Hidden Agenda

Delta Story


Summary: Chakotay finds a way to liven up those boring staff meetings!

The senior staff was drifting into Voyager’s briefing room for the weekly staff meeting . Life
had not been exactly dull in recent days, but the tedium of no shore leave in a while,
predictable schedules and leola root variations *ad nauseam* created a ho-hum attitude of the
gathering officers.

Captain Janeway opened the meeting by mentioning to the Doctor that she had noticed an
increase in job-related injuries and inquired as to their nature. The ever-informative EMH
proceeded to elaborate.

“Captain, most of the injuries have been lacerations, contusions and second degree burns
associated with the overhaul of the Jeffries’ tubes. I think that it is time to have required
inservices on the importance of keeping your mind on your job, even when — *especially* when
— performing tasks that one believes that one knows by rote. This crew takes the
responsibility of risk management far too lightly.

His words were going on indefinitely, it seemed. Janeway took in a long sigh and looked to her
right, where her first officer sat at a right angle to her. Their eyes met, with mutual agreement
that it might be best to turn the doctor off. Chakotay’s eyes picked up the hint from hers; he tried
to prevent his dimples from pulling into a smile as he said, “Thank you, Doctor. I’m sure that is
a good idea. Mr. Tuvok, would you please look into setting something up?” The Vulcan nodded
his agreement.

Next report: Neelix on the food supply. The captain gave him the floor, and he started on still
another filibuster. Kathryn Janeway wanted to shut her eyes for *just* a moment — no one
would notice — and with that, her lids closed momentarily.
They opened just as quickly, as she felt– a foot! A foot which was not enclosed in a boot — nor
did it seem to have a stocking on either! A foot — that was coming from her right! She looked
to the smile — no, suppressed grin! — on the dark face of her second in command. He was daring
her to react or say anything. Her eyes were now opened as wide as they could be, as she shot him
a shocked look. She suddenly realized that Neelix was addressing her.

“Captain? What do you think?”

“Unhh…certainly; please follow through with it, Neelix.”
His toes were gently massaging her left calf. Back and
forth…back and forth…up and down. It was getting difficult to concentrate.

“Do you think we have enough personnel?” the Talaxean continued.
The captain desperately needed to focus. She breathed deeply. “Uh — commander, why don’t you
answer that?”

Without missing a stroke, Chakotay said smoothly, “I don’t see why not. Tom, how about you
and Harry organizing an away team?”
His foot had now found the back of her knee. The quick circles and spirals he was tracing
rapidly traveled through her body. The good captain was finding herself getting weak, even
though she was sitting.

B’Elanna, seated to Janeway’s left, noticed that her senior officer was looking a little pale and
seemed to be breathing more rapidly than she had been a few moments earlier. “Captain, are
you all right?” she whispered to the captain. Janeway tried to turn to the lieutenant with mock
poise. She whispered back, “Just a little warm, Lieutenant. Perhaps if I had some water…”
The younger woman poured her a glass from the pitcher on the table. Just as she raised the
liquid to her lips, the magic toes found the inside of her thigh. She gasped as she sipped some of
the water, causing her to suddenly choke. Her cough stopped Tom mid-sentence and halted the
friendly toes mid-thigh. With solicitous concern, Chakotay hopped up, and gently thumped her
on the back. “Why, Captain, are you all right? Is there something bothering you?” His devilish
eyes cut right through her glare; would she dare say anything? *No,* he thought; *not right now,
but she’s going to let me have it later!*

Everyone settled down again. She thought that her outburst would be enough to warn off any
further “games” from Chakotay. Tom resumed his away team plan…and the toes inched their
way quickly up to where they had left off. She again took a quick gasp, but managed to keep it
behind the facade of the concerned captain’s face…

The wizardry of his foot continued with its spell. By now, she was becoming bewitched.
Sensing his final plan, she spread her legs to welcome the completion of his enchantment. She
looked over at him, this time with a dare. His response was to move his foot ever upward…

Somewhere, they heard Harry and Tom talking about some planet M system that they would
reach… as his toes reached her crotch. Again, she closed her eyes, as his large toe started its
exploration of the welcoming zone it had reached. The area was rapidly becoming wet, and his
bare toes reveled in the warmth that the moisture provided. He continued with his probing…
now gentle, now hard. It was becoming more and more difficult for her to control her
breathing…concentrate, Kathryn…the
meeting…rub, rub, rub…no, I can’t she thought…I
mustn’t…probe, poke, rub…his smile … don’t do that.. don’t do this… her muscles were tightening
and releasing … it was reflex… she couldn’t help herself… probe, probe… she was.. her eyes
wanted to close … no, concentrate … yes, Harry…no, Tom… oh, yes, yes, yes, Chakotay!… probe,
probe, probe… she felt it coming … how was she … relax, contract, throb… relax, contract,
throb… then it happened. Her eyes suddenly opened wide; she looked at him with horror…
satisfaction… release…disbelief. She felt the warm gush of her fulfillment thoroughly wet her
uniform. He let his foot continue its
movement until he felt her muscles quiet, and the wetness begin to cool with the temperature of
the surrounding room.

Abruptly, she was drawn back to the meeting by Tom Paris’
question of approval of his plan. She sat upright and smiled more than she should have at her
helmsman. “Sounds good to me, Tom. Let’s do it.” She let her satiated grin and glazed eyes scan
the room. “All right, people; we have work to do. Meeting

She turned to her still-seated first officer and said, “Oh, Commander, would you please stay for a
moment; there’s a little matter we need to discuss…”


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