Fruitful Persuasion

Delta Story


Summary: What happens when Janeway and Chakotay run into each other in search of a
midnight snack?

The halls of Voyager were quiet.

It was gamma shift, after a very busy day of onloading food supplies from the
welcome find of an M class planet brimming with lush, ripe crops. The planet’s
inhabitants had been most willing to trade some of some of their prolific natural
resources for some of Voyager’s surplus vanadium. B’Elanna had been almost
grateful for being able to rid the ship of the vanadium, a thoroughly useless
byproduct of the dilithium fusion process in
the warp coils — it was one less headache for her.

A lone figure slipped through the darkened halls on Deck 2. Unable to sleep — once
again — the ship’s captain decided to go to the kitchen area and begin the inventory
of their new
foodstuffs that Neelix and Ens. May were going to perform on alpha shift. How she
hated to see time wasted! And, this would be “busy work” that might… just might…
lull her into a more relaxed state.

The only light in the mess hall area came from the low luminance indicator light in
the refrigerated area. She carefully wove her way around the bags and baskets
loaded with produce that had not been put into the chilling compartment. Her
cursory survey of
the items revealed a medley of sizes and textures and colors of ripe fruits and
vegetables, a truly welcome treat for the whole crew. Many of the items resembled
counterparts she remembered from Earth… and unsummoned visions of late
summertime harvests
in Indiana emerged in her conscious thoughts.

Like a child in a candy store, she reached for some of the tempting goodies.
*Captain’s prerogative,* she thought, as she decided to “liberate” a few pieces for
her quarters. After all, wasn’t this area once *her* private dining room? Besides,
she would tell Neelix tomorrow; it really wasn’t as if she were stealing! She looked
around for a suitable container. There was a small basket, inconspicuously laying
in the corner. *Perfect!*
she thought, as she reached behind its more heavily laden
companions. She
randomly grabbed and picked from the overflowing containers around her, until,
likewise, her basket had a plethora of produce. She wrapped her right arm
securely around her trophy
and held its contents in place with her outspread left hand. She decided that the
inventory could wait; she would take her prizes back to her quarters and privately
enjoy the succulence of a couple pieces.

She heard a “whoosh”; the doors to the main area had opened. In horror, she
realized that it was probably a security check…someone had noted personnel in the
area during an off time. She turned, her eyes wide with panic… for having been
caught with her hand in the cookie jar… or, fruit baskets, in this case.

“Captain?” She heard a familiar voice call out.

She sighed with relief. “Chakotay!” Her voice rang out in relief. “What are you doing

“I was just going to ask you the same thing. I was working late in my ready room,
and noticed on the security monitor that there was someone in the mess hall.
When I inquired as to who it was and was told that you were here, I wondered if
there were a problem.”

She laughed nervously, realizing that she would have to confess as to her motive…
although, all he had to do was look at her laden arms and correctly guess. *Truth…
it’s always best to tell the truth,* she thought. “I’m afraid that the temptation of fresh
fruit got the best of me. It is a weakness of mine, you know”… *among other
things,* she thought to herself.

He joined her laughter. “Mine, too; so, I’ll confess also, that I used the security
check as an excuse to come down here to… um… sneak something… that no one
would miss. But, it seems that I have been *outsneaked*”, he mused, his eyes
dancing with the merriment of having caught her with the purloined basket. “With all
due respect, Captain, I’m afraid I must put you on report,” he continued

She had regained her composure. “Oh, Commander, I’m sure we could work
something out to prevent such a blemish on my record,” her eyes and lopsided
smile winked back at him. “What if I share my basket with you?”
“Hmmmm… now *that* sounds like a bribe!”

“It is — purely and blatantly. Is it accepted?”

“Well, let me see what you have in your basket, Little Red Riding Hood,” he
quipped, reaching for her cache.

She willingly gave him her treasure hoard and whispered to him conspiratorially,
“Why don’t we enjoy some of it right now? Wouldn’t that be wicked?”

