Future’s Children, Chapter 4

Future’s Children, Chapter 4
Author: Draygon, draygon_icewing@yahoo.com

Captain’s Log: Stardate 4520.25

The Enterprise has suffered a severe blow with the abduction of Lydia Fiske. We have been given permission to pursue the Romulan Warbird to Romulus and are doing so at maximum warp. The upgrades Lydia helped Engineering with have maxed our speed out at Warp 12. Although it is a far cry from the speed that could be achieved had they been able to fully outfit the Warp Drive, it will still give us a chance to catch up to the Warbird before they enter the Neutral Zone.

I have been given express orders to destroy the Warbird should they refuse to agree to a prisoner transfer. As one who can call Lydia their friend…I hope it does not come to that.

Commander T’lyk frowned as he watched the interrogation of their prisoner. Even though she had been put through hours of torture and deprivation, she still had not uttered a single word, not even one pittiful whimper. Minutes ago he had been informed that the Enterprise was in pursuit with five other Sovern-Class Starships. If that did not speak to the value of this prisoner, nothing would. He would not be intimidated into giving his prize up so quickly, she was his by sheer force of his will, and nothing could sway his mind otherwise.

Riker sat at the helm, stroking his mustashe as he looked out to empty starfield. They had been pursuing the Romulan Warbird for two days now, and everyone was on edge. Not only because of the information Lydia posessed, but becasue the Romulan methods of interogation often left their subject mentaly incapasitated or worse. No one who knew Lydia wanted any thing of that sort to happen, but it was constantly on their minds, including Picard’s.

Captian Picard had taken her capture hard, even going so far as to blame himself for not being fast enough to figure out their method. Dianna had done her best to console the Captian of course, but until they were able to get Lydia back, the Captian would continue to mentaly beat himself up.

Oddly enough, one of those who had visited Counsulor Troi over Lydia’s capture was Data. He had, before Lydia had come aboard, removed his emotion chip, however, he was still subject to residual programming that mirrored that of his chip. “I do not understand this feeling, Counsolor. When Lydia was taken, I felt as a pain, here.” Data stated as he pointed to his chest. “I have not felt that kind of pain since the Borg Queen gave me living skin. Even then the pain had not affected me as profoundly as her dissapearance. Am I making sence, Counsolor?” Data asked, tilting his head to the left slightly.

“Yes, Data. You make perfect sence. The Captian, Riker, Warf, Geordi and all those who know her well have felt the same pain. Even I felt it when she was taken. As powerful as this emotion is, Data, you have to be strong for Lydia if we are to get her back.”

“Emotion, Counsolor?” Data asked, slightly confused.

“Yes, Data. It’s called, Greif.”

Data sighed softly as he bent himself over the navagation console. He was in the middle of his third shift, but he had refused to leave until they had gotten Lydia back, no matter how long it would take. “Commander, the Romulan War bird has dropped out of warp and is stationary on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone.”

“How long till we reach their position?” Riker asked, leaning forward in the command chair.

“We will be at their position in less than twenty-five minutes, Commander.” Data informed Riker. The Commander nodded, tapping on his combadge and informing Captian Picard of the situation.

“Thank you, Number One. I will be on the Bridge shortly.” Picard said, switching of his comm, slipping on his jacket as he walked out of his quarters. Five minutes later he appeard on the Bridge, taking his seat at the helm as Commander Riker resumed his place the Captian’s Right. Immediately, Picard made contact with the five captians of the starships that were also in pursuit. The Captians Yeowman, Marcalis, Randal, Cameron, and Winsor appeared on the view screen, all looking like they were ready go to anytime. After being informed of the situation, each Captian acknowledged and signed off, each awaiting the Enterprise’s word to drop out of Warp.

“Comming upon the War birds position, disengaging warp drive…” Data stated, looking up at the viewscreen as he entered the last command. The image of the Romulan War bird filled the screen. The other Starships dropped out of warp at the same time, the Avenger, Marquis, Defiant, Praeator, and the Houston appeard beside the Enterprise, amassing an impressive amount of firepower trained on the War bird.

“The ship is not responding to our hail.” Warf stated, blowing his breath through his nose. “This does not make sence, Captain. Why would they just float if they did not intend to communicate or negociate?”

“Data…how long has that ship been stationary?” Dianna asked, a far away look in her eyes.

“The ship has been at these coordinates for one hour and thirty five minutes and sixty three seconds, Counsolor.” Data informed.

“Do you sence something?” Picard asked, looking to his left, concerned with the look in his Counsolor’s eyes.

“She’s on the ship, Captain. I can hear her calling to me, screaming at me. It’s a trap, Captian!” Dianna exclaimed, leaning heavily to the side, exausted.

“Sheilds up!” Picard ordered, not liking the thought of having another cloaked battle ship anywhere near.

“We are being hailed, Captian.” Warf stated, keeping an eye open just in case.

