Stories by: Debby Wimer
Harry Potter and the Starship Enterprise, 2
06/23/14  Tags: , ,   Category: Crossover

A couple of hours later she stood in McGonagall’s office hearing the account of how her grandfather was killed. Of course, it brought tears to her eyes, but none of these people had known that Dumbledore was dying. “What did the Board of Governors decide about the school?” someone had asked. The events which led […]

Dark Frontier, 2
06/23/14  Tags: , ,   Category: Crossover

Again, she was both awed and intrigued by not only Barnabas’ charm but his indefinable air of mystery, as if he were hiding many secrets. With any luck, maybe she could learn a few of them tonight. She cut the connection and prepared herself for her unexpected but most welcome date–particularly if it happened to […]

Harry Potter and the Starship Enterprise
06/19/14  Tags: , ,   Category: Crossover

Harry Potter & the Starship Enterprise By JM Lane & Amy Tymchuk (Harry Potter/Original Star Trek crossover) Christine Chapel looked at her grandfather with great concern. The man wore what one would think was a Vulcan-style robe. He had white hair and a long beard; he also wore half-moon glasses. He was not the type […]

Dark Frontier
06/18/14  Tags: , ,   Category: Crossover

James Kirk couldn’t believe that Star Fleet Command could actually be serious about sending the Enterprise all the way back to Earth–a full fifteen parsecs out of their way-to investigate a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances, all said to have been caused by supernatural means. Just what that means was, the Captain could not […]