Heat Wave

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By Angel Girl
The land was hilly and dark and it seemed that nothing dared
to move. The only movement was in front of a foreboding
bunker built into one particularly large hill. In front of it’s dark
doors stood two equally dark men. They had leathery skin and
dark obsidian eyes that seemed as kind as a rattler about to strike
and just as dangerous. Cardassians. The very word sent shivers
down the spine of every person in the Federation and even most
enemies of the Federation.
It seemed no one would dare to oppose these two particularly
lethal members of the traitorous race as they stood guard at their
post. And no one did….usually.
Out of nowhere it seemed and before they could move two
short bursts of energy hit them and they slumped to the ground.
“O.K.” A deep voice said softly. “Let’s go.”
A small group of people stepped out from behind tiny knolls
of ground. All were dressed in dark clothing, most with
contraband Klingon disrupters in their hands. The leader, a tall
Native American looked at his partner, a tiny dark haired woman
with the forehead ridges which showed her Klingon heritage .
However it was plain she was not completely Klingon for the
ridges were not as defined as most were.
The man smiled. “Good shot, Torres.”
She half-smiled. “You’re not so bad yourself, Chakotay.”

Chakotay sat upright in bed and glanced at his chronometer.
0303. Way to early for him to be up and yet he couldn’t seem to
sleep. He pushed a hand through his short black hair. Why now?
Why after such a long time had passed? Why were the dreams
coming now? He’d put his Maquis past behind him when he’d
agreed to become Janeway’s first officer so why were the dreams
coming now. Everything was settled. He’d made his decision.
And in the Delta Quadrant there wasn’t a much of a choice, so
why were these dreams…memories. Coming to him when he
knew there was no way he’d ever see that life again. Perhaps
because of his ever deepening feelings for Kathryn?
A half-devil smile quirked at his lips at the thought of her.
Everyday he sat next to her on that bridge and everyday he was
struck by how beautiful she was, how in control , commanding,
and yet so entirely feminine. How could a man resist such a
temptation. Despite the wide gulf between them. The gulf that,
out here so far away from the Cardassians, Starfleet and the
Maquis, didn’t seem so wide. It was all he could do sometimes
not to tell here exactly how he felt. But then again how could he
put the weight of that knowledge on her. For once they were
back home, he knew that unless Starfleet had some miraculous
change of heart…he would be put on trial for so-called crimes
he’d committed as a Maquis in the DMZ.
“Bridge to Commander Chakotay.”
Chakotay arced a dark eyebrow. Now there was something he
had not expected to hear at 3:00 in the morning.
“Chakotay here.”
“Commander we have a problem.” The lieutenant
commanding the bridge spoke quickly and evenly.
“Indeed.” Chakotay responded. `After all if there wasn’t’ he
thought wryly, `would you be calling me this early?’ Aloud he
said. “What is it Lieutenant?”
“Sir we’ve detected what appears to be a battle.”
“Out here? I thought we were between systems.”
“We are sir, we’re holding position just outside the one where
the battle is taking place.”
“Continue to hold position I’m on my way to the bridge. And
notify Captain Janeway. She’ll want to hear about this.”
“Aye Commander. Bridge out.”
Chakotay slipped out of bed and shook his head. “Never a dull
moment.” He said shaking his head.

When he arrived on the bridge most of the senior officers
were already there. All looking a little bleary eyed but all there.
Tom Paris looked like he would fall over onto his pilot’s console
any minute as he eased into his chair.
B’Elanna Torres former Maquis, current Chief Of Engineering
sat at her console looking a little more alert. She nodded at him
as he sat next to Janeway.
Behind him Harry Kim looked like a little boy pulled out of
bed to early, his dark hair just the tinniest bit tousled while
across from him at his station, Tuvok the Vulcan Chief Of
Security looked as though he did this every night.
And finally next to him sat Captain Kathryn Janeway. She, too,
looked a little bleary eyes her long light brown hair rippled down
her shoulders. It was obviously to early for her to worry about a
captain’s appropriate appearance.
“I’d say good morning Captain but I’m not sure it counts as
morning yet.” He said playfully. It was to early to worry about
formality to.
“For most of us it’s not morning yet.” Tom muttered from his
station. “When I passed Neelix’s quarters it sounded like a
Bolian was choking to death.”
“You could hear him from the corridor?” B’Elanna said
“Don’t take it personally Torres. There isn’t a single type of
soundproof material in the galaxy that could keep him contained.
“Paris replied and next to Chakotay , Janeway had to smother a
“Status of the battle?” Janeway questioned to take her mind
off laughter.
“The smaller of the two ships is still fleeing Captain but it
appears they either do not have warp drive or it is not
functioning.” Tuvok reported.
Chakotay looked at the viewscreen. He could see the smaller
ship fleeing the larger one as it attempted to dodge the energy
bolts that seemed to come continually out of the larger ship. Part
of him, obviously the Maquis part, wanted to yell for Paris to put
Voyager between the two ships while the Starfleet part reminded
him that it was none of Voyager’s business, that no matter what
the Prime Directive still applied.
The smaller ship seemed to find a small burst of speed for it
suddenly managed to reach the edge of the system and continue
out into space. It’s sensors must have detected Voyager for
suddenly it changed course and headed for the Starfleet vessel.
“The ship is broadcasting a signal on all channels,” Harry Kim
reported as he moved his hands across a his console.
“Visual?” Chakotay questioned.
“No, just audio.” Harry responded looking up.
Chakotay turned to Janeway. She nodded. “Put it through.”
She said leaning back.
“….repeat unidentified vessel leave this system while you
can…” A woman’s voice spoke. “They will kill you you must
leave now. Before it is to late.”
The message cut off and Janeway turned slightly to look at
Kim. He shook his head. The message had simply stopped
“Captain, I would recommend that we do as they suggest.”
Tuvok put in. “It would appear the other ship is intent on the
smaller one and we would have time to get out of range.”
“But what about the smaller ship?” Chakotay couldn’t help but
put in. “They’re warning us away. They are more concerned
about us then they are themselves. We should help them.”
“May I remind you Commander that the Prime Directive
prevents us from doing so?” Tuvok countered.
“Not entirely, not in these circumstances. We can’t leave them
here to die!”
Almost as if on cue the larger ship fired again and this time
the blast hit the small ship dead on and it exploded in a fireball
then just as quickly faded into debris.
Apparently satisfied the remaining ship turned and headed
back into the system before them at a low warp.
“It would appear, gentlemen,” Janeway said regret in her eyes.
“That the argument has been solved for you.”
“Then again…” B’Elanna Torres’ voice interrupted.
“Yes Lieutenant?” Janeway queried looking at the beautiful
“Captain it appears a small pod was jettisoned before the ship
exploded.” Torres reported turning to look at them
“There are alien lifesigns on board.” Tuvok said after a
moment off fiddling with his console.
“Numbers?” Janeway questioned.
“Two. The escape pod is losing structural integrity.” Tuvok
Janeway and Chakotay shared a look. They had their excuse.
“Mr.Tuvok lock on those patterns and beam them to sickbay.”
Janeway ordered calmly.
Down at her station B’Elanna Torres grinned. She loved it when
they rescued people.
“Well Commander,” Janeway said looking at Chakotay. “Let’s
go greet our guests.”

