The New Crew Members From The Past

Story’s Voyager Ratings : G


DISCLAIMER: These characters, as well as most of the universe as
we know it, belong to Paramount and their affiliates. But the NEW characters
are mine. Try to guess their last names.

WARNING : Never chat in a chatroom with a chatter called. Mr.Q !

Thank you for reading these warnings

So, without further ado,

“The New Crew Members From The Past”

A Alternate Universe Novel

by Cassie O’Ryan


PART ONE: First Impression of the Third Kind

Two girls were in the living room infront of a computer. Behind them were
packed up. They just got home from school. And was at Cassie’s house. One
girl was in the computer chair your basic teenager girl, short brown hair that
stopped at her chin , brown eyes that were behind thin black glasses , wearing
a big gray sweater with dark navy , green , and ocean blue squares on her
sweater ,
and the basic faded blue jeans. And the latest NIKE sneakers.

But the other girl looked at like she was out of a magazine. The perfect long
blonde hair t her shoulders,
the perfect blue glassy eyes , people say that she looked like Melissa Jon Hart ,
She was tall for her age,
She wore the latest clothes from her role model in style clothes , the short no
sleeve shirt with blue , black ,
and white striped shirt, the blue Jean short skirt , and the four inch high shoes.

” I can’t believe it ! HIM ! I idol !” The blonde cheered.

And the other girl raised an eye brow. ” You and YOUR idols ! Rachel you are
impossible sometimes.” Cassie commented. And smiled. ” Wait I got some
e-mail from Marco.” Then when she saw her friend’s message the gray bar
came on it was staring unwaveringly back at her: blank and cold, the only
words on the screen now were. “Computer error. You have made a illegal
program and it must be terminated.” Rachel repeated the message.
“Man and we just got his message darn it!!” she said, wishing she could say
the words that were really on her mind but there was no cursing in her house.
Rachel looked at her smirked. ” My poor best friend in the world can’t even
play the computer without it Erroring out. Too bad.” And patted Cassie on the
shoulder. Cassie gave a EVIL look at her. ” Well for your information I got it
back on , Miss. Fashion.” She commented and she looked at the screen.
It read :

Dear Rach and Cas,
Go to the chatroom in ten minutes. I got to show you something. It’s about
those weird e-mails from that name Mr. Q.

Marco is Cassie’s best friend that is a boy . He is the sense of humor of the
three. But he not a class clown. There’s a seriousness to him, ay down beneath
all the glib jokes and teasing. He has short brown hair that Rachel calls him a ”
Wolverine”. He’s kinda short like Cassie. He’s the guy that like to wear ALL
black. Black shoes , black pants , shorts , and black shirts.

The two friends looked at each other. ” Okay. Let’s go.” Rachel said and used
to Mouse and opened the bookmarks and she pointed it to ” Mr. Q Science
Fiction chatroom” and she let go of the mouse and in ten seconds they were on
the chatroom. ” Mr.Q” was there. And so was Marco a.k.a. “StudBoy_2U” and
Cassie and Rachel had one name “Animal_Fashion_Girls”

Mr.Q : Hello my friends !
StudBoy_2U : Hello Mr. Q , what do you want ?
Mr. Q : Well I just want to say that why I have sent you those E-mails boy !
Animal_Fashion_Girls : Why then ? Are you stalking us ?
Mr. Q : lol
Animal_Fashion_Girls : What ?
StudBoy_2U : What with you Mr. Q ? You scared.
Mr. Q : Because I’m not all human like you three think.
Animal_Fashion_Girls: There’s only three of us. You , me , and Stud !
StudBoy_2U : YEAH !
Mr. Q : Well think why do you have ‘Girls’ than ‘Girl’ ?
Animal_Fashion_Girls : No comment, and why did you say that you NOT all
human ?
Mr. Q : Because I’m a….God-like alien ,Q !
StudBoy_2U : Yeah right !
Mr. . Q : Because I know all of your names, Animals are Cassie’s favorite
things in the world ; Fashion is Rachel’s life ( anyway neat skirt ) ; and Marco
thinks he’s All That.
Animal_Fashion_Girls : This is like Scream but REAL !
Mr. Q : No more like Science Fiction but……Reality ! * snaps his fingers *

” This guy is nuts !!!” Rachel began to say then…..FLASH ! Marco , Cassie ,
and Rachel were gone. And their things too.


