Private Pain I: Tom’s Thanks

By: Chris McNeair

Summary: Poem

Private Pain I : Tom’s Thanks

I dreamed of you again
kinda funny come to think of it,
I thought I had forgotten you,
but how can I ?
You are and always will be a part of me.

I’ve always loved your smooth skin,
that creamy tan of yours
( that made you so attractive ).
The way your hair felt
( like silken fabric ),
the way it cascaded down your back
when you let it loose.
Your eyes,
a dark reflection pool.

I can never forget those long walks
around headquarters,
I will never forget kissing your lips,
softly and passionately.
I will always remember how you taught
me to have courage,
never look back on my mistakes,
once it’s in the past it’s gone
( I wish I could still believe that )

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