A Wish to Dream On, Part Two

Author’s Note: This episode is mainly on the troubles of Seven of Nine fitting
into the crew, but I fit it in with the main theme (at least I hope so). There’s a
brand new race of alien’s in here, and I’m hoping you all like them. The
Caretaker just seemed to fit in with them, and if you don’t think so, I’m sorry.

Dedicated to: Kate and Robert (once again), for their contribution to the Star
Trek world, my friends Lauresta and Dana, who have helped me on my way,
and finally my sister, Ame, for putting up with
me for all these years.

A Wish To Dream On (Part Two)
by Lisa

Captain Janeway looked one more time in the mirror, smoothed her dress for
the hundredth time, then turned to go to the door. The chimes rang just as she
made it to the door. Surprised, she moved forward to allow the door to slide
open, and found Seven of Nine standing outside.
“Am I disturbing you, Captain?” Seven said with some reluctance in her
Janeway sighed, then said, “No, Seven. I was just leaving. Why don’t you
walk with me?”
The former Borg nodded her head, then turned to walk beside the captain.
After walking in silence for a few moments, Janeway asked, “What did you
need to see me about, Seven?”
Seven sighed, then said in a nervous voice, “I’ve been having some—–
difficulties——-with my feelings toward some of the crew members.” After a
moment, and a few passers, she continued. “I’ve been receiving some angry
feelings from different crew members, directed at my former life as a Borg.
Other crew members are suspicious of my every move. Only the senior staff
truly wishes to talk to me. I was just—–wondering——if I have offended the
crew in some way that I have not been able to understand.”
Janeway sighed, then muttered, “I was afraid of this.”
Seven looked at her with a look of confusion. “What do you mean, Captain?
I do not understand—-
There is nothing at this current time that would bring fear to anyone—”
Janeway smiled, and held up her hand to stop Seven. “It’s a figure of speech.
It means——Never mind. You shouldn’t be worried. The crew is still trying to
get used to having you around. Once you earn their trust, this won’t be a
“How do you suggest I—-earn their trust?”
“It will take time, Seven. Be patient with the crew, and they will come
Seven, apparently satisfied with the answer, said goodbye, then left Janeway
outside the door to Commander Chakotay’s quarters.

As Seven passed through the halls, she thought about the Captain’s words.
*Perhaps the crew will adapt to my presence on Voyager,* she decided. And
her hope grew with each person that acknowledged her as she passed. But when
she reached her quarters, she dropped all the hope that had been building up.
On the door, painted in a scarlet red, was an arrow. Half way through it was
a circle with a line diagonally put through it. In the middle of the circle was a
badly drawn picture of her face.
And to top off this devastating scene, printed above the door in bold letters,
were the words *BORG TRAITOR.*

“To us,” Chakotay said, smiling, as he touched his glass to Janeway’s. They
had been officially dating for a month now, and were really starting to open up
to each other. Every once in a while, they attempted the subject of home,
though it was difficult at times.
Janeway smiled back at him, finally at ease with their relationship. She had
been on-edge with everything happening, mostly because she was haunted with
the memory of her husband, though he was far away. But she had come to
believe that he had moved on, and she should do the same.
She looked down again at the elaborate table setting before her, and asked,
“So, what’s the occasion?”
Chakotay gave her a confused look, so Janeway glanced over at the food to
give him a clue. “Oh!” he said, as if coming out of a daze. “There’s no special
reason for this. I just went all out because—-” He dropped his head for a
moment, searching for the words that could help him explain. When he lifted his
eyes, Janeway saw a deep love in him that he wanted to show, but didn’t know
how. And when he spoke, his voice went straight to her heart.
“I just wanted to somehow show you that there is no one else in the universe
who I could love as much as I love you.”
Janeway put her hand on his cheek, and whispered, “Thank you.” She
looked straight into his eyes, to make sure her response was heard and felt, then
leaned forward and kissed him. They then sat down to eat, but just as they were
about to take the first bite—-
“Security alert. Captain to Seven’s quarters.”
“Never fails,” Janeway muttered as she put her fork back on her plate.
Tapping her combadge as she rose, she replied, “On my way.”