Kes and the Doctor were puttering around busily when
Janeway and Chakotay walked in through the doors. On the
biobed nearest to the doors lay a handsome man whom, to both
Starfleet officers surprise, appeared to be perfectly human.
“Doctor?” Janeway spoke softly as if afraid the sound
of her voice would wake the unconscious man.
“He’s human Captain, well humanoid. He appears to
the physical eye to be human but a tricorder scan proves
otherwise.” The Doctor reported picking up a tricorder and
crossing the room to another biobed.
“So what’s the difference?” Chakotay questioned looking at the
readout over the man’s head.
“Well,” Kes cut in,” For one thing his blood has a lesser
concentration of iron in it, plus he seems to be slowly healing
himself, and there is an unidentifiable energy field surrounding
him. You can’t feel it when you touch him but it’s there.”
Janeway stood silently absorbing this puzzling
information. Chakotay loved to watch her like this. Her
intelligent mind moving swiftly through the information, sorting
and questioning, trying to answer a question that, as of yet, had
no answer.
“Where is the energy supposedly generating from?
“She asked finally.
Kes paused her delicate features pensive. “That is the
difficult part. There is no particular organ that generates the
field, at least that we can find. However it does appear that the
energy is concentrating in and around the brain.”
Janeway pursed her lips and looked up at Chakotay.
The look in his eyes startled her. He was looking at her with
almost a proud look, like he was proud of who she was and what
she was doing. There was a hint of something else in his eyes as
well….something she dared only in her dreams to hope for.
Determinedly she pushed such thoughts from her mind
and forced herself to the business at hand. “Well Commander,
what do you think?”
Chakotay shook his head. “I don’t know Captain. I’ve
never seen anything like it.”
Across the spacious Sickbay the Doctor was treating
the other patient. He quickly finished and walked back over to
Janeway and Chakotay.
“Doctor, I’d like to be able to talk to one of your
patients if at all possible. When will they wake up?” The Captain
inquired looking down at the young man.
‘One of ‘they’ is awake.” A familiar voice spoke quietly.
Janeway , Chakotay , the Doctor and Kes spun around
to look at the young woman sitting up on the biobed.
Long dark brown hair tumbled down over her
shoulders and intelligent brown eyes met Janeway’s blue ones.
She was beautiful and in an ironic similarity appeared to be
native American. She even had a tattoo. Five small bluish circles
were tattooed up her well-defined cheek bones.
“I’m Captain Kathryn Janeway, this is my first officer
Commander Chakotay. you’re aboard the Federation Starship
Voyager. ”
The young woman nodded. “I am Turai. I was captain
of the Orieana.”
“Would you care to explain how you ended up here?”
Chakotay questioned.
Turai turned a slightly bemused gaze at him. “You
rescued me.”
“How did you end up battling a ship twice your ship’s
size?” Chakotay clarified, knowing she was avoiding the
question. “We’d like to know.”
Turai stared him straight in the eyes without fear and
Chakotay had the strangest feeling that he was a young boy
again staring into the eyes of an elder of his tribe. “You may
wish me to tell you but that is of no consequence if I do not wish
to tell you.” She hesitated her gaze travelling across the room to
where her companion lay. “What of Tion? Is he all right? I will
tell you nothing until I know.”
Chakotay noticed the condition she’d placed on her
answer. It almost sounded like the answer a Maquis would give
someone if they were in the same situation.
“You may see for yourself.” Janeway said holding out a
hand towards the young man.
Gracefully Turai slipped around the two Starfleet
officers and hurried over to her friend.
“He is unconscious but improving steadily. “The
Doctor reported.
“Thank you.” Turai said then turned her attention to her
The young man lay unresponsive on the biobed yet
when Turai took his hand in hers there was a change in the
atmosphere of the room. It became charged somehow. As if
expecting something to happen.
Janeway and Chakotay shared a glance. They could
feel it to, something was going on and they both suspected that
the anomalous energy field had a lot to do with it. Seconds later
their suspicions were confirmed when a golden energy began to
emanate from Turai. Soon it covered both her and Tion and the
young man began to moan.
Kes stood in silent shock feeling, mentally , the power
of the energy pass between the two aliens. Next to her equally
shocked the Doctor held his medical tricorder up and scanned
the two getting as many readings on the field as he possibly
The energy field glowed around Turai and Tion for a
few moments then slowly faded away.
Turai stepped back looking visibly tired, as Tion sat up
and looked at Janeway and Chakotay and then turned to look at
the Doctor and Kes.
He spoke to Turai in a language that was both beautiful
and eloquent and even after a few moments the universal
translator couldn’t match Standard words to the exotic language.
Tion was obviously agitated at waking up in an unfamiliar
environment with strange people standing around and the speed
at which he spoke gave it away.
Turai’s answer was calm and measured but this time the
translator managed to make out one word. “Regime.” Turai
noticed the translation but continued to speak unperturbed.
Finally Tion calmed down and turned to Janeway.
“My apologies Captain.” His voice was as gentle and
warm as his companions and he to had the tattoos up his cheek
except he only wore 3 where Turai wore 5. “But I mistook you
for those who chased us.”
Captain Janeway shook her head, a smile appearing on
her face. ” I would make the same mistake if I were in your
Tion smiled and Janeway felt her blood pressure
increase. She couldn’t help herself, Tion was an incredibly
attractive man.
Next to her Chakotay felt jealousy well up inside him
but he forced it away. Whom Kathryn was attracted to was none
of his business. But he’d like it to be…his mind whispered
“How are you feeling?” The Doctor questioned
stepping in front of Tion and waving the small diagnostic wand
of the tricorder over him.
Tion gave him a puzzled look.
Turai caught his eye and said, “Healer.”
Tion nodded and answered the Doctor.” Fine. Thank
The Doctor nodded and Tion spotted Kes. “And you
are?” He said with a smile.
“Kes.” She said holding out a hand, which Tion kissed.
“A beautiful name for one equally beautiful.” Tion said
smiling as he slipped off the biobed. He then turned to Janeway.
“And I do believe Captain that we have not been properly
Behind him Turai wiped the amused smile off her face
and stepped forward.
“Captain Kathryn Janeway this is Tion, Tion this is
Captain Janeway. Tion is my first officer Captain.”
Janeway smiled and offered a hand for Tion to shake
but instead he gently kissed the back of it. “It’s a pleasure Tion.”
“Truly it is.” Tion said smiling. He looked over at
Chakotay and with a vaguely confused look on his face spoke a
few words in what Chakotay had determined to be his native
Chakotay shook his head. “I’m sorry but I don’t
understand your language.”
Tion turned and looked at Turai. She shook her head
gracefully. “He is not of our people.”
“But…” Tion shook his head in a gesture much like
Turai’s. “Nevermind. I merely inquired as to your name.”
“I am Chakotay. Captain Janeway’s first officer.”
Tion nodded and turned to look at Turai. They stared at
each other for a few moments, at Kes’ slight nod Janeway
realised that they were communicating telepathically. This race
just seemed to get more complex by the second, she thought to
Janeway opened her mouth to say something when the
ship lurched suddenly, knocking everyone to the floor.
Chakotay was on his feet instantly and helped her to
her feet . Out of the corner of her eye she saw Turai rise to her
feet and help Kes up the turn to help Tion.
“Weapons fire?” Chakotay surmised.
Janeway nodded. “Let’s get to the bridge.” she started
towards the door then looked back at Turai.
“Would you like to come? I have the feeling you know
considerably more about our attackers than we do.”
Turai nodded. “May Tion join us?”
Janeway nodded and the quartet left sickbay before the
doctor could protest at the loss of his patients. Frustrated he
turned to Kes who shrugged and smiled sweetly.

