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To Those We Leave Behind (#1 – The Janeway Logs)
08/05/12  Tags: , , , , ,
Category: Voyager  By: Lady Janeway

    Author’s Note: This is the first in a series called The Janeway Logs where I write from Captain Janeway’s perspective of events that happened in between various episodes. I always thought that some episodes and characters had effects that lasted throughout the series, even if it was never mentioned again in the episodes. I […]

12/30/97  Tags: , , , , , , , ,
Category: Voyager  By: Shalee Stewart

A story written with Cindy Brewer, where Q decides to induct three couples on Voyager into the his parenting circle. Here the creedo is–Lessons are often learned at the expense of the innocent.

09/14/97  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Emmy Odd

Kes picks up some jealous vibes off of B\’Elanna.

Suddenly Human
09/14/97  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Jessica Wilson

This takes place towards the beginning of season two. The doctor and Kes get taken away by a mysterious race to their ship where they meet a surprising vistor. Meanwhile, Voyager is trying to work together with a race which says it was taken by the Caketaker as well.

07/24/97  Tags: ,
Category: Voyager  By: Cheile

What if the Krenim attack from Before and After really happened as Kes remembered it? Set a week after the attack, an insight on Tom’s thoughts. His point-of-view.