Star Trek: Civil Conflict

Star Trek: Civil Conflict

*This marks the new adventures of the USS Crusade and her unique crew of unlikely Starfleet Officers trying to uphold all that the Federation stands for in a time of Civil war, where the Federation is under a Military Dictatorship by Starfleet Commander, Admiril Bill Partmon, who abandones all the Federation’s laws and guidelines to seek out new life and rule it under an iron fist. The only hope for protection is the other half of Starfleet who opposes this new Dictatorship.*

*This is the maiden voyage of the USS Crusade, in this first entallment, the crew must choose between following orders given by the Federation, or disobeying their orders in order to save a prewarp culture from ultimate destruction.*

“Preserve or Destroy”
By David C. Chapman

The Excelsior classed starship sat in orbit around Pinar III making repairs from a previous battle with a Nebulae classed Starship. *USS Yorktown* was this ship’s name, she was commanded by Captain Don Rogerson, a well known starfleet Captain in the Federation, known for obeying orders and performing above and beyond the call of duty on countless occasions, but he had a dark side to him, as most officers in the Federation did nowadays, he shared in the Federation President’s views of conquer or die. “Captain, we’ve detected trilithium deposites on the serface.” came the science officer “Well, it appears that we’ve won afterall.” said Rogerson “Helm, take us to a closer orbit, I want to know just how much is down there.” said Rogerson “Aye sir.” said Cmdr. Hivok from the helm tapping a few icons to bring the ship in closer to the planet’s atmosphere without chrashing the ship altogether. Hivok too was a well known officer in the fleet, having been given the Captain Pike medal of honor on several occasions, being the fastest in the fleet to be promoted to Cmdr, aside from all that, he was alone, he was the only Romulan who served in Starfleet, he too hid something, but what it was was a mystery to everyone else, whether or not he believed in conquering other worlds was also a mystery. “There’s enough down there to supply the entire fleet and then some!” shouted the science officer “Well, perhaps we should report this to Starfleet command.” said Rogerson looking towards his communications officer “Aye sir.” said an eager young man awaiting his orders with anthusiasm “Those traitorous bastards might have pounded on my ship, but they only brought me closer to completing this mission.” bickered Rogerson “Sir, Starship entering the sector, it’s the Nebulae classed Starship that we encountered, the *USS Jersey*!” shouted the tacticle officer “Bastards! They must have followed us, Ensign, transmit that message to Starfleet and transmit it now!” barked Rogerson “Aye sir.” said the communications officer “This is *USS Yorktown* to Starfleet Command, we have found Trilitium deposites on Pinar III, respond please.” Over the speakers came the voice of a young woman “*Yorktown* this is Starfleet Command, we acknowledge that, we’re sending your findings to President Partmon now.” she said “Great, now we need some bloody assistance!” barked Rogerson “How are our shields and weapons?” The tacticle officer turned to face his Captain “Weapons are fully opperational, but shields are almost inoperative, one hit from them and they’re gone, we need to avoid conflict.” Rogerson turned to his tacticle officer “Noted, but I’m not going to run from them, they have a lesson to learn on loyalty, I’m going to teach it to them.” said Rogerson as he turned back to the main viewscreen “Sir, they’re hailing us.” said the communications officer “On screen.” said Rogerson “I am Commander Henderson of the Federation Starship *Jersey* we have no wish to destroy you, please stand down and prepare to be boarded.” said the woman on the viewscreen who wore the same uniform as Rogerson “Ahh, Henderson, we attended the Academy together, small world isn’t it? Where’s your commanding officer, Captain Wilson?” asked Rogerson “He died when you opened fire on us without provication.” said Henderson “We’re at war with one another, you betrayed the Federation, need I have provication for attacking an enemy ship in Federation space?” asked Rogerson “We are also Federation.” said Henderson “No, you are traitors, we are the rightful Federation Citizens, we didn’t turn our backs on Starfleet.” said Rogerson “You also help in thieving countless worlds in order to mine them, or inhabit them with Federation or Dominion people.” said Henderson “Survival of the fittest, need I say more?” asked Rogerson “Your President has violated the Prime Directive on many accounts, he has abandoned everything Starfleet was built on.” said Henderson “Leave this sector at once or be destroyed.” said Rogerson “Well, this isn’t exactly your space, there is a Prewarp culture on the planet below who haven’t even seen space beyond their first moon, the way I see it, your ship sustained a massive amount of damage anyways, so you have no other choice, but to stand down and surrender.” said Henderson “We’ll see, *Yorktown* out.” said Rogerson motioning for the viewscreen to be switched back to front view “Are we going to fight or flee, sir?” asked Hivok “You’re my XO, you should know me better than to run from a fight Mr. Hivok,” said Rogerson “Evasive Maneuvers.” Hivok turned back to the helm “Aye sir.” he said pressing a few more icons and then an icon entitled ‘execute’ “Red Alert, all crew to battlestations, this shouldn’t take too long.” said Rogerson as the Red Alert Klaxon sounded throughout the ship. The *Yorktown* moved out of orbit and into an attack position to open fire upon the *Jersey*, but it was too late, the *Jersey* had already fired upon them, knocking their shields offline and causing a great amount of damage to the Engineering section of the ship. “Report!” shouted Rogerson “Shields have failed Captain! Hull breaches on decks 9 through 15!” shouted tacticle “Damn, return fire!” shouted Rogerson “Aye sir!” shouted tacticle as the ship rocked under phaser fire “Warp Core Micro Fracture, Breach imminant.” came the computer’s voice on an intercom throughout the ship “No! I can’t lose!” shouted Rogerson as the tacticle station exploded sending the tacticle officer flying lifeless and burned through the air, smashing down on the guard rail. Rogerson quickly ran to tacticle taking the controls, “Returning fire!” he shouted “Changing coordinates to three three zero mark two!” shouted Hivok. The *Yorktown* fired back upon the *Jersey* causing her shields to fall, the *Jersey* took formidable damage to her saucer section, but she kept comming. “Damn! Computer, engage manual targetting system!” shouted Rogerson “Confirmed.” came the computer’s voice “Warp Core Breach imminant.” it kept repeating “I know I know God Da…” Rogerson’s station malfunctioned sending a surge of electricity through his body, he fell unconcious to the floor. “The Captain’s down! Medical team stand by!” shouted Hivok into his communicator as he held his coarse “I need Options people!” The Communications officer ran over to the Engineering station on the bridge bringing up a picture of what was going on in Engineering on a tiny viewscreen embedded in the aft wall of the bridge, above the Engineering station, “Sir, no one’s moving in Engineering, I think they’re all dead!” shouted the Communications officer “Prepare to eject the core on my mark!” shouted Hivok as the ship shook some more, Hivok pressed a few icons on the helm as quickly as his Romulan fingers would let him. The *Yorktown* turned around and started to move away from the *Jersey* at full impulse power. “Mark!” shouted Hivok, the communications officer pressed an icon entitled ‘Eject’ and watched the main viewscreen. The *Yorktown’s* Warp Core moved closer and closer to the Nebulae classed vessel. “Detonate the core.” said Hivok “Aye sir.” said the communications officer pressing an icon on the Engineering console. The Warp Core exploded sending a blinding array of colors into the vastness of space as it took the *Jersey* with it into oblivion. “Well done, now get a Medical team up here immidiately, the Captain needs Medical attention.” said Hivok as he laid in a coarse for the nearest Federation Starbase “Aye sir.” said the Communications officer as he ran back over to his station “Medical team to bridge.” he said over the intercom “the Captain is down, Medical team to bridge, please hurry.” Hivok turned to the Captain’s chair “Coarse locked in, shouldn’t be but a few hours.” he said as he took his seat in the Captain’s chair and watched the viewscreen.

