Without Love, Parts I – VI

Disclaimer: This is my first solo attempt and P/T and nothing but P/T
fanfic, so please excuse it if it is kinda lame.
You know who owns the story (Me, Chris) and you know who owns the
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Without Love: First Strike
By Chris McNeair

This was the first huge fight they’ld gotten into. Sure, they had there
squabbles as all couples do, but this was different.
Tom sat in his quarters mulling over the arguement, the more he thought
about it, the sillier it got……


It was lunch and Tom was glad to get out of the Bridge. The conn was
sluggish, due to the last species they got into an arguement with for
invading their claimed space. He sighed, looking down at his appetizing
lunch. *Does this stuff get uglier looking as the day goes on?*
He spotted B’Elanna sitting at a table, by herself surrounded by PADDs,
trying to work and eat at the same time.
“Hey, ‘Lanna.” he greeted her, sitting down.
She nodded, scooping up some greenish-brown slob of her plate and into
her mouth.
Tom closed his eyes for a moment, not wanting to watch. He caught her
reaction though.
“So, what’s up?” he asked, trying to start a conversation.
“Everything.” she replied, gesturing toward the PADDs in front of her.
*Okay, let’s try it again*, he thought.
” How are repairs in Engineering?”
” Not bad, there’s still considerable damage to the warp core and
impulse engines will probably be working at 2100 hours.”^+
“I thought we had a hoverball game?”
B’Elanna nearly choked on her water.
“Since when do you play hoverball?”
“Since Harry taught me.” he replied.
She shrugged, ” Sorry, gotta finish repairs.”
” You’re in Engineering repairing something, can’t Carey do it?” Paris
whined, not meaning to.
“No, he can’t.”
“What? I’m not going to be available at your convenience Thomas Eugene
Paris,” he cringed at the mention of his last name and the tone of her
voice, “as a matter of fact, I *need* to be back in Engineering.”
With that B’Elanna left the Mess with all of her stuff.

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Without Love: Rumors
By: Chris McNeair

Think of me like I think of you,
Gimme a sign to show you care,
Am I so far away in your thoughts, not there?
Forget what you told me that didn’t get said
Is it too much to ask to come down off your cloud,
And with you feet on the ground,
Say something out loud.
Donna Lewis Without Love

“Heard you and B’Elanna had a fight.” a smug voice said, interrupting
Tom’s thoughts.
He looked up and saw Jenny Delaney.
“We did *not* have a fight, just a disagreement.” he replied.
She snorted, “If it’s anything about time, I have lots of it. I’m
*never* busy.”
*Uh-oh* Paris thought, knowing that tone of voice. As he tried to take
her arm off his shoulder, he spotted B’Elanna walking into Sandrine’s.
*Oh, crud.* he thought, hoping she didn’t see him, but she did and stormed out.
He tore after her.
“‘Lanna, wait I-”
She jerked her arm out of his grip, “You know, I *was* going to apologize
for snapping at you. I *was* going to make it up to you. You’re making
me wish I had knocked you on the floor the first time.”
“It’s not what it looked like-”
” Dammit! Thomas Eugene Paris, what the hell do you expect me to
think?! I walk in there and see you with Jenny Delaney of all people!
Now you tell me what that’s supposed to look like!” she hissed.
“Not good?” he repiled, quietly.
” Why didn’t you tell me? At least you could have let me know you didn’t
what to be with me anymore. You know you really asked from this.”
And with that B’Elanna’s fist made contact with Tom’s jaw. He lay on the
floor stunned, with a pained look on his face, holding his jaw. As
B’Elanna Torres, the only thing that really mattered in his life stormed
*Great, now how am I going to explain this to the Doc?* he thought.

That was the least of his worries……..

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Without Love: Wishes part III
By: Chris McNeair

Disclaimer: You know who owns what by now, I’m sure. This is P/T (of
course) and I really would like feedback.

blame it on work,
Buy me some flowers
Empty gestures wile away the hours
Promises, promises
sealed with a kiss,
Please acknowledge it’s me that you miss.
No message received,
excuses believed,
You hurt me so much,
I’ll never recover,
Takes time to discover,
A love like no other….
Donna Lewis Without Love

B’Elanna had no idea why she felt guilty. It was Tom who was guilty, he
was the one she had trusted, and *he* was the one who had taken her
trust and trashed it. He deserved it. *How could he?* she thought.
Walking down the hallway to her quarters, she recalled the pain and
shock in his sky blue eyes. Maybe he was telling the truth, maybe –
*No he wasn’t! You saw him with her! You saw the way she was all cuddled
up to him!* the little voice agrued back.
She sighed, enough of this. Sitting at her desk, totally abandoning the
PADDs she’d left there earlier, she accessed her personal logs to find
any earlier signs she had maybe missed of him cheating. Leaning back in
her chair and closing her eyes she listened.
“….Harry’s birthday is about a week or so away…”
What?!? Her mind instantly jolted. How could she have forgotten?
B’Elanna just hoped he wasn’t expecting anything fancy….