When Turai walked onto the bridge her eyes widened
with surprise. Everything was so wide and open! It was like a
regime ship yet….so different! The mental atmosphere was so
much more pleasant! The camaraderie and loyalty each
crewmember felt for the rest of the crew was so evident it was
like getting into a nice warm bath, unlike the emotional
atmosphere of a regime ship which was like a bucket of cold
water in the face.
“Report,” Janeway said walking down to her chair. A
young blond-haired man turned from his console in front of a
large viewing screen. When he saw Turai and Tion his eyes
widened momentarily and Turai felt his surprise. However just
as quick as it appeared it was gone. “The ship has returned .
They scanned the wreckage, then scanned us and opened fire.”
“No hail?” Chakotay put in.
“Not as of yet.” A young man reported.
“Mr.Kim.” Janeway turned to face him. Turai sized the
young man’s face up. If he were from her system she would have
put him from the western continent of the fifth planet. “Open a
“Channel open.” He said with a flick of his wrist across
his console at the rear of the bridge.
“This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation
starship Voyager. We are peaceful and do not wish to attack you
but unless you cease fire, we will attack.”
She nodded at Kim who closed the channel.
There was a pause of a few minutes then Kim spoke
again. “They are hailing us Captain.”

On the screen appeared a man with black hair and even
blacker eyes and tanned skin he wore a dark grey uniform with
four bars on his chest.
“I am Captain Dualan of the Regime ship Tarasno. You
will surrender the traitors Turai and Tion to us immediately.
They are wanted for terrorism crimes committed against the
Regime.” His eyes flicked over the faces of the crew until he
spotted Turai. “So, Traitor. Is this a new Rebel ship?”
Turai looked over at Janeway , who nodded her
permission. The beautiful alien captain stepped forward and
coolly met Dualan’s eyes.” No, Captain. They are innocents who
rescued my crewmate and myself from the wreckage of my
Dualan’s cruel eyes seemed to grow more malicious
and hate-filled with each word.
“Liar!” He spat. “Is that why you changed course to
intercept them?”
“I wished only to warn them. When the Regieme hunts
the Rebels it rarely cares who gets in the way as long as the
Rebels are destroyed.” Turai countered angrily. “Afterall isn’t it
the Regieme’s policy to kill the apologise later if not never?”
Dualan waved a hand in arrogant dismissal. “Whether
or not that is true or not is of no consequence now. Surrender or
we will destroy your vessel.”
“Why surrender?” Turai retorted. “You’ll only destroy
them the minute we materialise on your ship.”
“We would do no such thing.” Dualan countered.
“Right just like the `fair’ trials you promise to those
accused of a crime against the Regieme only to pronounce them
guilty and sentence them to death by slow torture?” Turai’s soft
voice had turned angry and lethal. Her disgust and hatred at the
other Captain quite evident.
“Have it your way.” Dualan said and closed the
“Shield’s up!” Janeway ordered. “Mr.Paris I would
suggest you get us away from here as fast as you can. Be
“Captain!” Turai interrupted. “May I suggest a route. I
know a place where it will be safe to hide your ship.”
Janeway looked at Turai and tried to gauge whether the
young woman spoke the truth or not…finally she nodded.
Turai stepped down to the pilot’s console and looked at
Paris expectantly.
Paris looked back at Janeway. The Captain nodded and
he relinquished his seat. Turai plopped down and without
hesitation plotted a course and engaged warp 8.
“Captain,” Tuvok said quietly.
Janeway looked up at Tuvok then walked up to his
station. “Yes Lieutenant?”
“I must protest your actions. It is not logical to allow
this woman to pilot Voyager.”
“Relax, Mr.Tuvok.” Janeway said calmly. “She is
merely plotting a course to a planet where we will be safe from
attack until we can figure this out.”
“Captain, by the account of the alien captain Dualan
both Turai and Tion are terrorists and most likely murders. It is
not safe to allow a woman like that access to the pilot’s console
of a Starfleet vessel.”
“Mr.Tuvok….loosen up. As you can see she’s already
returned the console to Mr.Paris and has moved a safe distance
away neither one is carrying weapons and I doubt they would
attempt to take over the ship in any case since they are sorely
outnumbered and outgunned. However, I would like an
explanation as to what we just heard.” At that she turned and
walked back to her seat but remained standing. ” I trust
Captain,” She said to Turai. “That you have a good explanation
for all we have just heard.”
Turai sighed and looked over at Tion. “I guess you do
deserve an explanation. But can we do it in private?”
Janeway considered this request. “I would like all my
senior officers to hear it.” She gestured to a door across the
bridge. “May I suggest we move this discussion to the briefing
Turai looked at Tion who shrugged, she returned her
gaze to Janeway and nodded. Janeway gestured to her crew who
waited for replacements to arrive then followed Janeway into the
briefing room as behind them Turai nodded to herself, noting the
efficiency of Janeway’s crew.

Turai waited until the crew was seated then began to
“As you have all heard I am a rebel. A terrorist. In your
minds you must see me and Tion as careless murderers. But I
beg you to put that idea aside, at least until I have had a chance
to defend myself.
For thousands of generations my system was ruled by a
kind and benevolent family. The royal house of Oreania. They
ruled with the assistance of an elected senate. Each planet
elected 10 senators. Of those 10, 2 would be elected to the Royal
Advisory Committee. They would be the ones who actually sat
down with the King and Queen to discuss problems.
Under their government the system flourished. Our
planets working in harmony, no war. Our armies trained only to
preserve the systems safety from those called the Borg. We
enjoyed our peaceful society most pursued a life of leisure in the
arts, sciences and music….we were so balanced and at peace we
never saw the danger until to late.” Turai paused, looking out the
window. “Our destruction came ,ironically, not from without but
from within. A young officer in our space fleet. He believed the
government to be weak and insignificant. So he began gathering
support amongst those of similar morals and….when the time
was right. Stormed the castle on Oreania and murdered the King
and Queen. He seized the throne and disbanded the Senate. He
declared himself *Supreme* ruler. He executed anyone loyal to
the royal family he could find and hunted down any of the
remaining family he could catch. Thankfully he failed. General
Kielos didn’t know it but the Queen…Ileya, had given birth to
twins. A girl and a boy. She entrusted them to a nurse, knowing
the attack was about to commence and the nurse fled to a
neighbouring system where she would be safe to raise the royal
10 years ago the twins returned only to find their once
flourishing home dying within the cruel grip of Keilos Regieme.
Angry at what was being done to their people founded the
Oreanian Rebellion and pledged to return the system to the glory
days of the Republic of Free Worlds. We haven’t succeeded
yet…but we will.”
Turai looked Captain Janeway in the eye. “Is that
explanation good enough?”
Janeway nodded. “Where are the Prince and Princess
“Fighting in the Rebellion. Unlike General Kielos they
fight alongside their soldiers.” Tion responded.
“Captain Janeway,” Turai spoke softly. “We would be
grateful if you would be so kind as to return us to the 10th planet
of our system.”
“Why the 10th?” Chakotay inquired.
Turai grinned. “The Rebellion’s Stronghold is there?”
“How do you stay hidden?” Tom questioned.
“With the mental abilities of our healers and the grace
of the Father.” Turai answered.
“The Father?” B’Elanna said quizzically.