“Captain, I do believe that you are leading me astray,” he laughed as she led them
to a table. Shadows were all around, as they sat down in the diminished night light.
The wide expanse of the windowed wall of the mess hall allowed the myriad of
stars outside to add their glow to the room around frivolous pair.
The good captain started searching through the contents of her basket.

“Look… grapes!” she said gleefully. “Big ones, too!” She popped one into her
mouth. “Ohhhh… these are *really* good; do try one, Chakotay.” She picked one off,
and tossed in into his opened mouth.

He bit into the full round piece; his eyes widened as the succulent fruit burst inside
his mouth. “Oh… they certainly are…” His eyes twinkled, as she could see that he
was thinking something more.

“All right… out with it,” she said warily.

“I have always wanted to have… someone… feed me… peeled grapes.”

She laughed, as she plucked another one off its stem. “All right, mister… but, just
this once. I don’t want this to become a habit.” Her thumbnail was scoring the thin
skin on the deep purple fruit. She pulled the outer covering off, and slowly raised it
to his waiting mouth. As her fingers honed in on their target, they both started
snickering. The sounds quickly escalated into rolling giggles, then became full,
hearty laughter. The laughter continued until tears were running down their cheeks.
After what seemed like several moments of unsuppressed
near-hysterics, she
pulled herself together.

“Well, do you want this or not?”

He reached for her hand that was holding the fruit, and raised it to his mouth. “Yes,”
he said, just before he guided her thumb and fingers gripping the grape to his open
lips. He grasped the grape with his lips, momentarily immobilizing her fingers
also. Almost imperceivably, his tongue barely touched their tips. She withdrew her
hand quickly, looking at him quite surprised, as he took pleasure in the treat he was
devouring. He swallowed the masticated pulp, and quickly licked his lips.
“Mmmmm… it has been a long time since I tasted anything that sweet. How about
you, Kathryn?”

She was momentarily caught off guard; his action had shocked her. She did not
know whether it was intentional or not… whichever it was, its effect had startled
her… in a way that was both uncomfortable and satisfying at the same time. *I am
letting the lateness of the hour and my imagination play games,* she thought. But,
being the scientist she was, she decided to do the experiment again, and plucked
yet another grape and started repeating the peeling routine.
He looked at her intensely, and said playfully, “I thought you said just once.”

She replied with a tease in her voice, “Oh, you have been so good lately, I thought
you deserved another.” Once more, she raised her hand to him, and he repeated
his previous action. Only this time, his tongue spent just a bit more time enjoying
her… and in circling his lips at the completion of his reward.
He reached towards the basket, and pulled out what appeared to be an orange, its
skin thick and dimpled. He raised its stem end to his mouth, and with his front
teeth, bit into the end, nipping off a sizable piece of the peel, exposing the
juice-filled interior. He gently squeezed the orange, rotating its body slowly as he
did so. He placed his mouth over the open end, and as he
compressed the round
fruit, he began to take in its juices, with
long, lingering sucks. He continued squeezing and rotating the fruit, expressing
deep satisfaction with the pleasure that the act produced.
His fingers continued molding and remolding the pliable fleshy form, until it looked
like an old fashioned balloon that had lost most of its air. He tilted his head back,
with his open mouth gaping at the ceiling and he raised the spent sphere a few
inches over his mouth. In one final effort, he urged the last few drops of juice out of
the jagged opening. The golden droplets entered his unobstructed orifice, and he
sighed contentedly. He laid the
deflated fruit beside the basket, and looked at her with a diabolical grin.

She met his look with a steady stare, accepting the challenge she read in his eyes.
She dipped her hand into the basket which was sitting between them on the table,
and pulled out a smaller, bite-sized round fruit… deep red, with a slender, eight
centimeter long stem
attached. She opened her mouth, and popped the entire structure inside. She
closed her lips tightly, appearing not to be chewing the fruit, only holding it in her
mouth. But he detected movement from inside. From the motions he observed on
her outer facial
structure, it was obvious that she was doing something with her teeth and tongue,
for there were occasional bulges in her cheeks or behind her lips. Yet, for the
duration of almost a minute, it did not seem that she was eating the delectable
tidbit; neither did
he notice the muscles of her throat constricting to indicate that she had swallowed
any of the contents.