Tom walked out of Sickbay briskly, the Doc had reset his jaw and the
ache in his jaw was managable. He was begining to wonder whether or not
the doc bought the line : “I took the Holodeck safties off.” sure, it
was lame, but that was all he could think of at the time.
He was going to mull it over more when he was accompanied by his best
“Hey! What’s up?”
“Nothing much, I guess,” Harry shrugged, “I was curious what you
planned on getting me for my birthday, but I’d rather be surprised.”
“Your birthday?” Tom asked, squeaking slightly.
Harry looked at his friend as if trying to determine if he was sick or
“Yeah, my birthday. Something like the day after tomorrow.” He said
slowly, making sure his friend would understand.
“What did you want for your birthday?”
“You really wanna know?”
“Yeah,” Tom shrugged. *How bad can it be?* he thought
“I want you and B’Elanna to get back together.”
*Oh, boy*

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Disclaimers as follows: You know who owns the stories and who owns the
rest. One other note, more K/K this time then the last few times, but it
still ends nicely. Yep, the KicKers would love me for this one. 🙂

Without Love IV: No Doubt
By: Chris McNeair

You and me
we used to be together
did everything together always
I really feel like I’m losing
my best friend
and I can’t believe this could be the end
It looks as though you’re letting go
and if it’s real than I don’t want to know…
NO DOUBT – Don’t Speak

“Where *is* he?” Harry asked in reference to his best friend.
“I’m sure he’ll show up.” Kes replied.
” Yeah, he’ll probably be late for his own funeral.” B’Elanna grumbled
under her breath.
Kes frowned at the comment, but said nothing. Everyone knew what was
going on between Tom and B’Elanna.
*Poor Harry, caught in the middle* she thought.
He had wanted to have the party at Sandrine’s, but changed his mind.
Neelix’s program was used, minus the crews’ creative “additions”.
Still all of Kim’s friends showed up, including Tuvok (not that he would
ever admit having a friend, just a co-worker), which surprised
everyone. Sighing, Kes turned toward the main table where a choclate
chip cake and some presents awaited the young ensign’s attention.
She smiled, remembering how Ensign Wildman came to the Mess to help
create the cake, which was half repilcated.
“I guess he’s not coming.” Kim sighed, turning around starting toward
the table.
Just as he reached for the knife to cut the cake, the holodeck doors
opened and Tom Paris stood there, lopsided grin and all, a small parcel
tucked under his arm.
“The replicators were malfunctioning again.” he explained simply.
Presenting the object the Kim.
” I thought you weren’t coming.” Harry said.
“Me? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hours after the party was over, Kes and Kim lingered in the Holodeck
together, remains of the party behind them as they sat watching the
tide come in.
There was a ceratin amount of sadness in his expression, Kes thought,
reaching out and squeezing his hand as if to reassure him. He looked at
her and smiled slightly, pulling her close.

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Without Love V: Never going back
By: Chris

Harry tried unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn. It had been an extremely
uneventful week. He checked the chronometer. It said 1330. Four more
hours until his shift was over and he could get three hours worth of
sleep and join Kes for dinner in the Mess. Four more hours. . . . just
four more hours and he could sleep…-
The ship jolted forward, snapping Kim out of his thoughts.
“Report.” Janeway barked.
“Warp engines off line, shields at 40%.”
“But where-?”
The Captain’s question was cut off as a bright flash of light hit the
view screen, rocking the ship. as if to answer her question, a small
gray oval shaped ship appeared in front of them.
” Didn’t Neelix say there where no ships that had cloaking technology?”
Chakotay asked.
No one answered his question.
” Open a channel.” Janeway ordered.
” Channel open.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thirty minutes had passed since the Captain made her standard greeting,
still there was no response. Kim tried all channels, he assumed that
they had received Janeway’s message. Everything seemed to be on a stand
still. Suddenly a loud screeching noise filled the bridge. Kim quickly
terminated the link.
Silence once again filled the bridge once again and Kim could tell this
was going to be a long day.
The Captain called a senior officer meeting. There seemed to be no end
to bad news; warp engines were down and wouldn’t be completely fixed
until 27 hours from now, shields would take 17 to repair, decks were
left without life support, and worst of all Voyager’s Chief Engineer was
rushed to Sickbay to due extensive plasma burns when a conduit blew.
The damage reports where flooding in and Janeway wondered if she could
keep up with them. Sickbay had their hands full. The Universal
translator abviously didn’t work, so there was no way of telling when
they would attack again *if* they would attack again.
Janeway asked for suggestions, Kim spoke up.
“Project more ships. Like we did to fool the Kazon.”
Janeway looked at Carey,” Do we have enough power?”
“Impulse is all we’ve got for now. There shouldn’t be a problem with the

Without Love VI: Casulities
By: Chris McNeair

“You know this wouldn’t ‘ve happened if you had listened to me!”
” This wouldn’t ‘ve happened if I *had* listened to you!” Carey shouted
back over his shoulder at the young ensign.
The holoemitters had worked perfectly and Voyager was once again away
from danger, two lightyears away from their previous postion.
Unfortunately, impulse engines were no longer functioning, and they were
Carey never realized how much Engineering really depended on Torres, she
kept engines running and took care of the Maquis, especially the one at
his back. She had been insisting the whole time that she had predicted
the engines would fail, and had been following him the entire time to
make sure he understood.
“….you know all you Feds are alike, you can’t stand anyone being
better than you.” she continued.
Last straw, the only possible thing that would make him angry was to
cross the line.
Whirling around to face her, he said with *extreme* politeness,” Look,
we’re kind of shorthanded here and I would appreciate it if you helped.”
Her eyes narrowed, but she left him to work at a console near the warp

Kes was just about to leave Sickbay when Tom walked in, his face ashen.
“Tom! What can I do for you?” she asked
“How’s B’Elanna?”
“Stable. She should be able to threaten everyone in Engineering in a
week or so.”
Tom smiled slightly and nodded, making his way towards her bedside.
Kes smiled warmly back and exited Sickbay’s doors, knowing that she
would get five replicator rations from Kim who said that Tom and
B’Elanna wouldn’t be a couple again. She knew they’d stay together, no
matter what….

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