To the Moon and Back

To The Moon and Back
Author: Bella,

After a while Tom pulled away slowly.
“That was a good night kiss” he said softly.
“More like an invite in” She said as they stood out of her quarters.
“Well I except”
The next morning B’Elanna woke up to Tom brushing her hair with his fingers”
“Morning Bella”
“mmmm” she groaned shoeing she was very tired.
“You know Bella means beautiful and you are”
“You really think so”
“I know so”
She couldn’t help but smile, it had been tugging at her cheeks for sometime
now and she had lost the battle a smile had overcome her.
“Well my shift starts in five minutes, I’ll see you tonight you will
love it. Have a nice day off”
“Oh I will Bye Tom”
“Bye Bella”
B’Elanna had agreed to let Tom surprise her tonight at dinner. He was
going to pick the place to eat and what it was they were eating. B’Elanna
stepped into a dimly lit room. There were two tall white candles lit,
sitting upon a small round table.
“Diner for two” Tom said pulling a chair out for B’Elanna to
“Thank you Tom.”
*About an Hour Later*
“How was the food” he said awaiting her answer.
“It was very good thanks”
“Good i’m glad you liked it, I replicated it myself.
She giggled a little.
“We have been together for about a year now, and I know nothing of
your past. I would like to if you were willing to tell me.”
“Well to sum things up my mother never loved that much, my father
never kept in touch.”
“And that’s why you shy away from human affection or that’s why you
use to”
“Yes partly, and all my friends were trialed for treason and crimes
that were never defined” she finished with a bit of anger in her
“Bella I am sorry I did not mean to upset you”
“It’s fine it’s just, love is like a barron place and reaching out
for human faith is… It’s like a journey I just don’t have a map for.”
“Bella don’t worry I will always be here for you, I will help you
chart a map if you want me to, I will do anything for you” silence
overtook the room.
“I will fly to the moon and back for you Bella.”
“Tom I love you.”
He smiled.
“I love you too.”


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