*Two days later*
Hivok’s shuttle had just landed in San Fran Sisco, it was exactly how he left it, a city of great beauty and many mysteries beyond it’s time. He looked about and took a long deep breath of the fresh planetary air. *I’ve been on that ship far too long* he thought *Bout time I got to come home for leave* He stepped away from the shuttle letting the pilot step out. She was a young Vulcan Ensign who hadn’t said a single word to him the entire trip, he had to turn to a young Lt. for conversation. He couldn’t help, but look at her in admiration though, she was beautiful beyond compare, her hair sat gently in a bun on her head and her arms behind her back. As she walked by him she gave him a glance and a smile then went on her way. *What the hell?* he thought *That’s not supposed to happen*
“Well, I guess it’s time to report to Starfleet.” said Hivok extending his hand to the Lt. he had met on the shuttlecraft “Well Cmdr, it was a nice conversation, perhaps if you’re going to be on Earth a while we can get together and talk some more, I’ll be at Starfleet Medical.” said the young Lt. “Medical? But you said you work Opperations on Starships.” said Hivok “Yeah, but I was ordered to report to Medical for some reason.” said the Lt. “Well, if you need to get in touch with me, I’m Cmdr. Hivok.” said Hivok “I kindof realized that when I noticed you were Romulan, you’re pretty popular among the officers, I’m Jake Wildman.” said the Lt, Hivok didn’t know what to make of his little comment about his race, he just gave a smile of appreciation and went on his way to Starfleet Command.

Hivok had exited the landing pad and walked out on the street to find many eyes upon him, he knew what was going through their minds. *Oh my God, look it’s that Romulan Officer!* But Hivok was used to it, he had lived among the humans as an Officer long enough to know what their reaction would be and no matter what he did, it wouldn’t change their minds. He just went along his way, watching all the Civilians, Cadets and Officer walking by him, heading down their own paths along their lives. *Those fools have no idea what they’re going to be ordered to do when they get their first assignments* he thought, he had strong regrets about following his orders all the time, he’d helped relocate cultures just to take their worlds for the Federation, he’d also destroyed many of the Starships who opposed this kindof thing, in his heart, he knew that those Officers who opposed President Partmon were right. He watched shuttles pass underneath Golden Gate bridge, all the electric powered cars passing overhead and the birds flying all about. *You can’t see this kindof thing on a Starship* he thought as he kept walking *The Holodecks seem fake, they don’t capture the true essence* He found himself now standing outside Headquarters, Officers exited and entered at a rapid rate and sometimes in large groups. Hivok straightened his uniform and entered calmly. He walked up to a desk where a young Ensign sat, doing basically nothing. “Hello, the President wanted to see me?” asked Hivok “Ahh, Cmdr Hivok, yeah, go on in.” said the young Security Officer “Thanks.” said Hivok as he walked over to a door that lead into Partmon’s office. He pressed a button off to the side of the door causing it to chime “Yes, come in, I’ve been expecting you Cmdr.” came the strong voice of an old Starfleet Veteran from a speaker over the door. Hivok took a deep breath and entered the office. President Bill Partmon sat behind an oaken desk at the back of his office, wearing a Starfleet Admiril’s uniform, his head was covered in gray hair and his face portrayed the features of a fifty five year old man. His office was filled with relics from Earth’s past, along with some random objects from the past of other worlds, including the planet Vulcan. He showed a great interest in Earth’s World War II era, which showed in his choice for Earth artifacts. “Come in Cmdr, sit down.” he said making a gesture for Hivok to sit in a black leather chair infront of his desk, Hivok replied to the guesture by sitting down “Your report was great Cmdr, I understand you performed great in an obviously serious situation where there was no chance to win.” said Partmon “I performed my duty Mr. President.” said Hivok “You did more than that, you saved your ship and fellow crewmates and managed to take out the enemy in the process.” said Partmon “I don’t like to lose.” said Hivok, quoting something James Kirk said in a historic file he found on his ship’s computer database “Ahh, so you appreciate the past as well.” smiled Partmon “Certain things about the past, James Kirk was a great man.” said Hivok “That’s great, I wish there were more Officers like you.” said Partmon “Thank you sir, but did you ask me here to disguss my report?” asked Hivok “No, and please, call me Bill, I don’t like any of the formalities.” said Partmon “Okay, Bill it is then.” said Hivok feeling a bit awkward about calling the President by his first name “I accually called you here because I have a new assignment for you.” said Partmon “What is that?” asked Hivok “Well, it’s concerning Pinar III and the findings your ship’s science officer made pending your last mission.” said Partmon “What does that have to do with me, Bill?” asked Hivok “I’m sending a fleet of ships there to investigate, I want you in command of one of them.” said Partmon “Command, as in Captain?” asked Hivok “Yes, the Ship’s name is *USS Crusade*, registry number *NCC-59550*.” said Partmon “I’ve never heard of the ship, is it new?” asked Hivok “Yes, it just got done being tested, performs great, it’s the most advanced Starship in the Fleet.” said Partmon “Wouldn’t a more experienced person be more suited for command of a ship like that?” asked Hivok “Well, I think you’ve shown enough experience to prove yourself worthy for many commands like this.” said Partmon “What kindof Starship is it? What can I expect?” asked Hivok eagerly “It’s a *Sovereign type II* classed Starship with an enhanced warp drive, capable of warp 9.98, also has *self regenerating shielding*, *metaphasic shielding*, *Quantum torpedos*, *Bioneural Net type III*, much more advanced than the original Sovereign class.” said Partmon “Sounds interesting, anything else I should know about?” asked Hivok “Your chief engineer will fill you in on the rest if need be, I must tell you that your chief engineer is a little odd, you see, there are two of them, Lt. Cmdr. Zero One and Lt. Cmdr. One Zero, they are from the planet Binar.” said Partmon “Binar? This should be interesting.” replied Hivok “I am also assigning a Jem H’dar Officer to your crew, he will be the Chief of Security, he’s a little odd, even for a Jem H’dar, he doesn’t answer to his founders, he’s basically an outcast of his people.” said Partmon *I should feel quite at home on this ship* thought Hivok “Your First Officer is already on board the ship, Cmdr. Jovar, you should find her interesting as well, I’ll let you choose the rest of your crew.” said Partmon as he opened a compartment on the top of his desk and pulled out a rank pin for Hivok “Here you go Captain, no it’s official, as of this day, you are Captain Hivok of the *Federation Starship Crusade*” smiled Partmon “Thank you sir.” smiled Hivok as he took the pin and placed it upon the red collar of his uniform where the other three pins rested “Congradulations.” said Partmon as he and Hivok stood up in unison, he extended his hand to Hivok, Hivok shook his President’s hand in thanks “Dismissed.” said Partmon, Hivok turned and exited the office, sporting his new rank as he entered the corridor of Starfleet Headquarters, the young Ensign Security Officer stood up to greet him. “Hey wait a minute, weren’t you a Cmdr before you went in there?” she asked in surprise “That I was, now I’m a Captain, I’ll see you later.” said Hivok as he exited Starfleet HQ.

