No Longer In Pain

No Longer In Pain

Summary One of the away team is in pain and This is my first ever FanFic

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters.

But I own the Betazoid Sera



It is dark, you can’t see in front of you, it was not loud just dark, “I can’t see her! can you see her Julian?” “No Sera I can’t see her…can’t you sense Jadzia’s thoughts?” “I’ll open my mind… pain… pain… so much pain…””Sera is Jadzia the one in pain?””yes she is in so much pain” as Sera is senseing Jadzia’s pain we go and see Benjamin and Kira in the runabout Rubicon… “Captain the away team is not on the planet” “Major how can the away team not be on planet?” “I don’t know Captain their life sighs are not on the planet…” as the Major is looking for the away team we look in on the away team Sera Jadzia and Julian, “Sera I can see!” “I can see too Julian” “Julian!… Sera!… are you here?” “Jadzia! We are over here” Julian cries out to Jadzia, and now we look in on the runabout, “Captain the away team is ok!” “Major?” “the away team is on the planet” “beam them up!” and we here the transporter beam the away team off the planet, and Jadzia is no longer in pain,






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