Forever Maquis: Strange Happenings

Forever Maquis: Strange Happenings
By Erin Alpert

Sorry it took so long to write this, I was * really * busy!

A burst of white light filled the bridge of Voyager, causing the eyes of its crew to turn
away. Then, when they looked back, the ship they had been fighting was not there, but now
sat a tiny craft, one with an all too familiar design.

The Transporter Room was silent as the hostages came aboard. But at first glance, or second
or third for that matter, they were not the ones they had been battling. They were familiar,
all too familiar. Erica felt like she knew them, supported their causes even. Then, she
realized why.

“Johnson to the Bridge,” her nervous voice seeped through the Comm channel.
“Janeway here, what is it?”
“I think you need to see this for your self, and send some other crew members as well, Paris,
Torres and Chakotay in particular.”
“Okay, Janeway out.”

“Where the Hell am I?” one of the hostages demanded.
“It’s okay, you’re on Voyager,” Ensign Kim tried to explain, but the woman wouldn’t
“I knew that Starfleet would find us, but why so soon,” then turning to the others she said,
“we didn’t get to have any fun.”
“Oh, shut up,” one of the others shot back.
“Nat, I do wish you would treat your commanding officers with some respect.”
“Sorry,” “Nat” sarcastically snorted.

At that time, a few Starfleet officers walked in, one of them vaguely familiar. Then, she
caught herself staring into his blue eyes, his light blue eyes, and she felt.. she felt
something she could describe… but she knew him…. she really did.

“Shanna? Sherena? Nat? Mosambe?”


Does anyone else want to help write?

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