Space Station Mir

Space Station Mir
by Chris Barker

When someone travels back through time, and destroyes the Space Station
Mir, and thus also destroying a legend, the Atlantis is sent back in
time to repair the damage.

Dmitri Andreyevich raced down the hall. He had a meeting, well a
brifing on the next mission, that the Atlantis would embark on. He
entered the dimly lit, room, for his briefing.

“Commodore Andreyevich, you are to take the Atlantis to the year 1997.
Someone has disrupted the timeline, and destroyed the space station Mir,
repair the time damage, and return. Here is your briefing you may pick
your own mission support crew, good luck,” And in that moment Dmitri was
out of the officer, glancing over a Data PADD that would erase, once he
had read it.

U.S.S. Atlantis

Commodore Andereyevich sat in his ready room. He had narrowed down, who
would be joining the crew. Finaly he selected. Lieuteanant Drake Spencer
of the U.S.S. Myers. He was an excellent historian, and knew how people
acted in the 20th century.

U.S.S. Myers Galaxy Class Starship

Captain Bondar sat in his command chair. The subspace message had just
arrived. “Computer locate Lieuteanant Drake Spencer,” “Drake Spencer is
on holo-deck 2,” the computer replied. Bondar tapped his commbadge,
“Lieuteanant Spencer report to the bridge,” Then he sat back and waited
for Drake to arrive.

20th Century

The mans eyes grew wide, as he saw the hulking mass of a flying space
object. Then a beam of energy lashed out from the mass, and the space
station known as Mir was destroyed.

Renegade Craft-Runabout Class

The man leaned back and laughed. The mission was complete. With Mir
destoryed, his most hated enemy would never be born. He laughed again,
before opening the temporal gate, and returning to the 24th century.

Runabout Hunter-En Route to U.S.S. Atlantis

Drake leaned back, and watched the viewscreen. The stars streaked by, as
the runabout made its way to the U.S.S. Atlantis, at warp 9. “Now
droping to impulse,” the piolit called. The small ship droped out of
warp, and made a gracefull arch upwards to the U.S.S. Atlantis. *What a
ship* Drake thought to himself.

U.S.S. Atlantis

“Sir the runabout Hunter has docked, Lt.Commander Casey announced.
“Have, Lieuteanants Spencer and Gerard report to my ready room,”
Andreyevich said. He stood and walked into the ready room. Casey opened
the commlines to both crewmen.

Lieuteanant David Gerard and Lieuteanant Drake Spencer where both in
Andreyevich’s ready room a few moments later. He briefed them on what
was to come, and wanted everything he could from both of them, since
they where both great Historians.

“Engaging time drive,” Kollos announced. “Time shift in
9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… the ship shook and crewmen where
thrown from thier stations. “Timeshif has occurred,” Kollos said,
vacating the navagation spot, and Lieuteanant Saar resumed the post.

“Engage, phase cloak,” Commodore Andreyevich, ordered. Lt.Commander Zam
Poldegin tapped at his engineering control board. “We are cloaked,” the
Zakdorn announced. “Good, report on Mir?” Andreyevich asked. “Sir the
space station was just hit with a phaser blast. It has been destroyed,”
Casey announced. “Check the records, see if Pavel Chekov is still
alive,” “Pavel who?” Casey asked. “Do it,” he repeated. “No one by that
name has ever excisted.

“Prepare for another time-shift,” A few moments later, they where time
shifted again, this time, just before Mir was hit. A runabout was about
to attack the station. “Thier is a bulidup in thier weapens systems,”
Krag announced. “Fire!” Andreyevich shouted. “To late, the space station
was hit, as a photon torpedo shot away from the Atlantis. “Damn!” he

“Captain, if we go back as far as a week, we can set up a shield
generator on Mir, that would protect it from the attack,” Lieuteanant
Spencer announced.

“Do it,” Andreyevich ordered. “Casey ready your away team,” Andreyevich
said. “Spencer, Krag, Gerard, Poldegin, with me,” Casey announced
heading for the transporter room.

Space Station Mir

The shimmering effect of the transporter faded. All crewmen that where
not human, had been altered by the Matter Stream Modifier. Krag was
scanning with his tricorder. They where wearing anit-gravity boots,
since the space station, had no artifical gravity.

“This way,” Krag announced, pointing down a tunnell. Krag led, followed
by Casey, then Spencer, then Poldegin and pulling up the rear, Gerard.

The away team made its way forward to a place where they could fit the
generator to the station. It would be transported aboard, once they had
found a site for the generator.

U.S.S. Atlantis

Commodore Andreyevich sat in the command chair. He was thinking about
what hung on the balance of this mission. From his briefing Chekov had
been a great starfleet officer, serving with James T. Kirk. The voice of
Lt.Commander Casey broke him out of his thoughts. “Where ready sir,” her
voice said from the intercomm. He tapped his board, “transporter room 2,

Space Station Mir

The shield generator came into clear focus as the effect of the
transporter faded. “Get it hooked up fast!” Casey shouted. Krag, and Zam
went straight to work. It was amazing it only took the two, three hours
to hook the shield generator up.

“Atlantis, energize,” she spoke through the commbadge. The transporter
gripped them, and beamed them back to the Atlantis.

U.S.S. Atlantis

On the bridge, the crew was preparing for time shift. “Shield generator
on the space station is activated,” Lieuteanant Spencer called.

And then they had shifted. They saw the runabout heading for Mir. “Are
the shields up around the station?” Andreyevich asked. “Yes sir,”
Poldegin announced.

The runabout fired, and the phaser blast was absorbed by the shields.
“Tractor the ship into the main shuttlebay,” Dmitri ordered.

The main tractor beam lashed out, and caught the small runabout. It
pulled it in. “Commander Casey, remove the shield generator from the
station, and prepare to return home,” “Yes sir,” she responded. “Krag,
your with me,” Andreyevich, said. The Nausican, met the Commodore
half-way to the turbolift.

“You will be returning with us, where you will be handed over to the
proper people,” Dmitri, explained to the man in the brig. Krag stood a
few feet away, his hand resting on his phaser. Anger,fear, and hate
where the emotions on the mans face.

“Commodore to the bridge!” the voice of Casey, came over the intercomm.
“Krag, attend to our guest,” Andreyevich said, turning to head towards
the bridge.


He sat in the office, as the Unknown Black Man looked over his report.
“Very good, Commodore another mission that went well. All has been
restored.” “Good, was all that Dmitri said.

After he left he was already thinking about what the next mission would
be like. Being in charge of the Atlantis, was a big job, but one that
was fun. He looked forward to the next mission.

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