“Yes The Father.” Tion said calmly. “The One who is
Janeway rose. “Thank you Turai, Tion. I’m sure you
would like to rest now.”
Turai smiled and Tion nodded. “Now that you mention
it Captain. We are feeling a little stretched.”
“Well then allow me to escort you to some quarters
where you can get come sleep.” Janeway gestured to the door.
“You?” Turai looked surprised. “Why not a junior
“Well I’m heading that way myself and besides after
what you’ve been through you deserve to be treated like a normal
Turai smiled again. “Thank you Captain, you do me a
great honour.”
“Not at all. Its merely a courtesy.”

The duo walked down the corridor, a few metres ahead
of Chakotay and Tion who seemed to be deep in conversation.
“Captain…Forgive me if I am being to forward but you
care deeply for Commander Chakotay, don’t you?”
Janeway shot a glance at Turai. The woman was to
perceptive for her own good. “Of course he’s my first officer.”
Turai laughed softly. “It’s more than that isn’t it?
Afterall I care for Tion but I don’t look at him the way you look
at Commander Chakotay.”
Janeway fought to keep her tone neutral. “I suppose
Turai gave her an amused look. “Don’t worry, I’m not
planning on telling him. But I think you should. Afterall, who
knows what his response would be?” Then, her dark eyes
sparkling in mischief, Turai stopped in front of her quarters.
“Good Evening Captain.” Then she ducked in through the door,
leaving Janeway standing in the corridor.
Chakotay stepped up behind her. “Captain?”
“That is one dangerously perceptive woman,” Janeway
commented half to herself before turning and walking down the

The next morning they stood on the bridge looking at
the 10th planet of the Oreaniean System. Turai smiled as she
silently watched the planet fill the viewscreen.
She turned to Captain Janeway. “Would you like to
take a landing party down with us? After rescuing us it’s the least
we can do to repay you.”

Altaira was a beautiful world. So much like earth that
huge smiles appeared on the faces of the Starfleet officers when
they rematerialized.
“This place…” Tion said to Paris.”…it is similar..to your
Tom nodded. “very much.”
“Then enjoy yourselves.” Tion instructed with a smile.
“Pardon?” Chakotay said a question in his voice.
“As I told you yesterday. Our healers provide a
constant mental screen of invisibility for the planet. It hides us
from the Regieme. We enjoy relative safety here so enjoy!” Tion
waved his arms expressively.
Behind him Turai snickered softly. “Thank you
Mr.Travel Agent.” She gave him a slight shove. “However he is
right. You are welcome to enjoy yourselves. Tion and I would
join you but this is a world to be explored by friends…”She
flicked a mischievous glance at Janeway and Chakotay.” and
lovers. You will not get lost, the paths are well marked and there
are information pools placed at strategic points along each trail.
Normally they are activated telepathically. But for those who are
mindblind they can be activated vocally. We will program them
to respond in your language. So please! Go! Enjoy yourselves
with our thanks.”
At this Turai and Tion turned and walked up the gently
sloping grass hill to a beautiful glass domed building.
Janeway turned to her crew. “Well?” She asked, her
eyes twinkling merrily. ” Shall we take Turai and Tion up on
their offer?”
No one spoke but the looks on her senior officers faces
was answer enough. “Commander Chakotay,” Janeway turned to
her first officer. She hesitated slightly…then, remembering
Turai’s words to her the previous evening, took a chance. “Care
to join me on a walk?”

Chakotay blinked at her words, he paused, hesitant to
answer then remembered Tion’s words `how will you ever know
how she feels if you don’t spend time with her, as Chakotay and
Kathryn, leave the commander and the captain behind.’ “I would
enjoy it captain.” Then echoing Tion and Turai’s words said to
the rest of the landing party. “Go! Enjoy yourselves!”

The path they were walking on was beautiful, but not as
beautiful as Kathryn, Chakotay decided. She’d taken her hair
down letting it fall down over her shoulders and Chakotay
couldn’t stop looking at her out of the corner of his eye. `Great
Mother she is beautiful’ he thought to himself.
Kathryn. He loved her name. He’d looked it up and
discovered it meant Pure One, and watching her now that was
exactly what he saw. A woman of beauty her soul untouched by
the ravages of time. Someone he could truly loved. And
someone who could love him.

Kathryn sighed. This was how it should be. Peaceful,
walking on a planet with the man she loved by her side enjoying
natures beauty. Suddenly the implication of what she’d thought
hit her. Love. She sneaked a glance at Chakotay. He was looking
at a native bird flying overheard his profile strong, handsome,
yet at the same time tender and gentle. A man she could love and
be loved by.
“Kathryn.” Chakotay’s touch was gentle. “look.”
Peering at them with big brown eyes from the bushes
was a small animal which resembled an earth deer.
“Oh…”Janeway knelt, wonder in her eyes. “Hello little
one.” She held out a hand. “Come here…I won’t harm you.” her
tone was soft, gentle, welcoming.
Slowly on shaky legs the tiny creature moved forward
and sniffed delicately at her hand then pushed against her.
Kathryn smiled and looked up at Chakotay.
He was smiling as he knelt next to her. “It trusts you.”
He said quietly. “Just like I do.” It was out before he could stop
it. Afraid of what he’d see Chakotay looked into Kathryn’s face…
She was smiling. The tiny creature was forgotten as
they slowly stood never taking their eyes off of each other. They
stood quietly for a moment just looking at each other…a thought
flitted across Janeway’s mind `he’s going to kiss me’ and she was
right. Seconds later she was in his arms and it seemed as if
everything was perfect, all of Voyager’s problems forgotten. The
patchwork crew and all the problems that came with it vanished,
the incredible distance of which they had yet to cover was
gone….all forgotten for a few welcome moments.
It could have…and probably would have gone on for
hours had Janeway’s commbadge not beeped. “Lt.Tuvok to
Captain Janeway.”
Chakotay growled in frustration as Janeway pulled
away with an amused smile on her face as she tapped her
“Janeway here.”
“Captain it appears the Rebels are planning
“Something?” Chakotay said questioningly.
“Yes Commander, an assault.” Tuvok said his voice
emanating from the tiny device.
“On who?” Janeway inquired.
“The Regieme would be the most logical assumption.”
Janeway and Chakotay looked at each other…Trouble.
“All right Mr.Tuvok. We’ll be right there. Janeway
“I have lousy luck.” Chakotay muttered.
Janeway smiled tolerantly. “Why?”
“The minute I get a beautiful woman in my arms a war
breaks out.”
Janeway started to laugh. Chakotay projected the
picture of a martyr very well considering the topic. “It hasn’t
broken out yet.” She put forward.
“Close enough.”

