Just a Girl, Part I

Just A Girl. Part One: Klingon, or not?

Just a Girl, Part 1:

Klingon, or not???

By: Yours Truly!!! (B’Ellana)

This is my first attempt at
writing any sort of Voyager Fan-Fic, please e-mail me any comments or *CONSTRUCTIVE*
Criticism you have!!! Hey, maybe I’ll even put your name in a story!!!

The Just a Girl series follows the
struggles the three leading ladies of Voyager have in a normal day. Part
1 is about the struggles B’Elanna Torres has to go through with her Klingon
side and her Human side.

I got the idea for this story (The
title of the series anyway) From No Doubts “Just a Girl”

    It was a quiet
day in engineering. Everything was in order. Not that B’Elanna couldn’t
use a break, she’d been overworking herself lately, but she liked to have
something to work on. She decided to run one last diagnostic on the warp
core, and then she’d let herself go back to her quarters. *And I’ll Relax*
She promised herself. She completed the diagnostic, she sighed. Everything
was perfect.

    “Carey,” she
called across engineering, “Everything’s fine here, I’m gonna call it a
day a little early.”

    “OK, Lieutenant.”

    B’Elanna quickly
exited engineering and headed in the direction of her quarters. On her
way, she saw Tom Paris coming from the direction of the bridge. *Looks
like I’m not the only one who got out early today* she thought with a smile.

    “Hey, Tom.”

    “B’Elanna! Hi!”
He said with a smile on his face and gave her a quick kiss. “Just the girl
I wanted to see. Wanna go to the holodeck with me?”

    “I’d love to
Tom. But I’m too tired. Been working too much lately, I guess.”

    He looked a little
sad. “OK, B’Elanna.” he gave her another quick kiss and went on his way
again. *Damn Klingon half! Why does it keep me from enjoying myself?! I
should go back and apologize.* her human half tried to rationalize, *Just
go to bed. I’ll make it up to him tomorrow, I promise*

    B’Elanna had
barely changed into her night clothes nd had laid down on her bed before
she was sound asleep. That night, she dreamed the same dream she’d had
for the past couple weeks, when she could sleep at all.

    She was dressed
in a long, white dress. Everybody on the ship was there, even that annoying
Seven showed. She looked down the aisle, and saw Captain Janeway in her
dress uniform, Harry with his characteristic shy smile on his face, dressed
in a black tuxedo, but the person she noticed most, was Thomas Eugene Paris.
He was beaming. She’d never seen him look happier. He stared at her as
she walked towards him. She barely heard Janeway talking, she could only
look at Tom, even when she said “I Do.

    Janeway said,
“You may now kiss the bride.”

    Something suddenly
came over B’Elanna. She broke away from Tom and ran out of the ceremony.

    “What? Huh? Oh,
just a dream!” a startled B’Elanna said. “Computer, Time?”

    “0230 hours.”
The disembodied feminine voice told her.

    B’Elanna tried
to get back to sleep, but every time she closed her eyes, the dream came
back. She pulled on her robe and made her way to the mess hall. To her
surprise, she wasn’t alone when she got there. She found Captain Janeway
drinking coffee and talking to Seven.

    “Hi, Captain,
Seven, Mind if I join you?”

    “Go right on
ahead. What brings you here this early?” the Captain inquired.

    “Can’t sleep,”
B’Elanna muttered, “Bad dreams I guess. How ’bout you two?”

    “Same here. And
I’m sure drinking this coffee won’t help,” Janeway replied with a smile.

    “I,too, was having
trouble, sleeping.” Seven started, with a slight pause between ‘Trouble’
and ‘Sleeping’ as if she were unaccustomed to the word, “I came here because
I had brown restless in the cargo bay.”

    B’Elanna walked
over to the replicator and ordered herself some coffee, then sat down at
the table where the other two women were sitting at.

    They talked for
a long time. Before they knew it, others were straggling into the mess
hall. The three women soon left. Torres and Janeway because they were still
in their nightclothes and had a duty in shift in a few hours and Seven
because she wasn’t completely comfortable in large groups of humans yet.

    Engineering was
dull again. Nothing wrong. B’Elanna’s klingon half was getting restless.
But the human part of her was greatful for the break.

    She left engineering
early again. She Prayed that she wouldn’t run into Tom today. She just
couldn’t talk to him after the dreams she’d been having. She knew how Tom
felt about her, and he knew how she felt about him. *Then how come I keep
having that dream about him and me?*

    She though she’d
be able to make it, when she saw Tom standing in front of her quarters,
with a bouquet of red roses in his hands.

    “Oh my gosh,
Tom! They’re beautiful!” B’Elanna exclaimed, taking the roses and giving
Tom a kiss. “You shouldn’t have!”

    *Really, Paris,
you shouldn’t have* A voice in the back of her head nagged *Shut up, Klingon*
her human half told it. For once, it did.

    “Will you come
in?” she asked him, inviting the handsome young helmsman into her quarters.

    “I’d love to,
but I’ve got a game of hover ball scheduled with Harry. And I’m gonna be
late if I don’t hurry. But, before I go, would you give me the honor of
joining me in the mess hall tonight to  feast on one of Neelix’s latest
culinary disasters, I mean, Delicacies at about…1800?”

    B’Elanna giggled,
“I’d love too,” her horrible dream forgotten.

