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The Vulcan, Episode 3: ‘T Minus Negative’
09/15/22  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

The Vulcan – E3: ‘T Minus Negative’ The Vulcan is flying back into the Neutral Zone. A pale blue point of light, distinct from the white light of background stars, from a distant satellite, slowly grows in size and brightness as the ship gets closer. “Captain’s Log, star date: Three seven eight five point seven. […]

The Vulcan, Episode 2: ‘The Needs of the Few.’
06/29/22  Tags: , , , ,   Category: Miscellaneous

Episode 2: ‘The Needs of the Few.’ S’Talla is getting her log up to date while the Vulcan is leaving her dock at Halla Station and maneuvering into departure position for a new heading. “Captain’s Log, stardate: Three seven seven nine point six. We have spent twenty-two standard days in the Neutral Zone at the […]

The Vulcan – Episode 1: The Needs of the Many
06/11/22  Tags:   Category: Miscellaneous

My intent in writing The Vulcan is to take the Star Trek fans further outside of the Federation and into the 23rd century world that exists beyond the influence of Star Fleet. It is my intent to explore more philosophical questions of personal and social ethics using the Calculating Logic of the Vulcan perspective in […]