*An intergalactic bar, Golden Gate Blvd*
Hivok entered the bar to celebrate his promotion with a drink or two of his favorite Earth drink, scotch whiskey, Captain Scott had got him hooked on it when he met up with him in New York quite a few years back, he had no idea who he was at the time, but he realized who it was when he found a picture of Captain Scott in the Federation historical database onboard the *Yorktown*. Hivok sat down at the bar waiting for the bartending to take down his order. He looked around the bar to see several non-Federation aliens and several newly commisioned Ensigns. The bartender came to him with a thumb pad in hand, the young Ferengi spoke “What’ll it be?” Hivok cleared his throat “A glass of scotch.” he said “Very well then.” said the Ferengi mumbling something about human beverages on his way to the replicator at the far end of the bar. Hivok heard a commosion behind him and turned to see what it was all about, a crowd of aliens stood around a table watching something take place. Hivok pushed his way passed the crowd to see what they were seeing. There he found a Nausican sitting at a table with the young Vulcan Ensign that pilotted him to Earth, she was partaking in shots of whiskey with the Nausican, it appeared they had waged some sortof bet, to see who could drink more without stumbling. Hivok let a grin peer upon his face as he watched the young woman try to best the Nausican at what they do best, drink and get angry, in his mind atleast. The Vulcan took her eighth shot and slammed the shot glass down hard on the table top sitting back with a grin, not even a sign of stumbling in her guestures. The Nausican took a shot and fell back in his chair, drunk out of his mind. He stood up throwing the table aside in anger “I will not pay, you cheat! I am not used to human drinks!” shouted the Nausican in anger “Violence would not be a logical coarse of action when you’re drunk.” said the Vulcan “I teach you a lesson Vulcan!” shouted the Nausican “I warned you.” said the Vulcan standing up from her chair, the Nausican swung at her with a gargantuan right hook, she ducked under the attack and sent a palm strike into the Nausican’s stomache. She swiftly moved out from under him as he leaned over and vomitted all over the barroom floor, she stood behind him shaking her head in disgust, reaching over the Nausican clenching her left hand where his shoulder met his neck and pinched down. The Nausican fell to the floor unconcious in defeat, he had never been defeated before, now he was disgraced before the entire bar. They laughed out loud as the Vulcan walked up to the bar, without stumbling once. Hivok turned to meet up with her at the bar, when he arrived the Ferengi had placed a glass of scotch before him as he sat down next to the Vulcan “Nice performance.” said Hivok “Thanks.” said the Vulcan as she turned to face Hivok “Oh, hey, I remember you, I flew the shuttle that brought you here, but weren’t you a Cmdr?” asked the Vulcan “Yeah, just got promoted.” said Hivok “That must mean there’s a tall ship waiting for you somewhere, shouldn’t you be departing for it?” asked the Vulcan “Well, Ensign, that’s the thing, I am in search of a good Con Officer.” said Hivok, the Vulcan smiled and ordered a glass of root beer from the Ferengi, once again the Ferengi went off in disgust of human drinks and food “Well sir, I’m not sure you have the right person for the job.” said the Vulcan “Well, after seeing what I just saw, I’m pretty sure I do.” said Hivok “Just because I out drank a Nausican Grunt doesn’t mean I’m a good pilot.” said the Vulcan “Well, you seem to be sober now.” said Hivok “I’m a Vulcan, it comes in handy for some things.” said the Vulcan “You mind telling me why you act like a human?” asked Hivok “I’m half human, my father was a Starfleet Captain, my mother was a Vulcan priestess.” she said in reply “Why would a priestess marry a human?” asked Hivok “Ex-preistess, she left her temple to persue higher things, logic is only the first step.” said the Vulcan “Well, that still doesn’t explain why you smile and express your emotions freely, I’ve never seen a Vulcan act like that.” said Hivok curiously, the Vulcan smiled “I like to express myself Captain, most Vulcans would condem me for it, but it’s who I am, I know logic, but I express it in my own way.” she said in reply “Okay, good enough, will you join my crew?” asked Hivok “Is that an order?” she asked with a smile “No, it’s your choice.” said Hivok “Consider it done Captain, when do I report in for duty?” she asked “Tomarrow, 0700.” said Hivok “Great, see you there.” said the Vulcan as she got up from the table and started towards the exit “Oh, and Captain, my name is Revek.” she said “Very well then Ensign Revek I’ll see you there.” said Hivok as he turned back to his glass of scotch, the Ferengi peered at the place where Revek had been sitting, with her Root Beer in hand, “Great, I hate it when they do that.” he said “What do you plan to do with that drink?” asked Hivok “Drink it, what else would I do with it?” asked the Ferengi, Hivok just chuckled as he took a drink of his scotch and sat quietly.

