Star Trek- Invasions Part 1/5- Hostilities

Part 1

Stardate 55078.85, Earth, San Francisco, Starfleet District

Captain Nick Michael Mason sat in his quarters at the Starfleet accommodation centres in the Starfleet District of San Francisco. He was currently on Earth after being recalled for a delicate meeting. Something he had feared since the end of the Dominion Wars. There was a Klingon Echelon to be attending the meeting; the Chancellor had sent General Met’Vek and Captain Korris, 2 of his most trusted officers as his envoys. The Captain had gone down to Earth with his wife and first officer, Commander Aleya Michelle Mason. She slept softly, completely unaware of the trials ahead and not the least bit prepared for a chain of events that would turn the Federation upside down. Captain Mason had thought about contacting his ship, the USS Legacy. She was a Sovereign-Class starship, registry number NCC-73283, the reserve flagship of the Federation Fleet. With him and his first officer on the planet, his Vulcan Tactical officer had been left in command. Lieutenant Commander Solkar was a competent Starfleet officer, who had become good friends with the Captain while they were both held in a Dominion detention camp in Cardassian space. Back then, the Captain had been a mere Lieutenant and Solkar had been a Lieutenant on a different Starship. Lieutenant Mason had been the only survivor of the USS Oklahoma, and he had been presumed dead, until a group of Klingons acted out an escape plan and he joined them. However, that had been 4 years ago at the height of the War. He was reminiscing about the dark times of the war, unable to sleep consumed with concern about why the Klingons were here.  As he remembered, Starfleet had tried to order him off duty, but he had insisted on returning to service. Admiral Alynna Nechayev had granted his wishes, concluding that Starfleet needed officers like him. She promoted him to Lieutenant Commander and put him on the USS Nevada as the tactical operations officer. In 2375 during the final days of the war, a squad of five Jem’Hadar attack ships attacked the Nevada, killing the Captain and First Officer, leaving him in command.

Aleya Mason rolled in bed, hands searching for her husband’s chest. Finding the bed empty and the sheets cold, she woke with a start. Getting out of bed, she padded over to the doors into the living area and saw Nick Mason slouched in a chair, eyes looking distant. She knew he was thinking about the War. Everyone still thought about the War. 2 years after the Dominion fled the Alpha Quadrant, Cardassia Prime was still in ruins, Starfleet and the Klingon Defence Force were still rebuilding and Gul Damar was petitioning to have Cardassia inducted into the Federation to assist both sides in repairs. The after affects of the Dominion were still being felt. Other allies of the Dominion had retreated, but still launched attacks against the Federation Alliance and the Klingon Empire, such as the Breen Confederacy.

She touched his shoulder, causing him to jump at the unexpected contact. Realizing he was safe, he gently intertwined his hand through hers. “You ok, Nick” she asked, concerned. “Fine, just thinking about what the Klingons might need to call such an urgent meeting with us for,” he said. Aleya Mason had known that something like this might be affecting her husband and Captain, “There is no point worrying about it all night, you need to sleep. The Klingons can wait until 0900” she said. Smiling he joined her and they went to bed.

8 hours later…

In the briefing room at Starfleet Headquarters, sat Captain Nick Mason and Commander Aleya Mason, accompanied by Admiral Alynna Nechayev and Admiral Kathryn Janeway for Starfleet. General Met’Vek and Captain Korris of the Klingon Defence Force sat as the Chancellors Emissaries. “Greetings to our Federation Allies” boomed the General, happy to be among Starfleet as if they were his own family. “Good to see you, General” replied Alynna Nechayev. “What news do you bring from the Empire?” asked Janeway. “Grave tidings, but an opportunity for battle and honour to the warrior brave enough to seek it. Much of the Empire conspires against my Chancellor. The House of Duras is getting restless and questioning the Chancellors honour,” said Korris. The Starfleet personnel shuddered. “How bad is it?” said Captain Mason, ignoring protocol with the deliverance of such news. “They have gained much support and are promising to overthrow the council and take back all Klingon treaties with the Federation, calling the Federation honourless cowards, unworthy of Klingon support. I disagree, the Duras have no honour” spat the General. The Admirals looked at each other, “How much support does the Duras have” asked Janeway. “4 of the great houses, and many more besides, however, there is still great respect given to my family and the Chancellors family, we may have less support, but our respect and our warriors are beyond praise. Together, with you, our glorious allies, we will crush any rebellion that rises,” said the General. The Admirals nodded, “Especially when such a rebellion threatens to destabilize the Federation,” said Nechayev. There was much deliberation on what actions the Federation could take. In the end, Janeway called in a Lieutenant Commander who had been assigned as her attaché. “Get me the Enterprise,” she said. Then she turned to Captain Mason, “Captain, I want you to take the Legacy and accompany our friends back to Klingon space, I’ll brief Captain Picard and have the Enterprise rendezvous with you en route,” she said. “Yes, Ma’am” said Nick Mason. Janeway and Nechayev nodded their approval and then left to go about their business. The Masons turned to the Klingons. “So, Captain, you will accompany us into the jaws of the beast, glorious,” said the General, giving the Captain a huge grin, “We will win much honour” agreed Korris. “Gentlemen, the honour is mine, to fly with such distinguished warriors,” said the Captain, returning the compliments.