“Captain, we’re getting a HUGE influx of energy in the
Transporter Room 4,” said Harry Kim to Captain Kathryn Janeway.

Janeway yelled. “What?! What else Harry ?”

“It appears to be an electric current from an familiar source….but the
electricity in the Transporters have been off-line,” added Harry. The console
beeped again, and
Harry’s eyes widened. “It’s like something’s trying to beam
Janeway glanced at Tuvok , who looked just as puzzled. “Well, what is trying
to beam here , let it go and beam all the way here. I’m going down there to get
some answers,” She added firmly. Janeway strode toward the turbolift with
Tuvok and Chakotay just behind her. And Janeway looked at Tuvok. ” What
did you get on your console , Tuvok ?” She asked.

The brown skin Vulcan looked at her and shook his head. ” I didn’t get any
warnings and there are no ships on this session of space, and no planets.” He
explained. Janeway sighed. ” I hope it’s friendly.” She said.
And they got out of the TurboLift and looked at the Transporter padd.
The Transporter room’s only crewmembers in there stood still as they stared at
the three still lumps on the platform.
Janeway and the two other senior officers rushed in, then edged tremulously
towards the huddled figures. Janeway hunched over next to them closely
shadowed by the two men. Janeway looked at the first face of the three
intruders. She saw Rachel’s model face and her eyes opened lowly.
” What the ?” She whispered.
And looked at Cassie and Marco and they opened there eyes too.
” What happened ?” Marco asked
Chakotay looked at Cassie and lowly put his hand under her arm and picked
her off the floor of the PADD. And Tuvok picked up Marco.
And the female captain picked up Rachel. And she looked at their bags.
” Kim get Seven and Paris to help you get those packs.” She told the young
Ensign. And he nodded. They walked the three kids to sickbay. ” You’re going
to be alright.” Chakotay told Cassie and she looked up at him and made a weak


In sickbay the holographic doctor put his medical tricorder against the kids
heads. ” They seems to be fine but this young lady has a head-ache. I can see
why, the way she looks.” He commented and went to a console. It was Rachel
he was talking about. ” Look, Doc. When I don’t know what is going on I get a
head-ache. Okay ? Anyway where are we ?” She asked.
Then she felt the future medical device on the side of her forehead. Then
Janeway put her hand on Rachel’s shoulder. ” You are on a Starship. We just
need to ask you some questions.” And then Cassie got up from the Bio-Bed.
” What’s a Starship ?” She asked and was on her feet. And she walked where
Marco was and looked at him. Janeway looked confused. ” It’s a spacecraft that
is in our Quadrant. We are not from this part of space…..” She started to
explained but Marco raised his hand like he was at school.
” Yes ?” Janeway asked.
And Marco got down. ” Are you saying that we are on a space ship ? This one
is for the record of human kind.” He asked and Tuvok answered. ” Yes you are,
are you saying that you never been on a “space ship” before ?”
Cassie looked at Rachel and she looked at Marco. And she said, ” What year it
? Because last time I remember it was March 17, 1998. We live in the state
called Kansas.” She said and Marco laughed. ” Well,
we aren’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy.”
Tuvok looked at Chakotay.
” It the year….2377.” Chakotay said and all three of the kids dropped their
jaws. ” You mean we’re 400 years in the FUTURE !?!” Rachel asked amazed.