*A few hours later, Starfleet Medical, Earth, San Fran Sisco*
Jake Wildman had been in the facility for only a few hours when he came to, he was in patient clothing, surrounded by doctors and for some strange reason his entire body ached. He looked around the room to see what was going on when he noticed something, he could see strange colors through his eyes, the energy emissions the equipment was giving off, as well as the body heat of the Medical staff that surrounded him, he then noticed another shocking event, when he tried to be angry and curious at the same time amidst the confusion, it was as if the emotions were just programmings, as if they weren’t real. “Just relax Cmdr, the pain will stop soon.” said a Doctor standing over him as he lay on the biobed “What have you done to me?” asked Wildman blanly, almost as if he were a Vulcan “We’ve fused your biologic organs with a positronic net, in essence, you’re part Android.” said the Doctor “Android?” asked Wildman “Well, almost, you are programmed to have emotions, you can learn things much faster than a normal human being and you have a computer chip in your brain that can access the Federation database at anytime.” said the Doctor “You’ve turned me into a freak!” shouted Wildman, but it was no use, his anger was still a programming on a computerchip in his new Biologic-Positronic brain “You can benefit from this Cmdr, of course there are some down sides, but you can benefit.” said the Doctor “Is this what the Federation is all about now? Turning it’s people into guenae pigs?” asked Wildman “I assure you that this process has been tested, there are no glitches.” said the Doctor “I don’t care, I wish to goto my quarters now.” said Wildman as he got up from the biobed, he pressed his hand against a solid titanium table to help him come to his feet, he found himself on the floor looking at the table which was now crushed “You also have the strength of an Android.” said the Doctor with a smile “Take me to my quarters, now!” shouted Wildman in a programmed rage “Alright, just deactivate your emotions before you hurt someone.” said the Doctor “How?” asked Wildman “A switch, underneath your skin at the base of your skull.” said the Doctor, Wildman reached back and felt for a switch, he pressed down hard at the base of his skull and felt a square object, then he heard a beep, suddenly he felt cold, fake. “Done.” he said looking about with androidal features upon his all too human face. He looked over to his right into a mirrior that was upon the wall, it extended from the cieling to the floor. He could see his dark brown hair and his facial features, seeming almost meaningless to him. “Okay, take me to my quarters.” he said coldly “Alright Cmdr, follow me.” said the Doctor as he helped Wildman to his feet and led him out of the infermery. Wildman entered his quarters where he found his uniform laid out on the bed waiting for him, sitting in a chair sat Captain Hivok reading a book on Vulcan history. “Hello Cmdr.” said Hivok “I met you this morning.” said Wildman without a trace of emotion in his voice “Yes you did, mind telling me why you seem different?” asked Hivok “Hold on one second Captain.” said Wildman as he pressed the switch at the base of his skull to turn his emotions back on “They ordered me to come here and partake in an experiment, I had no idea what it was until I woke up and every trace of my humanity was wiped clean.” said Wildman “They ordered you to partake in something like that? I don’t believe it!” said Hivok in surprise “Mind telling me what you’re doing here Captain? Hey, you were a Cmdr when I met you this morning!” said Wildman in a fake sense of surprise “Yeah, I was promoted, I’m here because I wanted to continue our conversing, and I also need an Opperations Officer onboard my ship.” said Hivok “Well, as you can see, I’m not exactly fit for duty.” said Wildman “That’s not what the doctors tell me, they say you can perform your duty without flaw now.” said Hivok “Great, leave it up to Doctors to make you do something against your will.” said Wildman “I understand how it must feel to you Cmdr, but I assure you that it is your choice whether or not you wish to join my crew, I can help you through this.” said Hivok “How? How do you know what it is like to be as alone as I am right now? How do you know what I’m going through?” asked Wildman “I know that I too am alone, being the only one of my race in Starfleet, I’m not even allowed back on Romulus, I’m considered a traitor to my own race.” said Hivok “Well, I guess that about sums it up.” said Wildman “So, are you willing to join my crew?” asked Hivok “I guess so, I have nowhere else to go.” said Wildman “I’m sure some other Captain would have asked you to join their crew if I hadn’t gotten here first.” said Hivok “Thank you sir, when should I report in for duty?” asked Hivok “Shuttle leaves tomarrow at 0700.” said Hivok as he got up to leave “Oh, and one other thing, try not to break any consoles on the ship.” said Hivok with a smile “Gee thanks.” said Wildman as he watched Hivok exit his quarters.