Just as he was going to ask her what she was doing, her mouth opened, and from
behind her clenched teeth appeared the fully intact cherry-like fruit. Without using
either hand, she flicked the red ball into a tight grasp between her teeth. There was
a slight gap between the upper and lower levels of her teeth. She was still
maneuvering the fruit between her teeth, as if to settle it into a satisfactory position
for some reason. Suddenly,
the brownish stem popped out from between the two pearl white rows. She
continued moving this part towards the front. As it became fully visible, a wide
smile streaked across his face, creating the deep crevices of his dimples. For
there, in front of him, was a flawlessly formed square knot in the stem of the fruit…
tied to perfection… taunt and even.

He leaned towards her, and quickly grabbed the fleshy part of the protruding fruit
between his teeth. The sharp cutting edges of his incisors broke through its thin
skin, and he withdrew just as quickly as he had bitten into it. The dark crimson
juice burst forth, and
flowed over her lips and down onto her chin, staining her pale skin with its intense
color. She wiped away the juice with her fingers, removed the fruit and leisurely
licked her sticky
fingers of their harvest. She popped the fruit into her mouth, and proceeded to
savor its tender flesh, cleaning all of it off the inner seed. At the conclusion of her
feast, she delicately removed the solid pit, along with the knotted stem, and placed
them along side the peel shell which he had put on the table earlier.

Not to be outdone, he leaned over the basket, searching for another interesting…
toy. His hand reached in, and he pulled out a full, rounded fruit, beige in color, but
reminiscent of a
peach. The dense form almost filled his hand. He held it towards her, so that she
could observe its shape.

The convex surfaces of the fruit were covered with a fine down, and met in a deep
central fissure, which ran in a steep valley from its stem end to its terminal pip. The
cleft was formed by a gentle sloping of the two hemispheres, and extended inwards
towards the heart of the fruit for a good five millimeters.
He was holding the object in the palm of his right hand, and he raised his left hand
to more evenly distribute its weight. He spread his fingers, to better cradle the two
definitive halves. He shifted the bulk to his left hand, and, with his right, he tenderly
caressed the rounded surface of that side of the fruit. With his fingers, he tested the
softness of the ripe piece, and found it to be pliant to his touch. He continued his
sensitive probing of the supple pulp, careful not to bruise its tender flesh.

He completed his exploratory journey of the alluring curves of the fruit. His eyes
rose and looked at her, to measure her response. His smile became a satisfied
grin as he noticed that her eyes were intently focused on his movements, wide with
expectation. He brought his thumbs to the apex of the fissure, and inserted them
into the cleft. Using a firm but delicate pressure, he allowed his thumbs to run the
length of the deep indentation. He retraced his path, only to stop midway up the
piece of fruit. His pressure increased, as his thumbs dug deeply into the fleshy
object. Increasing this pressure, he pulled the two
halves apart, exposing a large mottled pit inside. He brought the piece which
contained the pit up to his ready mouth; he grasped the pit which clung to the
sensitive flesh between his teeth, and ripped it out. He leaned down, and put it on
the table; the two halves remained in his hands.

His right hand, holding its succulent treat, slowly rose to his lips. He lovingly licked
the exposed edges of the fruit, which were exuding but not dripping its liquid
content. He then eagerly took a large bite from the fruit, exhibiting his pleasure in its
taste and texture. He repeated the action with the other half, even more slowly…
seductively. He took the remaining gravid pieces and put them on the growing pile
on the table.

A long form was sticking out of the basket on her side. She eased it out from under
other selections which hid it. Not unlike a banana in shape and size, it had a thick,
taupe-colored skin. She held the fruit upright in her left hand, while encircling it at
the bottom with the thumb and fingers of her left hand. Slowly… deftly…
provocatively… she drew the tightly circled fingers up the length of the fruit. She
released her surrounding grasp, and
licked her fingers, thoroughly wetting their surfaces. Again, she stroked the long
smooth surface of the object which she held… its skin glistening with the trail of
moisture left behind.