When they reached the Rebel compound most of the
landing party was already waiting. Judging by the tousled hair of
Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres and the fact their uniforms were
just the tiniest bit out of place Janeway surmised she and
Chakotay weren’t the only ones `enjoying the scenery’
Tuvok walked up and Janeway turned to face him.
“They are in the main building Captain…”
“Well then…let’s go talk to Turai.” Janeway said
striding up to the building.

Turai looked up from a massive table when Janeway
strode in followed by her command crew. “Captain!” Her face lit
up with a welcoming smile.
One which Janeway didn’t return. “What are you
Turai looked puzzled. “I don’t understand? What are
you talking about?”
“You know perfectly well what I mean. you’re planning
an assault.”
“Why?” Janeway demanded.
“We’re rebels Captain. Our goal is to overthrow the
dictatorship we’ve been forced under. That means we use every
advantage given us. And right know our advantage is time. For
the first time in nearly five years the General is travelling with
his fleet. The time to strike is at hand. If we blow this chance we
won’t get another for who knows how long? If we can do this it
will finally be over. Don’t you see? We have a chance to stop his
tyranny. We have a chance to be *free*.” Turai looked at the
Voyager crew her dark eyes blazing.
“With us in orbit over your world?” Tuvok put in from
beside Janeway.
“We have no choice.”Turai said sadly. “I wish it could
be any other way but by the time you could reach safety, the
General would have as well and we’d lose our chance. If you
were to join us there would be little danger of you being
Janeway never spoke she merely looked Turai in the
eyes giving no hint as to her thoughts.
“Join you?” Tuvok said, his voice as close to
incredulous as a Vulcan could get. “It is illogical to make such a
Turai flicked a glance at him then returned her gaze to
“I’d like to discuss it with my senior officers first.”
Janeway said calmly.
Turai nodded. “As you wish.” She picked up a device
that resembled a PADD and stylus and left.
“Captain,” Chakotay moved to stand before Janeway.
“We have to help them. How can we in good conscience ignore
these people in the one time they need us.”
“Commander,” Tuvok intervened. “The Prime
Directive forbids us…”
“Prime Directive!” B’Elanna burst out. “The Prime
Directive didn’t stop the Captain from destroying the Array, or
joining the Illari in an assault to remove Tieran from power!”
Janeway nodded. “Point taken.”
“They’re right Captain.” To Janeway’s extreme
amazement Harry Kim spoke up. “This is the one chance these
people may have at freedom. We should do all we can to help
them achieve it.”
Janeway looked at him. Harry was the last person she
would have expected to take such a view. Harry’s allegiance was
100% Starfleet. He usually sided with Tuvok…Usually.
“Mr.Paris?” She said looking over at the pilot.
Tom met Janeway’s eyes steadily. “I think you know
my response Captain.”
The petite Ocampan looked pensive.” Well Captain. I
can’t see how we couldn’t help them. I’ve been looking around
their schools and hospitals…they’re a highly advance culture. We
can’t let their culture and history be stamped out.”
“Captain…”Tuvok began,
“Tuvok!” Chakotay interrupted. “For once in your life
abandon Vulcan dictates. Think about the people of this system.
They’re highly logical and deeply philosophical. How can we
sand by and let them be subverted!”
“This is not the Maquis Commander!” Tuvok
countered his tone of voice not changing.
“Mr.Tuvok!” Janeway’s voice had risen sharply. “that is
enough thank you! I think based on the feelings of the majority
of the senior staff we will join Turai and the Rebellion in their
Tuvok looked displeased but judging by the looks of
agreement on the faces of the rest of the senior officers; it would
be quite illogical for him to protest the Captain’s decision.

A few minutes later Turai returned and immediately
began work on her assault plans again. Seeing her Janeway
walked across the room to look at her. The beautiful Oreanian
looked up and waited patiently not speaking.
Janeway nodded. A small smile formed on Turai’s lips
as the implication of Janeway’s nod sunk in.
“Thank you Captain,” Turai said softly. “You could not
possibly understand how much it means to know you and your
crew support us. It’s been so long since anyone outside our
system has cared.”
“Turai call me Kathryn.” Janeway said smiling.
“All right…Kathryn.”
“So now what?” Chakotay questioned walking up.

“Now…we plan…then…we fight.” Turai grinned
Behind her Tion stood in a doorway. He grinned and
shook his head. “Oh brother.” He said grinning mischievously at
Turai. “Now what are you going to do to them?”
“Nothing.” Turai answered innocently. “We’re merely
going to plan our attack.”
Tion heaved an exaggerated sigh and flopped down in
a chair. “May the Father guide us,” He said then lowered his
voice to a level Turai could safely ignore but everyone could
hear. “Cause when Turai gets started we’re going to need it.”
Amused Chakotay grinned over at Janeway, their eyes
met and Chakotay’s thoughts turned to something entirely
opposite from amusement and as they took seats around the table
he began to wonder what would have happened if Kathryn’s
commbadge hadn’t chirped. Would they have ended up like
Tom and B’Elanna `enjoying the scenery’? If Kathryn’s mind
had been thinking along the lines his had they would have.
He was jolted out of his thoughts when Kathryn’s foot
nudged his. Coming through the door Tion had entered through,
were three people, 2 men and a woman.
“Captain Janeway this is Chiara, she commands our
intelligence units, this is Solen, he commands our fighters and
finally Allain, he commands our starships. Solen, Chiara, Allain,
this is Captain Kathryn Janeway and her first officer Commander
The three Oreaniens stepped forward to shake hands
with each crewmember who introduced themselves, then
everyone took their place.
“Captain,”Chiara’s voice was husky with the inflections
of one who’d spent her life on the sea. “We wish to thank you
for rescuing the…”Turai shot her, what appeared to be a warning
“It was something anyone would have done.” Janeway
said calmly.
“Not here.”Solen said angrily. “Not since the Regime.”
“Which brings us to our reason for being here.” Turai
interrupted. “Chiara, what do the spies say…”
The meeting was long but productive and Chakotay
and B’Elanna’s knowledge of Maquis battle strategy came in
useful, giving them new ideas about how to go about slipping
fighters into position. While Janeway’s experience chasing
Maquis provided insight on the position the Regime
Commanders might take. Never before had the differences
between the Starfleet section of Voyager’s crew and the Maquis
section been so evident yet never so useful either. Janeway found
herself thinking that the plan wouldn’t have been quite so well
thought out had Chakotay and Torres never been in the Maquis.
And Janeway felt semi-smug pride watching Chakotay. She had
to admit her heart had chosen well. So different from
Mark…Mark…Janeway felt a pang of remorse, not for falling in
love with Chaktotay, she would never regret that, she regretted
not being able to explain to him that she no longer loved him the
way she had.
“Captain Janeway,” Turai’s voice was soft as it
intruded into her thoughts.
“Yes Turai?’
“Do you have anymore to add?’
Janeway forced her thoughts away from her past, which
Mark was now a part of, and onto the plan they’d created. “No.
“No.” He turned to Tom who’d been using his
navagational skills to help plan the actual maneuvers the pilot’s
would be using in the attack. Tom shook his head and one by
one each senior officer mirrored his action and Turai’s 4
assistants did the same.
“Well then…that’s it. We leave in the morning.” Turai
rose. “Captain, you and your crew are welcome to spend the
night here.”
Janeway looked at her senior officers who nodded. She
saw the hopeful wish in their eyes then turned to meet
Chakotay’s gaze and saw the promise there. A slight shiver ran
up her spine.
“Yes thank you Turai. I think we would enjoy that.”