“Well, well, well. So we meet again, Captian. Come to negociate for her release?” Commander T’lyk taunted, smiling as he watched Picard’s jaw twitch. “She has proven to be a most troublesome aquisition. She didn’t even scream before she lost conciousness. She is a strong woman, three days and not once did she ever make a sound.” T’lyk said, shaking his head.

“You may despence with the pleasantries, Commander. Where is Lydia?” Picard demanded, pulling himself up to his full height.

“She is on the Purist, Captian. I have no use for her anymore…” T’lyk said with a dismissing wave of his hand. “Not that she will ever have the ability to speak of her theories again…but if you want her that badly…” T’lyk said as he linked the Enterprise to the Purist, showing Picard the bridge of the Romulan War bird.

“Oh dear God…” Dianna said softly, her hands covering her mouth. She had to look away, unable to keep her eyes on the scene. Lydia lay prone in the command chair, her clothing removed, her hair shorn away. Blood dripped in a steady stream from clean incisions on her back, stomach, legs and arms. The soles of her feet had been sliced to a bloody mess and her sides and shoulders showed signes that she had been whipped.

“Mr. Warf, Data. Your with me, Number One, you have the Bridge.” Picard said as he stepped into the turbo lift with Warf and Data, making their way to the Transporter Room. Each had a phaser, Data and Warf handeling the more powerful turbo-phasers. “Three to the Purist…” He stated simply, taking his place as the transporter transfered them from the Enterprise to the bridge of the Purist.

Picard made his way to Lydia, Data pulling out the medical tricorder, checking Lydia’s vital signs. “She is alive, Captian. She will need mediacal attention immediately if she is to survive.” Data stated.

Lydia started as she heard Data’s voice, a choked sob torn from her as she felt the pain from all the bruises cuts and broken bones. She reached out, grabbing Captian Picard by the collar, dragging him down with suprising strength. “Get out now…it’s a trap. Gonna blow…” She grinded out, gasping as Data scooped her up in his arms, paying no mind to the blood that was soaking through his uniform.

“Picard to Enterprise, Four to beam directly to Sick-Bay.” Picard ordered, slightly puzzled that there was no response. “Picard to Bridge.” He repeated, tapping on his combadge again.

“Ahh…Captian Picard. Did I forget to tell you that the Purist’s warp core is rigged to fail? I didn’t…well I thought you should know…” T’lyk shrugged, smiling with greusome delight as he cut the connection, leaving Picard, Data, Warf and Lydia alone on the Purist.

“Data…” Lydia strained out, getting the android’s attention. “T’lyk caused the two quakes…he’s using the weapon to overload the Warp Core…” Lydia squeezed her eyes shut, fighting the urge to pass out.

“Can you think of any way to disengage the device?” Data asked, being careful not to open the gashes on her back any more.

“Can’t think…hurts to think…” Lydia said softly…leaning her head on Data’s shoulder, reaching over to his combadge. Her fingers closed around it as she unhooked it from his uniform. Holding the device with trembeling fingers, she broke off the hook that held the combadge to him. Jamming the pin into the circutry, creating a spark before she bent the other end, and connected it to a different spot on the small circuit board inside the combadge.

” This is the Bridge…” Riker’s voice came over the combadge, getting a smile from Picard.

“Number One, four to beam directly to sick-bay.” Picard ordered, the relief evident in his voice. That smile stayed on his face as they were beamed directly to sick bay. “Picard to Bridge…” Picard called out as he tapped on his combadge. “Number One, get us out of here. That Warbird is rigged to explode and I don’t want us anywhere near when it does.”

“Ensin! Full reverse! Get us as far away from that ship as possible.” Riker ordered, relaying the message to the other Starship Captians. Five lightyears away, those on the Bridge had their breath taken away as they watched the Purist explode, the energy released was enough to create a small shock wave aboard the Enterprise.

In Sick-Bay, Dr. Crusher busied herself treating the physical wounds Lydia had recieved during her time as a prisoner of Commander T’lyk. Her mumbelings about the inhumane nature of Romulan bedside manner were enough to keep Warf, Picard and Data out of her way. The three returned to the Bridge, neither noticing that they were covered in Lydia’s blood, each completing their assigned shifts before retiring.

Lydia slept in Sick-Bay, the sedatives keeping her dreams relatively uneventful. Data made his way into Sick-Bay, standing at the bed that Lydia lay on, watching her sleep. “You should be getting some rest, Data.” Dr. Crusher said quietly, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“I shall rest, Dr. Crusher, thank you for your concern. However, will Lydia fully recover?” He asked. Dr. Crusher was caught off guard by the bluntness of the question, almost seeing genuine concern for the young woman in his eyes.

“Only time will tell, Data. But I can say for sure that she will need every friend she has here if she is to have a chance to recover fully.” The doctor said as she left Data, retiring to her quarters in Sick-Bay.



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