Starship Voyager – The Alien Adventures — CONTENT and PROLOGUE

Starship Voyager
The Alien Adventures


Aliki Archimedes


The present novel is merely Fan Fiction.

No commercial interest is pursued.

© Aliki Archimedes, 2019

The story of this book is based on science fiction concepts created by Gene Roddenberry, Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jery Tailor, Bryan Fuller, Brannon Braga, Nick Sagan, Ken Biller, Michael Okuda, Rick Sternberg and many others.

Copyright for all humanoid characters and Star Trek technology is owned by Paramount Pictures / CBS.

Multiplication and distribution for commercial purpose are not allowed.

Many thanks to:

Emony and Lady Q (TrekNation Archive) for their critical revision of the German edition`s first chapters and special thanks to Rachel and Terry for proof reading the translation to English.


Preface of the Narrator     III

The Adventures                                                                                     Page *

I. New Companions

1 Jefferies Tube 23                                                                                             1

2 Caesura                                                                                                            15

3 Point Zero                                                                                                         43

4 Aliens and Strangers                                                                                      67

5 Second Contact                                                                                                84

6 Final Salvages from a Ghost Wreck                                                           104

II. Searching for the Crew

7 The Holocom                                                                                                   117

8 The Trade                                                                                                        129

9 Return of the Hunters                                                                                    143

10 The Dreamer                                                                                                 163

11 Verdera                                                                                                           189

12 Dissonances                                                                                                 211

13 The Blue Giant                                                                                              227

14 Hypernova                                                                                                     255

III. Heading for Two Homeworlds

15 The Feast                                                                                                       277

16 The Cephalopoids                                                                                       307

17 A Q`eer Night                                                                                                348

18 Virulence                                                                                                       368

19 Dilation                                                                                                          397

20 The 13th Spiritolith                                                                                      426

21 Voyage Surprise                                                                                          451

22 Modifications                                                                                                474

23 The Magnetar                                                                                               496

24 Home-coming Feelings                                                                              533

IV. Sporangium 2.0

25      Transformation – Part 1                                                                           560

Transformation – Part 2                                                                         582

Transformation – Part 3                                                                          611

Transformation – Part 4                                                                          642

Narrator`s Dedication    III

How it came to this …

When I had the feeling to have arrived at what they call the blessed old age and felt the dwindling of my strength, I finally followed an obligation that could not be postponed any longer. Previously, I had not perceived it as such for a long time, because nobody had expressed a concrete wish or given an instruction as to how to proceed. I, myself, interpreted that gesture at the time as a glimmer of hope; I felt it merely as an expression of trust towards my person, from which the obligation grew for me to preserve what had been handed over to me in order to give it back in case everything went well once again.

Later, I treated the data like souvenirs that one usually archives in a damp-protected tube duct. And when my life finally returned to normal, I forgot for many years the collection of private logs that had once been handed over to me by companions in a hard hour of distress.

But now, since I feel my own end approaching, I believe to sense the intensity of their desire at that time not to be forgotten, their urgent wish to be remembered. For they did not perceive their situation as the usual physical disintegration at the end of a life cycle; and they did not feel embedded in the linear continuity of a biological chain of evolving life phenomena. The strangeness of their own existence aroused in them a special need to hand down beyond their time that they, too, had existed as unique individuals.

In order to follow what I feel today the deeper origin of their desire, I struggled to learn their verbal communication, which was so strange to me, and to bring the memory of the companions to life in their own language. To accomplish this, I merged excerpts of their personal notes with events that I had kept in mind from the time we had spent together, to create a story, which thus reflects a part of my own life as well.

Even the first sketches made me realize how valuable the possibility of comparing several different biographical documents is, in order to achieve a high degree of historical reliability. For more than once had I experienced how easily images that were no longer remembered and forgotten connections had been replaced by imaginations of visual fantasy and by hypotheses of the mind, without being noticed. By taking from various sources, I came closer to my goal of producing a report as authentic as possible. Nevertheless, the backgrounds of some strange events remained in the dark, and I allowed my imagination to give a possible explanation of what might have happened in those moments.

So, I finally created a travel report that was composed of the aspects of several people. It starts with events in the sequel of which I found myself on a spaceship – called VOYAGER.

May the inclined reader be indulgent with the cumbersome and primitive constructions of my plot-like manuscript, which lacks a gifted writer`s literary richness in expression and linguistic elegance in style. The only excuse I can give is that I learned the language used but in later stages of my life and that it differs fundamentally in terms, idiom, sound, and grammar from the language of my own perished species.

Elysium V

Serenity Cluster

Stardate 127465.3

(The author)


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