The scene she found outside Seven’s quarters could only have been described
as a riot. Tuvok had half his security staff keeping the crowd away from the
The crowd expressed mixed emotions. Some wanted to make sure Seven was
all right, others sounded as if they were bounty hunters waiting for their prey to
Janeway pushed through the crowd to the door, and pressed the call button.
She heard a faint “Come,” which was almost drowned out by the gathered
crowd. Before she entered, she managed to get the crowd’s attention and yell,
“Everyone back on duty, NOW!”
The crowd began to dissipate, and Janeway turned to Seven’s door, now
marked with an unwanted symbol (unwanted on the door and in meaning). She
eyed the threat above the door, then stepped through.
No lights were on in the small room that was shared with Seven by another
crew member. Janeway desperately tried to adjust her sight as she called to her
newest member.
Seven was huddled in a corner opposite the door. Her knees were drawn up
to her, making her face hidden. Janeway knelt down beside her, struggling to
do so with her evening dress still on. “Seven?” she started, stopping as she
heard the woman’s weeping. She put her hand on Seven’s shoulder, whispering,
“Hannakah, speak to me.”
The face that came up to meet the Captain was not of a former Borg, but of a
lost and scared child. Janeway longed to comfort the child, but wasn’t sure
“Papa—-” the child whispered, tears streaming. “Papa, what did I do
“Hannakah, you’ve done nothing wrong. There are some people here who
just won’t accept you for who you are, but I can help.” Janeway tried to make
her words sound believable, though it was hard for even her to believe.
The door opened, and the two women turned to see Commander Chakotay
come inside. Several people were still outside, shouting out against Seven’s
presence on the ship. But Chakotay made sure the door shut quickly behind him.
“Why do they not appreciate me?” Seven’s voice had begun to return to
normal, and she had stopped crying.
Chakotay spoke then, kneeling down beside the two women. “They still
think that you are likely to betray us to the Borg..” He bent his head and
continued in a whisper, “like I did when you first came.”
Seven simply nodded her head and replied, “I understand your reasons now.”
Then she stood and headed for the door.
“Seven!” Janeway started quickly, but Seven was outside before either her
or Chakotay could stop her. All they could do then was follow.
Seven stopped right outside the door. She saw the white face of her
roommate standing amidst the gathered crowd, but decided to ignore her—– for
the moment.
The crowd, on the other hand, brought all their attention to Seven. In the
lighted hallway, they could see the red beneath her eyes. They realized what
they had done, and to a human being none-the-less, and some hung their heads
in shame.
“I understand that there are people amidst the crew who wish for me to be
dismissed from this ship, and I understand why you want this. When I was
Borg, I assimilated many people, and you fear that I will do the same to you.”
Seven paused for a brief moment, looking at the crowd. “I will do no harm to
this crew. I—- hope— that you can learn to trust me—– and I you.”
The crowd was then silenced. The first person to speak was Seven’s
roommate. She stepped through the crowd and stood beside Seven. “If that
doesn’t change your minds, nothing will,” she announced. One by one, the
people nodded in agreement.

Janeway was stunned. Seven was becoming more human every day, and this
proved it. She watched as Seven pushed past her and Chakotay, followed
closely by her roommate, heading straight for the replicator with a plan of
repainting the door.
“Well,” Janeway said to Chakotay as the crowd finally dispersed, “Why
don’t we get back to our dinner?”
Chakotay nodded, and they left.

* * *

Captain’s Log. Stardate 58392.1; It’s been two days since the incident with
Seven, and there have been no further provokes. Hopefully, it will last for
more than this time.
Janeway turned off the monitor and leaned back in her chair. She began to
play with her wedding ring, muttering, “Meanwhile, Chakotay has a question to
ask me—– but am I ready for it?”
By that time, she had worked the ring off, and moved over to the window.
She looked out at the stars going by, the decision heavy on her heart.
“Mark,” she finally whispered, “I’m sorry, but—- it’s time.”
With that, she put the ring in a small jewelry box by her bed, and shut the lid.

