Janeway nodded, and Tom kissed his goodbye to B’Elanna, then left.
“Captain.” B’Elanna started, bowing her head. “I don’t want to pry into
your personal life, but—- how are things between you and Chakotay.”
Tears sprang to Janeway’s eyes, and this time she let them show. “It was so-
—- wonderful,” she stammered. “Now. I don’t know. The only thing I do
know is that Mark is the one who always gets in the way. And now. I don’t
know what to do.”
B’Elanna moved over to sit across from Janeway. “He loves you, Captain.”
When she saw Janeway lift her eyes, she continued. “I’ve noticed it in his eyes
every time he hears your name or voice, or even just looks at you. I know this is
none of my business, but think of him when you decide what to do and not just
of yourself and your happiness.”
Janeway moved over to hug B’Elanna. “I promise that I will never hurt him,”
she whispered. “He will be the first one I think of, so that he won’t be hurt.”
B’Elanna left, seemingly satisfied, and Janeway returned to her thinking.
*How can I choose? I love them both with all my heart.*

Who would have thought of it,
that I might feel like this.
The thing about it is
it’s all so innocent.
I wasn’t looking for it;
came knocking on my door.
I’m trying to do things right
but I’m about to lose a fight..
Oh, my heart is calling,
I’m falling for you.
My Heart Is Calling, by Whitney Houston

As if in answer to her question, the chime sounded again. But this time
Chakotay entered her ready room.
“Here’s the damage report you wanted,” he began, his voice unwavering.
“It’s amazing how much we’ve been through in our three years away from any
Federation help.”
“Yes, we have been through a lot,” Janeway muttered, keeping her eyes on
the report. When Chakotay make no move to leave, she looked up and, with
fear in her heart, asked, “Is there something else?”
“Kathryn,” Chakotay said, moving closer, “How are you handling things?”
Janeway turned away to their home in the window. Their `long lost’ home
called out to her, welcoming her back. “I don’t know Chakotay,” she said,
standing to move near the window. “I don’t know what to do now. especially
with our problems.”
Chakotay moved behind Janeway and wrapped his arms around her.
“Kathryn, my beloved, what can I do to make you happy?”
Janeway couldn’t help but melt into his arms. “Chakotay,” she whispered,
“Do you love me?”
“Of course. Do you think I wouldn’t after all we’ve been through?”
“I’m not sure anymore, about anything really. It’s like my heart is being torn
between two men, both of which I love dearly.” At that sentence, Chakotay
began to hold Janeway tighter.
“Please, Chakotay. Help me know what to do.”
Chakotay turned her around. Seeing his eyes froze her, and she melted into
his embrace. When they broke apart, she whispered, “I love you, Chakotay.
Nothing will change that. Help me. Help me to talk to Mark.”
Chakotay’s understanding gaze gave Janeway the answer.

* * * *

The shuttle began its decent. It was mostly filled with the senior staff, but
also a few younger crew members. Its destination: Starfleet Headquarters, and
the many trials that awaited the crew.
Janeway watched the Earth in the view port coming up at them. Hundreds of
things danced in her head, especially what she would say to the Board of
*And what will you say to Mark?*
Janeway sighed. She felt Chakotay’s presence just beside her, as he always
was. *I’ll tell him the truth,* she decided. *What more can I tell him?* She
felt Chakotay’s hand take a hold of her own, entwining their fingers together.
*Kathryn Janeway, with each passing moment, you’re getting yourself into
more trouble..*
“Shuttle Cochrane, you are clear to land on docking platform 18,” a voice
said through the comlink system. Janeway broke from her daze and looked at
her crew behind her. They were the last to leave the ship; everyone else had
already been escorted to the surface.
“Captain,” Harry Kim began nervously, “do you think that the Board will
believe us?”
Janeway turned to look at the youngest of her senior staff. He had most likely
been the one person of her entire crew to endure the most on their journey.
“Yes, Harry. Besides, what reasons do they have not to believe what we tell
them?” She looked at the other crew members. “We have people to show and
stories to tell, all of which are very real and hard to disprove.”
The shuttle continued downward, making a smooth landing on an open
platform. It opened in the back, giving its passengers access at last to their lost
homeland. Everyone stepped out into the warm sun and the small breezes, and
silently prayed thanks.
Janeway stepped out with the others to the awaiting crowd, taking in
everything happening. She heard a familiar voice calling her name, but ignored it
as she was greeted the members of the Board assigned to welcome them home.
Then she turned, and saw the source of the voice. He pushed through the
crowds to get to her and gave her a large hug when he reached her. “Kathryn,
darling,” he said into her ear, so he would be heard above the crowd, “I never
lost hope that you would return home, never. Why didn’t you contact me
instead of letting Starfleet do it?”
Janeway stared into the once familiar face, not knowing what to say. She felt
Chakotay come up behind her, which gave her some more comfort. But when
she spoke, her voice shook with nervousness just now being released from her.
“Hello, Mark.”

To be continued.

Legal whatever, Paramount’s people (with the exception of Leemna of the
Nu’Tok), my jazz reel
Copyright 1998 (It’s a new year, and I have to keep reminding myself now).
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