Not long after that, Captain and Commander Mason walked onto the bridge, “Helm, lay in a course for Kronos, match speed with the Negh’Var, maintain scans for the Enterprise I wanna know the second she enters range” he ordered to his helm officer, Lieutenant Rudy Taylor and Lieutenant Commander Solkar.  He looked at his wife, “I don’t like this” he said, “A destabilization in the Klingon Empire could have disastrous effects to those who are still recovering from the war,” he said. His wife nodded, “I don’t want to have to go through another war,” she muttered. The Captain caressed her hand, “I’m sure with us and the Enterprise accompanying the Klingon Flagship we’ll be able to avert crisis. They sat in silence, listening to the sounds of the second most powerful ship in the Federation. The harmony of the ship was joined by Solkar, “Captain, the Enterprise has entered range, we are being hailed” reported the second officer. “On screen” ordered the Captain, “Captain Picard” he said, greeting the Captain, “Captain Mason, what is the nature of this assignment” asked Picard, straight to business. Mason smiled, grimly, “Conspiracy, we need to investigate the fact that the House of Duras has raised a considerable force to take over the Klingon Empire and launch an attack on the Federation” said Mason. Picard glanced at his new first officer, Commander Martin Maddox, “I see, and how big is this force compared to that of Chancellor Martok’s trusted forces” asked Picard. It was Mason’s turn to glance at his first officer, “4 of the great houses and all the support that they have” he said. Picard sighed, visibly deflating, “Understood, Picard Out” said Captain Picard. Mason sat back down, “How long until we reach Klingon Space” he said. “8 days at maximum warp” replied Rudy Taylor. The Captain regained his nerve, “Go to maximum warp,” ordered the Captain, “Aleya, you have the bridge,” he said.

The Captain sat in ready room dozing, he believed this would be a short assignment. “Bridge to Captain Mason, you are receiving a priority 1 message from Captain Picard” came the voice of Commander Mason, “Put it through in here” he said. Picard’s face appeared on the computer screen in the ready room. “Nick” said Picard with a smile. “Jean-Luc” replied Mason. “What’s the likelihood of an attack on the Federation?” asked Picard, “Its high, Captain” said Mason, “The Duras were kept in check through the war, there were plenty of enemies for them to fight, but now the supply of foes has dried up”. Before Captain Picard could reply, both ships went to red alert, “Let’s get to work,” said Picard.

Mason walked onto the bridge, “Report” he ordered. “The New Frontier colony is sending out a distress signal” reported Solkar. The Captain hummed thoughtfully, “Population” he asked. “5000, spread out across 3 major cities and a couple of small settlements” said the Operations officer, Ensign William Hamilton. “Signal the other ships, let’s get there and find out what’s going on,” said the Captain. His crew stood ready, “Rudy, get us there” ordered Mason. Rudy Taylor nodded. “Engaging, Captain” he stated, “ETA 43 minutes at Maximum Warp”

Meanwhile, orbiting the planet where the colony was, newly installed Duras Chancellor, Karath sat aboard a prototype Negh’Var cruiser. “My Lord, 2 Federation starships and a Klingon Warship are approaching, the colony must have sent a distress signal” reported his military commander, General KaiTan, “Cloak the fleet and remain in battle formations” ordered the Chancellor. “We will reveal ourselves to the Federation and out charge with strike fear into their hearts. This day the Klingon Empire will take its rightful place among the stars” said the Chancellor smiling with the anticipation of battle. The Klingons around him were also bloodthirsty, spoiling for a fight. He had 27 birds of prey with him, and they were all ready to fight.