Her fingers reached the apex of the fruit, which contained the hardened woody end
of its stem. She took her thumb, index and middle fingers, and grasped the tip
firmly. In one swift move, she twisted it, popping it off and freeing the top edge of
the plump peel. Without breaking her rhythm, she leaned into the fruit, taking a
piece of the outer skin between her teeth, and pulling down a portion of the
protective covering. She continued the act several times, until the firm, pink interior
of the fruit was completely exposed. The pulled-back petals of the peel hung over
her left hand, which held it.

Again, her red mouth went to the top. She opened it into an “O” that just encircled
the pillar of pulp. Her lips closed around it, and she delicately started taking the
elongated fruit into her mouth. Slowly… surely… silkenly… the shaft disappeared into
her oral cavity. As she took more and more of it in, she gently tilted her head back.
She continued her effort, managing to incorporate most of its length inside her
mouth and throat. She then pulled it out slowly… seductively… prolonging its
reappearance. At last, the entire fruit displayed itself, intact and glistening. She
uttered a sigh of contentment, then quickly… decisively… bit off the top of the fruit.
Her sighs increased as she savored the treat. She took another bite… and
another… until she had consumed it entirely. Only then did she look up at him. Her
expression was one of delight and conquest; his was of wonder… amazement… and admiration.

An oval red fruit, with streaks of brown and gold in its skin, beckoned to him. It
looked like a twin to the ancient pomegranate from the earliest Earth days along the
River Euphrates. He picked up the inviting object, weighing its shape in his hand.
He turned the fruit over several times, as if studying it for a hidden purpose. Raising
his other hand, he
enclosed the red wonder within his two hands. With his right thumbnail, he
produced a bruising score in its thin skin, down the entire length of the fruit. He
placed both thumbs in the center of the injured peel, and firmly inserting them into
the underlying flesh. The entry holes thus created gave him a firm hold into the
body of the fruit. Secure with his grip, he ripped the fruit apart, revealing an interior
filled with a quivering jellied, semi-liquid substance.

His eyes danced with delight, savoring the delectable matter. He placed one of the
opened halves on the table; the other remained secure in the broad palm of his left
hand. He curved two fingers of his now-free right hand, forming a scoop, and
dipped into the inner nectar of the fruit. He raised his laden fingers to his hungry
mouth, relishing the juicy treat and licking his lips so as not to loose any of its
goodness. He filled his self-made spoon once more, this time allowing some of
the thick liquid to drip through his fingers on its trip to his mouth. Again, he partook
of the succulent substance. His sticky fingers glowed with the stain from the juice…
his mouth glistened with the thick gelatinous coating it left behind. He persisted in
his actions until nothing but a boat of peel remained, covered with clinging, residual

However, he wanted to savor every bit of this delicacy, too. He raised the seemingly
empty shell up to his mouth. With his tongue and teeth, he slowly but
enthusiastically licked and nipped at every bit of its inner surface. Over and over
again, he tirelessly licked and sucked at its contents, until the peel itself drooped
with exhaustion, well-spent beyond its purpose. Only when it could give no more,
did he place it in the area of repose for the remains of their repast.

One type of fruit remained in the basket, somewhat concealed by other pieces. She
slid her right hand into the inner area, and pulled out… a large, firm apple. She held
it out, between them, and then raised it to her awaiting mouth. A loud “crunch”
emitted as she took a substantial bite out of the piece of fruit. She chewed its crisp
pulp, her face showing that it was, indeed, a worthy treat.
She took the apple and reached across to him, giving him the piece of fruit. Her
eyes urged him to likewise savor its sweet flavor. He followed her example, and
also bit into it, removing a large chunk. He nodded in agreement with her silent
assessment of its merit. He continued eating it, as she arose. She picked up the
basket with its remaining contents and turned to go, looking over her shoulder at
him. She smiled at him… a playful…
sensual… promising… smile, and spoke as she exited the room.
“Tempting, isn’t it… Commander?”

**************** Thats my story, and Im sticking to it!


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