Stories by: Jason Vines
The Brigade of the Doomed, Part 3
11/26/97  Tags: , ,   Category: The Next Generation

The Garthusians return stronger and more determined than before. Meanwhile the Enterprise is trying to uncover a mystery of their own. Conclusion of the series.

The Brigade of the Doomed, Part 2
09/12/97  Tags: , ,   Category: The Next Generation

The Enterprise is severely crippled and is stuck in the Star Wars universe! Now, while struggling to repair the ship, the Enterprise crew faces power-hungry Imperials who want the Enterprise for the Empire. In its heavily damaged state, can Picard and crew fight off the Imperials and find a way home?

The Brigade of the Doomed
06/24/97  Tags: ,   Category: The Next Generation

Set in the year 2367, shortly after the phenomenal episode Best of Both Worlds. The Starship Enterprise is exploring a region of space called The Seraris Regions, where they encounter an amazing foe intent on destroying them and the Federation.