.Some say love, it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger,
An endless aching need..
It’s the heart, afraid of breaking,
That never learns to dance..
And the soul, afraid of dying,
That never learns to live.
——The Rose, by Bette Midler

Once more, Janeway sat across from Chakotay, but this time they ate in pure
*If you’ve every felt more uncomfortable, Kathryn, you will never be called
“Captain” again.*
Janeway pushed the incessant voice out of her head, not wanting to admit that it
was her own.
“I’ve noticed that you weren’t wearing your wedding ring anymore,”
Chakotay said, breaking the silence. Janeway looked down to see herself
unconsciously rubbing her hand where her ring usually
was. She immediately stopped and tried to find something new to do in her
nervous state. But Chakotay took her hands in his, trying to calm her down.
“I’m sorry,” Janeway said, her eyes facing downward.
Chakotay moved to her side, lifting her chin gently with his hand. Her face
was wet with tears. “Please.. Kathryn..,” he started. “Tell me what is
wrong.. What have I done?”
Janeway took his hand from her chin, then searched the room with her eyes
as if that was where the answers were. “You haven’t done anything, Chakotay.
It’s just that..” She sighed, having difficulty even talking to someone about
her struggles. Chakotay squeezed her hand once, encouraging her, and Janeway
“Ever since our time together on New Earth, there’s been some strange bond
between us. It’s been hard for me to deal with, and only because I keep
remembering Mark. Last night, I made the decision
to let him go… but I’m not sure he would have wanted that.”
Chakotay looked in her eyes then, filled with a sense of understanding. “If I
were Mark,” he whispered, “I would want you to be happy… no matter the
Janeway smiled. *It’s time* repeated through her head. *Goodbye,

The next day..
“Captain,” Tuvok’s voice rang out, in the midst of almost pure silence,
“There is a ship approaching. Its weapons are charged.”
Janeway calmly looked up at Tuvok and said, “Hail them.”
Tuvok pushed a series of buttons. “They are responding,” he called after a
“On screen.” Janeway stood up and faced the screen. The face that appeared
to look back at her was
a purplish color. Large ridges came up to its forehead on the outline of its face,
creating a type of arrow. It had dark hair running down its back and over its
“You are entering Nu’Tok space. Identify yourself.”
“My name is Kathryn Janeway of the starship Voyager. We mean you no
“I will decide if you are a threat. Why have you come here?”
“We are trying to get back to our home. We came through to your space
because it was in our path.”
“How far away is your homeland?”
“It is on the other side of this galaxy. We’ve been trying to get back for three
years now.”
“I calculate that at your top speed it will take almost 70 years for you to cover
that distance.”
Janeway looked over her shoulders to see if anyone else was surprised.
Ensign Kim had wide eyes
and a partially dropped jaw, which he closed when he saw the Captain. Tuvok
was in as much surprise as everyone else, but expressed it through raised
Janeway turned back to the Nu’Tok. “How do you.?”
“Never mind,” the alien cut off. “I can help you return to your world.. if
you wish it.”
Janeway’s eyes brightened. “If you could possibly help us, we would very
much appreciate it. Would there be a reward or payment to you for your
The alien laughed, her white teeth shining against her purple face. “No
reward is necessary. We often find people here, trying to get home. They were
all brought here by the Caretaker, or at least they claimed to be. He sent us the
information on all those people, and of you, for storage. You, I believe, were
the last.”
Now Janeway caught her dropped jaw. “How many other people made it
successfully home?”
“As a matter of fact, all came here somehow, just as you did. They’ve all
been escorted home safely.”
“Could you? Could you take us home?” Janeway asked, eyes wide with
The Nu’Tok bent over a computer board, pushing buttons. Janeway saw a
bright light coming suddenly from everywhere. Before she passed out, she heard
Chakotay’s voice call out.

To be continued..

Legal whatever, Paramount’s people (except for Lady Nu’Tok), my jazz reel
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