Stories by: Woody Carlson
Dorado Chasm – USS McNair Foray #1

Chapter One Passengers from Paradise Forward screens revealed the green jewel of Marcala only moments after the McNair dropped out of warp, as the ship soared in toward orbit. On the bridge the command crew regarded the planet together in momentary silence. “Standard hailing frequency,” requested Captain Seay. “Already on line, Captain,” replied Lieutenant Leach. […]

Invisible City – USS McNair Foray 2
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Chapter One A Victory in the Shuttle Bay The noise from the main shuttle bay, two decks below, had grown so loud that Captain Jerry Ward could hear it plainly on the bridge of the McNair. It reached his ear only as a low murmur like distant thunder, but he marvelled that it was audible […]

Automatic Planet – USS McNair Foray 3

Chapter One Daufuskie Arrival “What do you make of it, Commander?” Jerry Ward asked curiously. Commander Wood, the the USS McNair‘s Vulcan science officer, turned from his console. He looked down at Ward sitting in the Captain’s chair. “It’s that same old business,” he advised, “a disturbance trail off to starboard, coming from their engines, […]