The Legacy, Enterprise and Negh’Var dropped out of warp. The crews were confused by what they saw. The place was empty. Not s single ship was showing up on sensors. “What the hell” said Captain Mason, “Full intensive scan” he ordered. Ensign Hamilton went about the scan, with a confused look on his face, “Nothing to report, Captain. Just the planet” he said. The Masons shared a glance, “Scan the planet” ordered the Captain. As soon as the Ensign began, he became even more confused. “Sensors are inconclusive, the area just became flooded with tachyon emissions,” he reported. The Captain stood up, “Source” he questioned. “Unknown, Sir” replied the young Ensign. They were soon given their answer, 28 Klingon ships de-cloaked directly ahead of the three ships. “Captain, there are mostly Birds of Prey in that fleet and 1 Negh’Var class cruiser” said Lieutenant Commander Solkar. “All hands, battle stations” shouted the Captain in a panic. Ensign Hamilton was monitoring the sensors and communications, “Captain, you are being hailed by name,” reported the Ensign. The Captain looked shocked and surprised. “On screen, he ordered. “This is Captain-“he began. “Captain Nick Mason. My, my how you have progressed since we last met” said the Klingon on the screen. The crew looked at the Captain, “I’m afraid I don’t remember you” said the Captain. The big Klingon shook his head, “It’s me, Karath. We were both captured by the Dominion, we escaped together” said the Klingon. “Ah, Karath, yes of course, but what are you doing here” asked the Captain. The Klingon shifted, “Well, we are beginning our invasion of the Federation, and any who oppose us, the old Council fell, and I rose to power, I will bring glory to the Empire” rejoiced the Warrior. “No, Karath, you are a traitor, and you are attacking a Federation planet. Leave, now or we will be forced to destroy you,” said the Captain. A look of fury briefly clouded the Klingons face. Then he broke out laughing, “I thought you might say that, you are loyal to the Federation, I knew that when we met. At least you will die a warrior’s death. Prepare for battle, Captain for today, you will witness the true strength of my new empire” growled the Klingon. The Captain chuckled, mirthlessly. “If you say so, Karath” he said, cutting the channel. He turned to his chair, “Target the lead ship, coordinate fire with Picard and Met’Vek, attack pattern Alpha” ordered Mason. The ships closed in on Karath’s Negh’Var, torpedoes blazing and phasers cutting a destructive path right at the ship. “Captain, the ship has suffered no damage, I’m reading secondary and tertiary shielding” said a defeated sounding Ensign Hamilton. A torpedo slammed the Legacy, “Captain, all Klingon ships in the vicinity are closing on our location” said Solkar. The Captain ignored both events, “Hamilton, scan the planet, I want to know what they were doing down there” ordered the Captain. “Nick, we have to go,” said Aleya Mason, “Not until we know,” he snapped back at her. “Captain, there’s nothing left down there. I’m not picking up any life signs,” reported Hamilton. Another barrage of shots slammed the ship. The entire attack fleet of the renegade Klingons was targeting the Enterprise, Legacy and Negh’Var. “Mr Taylor, get us out of here, Mr Hamilton, signal the Enterprise and Negh’Var to retreat,” he ordered. The three ships retreated, energy beams from disrupters and phasers travelling back and forth between them as they ran for their lives. “Go to maximum warp as soon as we are clear” ordered Mason. “Yes, Sir” replied Taylor. The ships cleared the hostile fleet and jumped to warp. “Contact Admiral Nechayev, inform her of what happened,” said the Captain. As the crew went to follow his orders, another alarm sounded, “Report” demanded Mason. “Captain, there are 6000 Klingon ships are crossing from Klingon space” reported Lieutenant Commander Solkar. “Well, no time to lose, inform Admiral Nechayev” he ordered. He looked to the front of the bridge, worry gripped him, for now 6000, ships friendly to the traitorous Duras cause were crossing into Federation space, but who knows whom the Duras would recruit to their cause. A hail came through from the Negh’Var; “Captain Mason, it begins” said a grave, but excited General Met’Vek.


Chancellor Karath sat upon his throne in the Klingon council chambers. He was pondering the years success in the war with the Federation. The borders between the Klingon Empire and the Federation had been pushed back by 7 light years.  But there was a problem, Captain Nicholas Mason, former friend and prisoner of the Dominion was leading successful defensive missions, stopping the Klingon Fleet. The USS Legacy was personally responsible for the death of his brother and so began his quest for revenge. The large doors slammed open and 5 guards carrying spears, bat’leths and sharpened ceremonial swords escorted the most recent prisoners in. There was a brief commotion as the prisoners struggled against their guards, but they were easily subdued and forced to their knees. Karath stood up, towering above the kneeling prisoners. “Where is Captain Mason” he demanded. 


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