Star Trek: Timelines, Synopsis

Brief Summary of Star Trek : Timelines and
the Pilot Episode “Akira”

Star Trek : Timelines is a new fan fiction series based upon the
concepts of time throughout all of Star Trek history. From the past, to the
present, and into the future, Timelines will take us in a direction of exploration
that we still know so little about.

The Pilot Episode, “Akira,” introduces the ship and crew that will helm these
new adventures. Only the first chapter is available at present (06-12-2000), but
as new chapters are completed, and the series continues with it’s future episodes,
I encourage you to look beyond space and time to understand and venture with
me on board the USS-Akira.

You can also keep track of this series by joining the small community that is
established at
You are more than welcome to ask any questions about the series, and even give
input on what direction the series should take. Thank you for reading.


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