*0700 The next day, Shuttle Craft Argo*
Revek pilotted the shuttle well as it cleared the port on Earth, she could hear talking going on amongst her three passengers, Captain Hivok, Lt. Cmdr. Wildman and a Jem H’dar Officer by the name of Kelen. “Well gentlemen, it looks as though we’re on our way to our new ship, should only be a few minutes.” said Revek “That’s refreshing to know.” said Kelen gruffly “It’s not as bad as it seems Mr. Kelen, atleast you get to serve on the most advanced ship in the fleet.” said Hivok “True, I just hope you humans know how to handle yourselves in battle.” said Kelen “I’m sure the need won’t arise Mr. Kelen.” said Hivok with a smile “Sir, do you know what our mission will be?” asked Wildman, he had kept his emotions online all night, trying to learn how to deal with the fake feeling he got from them, but he still couldn’t get passed how much he wanted to give it all up for his old emotions “Well, I know only bits and pieces, we’re to go assist at Pinar III, I’m sure I’ll be getting a briefing upon my arrival.” said Hivok “Great, I don’t like being kept in the dark.” said Revek in reply, cutting into the conversation “Humans, Romulans and Vulcans, I think I need to sit down.” said Kelen as he took a seat on the bench that was embedded in the wall behind him “We’re approaching her sir, would you like to have a look before we dock?” asked Revek “Sure Ensign.” said Hivok stepping up beside her so he could peer out the window, he watched in awe as he saw his ship. Across the hull of the saucer section he could see the registry number, *NCC-59550*, and it’s name *USS Crusade*, it had some of the characteristics of a *Sovereign classed* vessel, but it’s design was very different, defying all of the traditional Starfleet designs. “So that’s it huh? Can’t wait to see the brige.” said Hivok “This is Shuttlecraft Agro carrying Captain Hivok and company, requesting permission to dock.” said Revek speaking into a subspace radio “Shuttlecraft Argo, you are cleared for docking in shuttlebay two.” came a woman’s voice over subspace “Okay gentlemen, here we go.” said Revek pressing a few icons on the pilot console of the shuttlecraft. The shuttlecraft swung about and entered a shuttlebay at the aft of the ship. Hivok stepped out of the shuttlecraft to be greeted by a Vorta female in a Starfleet uniform, the color of her collar was red and she had three fully colored rank pins upon it. “I’m Cmdr. Jovar Captain, I’ll be your First Officer.” she said extending her hand, Hivok shook her hand with a smile “They didn’t tell me you were Vorta.” said Hivok “They didn’t tell me you were Romulan.” said Jovar “Who’s this here?” asked Hivok extending his hand to the K’tari in a Medical uniform “I’m Lt. Cmdr. Sinai, your Chief Medical Officer.” she said as she shook Hivok’s hand. Hivok couldn’t help, but notice her ears, they were even more pointed than his, which gave away her race, if her ears were less pointed, one could mistake her for a Vulcan “That’s comforting, you come from a world of Doctors.” said Hivok with a smile “Yeah, I’m the first of my race to join Starfleet, so I guess your crew is fortunate.” said Sinai returning the smile “Which way to the bridge?” asked Hivok “This way sir, follow me,” said Jovar “Doctor, if you would show the others where their quarters are?” Sinai nodded and motioned for the rest of the party to follow her out of the shuttlebay and down the corridor. Hivok walked side by side with his First Officer down the corridor to a turbo lift that would take them to the Bridge. They stepped into the turbolift “Please state your destination.” came the computer’s voice “Bridge.” said Cmdr Jovar “So, how did you come about joining Starfleet?” asked Hivok “Well, accually I joined a few years ago, before the Civil War began, when the Dominion signed an alliance with the Federation.” said Jovar “Oh, so you’re an exchange officer?” asked Hivok “Not exactly, I never believed in the Dominion, I’m sortof an outcast, so I joined Starfleet, attended the Academy and got a field commision as an officer.” she said “Interesting, this is turning out to be a great crew.” smiled Hivok “Sir?” asked Jovar curiously “Nevermind, I’ll explain later.” said Hivok as the turbolift doors opened revealing the bridge. He stepped off the turbolift to inspect the gigantic command center of the ship, it had the characteristics of a *Sovereign classed* vessel’s bridge, but some things were very different, the Opperations console was in the aft of the bridge, directly behind the Captain’s chair, the con station was directly infront of the Captain’s chair and infront of the viewscreen, which was shut off. Tacticle was to the left of the Captain’s chair facing inward towards the command deck. Instead of three chairs there were two, one for the Captain and one for the First Officer, the Engineering station had a console to the right of the Captain’s chair facing inward to the command deck and a large console on the aft wall. Hivok stepped down to the command deck and sat down in his chair, placing his carry-on bag to the left side of the chair “This is some ship.” he said “Yeah, sofar it’s performed fantastically.” said Jovar as she took her seat to the right of him. A young man walked onto the bridge and took position of Con “What are you doing Lt?” asked Hivok “Oh, sorry Captain, forgive me, I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Lt. Chaplin, I’ll be your Chief Con Officer, just checking my station.” he said “I’m sorry, but I’ve already got someone else in mind for that position.” said Hivok “Aye sir.” said the Lt as he left the bridge in a hurry “Why’d you do that? He’s one of the best pilots in the fleet.” said Jovar “Well, I have a different opinion, I have someone better suited for the position, only she doesn’t know it yet.” said Hivok “Oh, I see, the Vulcan that arrived with you? Ensign Revek?” asked Jovar “Yeah, she out drank a Nausican without staggering once, that’s a damn good pilot if you ask me.” said Hivok “If you say so sir.” said Jovar, Hivok turned and looked around the bridge, he noticed a strange looking man sitting at the science console at the left side of the bridge, he was an amphibius being, with ears shaped like the ears of a sea-horse and he held the rank of Lt. “Excuse me?” Hivok said “Yes Captain?” said the man turning to face his commanding officer with his yellow snake like eyes and his green scaley face “Who exactly are you?” asked Hivok “I’m Lt. D’nar G’alin, your Chief Science Officer.” said the wierd looking fellow “But you were listed as Vulcan.” said Hivok “I am from the planet Vulcan, I was raised there, so in a sense I am Vulcan, sir.” said G’alin “Oh, I see, where are you from, originally?” asked Hivok “Why do you ask?” asked G’alin curiously “I’m trying to get to know my crew on a more personal level.” said Hivok “I see, wouldn’t it be more logical just to keep it on a professional level?” asked G’alin “Just answer the damned question.” said Hivok with frustration in his tone “Well, sir, I accually don’t know where I’m from originally, the only thing I know about my people is the name they gave me.” said G’alin “I see, proceed with what you were doing.” said Hivok as he turned to face the viewscreen, which was still off “Aye sir.” said G’alin turning back to his work station “I have a headache, I’ll be in my ready room.” said Hivok as he stood up from his chair and walked over to a door on the right side of the bridge that lead to his ready room. He stood again, in awe, this time it was at the sight of his ready room, it was huge, there was a marble desk over by a window overlooking the stars on the right side of the room, a black leather couch on the left side, a book shelf beside the couch which held hundreds, if not thousands, of books. He walked in slowly inspecting every inch of his own ready room, he found a corridor leading to another room that contained a bed and all the properties of a Captain’s quarters, incase he needed to sleep near the bridge. He looked over behind his desk and saw a comfortable looking chair waiting for him to sit down in it. *Finally, all those years of great service paid off* he thought as he walked over and took his seat behind the desk. He turned and looked out among the stars. *I knew I forgot something* he thought once again “Computer as of Stardate 48964.778, this ship is now under the command of Captain Hivok authorization code Hivok Alpha Zero One.” he said “Confirmed.” came the computer’s voice from a speaker inside his desk. He sat looking out upon the stars for a moment longer, remembering all the things he had done, regretting every last order he had followed, every oder that landed him in command of this ship. “Piority message comming in.” came the Computer’s voice from a monitor ontop of his desk. Hivok went over it, it was the mission briefing he had been waiting for, he was shocked to see what kindof mission he was to carry out. *I can’t do that!* he thought *But I have to, it’s a direct order, I can’t disobey it* He sighed and went back to looking at the stars after clearing the screen. He then turned and tapped his commbadge “Hivok to Revek, report to my ready room.” he said “Acknowledged.” came Revek’s voice from the commbadge. Almost twenty minutes had passed as he sat waiting for her to report to his ready room, then came the chime he had been waiting for. “Come.” he said sternly, the doors slid open to let Revek enter, she walked in and stood infront of Hivok’s desk “You wanted to see me sir?” asked Revek “Yes I did, have a seat Ensign.” said Hivok touching an icon on his desk monitor, a floor pannel slid aside and a chair rose up from the floor, “Neat.” said Revek as she sat down “I called you here because I want you to be my Chief Con Officer.” said Hivok “Sir? Are you aware that in order to be Chief Con the minimal rank is Lt?” asked Revek “Yes I am aware of that, which is why you are being promoted.” said Hivok “Promoted?” asked Revek filled with anthusiasm “Yes, promoted, as of this date you will be known as Lt. Revek, here’s your rank pin.” said Hivok as he pulled a rank pin out from a compartment in his desk and handed it to Revek, Revek placed it upon her red collar with the other fully colored pin “Thank you sir, is that all?” asked Revek “Yes, you may familiarize yourself with your station.” said Hivok “Aye sir.” said Revek as she turned and left Hivok’s Ready Room.