Shortly after everyone had gone into their rooms for the
night a door opened and Tom Paris slipped out into the hallway.
Silently he crept down the hall and tapped lightly on a door.
Noiselessly it slid open and B’Elanna Torres stood
there silhouetted by the moonlight in a sliky white nightgown.
Tom smiled apprecatively and pulled her to him for a welcoming
kiss. Carefully he maneuvered them through the doorway and
the door slid shut again.
Not even minutes later another door slipped open and
Chakotay walked out. He stepped to the door next to his.
Without him touching the chime it slid open to reveal
Kathryn Janeway. Her hair was loose and she wore an emerald
green robe over a matching gown and smiled in welcome.
Chakotay’s eyes were soft and promising but Kathryn
also saw wonder there and realised he felt the same way she did.
He couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Slowly she held
out a slender hand. It was only then she noticed it was trembling
Hesitantly Chakotay held out a hand to take hers. His
was shaking as well. They half-smiled at each other amused that
they were acting like a couple of teenagers, actually teenagers
probably weren’t half so nervous.
Slowly Janeway backed into her room and Chakotay
followed, the door sliding shut behind them.

The morning on Altaira dawned beautiful and bright.
Sunlight wafted in through the oval window and fell across the
pillows to touch two heads.
Kathryn Janeway woke up to the welcoming feel of lips
slowly working their way up her neck. She smiled and turned to
look at Chakotay. He smiled. “Good morning.” His voice husky
and gentle.
“Good morning yourself,” Janeway countered
cheerfully. She rolled over to face him and traced his tattoo with
her fingers.
He captured her fingers and pressed them to his lips.
“Did you sleep well?” He inquired quirking a smile.
“You should know you tired me out!” She teased
playfully grinning.
He chuckled. “And you think it wasn’t mutual? You are
one insatiable woman.”
“Me?” Janeway said innocently.
“Yes you, Kathryn you are deceptively calm and
composed but really you are demanding!” Chakotay accused
playfully pointing a finger at her.
Janeway dug him in the ribs. She’d discovered
sometime last night he was ticklish on his sides.
He pulled away and tried to give her a mock-stern
Janeway tilted her head to one side and smiled
Chakotay grinned. “You’re good.” he said chuckling.
“I know.” Janeway replied smugly.
“Lt.Tuvok, to Captain Janeway.” The security officer’s
voice intruded into their bantar and Chakotay groaned yanking
the pillow out from under his head and covering his face.
Janeway sighed knowing why Tuvok was interrupting
their morning. The assault. She knew it was a necessary evil
but…she still dreaded it.
Reluctantly she leaned over and picked up her
communicator. “Yes Mr.Tuvok?”
“The Rebellion ships are ready. Turai says Voyager
may join the fleet at your convenience.”
“Thank you Lieutenant. I’ll contact Commander
Chakotay and we’ll beam aboard. Janeway out.” She put the
communicator down and turning to Chakotay , pulled the pillow
away to kiss him. “We’ve got to get dressed.” She said tracing
the pattern of his tatto, a gesture already intimately familiar.
Chakotay nodded. “I suppose so.”
Janeway slid from the bed and tossed his uniform at
him then reached for her own.
They dressed quickly then Chakotay pulled Kathryn to
him for one final kiss before they beamed aboard Voyager.
“Tell me something.” Kathryn said softly.” Do you feel
like you’re about to go on a Maquis mission?”
Chakotay thought for a moment then shook his head.
“No. This feels different. It feels…”He hesitated searching for
the right words. “It feels like I’m a Starfleet officer. One who’s
doing what he’s been trained to do…protect the innocent.” He
pulled her to the window then pointed to the young Altairian
children playing outside.” Protecting them, and their future.”
Janeway smiled. “Is that why the Maquis banded
“Partly. But mostly , I think, because the Cardassians
had taken so much we couldn’t let them take anymore.”
Janeway nodded then tapped her
communicator.”Janeway to Voyager. Two to beam up.”
Seconds later they dissolved in two whirls or silvery-
blue light.

Janeway was suprised to see how large the Rebellion
fleet was. She looked over at Turai, who stood next to her on
Voyager’s bridge. “I had no ides,” She commented to the tiny
Turai looked amused, “No idea of what?”
“How organized you really are. It’s one thing to
organize a fleet on paper, quite another to put it into practise.”
“Well your Starfleet has been doing it for over one
hundred years.” Turai countered calmly. Janeway had seen to it
that Turai got a chance to review the Federation’s history.
Perhaps it would help her to rebuild their government, Janeway
had thought.
“Yes but our Starfleet has the Federations backing.
Technically you are a terrorist organization.”
“True. But all the planets of the system support us, they hide
our ships and personnel bases. We haven’t lost one to the raids
“Raids?” Chakotay said behind them.
“Yes. The General has death squads called Hunters. They
hunt down anyone remotely connected to the Rebellion and
kill them. Fortunately they’ve never found anyone significantly
connected to the Rebellion who cracked under torture.”
“That’s hard to believe.” Paris commented.
“Well Lieutenant, nearly 30 years of oppression have made
my people strong. We don’t bow to torture of the body or
mind. Not when there is so much at stake.” Turai said softly a
quiet dignity in her voice that made Janeway take a sidelong
Turai stood silently, her posture elegant…almost…regal.
`I wonder…’ Janeway thought to herself then dismissed the
thought as quickly as it had come. Turai always spoke of the
Prince and Princess in the third person. Also, as far as Janeway
could tell, Turai had no brother.
“Turai!” Tion’s voice filled the bridge. “We’re ready.”
Janeway and Turai shared a look, was it her imagination or
was there a tiny flicker of fear in Turai’s eyes.
If there was it soon vanished. Turai lifted her chin slightly
and said. “All ships ahead, Warp 9.”
The ship shuddered slightly as she leapt from impulse to
Warp 4, then 5, then 6 and finally 9.
When Voyager dropped out of warp they found themselves
in the middle of a massive battle.
Seated next to Janeway, Turai nodded grimly. “They may
not have know we were coming but as always they’re
prepared.” She looked up at Harry. “Ensign have you had a
chance to look over that code I gave you?”
Kim nodded. “It’s fascinating and I think I have reasonable
command of it. Enough to accurately decipher a message.”
“Good, thank you. Send the following message to all
Rebellion ships, leave the Command ship alone, it’s mine.”
Turai said calmly. “And attack.”
Turai watched quietly then turned to Janeway.
“Captain, can you get me aboard the command ship?”
“We can try.” Janeway responded then turned to
Tuvok. “Open fire,” She ordered.” Just enough to bring down
their shields.”
Tuvok bent over his console and minutes later a dazzling
display of phaser beams shot out from Voyager and struck the
Regime ship. They kept it up for several minutes then Tuvok
“Their shields are holding, Captain.”
“We’ll see about that,” Turai said, determination in every
feature. She rose and walked to the viewscreen.
“Hail Tion’s ship please.”
“Yes Turai?” Tion’s slightly breathless voice once again
filled the bridge.
“I need the shields on the command ship down.”
“Are *they* on board?” Tion’s voice was soft.
“Yes.” Turai responded. “And Kielos is on board to.”
Janeway and Chakotay shared a look. The question evident
in their eyes. *They?*
“Done.” Tion said and broke the link.

