Starship Voyager – The Alien Adventures — Epilogue: Narrator`s Dedication





Narrator`s Dedication

During the time we had spent together, I had stayed for only a few days on the planet that many of my companions have always considered as their homeworld. My own experience in that place induced me to dedicate that part of my report to some life forms on that planet.



In memoriam of
the trillions of misused and slaughtered
Non-humanoid Beings on planet Sol III who were
torn to pieces by unscrupulous Humanoids with low motives,
up to the 24th Century of their calendar;
though they did have the possibility
to subsist on plants.

And in memoriam of
the billions of Artificial Beings
who were designed there in order to
re-invent slavery;
in a more perfidious form
than it had ever before existed on Terra.







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