*Moments Later*
Jovar sat in the Captain’s chair overseeing the activity on the bridge, she touched an icon on the arm of the chair calling for the Captain “Jovar to Hivok.” she said “Hivok here.” came the Captain’s voice from the intercom through the chair “We’re ready to depart Captain.” said Jovar “On my way, Hivok out.” came the Captain’s voice, moments later Hivok emerged from his ready room and relieved Jovar of his chair, she sat in the First Officer’s chair next to him. He looked to Con and noticed Lt. Revek sitting in her place, Hivok let a smile peer on his face and looked over to Opperations where Lt. Cmdr. Wildman sat. He heard the gruff voice of Kelen behind him “Tacticle ready, sir.” he said “Very good Mr. Kelen.” said Hivok “Ask permission to depart Opperations.” said Jovar “*Crusade* this is Starfleet Command, permission granted.” came the voice of a young woman over speakers “Clear all moorings, proceed at full impulse.” said Jovar “Aye sir.” said Revek pressing a few icons on the console “Turn the damned viewscreen on.” said Hivok “Aye sir.” said Wildman pressing an icon that brought the viewscreen to life, it now showed stars beginning to pass by and the shape of Earth below “My God that’s beautiful.” said Hivok “Captain, coarse heading?” asked Revek “Pinar III, maximum warp.” said Hivok “Aye Captain, coarse locked in sir.” said Revek with a smile as she watched the viewscreen. The ship jumped into warp sending it blazing off into space far away from Earth.

*Starfleet Command, Earth*
A hooded man stood outside in the courtyard hidden by a tree so no one could see him, he held up an old wretched hand that had a wrist communicator attached to it. “Commlink activation code Zero Three Zero Alpha Tango, codename Komaire.” he said in a wretched whisper “Confirmed.” came a computer’s voice from the wrist communicator “Yes, what is it Komaire.” came the voice of a fifty year old man from an Aural Implant in Komaire’s ears “Sir, I have some information you might be interested in, concerning a plan they have for Pinar III.” said Komaire “Wonderful, we’ll have a ship standing by for orders pending the information you give me.” said the man “Well you see…” Komaire finished giving him the information and then turned the wrist communicator off.

*USS Crusade, just outside the Pinar System*
“Approaching Pinar Space sir.” said Revek “scan for ships in the sector, we’re supposed to rondesvou with a fleet that is already supposed to be here.” said Hivok “Confirmed, there are two other ships in this sector Captain.” said Kelen “Thanks Mr. Kelen, Mr. Wildman, open hailing frequencies.” said Hivok “Aye sir,” said Wildman pressing a few icons “hailing frequencies open sir.” Hivok got comfortable in his chair “This is Captain Hivok of the *Federation Starship Crusade*” he said, suddenly the face of a young human Starfleet Captain appeared on the viewscreen “Captain, this is Captain Benton of the *Federation Starship Chaser*, good to see you could make it, we are beginning the first step of the mission.” said the face on the viewscreen “Great.” said Hivok blanly “We need you to stand guard, incase any unsuspecting ships enter this system aside from the Galaxy Classed vessel.” said Benton “Yes sir.” said Hivok “Good, Benton out.” said Captain Benton as the screen went blank “Lt. Revek, hold position here, outside the Pinar System.” said Hivok “Aye Captain.” said Revek as she pressed an icon entitled ‘all stop’. The ship came to a full stop, sitting just outside Pinar Space. “Now here we sit, waiting, but I don’t think anyone’s going to come knocking.” said Hivok “Pardon sir?” asked Jovar “A human expression Cmdr, nevermind.” said Hivok “Sir, Galaxy Classed Federation Starship entering the System!” said Kelen strongly “Yeah, that’s with us.” said Hivok “Sir, according to my readings it has no markings of any kind, no life signs and a tone of charged Quantum Explosives set throughout the ship.” said Wildman tapping icons at his station faster than anyone Hivok has seen “I know Cmdr.” said Hivok “Why is it on remote control and filled with explosives sir?” asked Wildman “I cannot disguss that with the crew at this moment Cmdr.” said Hivok “I understand sir.” said Wildman with no trace of emotion, he had deactivated his emotions pending his arrival on the bridge “Sir, does this have something to do with the Trilithium deposites on the serface of Pinar III?” asked G’alin from the science station “How did you know about that Lt?” asked Hivok “I did a scientific scan when we arrived sir.” said G’alin “Did I order such a thing?” asked Hivok “No sir.” said G’alin “Okay.” said Hivok, G’alin turned back to his console and said nothing else. Hivok got up from his chair and headed for his Ready Room “If anything happens, I’ll be in my ready room, Cmdr Jovar, you have the bridge.” said Hivok as he entered his Ready Room hearing the doors hiss shut behind him.