PART TWO : Recruiting

” That electricity that we got must of got these kids from the past and put them
in OUR present time.” Ensign Kim said. All of the Senior Officers with the
new guests. ” So that ancestor of a computer that the kids were on must of got
into Sub-Space and got them.” B’Leanna Torres explained from what she found
out from Engineering.
” Can you make that electricity again ? Or did somebody……wait that guy must
of did it !” Cassie said remembering that WEIRD “Mr.Q”.
” What guy ?” Tom Paris asked turning his chair to her. Cassie looked at
Rachel and Marco and they sighed.
” Well me and Rachel were chatting on the internet and also Marco. Because
we kept getting these weird ” messages ” from him. He called himself…….Mr.
Quinn or something.” Cassie said and then the person that she was thinking of
just disappeared from her mind.
Rachel nodded. ” I think that was his name….Mr. Quinn. He said on his last
message that he and I quote,
“No more like Science Fiction but……Reality ! * snaps his fingers *” End
Janeway rubbed her chin.
” Well when we get this mystery finish we’ll try to send you home, but for now
. Your guests here. Seven , Kim , Paris will show you to your quarters.” She
said and got up. ” Dismissed.”
And everyone got up and the three officers got their stuff and they walked out
of the Briefing room.


” This place is neat. So is where a war so something that made you guys come
here ?” Marco asked Tom. Tom smirked. ” Nope kid. We explore space. We
found hundreds of worlds. Vulcans , Romulans , Klingons , Cardassians , you
name it.” He said.
” You mean aliens ? Are there some on this ship ?” Rachel asked.
Harry and Tom smiled.
” Tuvok is called a Vulcan. Our Main Engineer , B’Leanna is half human half
Klingon. And Seven is half human and half Borg. But most of our crewmen
are human.” Kim explained.
And they stopped at a door.
They are on Deck 4 Room 34A. Seven looked at her PADD and nodded. ” This
is the quarters for now of Rachel. And the one next to her is Cassie and the
across from here is Marco’s.” She said and the three officers put down the
Marco grabbed his backpack and gym bag ; Cassie picked up her backpack ,
gym bag , and suitcase ; Rachel picked up her pack , gym bag , and a HUGE
suitcase. ” My clothes that I dear so must is in here. Sorry Ensign.”

And all of them went into their separate rooms.

Cassie Room:
She walked in and put down her bags. She saw a sofa and sat down on it. ”
Kinda hard , but comfy.” As she could scarce believe she was 400 years in the
future, millions of miles from her home… surrounded by people she thought
only existed in her imagination and those of thousands of people like her. She
thought of her friends back home.

” My mom is going to freak !” She laughed.

But they’d never know… she worried about her parents and friends, who were
no doubt looking for her,
worried sick.
She couldn’t even glance at the PADD, her mind was filled with sadness and
picked it up and it had ” Welcome to Voyager” on it.
And she pushed a button on the screen saying ” How to work a computer” .
She walked up to the computer that was in her room. ” All you have to do is
touch the buttons. Cool.” She said to no one.
And she pushed up her glasses with her index finger back upper to her nose.
Then she heard her door ring. ” Come in.” She said.
And the doors slid and Ensign Kim walked in. ” Hello again, Cassie. The
Captain told me if you need anything just tap this and call her name or mine.”
He smiled and he handed a comm-badge to her. And she pinned it to her shirt.
” Thank you sir. Can I ask you a question ? It might sound kinda stupid to
you.” She admitted.
Kim smiled. ” Not at all.”
” Can you help me with this computer I was wondering where you can eat at
and I only got the ship map. Do you know where the cafe. or what ever it’s call
is ?” She asked and turned off the PADD and computer.
Kim nodded.
” That’s not a stupid question. I asked that when I got here . Voyager is my
first assignment after I graduated the academy. I’ll show you.” And he put his
hand out and Cassie took it. And they were out of her quarters.


