Captain’s Little Secret

Title: Captain’s Little Secret
Author: BLMHJM
Series: VOY
Codes: P/T, J/C, K
Rating: G
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subject line.
Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters. The kid’s mine.
Summary: Secrets are hard to keep on Voyager……especially when you
take a certain helmsman in confidence. This was reset in “Endgame”. Braga’s

Miral giggled and banged the spoon on her high chair tray, splattering
mashed peas everywhere.
“C’mon, give the spoon back to Daddy,” Tom pleaded.
She sucked her banana covered fingers and thought about that. Then she
smiled at him and put the spoon down. Tom grabbed it up.
“Eat some, Kuvah’magh. Please?”
Miral showed him her hand, the banana-covered one. “Mo,” she said.
“No more bananas, Miral. You ate them all up. ”
“Mo!” she screamed.
“No more.”
B’Elanna came in and almost laughed. Their quarters hadn’t been this
dirty since they found that memorial years ago. There was baby food
everywhere: on the floor, on the table, even on Tom.
She walked over to them.
“Why does Miral have peas in her hair?”
Tom looked over his shoulder at her. “Oh, hi, B’Elanna. I was trying to
feed her and she squirmed away, and the spoon landed in her hair.”
“Maybe we should have fed her in the Mess Hall.”
“And force *Chell* to clean up?”
B’Elanna laughed. “Or Harry, maybe. The Captain wants to see you.”
She wiped some mashed peas from his uniform and ate them. “Hmm, not that
Tom turned to his daughter. “See? Momma thinks it’s good.”
Miral just laughed again.
“I’ll take over, Tom.”
“Good luck. You’ll need it.”
“Tom, you’ll have to be careful so the Lkarins don’t know we’re picking
up the refugees.”
“Of course, Captain.”
She shook her head a little, like she was dizzy.
“Are you all right?” Tom asked.
“I’m fine.”
“Are you sure?”
“You’re *absolutely*–”
She sighed. “I might as well tell you, since the crew would find out
anyway. I’m pregnant. A little boy, the Doctor says.”
“Wow. Really?”
She rolled her eyes at him. “Of course. I want to keep this a secret
between the three of us.”
“The three of us?”
“Yes, Commander Chakotay knows, too.”
“Why would–oh, he’s the father, isn’t he?”
“Yes. Dismissed.”
Tom turned to go.
“And Tom?” the Captain added.
“Don’t tell anyone. That’s an order.”
He grinned at her. “Yes, ma’am.”
“I’m not supposed to tell you this, Harry, but the Captain’s pregnant,”
Tom said.
Harry almost choked on his green beans. “No.”
“Yeah, with Chakotay’s kid.”
“Chakotay’s kid?”
“She told me herself.”
“Does he know?”
Tom snorted. “What do you think? Of course he knows.”
Tom’s commbadge beeped. “Paris to the Bridge.”
“On my way, Commander.” He left, trying not to laugh.
Harry saw Sam Wildman getting her lunch. He called her over.
She sighed. “I’m getting tired of replicated food.”
“Me, too,” Harry said. “Hey, guess what I just heard.”
“Mr. Paris, my ready room, now,” Janeway said.
Tom got up and went in.
Janeway took a sip of her coffee and set it on the table.
“Why did you disobey my orders? The whole ship knows by now.”
“That wasn’t really my fault. I only told Harry.”
“Harry told everyone else! So you’re responsible for my baby becoming
ship’s knowledge!”
“But, Captain, you said they’d find out eventually. Besides—”
“I didn’t want them to know now! I wanted to keep it a secret for a
couple of months! How dare you–”
“Calm down. You’re only having a mood swing.”
She glared at him. He looked down at his shoes and mumbled, “Sorry,
“I’m confining you to quarters for a week.”
“Yes, Captain.”
They left, Tom going to his station, and Janeway back to her chair.
“Problem?” Chakotay asked.
“Tom told, you know.”
“About our son?”
“Yes. I confined him to his quarters.”
“You did?”
“He deserved it.”
He smiled at her. “You’re the captain.”
Harry was surprised to see Captain Janeway in the Mess. He thought she
had gone back to eating in her ready room. Well, now he could find out if
that rumor was true.
“Captain, could I join you?”
“Go ahead.”
He sat down across from her. “Could I ask you a question?”
“All right.”
“Is it true you’re having an abortion?”
She sighed. “No, Harry, it isn’t. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go talk
to Tom.”



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