*Three Hours Later*
Hivok sat behind his desk reading a book on James Kirk when suddenly his Communicator beeped, he reached up and tapped it with his right arm “Hivok here.” he said “Sir, there’s a Sovereign classed Starship comming into range.” came Kelen’s voice “Acknowledged, Hivok out.” he said as he got up from his desk and walked out to the bridge, upon his arrival, Jovar got up from his seat, but he walked to the front of the bridge and stood infront of the viewscreen “They’re hailing us sir.” said Wildman “On screen.” said Hivok, knowing full well he was supposed to neutralize oncomming vessels on sight that weren’t supposed to be there, the picture of an old man with a shiny bald head appeared on the screen, “I’m Captain Jean Luc Picard of the *Federation Starship Enterprise*” said the man in a slight french accent “Greetings Captain, I’m Captain Hivok of the *Federation Starship Crusade*, mind telling me what you’re doing here?” asked Hivok “I know what you’re doing here Captain and I can’t allow it to happen.” said Picard “What is it you think we’re doing here, Captain Picard?” asked Hivok “Our sources tell us that you’ve found Trilithium on the third planet of the system and you plan to wipe out the entire Prewarp Cultural population of that planet in order to get it, we also know what you plan on using the Trilithium for, you plan to make a weapon of mass destruction with it.” said Picard “Well, you’re half right, but I haven’t been told about any weapon.” said Hivok “You seem like a reasonable man Captain, you know what is going on here is wrong, stand down and help us, please, make a difference.” said Picard “I have my orders Captain, I’m sorry, I must also ask you to move away from the system, or I’ll have to destroy you.” said Hivok in reply “Then you’re going to have to destroy us, I won’t let this violation of everything the Federation stands for take place.” said Picard “What do you know of the Federation? You are a traitor.” said Hivok, knowing full well who this man was and what he’s done to help benefit the Federation “I know that our missions have meaning, yours are missions of genocide, we can start putting things back together if we stop this mission before any more lives are lost.” said Picard “Captain, I have a positive lock on their engineering section.” said Kelen “Hold that lock, don’t fire until I say.” said Hivok “You know full well where I’m comming from, I can see it in your eyes, you know this is an order you shouldn’t follow, these people have done nothing to the Federation, they haven’t even been beyond their own moons.” said Picard “I know Captain, but as a Starfleet Officer I must follow my given orders.” said Hivok “Being an Officer goes far beyond orders and the Federation, sometimes you need to make choices that could effect your career in order to save lives, that’s who we are, we protect, your fleet destroys and conquers.” said Picard “I know.” said Hivok “We wear the same uniform Captain, you can still give it meaning, you can still make a difference, no matter what you’ve done in the past, you can redeem yourself.” said Picard “How? I’ve helped in the destruction of countless Federation Starships that opposed the President’s order, I’ve killed many of my fellow Officers because they were deemed traitors, many worlds have fallen because of me.” said Hivok “You were merely a pawn on Partmon’s chess board, you had no idea what was going on, join us, help stop this, before anyone else has to pay!” said Picard sternly “Captain, the coordinates of the ship they’re going to crash into the planet are being transmitted to you now, I’ll hold off the other two Starships as long as I can.” said Hivok “Good, I’m glad to see that there’re still good people who wear the uniform as it should be worn.” said Picard, Hivok smiled, knowing he’d made the right choice “Picard out.” said Picard as the screen went back to front view, showing the Sovereign classed vessel entering the Pinar System. Hivok turned to face his bridge crew “Sir, I can still disable them, their shields and systems are no match for us!” said Kelen strongly “Stand down from that Mr. Kelen, we have two ships out there that need to be taught a lesseon.” said Hivok “But sir!” shouted Kelen “Look, I am about to commit a direct violation of our orders, by doing so I am also joining the opposing side of Starfleet, if any of you wish to stand down from your stations and not take part in this, then do so now.” said Hivok looking around the bridge, but no one moved, they all sat at their stations “Mr. Kelen?” asked Hivok “It is an honorable cause, I never did believe in what the Dominion stood for anyways.” smiled Kelen, Hivok grinned “Orders Captain?” asked Lt. Revek “Take us in Lt.” said Hivok as he walked back to his chair and sat down “Sir, approaching the two other vessels, the *Chaser* and the *Remmington*, they have shields up.” said Kelen “Red alert, all hands to battle stations,” said Hivok “Raise our shields.” Kelen turned back to his console “Aye Captain.” he said as he pressed a few icons and an icon entitled ‘execute’ “Sir, they’re hailing us.” Wildman informed “On screen.” said Hivok, suddenly Benton’s face appeared on the main viewer once again “Why have you let the *Enterprise* into Pinar Space, you’re in violation of your orders, putting the mission in danger!” he said in anger “Have you no heart? The mission was doomed when Partmon planned it!” shouted Hivok “I order you to stand down and prepare to be boarded, this will be your only warning.” said Benton “I don’t take my orders from you anymore, besides, this ship could blow you to bits in a matter of minutes, do you really want that?” asked Hivok, on the screen he could see Benton turning to a Vorta seated in the chair next to him, whispering in his ear “Captain, what if you were to be promoted to Admiril pending your return to Starfleet Command? If you stood down?” asked Benton “I see the Federation really has turned to bribing to get their way, I won’t stand down Captain, either you retreat, surrender or be destroyed.” said Hivok “Have it your way Captain.” said Benton as the screen went back to forward view, showing the two Akira classed Starships moving towards them at a fast rate “Sir, they’re opening fire!” shouted Kelen “Let them, they won’t cause much damage with our self regenerative shielding.” said Hivok as the ship shook under phaser fire “Return fire Mr. Kelen.” said Hivok “Aye sir, returning fire.” said Kelen as he pressed the ‘firing’ icon on his console. The *Crusade’s* phaser blasts rocked the lead ship that Benton was on, but only weakened their shields. “Engineering to..” came Zero One’s voice “Bridge.” came One Zero’s voice “What is it?” asked Hivok “There is a…” said Zero One “Malfunction in the…” said One Zero “Torpedo launcher.” said Zero One “Get it fixed as fast as your little Binar brains will let you!” shouted Hivok “We..” said Zero One “Acknowledge, Engineering…” said One Zero “Out.” said Zero One “Dammit, this is going to give me another headache!” shouted Hivok as the ship shook some more “Atleast we still have phasers sir.” said Revek “True, keep firing, target at your disgression Mr. Kelen!” said Hivok “Isn’t that what I was doing sir?” asked Kelen “I don’t give a damn, just do whatever you were doing!” shouted Hivok “Aye sir.” said Kelen. The *Crusade* came about under tacticle maneuvers firing a large aray of phaser blasts at the *USS Chaser* causing it’s shields to fall, the other ship turned to retreat and intercept the *Enterprise* under full impulse power. The *Crusade* sent a phaser blast skimming across the hull of the *Chaser’s* saucer section, causing massive damage to their structural integrity field. “Sir, their structural integrity field is down to 57%!” shouted Kelen “Keep firing, knock out their warp drive and weapons systems, but don’t destroy them!” shouted Hivok as an aft station of the bridge exploded sending a young Ensign flying across the bridge “Shields at 67% and climing!” shouted Kelen “Stop tacticle maneuvers and go to evasive Lt. Revek!” shouted Hivok “Aye sir!” shouted Revek “Sir! Another ship is decloaking off the port bow! It’s a Romulan Warbird!” shouted Kelen “What? a Warbird?” asked Hivok “Yes sir, they’re locking on to Benton and the Vorta and beaming them off the *Chaser*” shouted Kelen “Sir, I am getting strong readings off the *Chaser* it would appear their warp core is about to breach.” said G’alin calmly, like a Vulcan “They’re only beaming those two off? What about the rest of the crew?” asked Hivok as the ship stopped shaking “It would appear the Romulans are leaving Captain, they’ve left the crew of the *Chaser* to die with the ship.” said Kelen “Bastards would turn their back on their fellow Officers in a heartbeat wouldn’t they?” asked Hivok “Can we get into transporter range and beam them out?” Wildman turned to Hivok “Sir, they are losing containment, the ship is exploding.” he said “Damn!” shouted Hivok as he got up from his chair and moved closer to the viewscreen “God rest their souls.” he said quietly “Captain, incomming message from *Enterprise*” said Wildman “On speakers.” said Hivok as he turned to face his crew once again “This is Captain Picard to *USS Crusade* requesting assistance, the unmarked vessel has sped up and is preparing to crash into the planet serface, we are being attacked by the *Remmington*, it is up to you to stop the vessel from crashing and killing those people!” came Picard’s voice from the speaker over the bridge “Lt. take us in, maximum warp!” said Hivok as he walked back over to his chair and sat down keeping a steady gaze on the viewscreen. The *Crusade* sped into warp once again, taking it into the heart of Pinar Space to save the people of Pinar III from total oblivion.