Mess Hall

As Kim and Cassie discussed the 20th century in great detail, another alien
came up. ” Well Hello Mr. Kim and this must be one of our new visitors. I’m
Neelix and you are?” He asked.
Cassie smiled. ” I’m Cassie O’Ryan. Nice to meet you Mr. Neelix.” She said
Neelix smiled and turn to Kim. ” What would you two like to eat ?” He asked
him. Kim looked at Cassie and nodded. ” Cassie you told me that your mom is
a cook. What if you show Neelix how to make a REAL Pizza ?” He teased.
” Is it alright Mr. Neelix ?” She asked him. The Talaxian grinned and got an
extra chef cover. ” It sounds great ! I need to know so Mr. Paris can stop
bugging me about it.”
Cassie got the cover and tied it and Kim and Neelix walked over to the bar and
Neelix gave Cassie some round dough.
She flatten it with a roller then other officers started to walk to the bar
watching her.
” I some room.” She said,
and backed up and then she put her ( she washed her hands ) hands under the
dough and twisted it in the air and when it returned to her it was bigger.
She did it about four times and she put it on the counter and she put some
tomato sauce on there and spreaded it on the dough , then she put some sliced
cheese , and some pepperoni on there , and some sausage. And then she put it
on the wooden plank , Neelix opened the oven door and she slide the dough
pizza in there and she closed the door.
All of the people clapped to her and she blushed. ” Well Mr. Neelix that how
you make a 20th century pizza. Wait 30 minutes and take it out and let it cool
for three minute then it eat.” She said and took the chef cover off.

” Well we might have another chef on Voyager.” Paris laughed and moved to
the front of the bar. ” Well if Rachel , Marco , and me stay here I might.”
Cassie said smiling.
Then the Captain and the rest off the senior staff and the other two kids walked
into the Mess Hall and Rachel and Marco ran up to Cassie.
” Guess what ?” Rachel said and had her hands on Cassie’s shoulder.
” What ?” Cassie asked.
” We get to stay here !” Marco yelled in excitement.
Cassie looked at Rachel and Marco and smiled. ” Wow, Captain explain.” She
walked up to the Captain.
Janeway kneeled down infront of Cassie and smiled. ” Because we found that
you come but you can’t go back. If you did the electricity would kill you. I’m
not taking that chance.” And got up.
Rachel and Marco walked to Cassie. ” So what are we going to do ? Just be
passengers ?” Cassie asked. Rachel stepped forward.
” Well…at my school I went to a class for counseling. I went there on my spare
time. You need a 18 year counselor ? I’m your 418 year old teen that will help.
I been at that class for four years. I know the basic and I can finish up on the
book that I’m reading.” She suggested to Captain Janeway and she nodded. ”
You may but you will report to Commander Chakotay in the Holo-deck. He’ll
show you what and where it is. And for you two….” She looked at Marco and
” You two can be our first StarFleet cadets on Voyager. And our new
counselor as well.” She said and the three smiled.
“Computer.” She said to the computer.
” Captain if you going to put us in the computer I think we should make new
names for ourselves. If we get back to this Federation space they’ll look up our
records and might find that we’re from the past.” Marco suggested.
” That is logical. They might.” Tuvok agreed.

” Thank you, Lt.” Marco laughed. Chakotay looked at the kids “Then put in
your NEW names.” He smiled.
” Cassie you go first.” Rachel said. And Cassie nodded. “Computer put in the
name Cassie Ariana O’Ryan. Rank : Cadet.” She ordered the computer. And it
said back. ” The name Cadet Cassie O’Ryan is now on the roster of the crew.”
And Rachel smirked. “Computer put in the name Rachel…Lucy Moore. Rank :
Cadet/Counselor.” Rachel said and the beeped the order of the new counselor.
Marco folded his arms. “Computer put in the name Marco Conan McCrain.
Rank :Cadet.” and the computer did the nam announce again. And Janeway
opened her arms.
” Welcome , Cadets to Voyager.” She announced.

The End

More will come ! I promise !


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