Forever Maquis: Expanations

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Here you go, again, have fun! 🙂

Forever Maquis: Explantions
By: Chris McNeair

“Shanna? Sherena? Nat? Mosambe?”
The hostages froze at the mention of their names, turning to face the
tall Indian, who’s eyes where wide in surprise.
*This is not happening, this is not happening, it’s only a dream* she
thought, but looking at him, in his brown eyes, it was hard to believe.
Standing before her was the one person she thought she’ld never *ever*
see again.

Captain Janeway had no idea what was going on, first they were fighting
the Den’oplar, next thing she knew, she was being called to the
Transporter Room. She wanted answers.
“Captain, these people are *Maquis*.” Chakotay whispered.
“Then how-?”
“Spacial time rift?” Torres offered.
” Spacial rift; yes, but not throught time. Warp technology.” one of
the Maquis said, looking directly at Torres.
He focused his attention to Janeway, ” The modifications made to the
engines inabled the ship to travel at Warp 3, the area of space was
unstable , causing a spacial rift,”
*A new way home* she thought.
“Unfortunately, the calculations were wrong, causing a total drainage
power from all systems and an engine meltdown.” he finished, as if
reading her thoughts.
“Isn’t there a way to repair them?” Torres asked.
“No, everything is completely ruined.”
Torres turned to Janeway, “Captain-?”


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