*Pinar III, moments later*
The unmarked ship sped towards the planet at maximum warp, it was obviously being controlled from somewhere else other than the two ships that were in the vicinity, possibly another cloaked Warbird, the *Crusade* cought up with the vessel, comming up alongside it at it’s maximum warp, sending it speeding passed the Galaxy classed vessel, dropping out of warp between the oncomming Starship and Pinar III. “I hope you know what you’re doing Kelen.” said Revek tapping away at her console “Trust me.” said Kelen as he contacted Torpedo bay five “Come in Binars.” he said “Torpedos are..” said Zero One “Functional again.” said One Zero “Good, now load the torpedo bays so I can fire them!” sneered Kelen, Hivok sat waiting in his chair, waiting either to destroy the Unmarked vessel or get vaporized trying to save the world below “Anytime would be good Mr. Kelen.” said Hivok with worry in his voice “Captain, if we die here, we die honorably, do not worry.” said Kelen “That’s comforting.” said Hivok grasping the arms of his chair “Bay is loaded, firing.” said Kelen. The *Crusade* fired a Quantum torpedo at the ship causing it to explode in mid warp, tiny quantum explosions could be seen all over the debris of the Starship. “Thank God!” said Hivok in relief “Sir, incomming message from *Enterprise*” said Wildman once again “On screen this time Cmdr.” said Hivok in reply, on the viewer appeared the face of Captain Picard once again “Well done Captain, we read that the ship has been neutralized and the people of Pinar III have suffered no damage.” said Picard “What about you Captain? Is your ship and crew alright, or do you need assistance?” asked Hivok “The *Remmington* fled, we’re fine except for a few scrapes and bruises.” said Picard “I have a feeling there’s still another ship out here Captain.” said Hivok “You mean the one that’s been piloting the Unmarked Starship? We’ve thought about that too, a ship will be sent here to investigate, our job here is done.” said Picard “Understood, where will you go now?” asked Hivok “Bajor, for repairs, you should come with us.” said Picard “Right, it was nice seeing you in action Captain, I’ve always admired you.” said Hivok “Really? Then why did you threaten to kill me?” asked Picard “Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve always wanted to say that.” smiled Hivok, Picard smiled “We’ll see you at Bajor Captain, farewell.” said Picard as the screen went back to front view overlooking the *Enterprise* going into warp out of the system “Well, I think it’s time we got underway ourselves, don’t want anymore surprises.” said Hivok “Aye sir, coarse heading?” asked Lt. Revek “Bajor, maximum warp.” said Hivok standing up from his chair “Coarse locked in and ready Captain.” said Revek “Engaged.” said Hivok making a pointing guesture to the screen, the whole bridge crew smiled, all except Kelen, who couldn’t figure out what they were smiling about. The *Crusade* sped into warp on the same trail the *Enterprise* took, facing new dangers ahead as they departed their first mission with success.

Hivok sat behind his desk going over a report, but he couldn’t figure out why, since he no longer reported to Starfleet Command, nor President Partmon due to his choice to go against his orders, he then skipped the report and went back to reading his book about James Kirk. Suddenly he heard a chime at the door to his Ready Room. “Come.” he said, the doors slid open to reveal Kelen, but he had traded in his Jem H’dar uniform for something he thought to be more fitting, a Starfleet Security Officer’s uniform, he had no rank pins on his collar, but wore the uniform proudly “Well, don’t you look good.” said Hivok with a smile as he placed his book down on his desk “I feel stupid, this uniform is too tight.” said Kelen “Well, you should have specified your size.” said Hivok “Jem H’dar do not specify size, it is already specified for them.” said Kelen “Well, you’ll find that things are a bit different as a Starfleet Officer.” said Hivok “Yes Captain.” said Kelen “You can stand at ease.” said Hivok “What is at ease, sir?” asked Kelen curiously “It means comfortably Kelen, you can stand comfortably.” said Hivok in reply “Oh, yes sir, what exactly does being comfortable feel like? Jem H’dar are always supposed to be ready for battle.” said Kelen “Try it sometime, you’ll like it.” smiled Hivok as he opened a compartment in his desk and pulled out two fully colored rank pins “Here you go Chief, your new rank is Lt.” said Hivok, Kelen took them and placed them upon his collar with pride, but what he didn’t know was that he’d placed them on the wrong side of his collar. Hivok started to laugh out loud “What is it sir?” asked Kelen “We’ll work on uniform etiguitt.” said Hivok as he couldn’t hold his laughter back, he was laughing so hard his face was turning red “May I go assume my post now sir?” asked Kelen “Dismissed!” laughed Hivok, Kelen grunted, shook his head and exited the room.

*The End*
*Watch for the second installment, comming sometime soon*


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