Wolf Song

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DISCLAIMERS: The character of Chakotay belongs to Paramount, but the poem
is my creation.

Wolf Song

by Carly Hunter
copyright 1996

My spirit is restless
And I rise
To a sky shaded turquoise to midnight.
The sun has not risen, but he is awake.
I walk along the valley’s stream,
The bubbling song
water its over rocks
Here I sit.
The cool water bathes my feet,
And I greet the Sky-Father with an upturned face
His golden fingers stretching up to pull him over the mesa’s plateau.

It is five days before I leave,
Before I make my journey,
The one I have chosen to begin,
The one which takes me from my people,
The one which will give me the answers I seek
(I hope)
I want to remember every detail.

A year ago
I told my guide.
Following the burning cedar,
She entered, padding lightly over the pollened floor.
She knew I was not at peace.
She will travel with me
And I with her.

In my dreams
Before my first quest
We ran together
She, a pup
I, a child
We grew together.

Now, when She comes,
She speaks to me with her eyes
Like the dawn sky closest to the sun
Pale, but full of fire
I listen
I watch
I try to understand.

The journey ahead is long,
She tells me
But I am young
I am strong
The journey is mine
I choose to make it
She is with me
I will not fail.


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