Voyager but by default…

I’m new to the process of fan fiction – don’t know anything about it!

I wrote two episodes of Voyager while the show was still on, and actually submitted one, got a lovely rejection letter with a Voyager image on it. I have it proudly framed.

I was thinking about those stories the other day.  I suspect that someone aware of the Trek canon might get a kick out of them.  They’re still in the form of episodes, not novels or stories.   I apologize if they’re a little difficult to read because of that, but I honestly think that if you’re able to handle the format, there’s a couple of nice twists in them that should bring a smile to your face.   Plus one of the episodes highlights Neelix, a character on Voyager whom I always felt was given short shrift.

On an unrelated note, a bit of trivia: I went to college with Robert Picardo. (The Doctor)

Full disclosure, Voyager is not my favorite series.  But it was the only one on at the time I was writing, and so dictated my selection.   I’ll tell you what my favorite series was if you write back.

Any feedback at all (even if you’re not interested in reading the stories) would be great!


Brandy Rabin


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