Seconds later Tion’s ship engaged the command ship. Then
the small fighters attacked. The Regime ships tried to draw
them away but the fighters ignored them. Instead other
Rebellion ships moved to intercept the Regime vessels.
All of this was watched anxiously from Voyager’s bridge.
Turai was hiding something. Janeway was sure if it. There
was someone on the command ship, someone more important
to Turai than her enemy Kielos. Turai hadn’t volunteered any
information and Janeway suspected she wouldn’t answer any
questions even if asked.
“The shields of the command ship have collapsed.” Tuvok
reported and before Janeway could even speak Turai was
hurrying toward the turbolift.
Janeway nodded at Chakotay, Paris, Tuvok and Kim,
B’Elanna was already waiting in the transporter room. No way
was Janeway going to let Turai go alone.

They materialized in a smoke filled corridor. Officers were
hurrying in every direction. Most paid the Starfleet officers
little or no attention. But one officer noticed and went to sound
an alarm, before he could Turai shot him with a pulse of
energy, hitting him in the chest. “Don’t worry, he’s only
stunned.” She said continuing up the corridor.

She stopped suddenly and ducked into a small alcove a few
feet from a door with a guard on either side.
Turai looked at Janeway and shrugged. She shot one and
went into a roll coming up on one knee to aim at the other one
who’d drawn his weapon. He fired, it skimmed her shoulder
causing her to cry out in pain but she shot anyway.
With the two guards unconscious on the floor Turai ran into
the room, the Voyager senior officers right behind her.
A tall man stood in the center of the room. He had
aristocratic features but a permanent look of cruelty on his
face. A sneer further marred his handsome face at the sight of
the beautiful Oreanian. “Turai.” He said disgust in his tone.
Without blinking Turai pointed her weapon at him, “Where
are they?”
“Ah yes, your fatal weakness. They’re near. I’ll tell you if
you’ll call off the attack.”
“You don’t seem to get it.” Turai said coldly. “I’ve won. The
system is free. You’re finished Kielos. Your tyranny is at an
end. No matter if you tell me or not I will find them anyway.
But it will go easier for you if you do tell me.”
“Easier how?”
“I won’t shoot you…yet,”
“All right,” Kielos nodded. He held up his hands in defeat
and Turai spun him towards the door.
“Take me to them. NOW!” She ordered pushing him
“Don’t you dare do that again!” He seethed, glaring at her.
“Do what?” Turai said innocently. Her features hardened
and she shoved him again, harder. “That? I don’t think you’re
in much of a position to give orders anymore so get moving
before I shoot you here and now.”
He turned and almost laughed. “You won’t shoot me. That’s
where you and I differ Turai, I’m not afraid to kill.”
“Oh really?” Turai sneered. “You didn’t have the guts to
look my father in the eyes. Instead you ordered him and my
mother executed. You could never face your death as my
father did. Or could you worry more about your children’s
lives when you knew yours was at an end like my mother?
Let’s find out shall we?” She leveled her weapon at his head.
“Turai!” Chakotay walked up and pushed her arm down.
“Don’t. It’s not the right way.”
Turai looked him in the eyes.
For a minute Chakotay thought she was going to hit him and
shoot Kielos anyway but after a long pause she nodded.
Chakotay stepped away and looked at Janeway. The
meaning of what Turai’d said wasn’t lost on either one but now
was not the time to discuss it.
Turai shoved Kielos into the corridor. Instantly everything
in the corridor came to a dead stop. Turai half-smiled at the
expressions of shock on the officers faces.
“As you can see,” She said calmly.” The Regime has fallen.
The General is no longer ruler. The Rebellion, with the help of
all our planets, will remove corrupt leaders from power and
elections will be held to replace them,”
“What about the Prince and Princess!” Someone shouted.
“Will they return to rule?”
Turai smiled. “They already have. They are the Rebellion’s
leaders. They’ve fought alongside Rebellion soldiers for nearly
eight years and finally we are free!”
To Janeway’s amazement most of the officers shouted with
excitement, others looked close to tears, but almost all were
“Doesn’t look like you’re to popular a guy,” Paris remarked
almost casually to Kielos.
“You know Tom,” B’Elanna said grinning. “I’d say by the
look of things you’re right, he’s as popular as a Cardassian Gul
in a room full of Bajoran freedom fighters.”
“Considering the circumstances that analogy is pretty
accurate.” Harry Kim said as they followed Turai and a very
nervous Kielos into a turbo lift.

It was easy to tell the news had reached the prison deck
when they stepped out of the lift.
The prisoners were on the outside and the guards were in
the cells.
At the sight of Kielos being held at phaser-point by Paris the
freed prisoners let loose a cheer.
Turai barely noticed. Janeway watched the young woman as
she anxiously scanned every face in the crowd.
“Looking for someone?” She asked softly.
Turai looked over at her surprised, as if she hadn’t realized
the Starfleet Officers were still with her. She nodded and
returned her attention to the crowd.
No sooner had she done so when a tiny voice called out.
“Momma!” Turai spun and there, running across the deck, was
a tiny little girl with long dark curls and eyes very much like
“Maia!” Turai swept the little girl up into her arms and spun
her around.
Before the dumfound Starfleet officers eyes Turai the
calculating freedom fighter vanished as if she’d never existed
to be replaced by Turai the loving mother.
“Turai!” A man spoke and Turai, still holding Maia turned
to look. “Solen,” She smiled as he pulled her, little girl and
all, into his arms.
They stood silent for a moment, obviously enjoying their
reunion. Finally Turai seemed to remember her audience and
turned to face them.
“Captain Janeway, I would very much love for you to meet
my husband Solen and my daughter Maia.”

