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The Vulcan, Episode 2: ‘The Needs of the Few.’

Episode 2: ‘The Needs of the Few.’ S’Talla is getting her log up to date while the Vulcan is leaving her dock at Halla Station and maneuvering into departure position for a new heading. “Captain’s Log, stardate: Three seven seven nine point six. We have spent twenty-two standard days in the Neutral Zone at the […]

NOBODY’S CHILD: The Saga of Doctor Leonard McCoy-Chapter Two

NOBODY’S CHILD by Pat McCoy CHAPTER TWO – Fasten Your Seat Belts! It wasn’t always smooth sailing as the years passed. Oh, there were the usual bumps, bruises, scraped knees and elbows of a regular childhood that Gramps could heal with a kiss. But before McCoy could blink, the child became a sullen teenager. He […]