Stories by: Dottie Ronhovde
The Captain’s Counselor
09/13/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

After a wormhole that could possibly provide a shortcut home collapses, Janeway, in an attempt to keep herself separated from those she commands, asks Chakotay to help raise the spirits of the crew.

09/13/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

About 4 years after the Voyager’s arrival in the Delta Quadrant. Voyager is damaged and Janeway takes the ship to Plyt Nath to request help with repairs. Since the people don’t deal with unattached women in leadership roles, Chakotay makes initial contact. Janeway poses as his mate in order to take part in the negotiations

09/13/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

About 6 years after Doubts. The ship stops at an uninhabited planet to gather provisions. When Janeway and Chakotay take a afternoon of shore leave, they’re abducted by an unknown force and put into a deep cave system without a way out.

Uncertain Future
09/13/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

A look at Janeway’s reaction to Chakotay’s Angry Warrior tale during the Resolutions episode.

07/24/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

This story takes place after Scorpion 2. (Yes I know, I haven’t seen it yet. Bear with that little oversight.)