Forever Maquis: 70,000 lightyears

This is a little series thing Erin Alpert and I started, since we are
both Maquis fanatics and P/Ters. Any comments can be sent to her at ,or me at

Forever Maquis: 70,000 lightyears

By: Chris McNeair

” This stupid thing is not working!” Natalie cursed in fustration,
hitting her console.
She turned to her partner for sympathy, guidance anything. Only to find
him staring into open space. She sighed loudly.
“Huh?” he asked, his brown eyes focusing on her.
” I was having problems with this console.” she replied calmly.
” Oh, no problem. I’ll fix it.” he touched a couple of buttons and what
seemed like a few seconds, thrusters were back on-line.
Natalie couldn’t help but watch in amazement, they had been working
together for close to three years and his engineering skills never cease
to amaze her.

Sitting in the commanding chair, Sherena watched the two engineers. But
her mind drifted, two years ago.. He was there, like a rock, calming and
peaceful. Her job back then was simple, to get new Maquis. It was never
an easy job, but she was one of many who had to do it.
There was the time she got a Admiral’s son involved, Chakotay was very
angered, there was so many chances taken, an endless list of
possiblites. He was one of the best pilots she had ever seen. He had
even gotten along with another pliot.
It didn’t last long, after he was caught she recevied the blame for his
failure. And she would never be forgiven. But Sherena wondered if there
was still a chance…if they ever met up again…

She remembering staring into large light blue eyes, almost sky blue. She
remembered feeling free, floating,-
“Shanna! Watch it!”
The cry broke her thoughts as she realized she was heading straight for
an asteriod. Quickly adjusting their course, they missed it but 20
A sigh of relief escaped her lips. That was close, too close. Next time
she’ld have to pay attention, but no matter how hard she tried her mind
keep drifting….If only she knew where he was…


Copyright 97, Chris McNeair
Paramount and Viacom own the character except, Shanna, Sherena, Mosambe
and Natalie, which I own along with the story… The look out for the
next part from Erin!


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