Forever Maquis: Journey

From Tue Mar 11 15:34:58 1997
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 19:04:44 -0600
From: William McNeair
Cc: Dave Tremel
Subject: Forever Maquis: Journey

This is a little thing Erin and I started since, we are both Maquis fans
and P/Ters, the first part was by Erin so in oder to understand this you
need to read Erin’s first, then mine, then Erin’s then this.:)

Forever Maquis: Journey
By: Chris McNeair

” Everyone, attention please!” Sherena’s voice broke through the silence
of the bridge. ” As of now we are leaving the Badlands, all 27 of you
will either be reported as missing, dead or captured. anyone wishing to
return to the Badlands, speak now.”
No like there’s anything to return to, Mosambe thought. The silence on
the bridge held, until she broke it again. ” Mosambe, Natalie.” she
said, nodding to them.
The engineers nodded. ” Impulse, shields, thrusters and warp engines
online.” he confirmed.
” Ready when you are.” his partner replied.
The little Maquis ship jumped into open space. The plasma storms of the
Badlands were so disappearing. For awhile it seemed as though the stars
were streaking by faster. Until all that could be seen were blurry
bright lines.
” Is our speed changing?” Sherena asked, a bit nervously.
” The engines are working at warp 5, but navagational systems report
only Warp 1.5.” Mosambe replied.
” Must be a glicth between here and the engines.” Natalie supplied.
” I’ll check on it.”
Mosambe silently got up and moved quickly to the back of the bridge
Natalie frowned at her console.
” Nat?” Sherena asked.
” It’s seems as if or speed is increasing. This isn’t suppose to
Natalie and Mosambe had went over it with her, they were only suppose to
obtain Warp 3 for a couple of hours, before the engines automatically
shut-down. It was their own design, adding a little Federation
technology from the Academy.
Natalie soon disappeared behind the bridge. And another engineer sat in
her seat.
The ship began to shake and rumble.
” Turblance?” Sherena shouted above the noise.
” That’s impossible! The cause is from the engines.” Shanna replied.
The comm system came alive, sputtering static. The view of space was a
lot birghter than Sherena knew it was. All views showed the same thing,
a bright white light and suddenly everything went blank.


Paramount and Viacom own the Characters except for Sherena, Mosambe,
Natalie, and Shanna. Which I own, along with the story. This is the last
of the Forever Maquis series I’m writing. Erin’s got it next time….


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