Stories by: Shalee Stewart
08/16/98  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Voyager renders assistance to an alien vessel that leads to a romantic interlude for Janeway. But all is not quite as romantic it seems to be.

Hidden Talents
12/30/97  Tags: ,   Category: Voyager

Chakotay discovers his captain is indeed a woman of many talents.

12/30/97  Tags: , , , , , , , ,   Category: Voyager

A story written with Cindy Brewer, where Q decides to induct three couples on Voyager into the his parenting circle. Here the creedo is–Lessons are often learned at the expense of the innocent.

11/27/97  Tags: , ,   Category: Miscellaneous

With the help of Q and his little buddy, Nathan Bridger meets Jean-Luc Picard and Kristin Westphalen hangs out in the sixteenth century with Beverly Crusher. With all the principles in place, Q gives them a romp they’ll never forget. Please excuse the mushy ending.<G&gt But Destiny awaits in ‘SOULMATES.’