What followed was days of celebration and then the
revelation that yes, Turai and Tion were the Prince and
Princess. To Janeway and Chakotay it was no surprise. They’d
realized it in Kielos’ quarters. The former ruler of the Oreanian
system had been taken back to Oreania to await trial for the
murder of the King and Queen, treason and the murder of
countless innocents.
So now as the time for celebration and Voyager and her
crew were right in the middle of it, hailed as heroes of the
Oreanian Republic. Anyone wearing a communicator or a
Starfleet uniform was treated like royalty and now Janeway
found herself at yet another party. This one was however, a
farewell party. After nearly two weeks of shore leave and
celebration, Voyager was preparing to continue on her journey
back to the Alpha Quadrant. Turai, the new Chief of State, and
Heir Apparent to the Oreanian crown had supplied Voyager
with anything and everything they could have asked for or
dreamed for.
Neelix was busily organizing all the food stores they’d been
given, B’Elanna was happily anticipating getting a chance to
upgrade several key systems on Voyager with the equipment
they’d received, Tuvok was busy preparing several shipments
of torpedoes for Voyager, Turai’d insisted that they take them
upon discovering they were fast running out. All sorts of
holodeck programs and other forms of entertainment were
awaiting off-duty officers when they left the system. And much
to the Doctor’s glee, every variety of medicine and medical
technology the Oreanians had had been offered and graciously
All in all, Turai and her people had been more than
generous and Janeway would truly miss Turai’s presence.
Janeway turned and smiled at the subject of her thoughts.
Turai smiled in return and sat down next to her. “Everything
seems so different now,”
Kathryn laughed softly. “Yes, you’ve won and you have
your family back.”
Turai chuckled. “Yes I suppose you’re right. There is
something else however that I see as quite interesting. I’m told
there’s another wedding in the works.”
Janeway smiled. Only a day before she’d had the extreme
pleasure of officiating the wedding of Lt.Paris and Lt.Torres,
the wedding had been truly magical. Taking place in the
beautiful gardens of Turai’s family palace. Tom in his dress
uniform and B’Elanna in a beautiful Oreanian gown that Turai
had coaxed her into wearing. Never before had Janeway seen
either one so happy. Tom’s eyes never left B’Elanna’s from the
moment she appeared the garden and no one could blame him.
B’Elanna had never looked so beautiful. Janeway glanced back
towards the party. The newlyweds stood close together talking
with Tion and his fiancee. They were obviously enjoying
married life.
Kathryn turned back to Turai. “How’d you know? Chakotay
only asked me this morning.”
Turai grinned. “As my nurse always said, little pictures have
big ears.” she nodded towards Maia, who was sitting on
Chakotay’s shoulders.
“The little squirt!” Janeway said laughing. “She spied on
Turai’s shoulders shook with laughter and she nodded.
“She’s turning out just like me. “Sneaky.” Then she smiled
sadly, “Tis’ a pity we won’t get to see the actual wedding. And
since I won’t be there I get to give you your present early.”
She handed Kathryn an Oreanian PADD. “It’s a
holoprogram…of the path you and Chakotay walked on while
we were on Altaira. Since your home is so far away I doubt
you’ll every return to show your children where your romance
truly began to deepen.”
“Thank you Turai,” Janeway hugged the younger woman.
“I’m going to miss you.”
“As will I, Kathryn Janeway.” Turai looked up. ” But
neither I nor my people will ever forget those who helped us
win back our freedom.”
“What will you do now?” Chakotay spoke as he joined
them. Sitting next to Janeway, Maia in his lap.
“Rebuild…and move on.” Turai held out a hand for Maia
who immediately ran to her mother.
“Speaking of moving on. We should be leaving, we’re not
going to get home just sitting here.” Janeway said standing.
She nodded at the Paris’s who walked over. They were joined
moments later by Tion, Solen and Tion’s fiancee, Daria.
“Thank you Turai,” Tom said.” For the holoprogram.” Turai
had also given the Paris’s a holoprogram of the garden in
which they’d been married.
“You’re welcome Tom, It’s the lease we could do after what
you did for us.” Turai smiled as the Starfleet officers stepped
clear. “Good bye my friends.”
“Good bye, Turai.” Janeway said softly.
“Take care of her,” Turai admonished Chakotay. “She’s one
special woman.”
“Promise,” Chakotay responded with a grin.
“That goes for you to mister.” She warned Paris, who also
grinned.” And you behave! Good luck B’Elanna, I think you’re
going to need it.”
B’Elanna laughed.” I think I can handle him.”
Maia ran forward to kiss each one then rant back to her
Janeway tapped her communicator. “Janeway to Voyager,
four to beam up.”
When they disappeared in a swirl of silvery-blue light Maia
looked up at her mother. “Where are they going?”
“Well, little one. They’re going home.”

Three days later….

The chime sounded in Janeway’s quarters and she looked up
a smile on her face. “Come.”
Chakotay walked in and her smile brightened. “Hello love.”
He smiled as well then sobered. “Kathryn, I need to say
Feeling a little nervous Janeway nodded. “Go ahead,”
“I need to apologize for my conduct over the past few
“Regretting our romance?”
“No, never that.” He kissed her fingers. “That and
everything to come is something I will never be sorry for. No I
mean my conduct as an officer during our alliance with the
“What do you mean?” Kathryn questioned already knowing
the answer.
“I allowed my beliefs as a former Maquis to cloud my
judgment as a Starfleet officer. Responsibly I should have
worried about the ship’s safety, not the Oreanians…”
“Stop right there. I’ve heard the same argument from Tom
and B’Elanna . All three of you are wrong. For starters, any
captain I know would have joined the assault, Picard,
Sisko…they’d have deliberated just as I did with their crews
and most likely come to the same conclusions we did. It might
take them a little longer but they would have. Now, your
Maquis instincts helped us win this battle, you know that, in
fact I’ve put commendations down on every one of your files,
even Tuvok says your conduct was exemplary. He doesn’t say
that often so take it when you can get it. And besides I severely
doubt Admiral Delaniea will court marital you for letting
common sense and your beliefs `color’ your decision.
“Yes Captain.” Chakotay responded.
“Good then get over here and kiss me.”
“YES CAPTAIN!” He responded enthusiastically.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know I know, super sappy ending but hey! I figure after all
the stuff the writers have put Janeway and Chakotay through
on the show they deserve a little playful romance! Kudos to the
writers who finally put Paris and Torres together and married
two DS9 senior officers YEAH for Worf! It was starting to
look bad, Tuvok was the only married man on any of Star
Trek’s shows. I think they should hurry up and get to work on
Chakotay and Janeway! After all we Trek fans have suffered
long enough! Romance is an integral part of life!
I’m thinking about doing a couple of Fanfics about other
shows, like Poltergeist: The legacy and Highlander. In fact I’ve
got a couple of crossovers floating around in my little head. If
I suck, someone stop me. Hyacinthia my writing buddy,
(Interesting since we live on opposite sides of the continent,
I’m a Newfoundlander. Eastern Canada for those of you who
have no idea where Newfoundland is) she encouraged me to
write this one and my friends who’ve read it when I was
writing it (Patricia Windross: world’s best trek critic and my
editor thanks!) and they said it was good. I also want to
mention my best buddy Joni (Who I am writing a highlander
fanfic for Christmas. Richie forever. Me…I’m partial to
Feel free to email me at either the address I gave above
(Which I could read quicker) or Muary@hotmail.com (Don’t
ask, my boyfriend calls me Muary and I could kill him for it
sometimes.) All criticism is welcome just don’t destroy my
little ole’ ego. (Trust me it is small)
If anyone thinks I should write a sequel to Past and Present,
tell me! I’ll write it cause I’ll mean I get to skip off my Lit
homework. (Yes like any normal teenager I hate school, my
last year of High school! Thank God!) anyway gotta go! Trek
forever! (I’m really not nuts. Really well sort of.)
Angel Girl
Smileys for everyone
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)


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