    Tom gave her
one last kiss and ran off to the holodeck, not wanting to miss his hoverball

    B’Elanna walked
into her quarters. She replicated a vase and some water and put her roses
in it. She showered and changed into a nightgown. If she was going out
with Tom, at least she’d be well rested.

    “The time is
1700 hours” the computer said.

    “Geez, already?”
B’Elanna couldn’t believe she had slept at all, since her dream had haunted
her again.

    10 minutes before
1800, B’Elanna started to the mess hall, taking her time. When she got
there, she looked around and didn’t see Tom anywhere. Since she was a few
minutes early, she wasn’t too worried. With a sigh she sat down at an out-of-the-way
table for two to wait for Tom.

    “Good evening,
Lieutenant. Anything I can get for you?”

    B’Elanna was
startled, “Um, no. Thanks, Neelix, but I’m waiting for somebody.”

    “Well, let me
know if you need anything.” Neelix said. And with that, he walked away
to talk to others who had come into his mess hall.

    B’Elanna waited
for almost an hour. Tom never showed *Pig* she thought. Her human side
was heartbroken. She’d almost been looking forward to dinner with Tom.
*Okay, so I WAS, not ‘almost’* But her Klingon side was just angry. Angry
at Tom for having the nerve not to show up. And, at herself for letting
herself believe that Tom would show.

    She headed back
to her quarters. She must have looked awfully mad, because she noticed
people walking through the corridor got out of her way. She stormed into
her quarters and threw herself down on the bed.

    She must have
cried herself to sleep because she was suddenly woken up by a chirp that
meant that somebody wanted to come in. “Enter,” she said angrily. *Tom!*
her human side thought *where were you? I was worried* she wanted to say
*Tom!* now her klingon half was thinking *how dare you show your face around
here after what you did?*

    Tom stepped through
the doorway. “B’Elanna?” He asked, concerned after seeing her tear stained
face, “What’s wrong?” He walked over to where she was laying on the bed.

    B’Elanna decided
not to listen to either half of her genetic makeup, “Nothing,” she lied,
“I’m fine.”

    “B’Elanna, really,
what’s wrong? I’ve never seen you this upset before. Was it because of
dinner? I’m sorry I didn’t show up. My game with Harry ran a little long,
and by the time it was over, I ran to the mess hall, but you had already
left. Neelix said you stormed out of there, looking like you wanted to
skin somebody.”

    *I did* her klingon
half thought *You.*

    “Well, I guess
I was a little, I don’t know, angry. But, maybe I could forgive you. For
a price,” B’Elanna said with a mischievous grin on her face.

    “Name your price.”

    She leaned down
and gave him a kiss, he kissed her back. “You’re forgiven.” She said with
a grin.

    “Why you little…”
And with that he reached up and tickled her, making her fall off the bed
onto his lap.

    “Pig!” She said
between laughs and then she started to tickle him.

    After a while,
Tom stood up, ready to go. “I’m really sorry I missed dinner, B’Elanna,
I really am. Will you let me make it up to you?”

    “Of course. Hey,
do you wanna go to the holodeck? We can go to Sandrine’s, or maybe a romantic
candlelit dinner for two?”

    “Well, let me
think on that one.” Tom said with a wink. He pretended to be thinking really
hard for about three seconds “Definetly. I’m gonna go back to my quarters
and change, and meet you in holodeck 1 in about 5 minutes?”

    “It’s a date.”
She replied, and gave him one last kiss before he went.

    B’Elanna went
over to her closet and picked out an outfit to wear. A black silk pantsuit.
She ran a brush through her thick black hair, changed into her outfit,
and beat Tom to the holodeck. A few minutes later he joined her.

    “You look absolutely
beautiful,” He told her, after greeting her with a quick kiss.

    “As do you. Shall
we go in?”

    “I’d be delighted
to.” Tom held out the crook of his arm for B’Elanna, she put her arm through
his and together they entered the holodeck.

    The scene was
absolutely beautiful. It was an Earth beach, with the sun setting over
the ocean. The sky was brilliant shades of Purple and Blue and Orange.
Near the beach was a picnic table with candles on it. Perfect for a romantic

    “Tom, it’s…it’s…I’m
speechless!” B’Elanna stuttered.

    “I’m glad you
like it. Now, I’m starving, shall we eat?” Tom asked her.

    “I thought you’d
never ask.” She replied with a laugh. And together the happy pair walked
towards their table.

    B’Elanna and
Tom stayed in the holodeck for hours. After they had finished eating their
dinner, they went on a stroll down the beach. it was almost midnight before
they decided it was time to go back to their quarters.

    “I’ve had a great
time tonight. I’m sorry I was mad at you earlier.” B’Elanna told Tom.

    “All’s forgiven.”
He told her. “Now, I’m about to fall asleep standing up. I’ll see you tomorrow?”
Tom asked her.

    “Of course,”
And with one final kiss, they went towards their quarters.

*          *         
*          *         
*          *         
*          *         
*          *         
*          *

Legal Junk:

Paramount Owns Characters, I own Story.I am not out to make money off
of my humble story, just entertain people who may take the time to read
it. HAPPY PARAMOUNT PEOPLE?!?!?! Feel free to publish this story, but PLEASE
give me (B’Ellana) Credit for it!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! 
Thank You!!!


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