Forever Maquis: Here and Now

Forever Maquis: Here and Now
By Erin Alpert

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“Damage report!” Captain Janeway shouted across her bridge. Why do captains
always say that? Unless they had a Vulcan on the bridge, they almost never got
an answer. Was it something that was said by reflex? Probably. But there was no
time to think about that now. Three alien vessels had appeared, nearly directly in
front of them. There were phaser blasts rocking the ship now.
But Tuvok wasn’t on the Bridge now, so Janeway didn’t get her damage report.
But Paris pulled the ship out of the line of fire, and pulled out of there. But Tom
Paris wasn’t really thinking about Voyager when he did that maneuver. He was
thinking about home, partially, but mostly the Maquis. He felt like he was on a
ship, caught between two ships, one Federation, and one Cardassian. No where to
go. But, he pulled it off. His mind shifted gears again, this time to someone he
knew, a long time ago. Too long. The woman who had gotten him involved in the
Maquis. The woman who the Maquis had blamed for his failure. Where was she

Torres stood somewhere else on the bridge, about ready to punch the Engineering
console. She had done that once, back in the Maquis. It shattered to pieces. She
got a firm lecture, but not much of a punishment. She had to get the new console,
but was not suspended, for there was a great need for her skills. Or maybe she
was just lucky that time. Then, she noticed something. She had spent so much
time thinking about the Maquis lately. About the past, her past. She didn’t even
know why. But she had the odd sensation that she wasn’t the only one.

“Shields are down. Now Erica!” Harry Kim was still in the Transporter Room, but
this time was shouting at Johnson to get the prisoner. Usually, Voyager wasn’t a
ship that took hostages, but, these were not normal circumstances.

Erica Johnson let her facial expression show the hate she was feeling inside. But
it wasn’t for the prisoner who was now contained in the force-field in front of her,
but for the Cardassians who had tried so hard to destroy the Maquis.
“Filthy Cardies,” she murmured, so low, that she could barely hear it. Those days
in the Maquis had to be some of the most thrilling days of her young life. But
now, the memories were flaming back, and there was no way to stop them. And
she was sure, she wasn’t alone.

Commander Chakotay sat on the Bridge of the huge Starship. Well, actually, it
wasn’t that big. But, compared to the small Maquis raiders, it was colossal. The
Maquis. What ever happened to them since Voyager was flung 75 years away.
Were they still in existence? He wished they had finally worked out their
disputes with the Federation and Cardassia, but inside, a small part of him hoped
they were still the Freedom Fighters they had been when he joined. When he
joined the Maquis was probably one of the most exciting days of his life. He
stopped his train of thought. And realized that he had spent an awful lot of time
thinking about the Maquis. And, he had the suspicion that he wasn’t alone.

But why? That was in the Alpha Quadrant, and the past. And this was here and


Copyright 1997-Erin Alpert
Viacom owns people, `cept for Erica, I made her up! I own story! Look out for the
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